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The Devil and Father Amorth

The Devil and Father Amorth is a movie starring Gabriele Amorth, Robert Barron, and William Friedkin. Father Gabriele Amorth performs his ninth exorcism on an Italian woman.

Other Titles
Diabel i ojciec Amorth
Running Time
1 hours 8 minutes
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Documentary, Horror
William Friedkin
Mark Kermode, William Friedkin
William Friedkin, Robert Barron, Gabriele Amorth
USA, Italy
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Father Gabriele Amorth performs his ninth exorcism on an Italian woman.

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Austin Harper photo
Austin Harper

I was lucky enough to attend a screening of "The Devil and Father Amorth" in June of 2014. The film opens with a quote from God in which he describes how evil can be "hidden, and once revealed, it can kill." The film follows the life of John Amorth, a man who was involved in the torture and murder of his daughter, and his relationship with his two daughters and the woman who was the victim of his daughter's crime. There were three different women who were involved in the rape and murder of his daughter, and their testimonies are what the film is based on. The film also takes on the question of what is "natural," and how much is God's will, and what is wrong with the fact that some of the women who were involved in the murder were believed to be innocent. The film is a very controversial film, and as such, I am not going to go into too much of the details of what the film is about. However, I do have to say that I was very impressed with this film, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a thought provoking, and thought provoking film.

Ruth Johnston photo
Ruth Johnston

I found this documentary on the web very interesting. I found it very well done, and I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the director's technique of using "white noise" on the recording. I think it was done very well. It was a nice touch to have the director, Michael Cummings, talk about his film. He mentioned that it was a very difficult process to make a feature film. I found that the director, Michael Cummings, did a good job. I enjoyed the footage he used, and I thought the interviews were interesting. I think that I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in film making.

Debra photo

This documentary is great for fans of black metal. This is a must see for anyone who loves the genre. It's a bit slow, but this is the only slow part. The documentary is based on the original and the next two albums are a big part of the story. The documentary covers the years after the first two albums. They do a good job of showing that the group was a great success. The fans were very supportive and everyone had a great time. I think the documentary would be a great fit for fans of the genre. The story was really good and I think it would be great for fans of the genre. The documentary was a great read and it's a good read for anyone who loves black metal. It's worth the watch. This is the only documentary I can think of that covers the entire history of the band. The documentary is worth the watch.

Susan photo

This is a very interesting and very thought provoking documentary about the cult of Satan and the sadistic behavior of a group of believers who practiced sexual sadism and ritual abuse of other young women. It's a shame that there are not more people who are aware of this disturbing behavior, because it has a lot to do with how society views people who practice Satanic rituals. There is also a lot of interesting information about the evolution of Satanism and the first attempts to turn it into a religion, and about the beliefs and practices of the followers of Satan. The documentary is very well made and informative, but you will need to pay attention to what it says, because it will be very difficult to understand. You will probably need to read the Satanic Ritual Abuse Research and Study Group Report and read some of the books written about Satanism. If you do, you will probably find the content of this film to be very enlightening.

Brian Ward photo
Brian Ward

I saw this film in the 90's, and since then I've come to love it. It is one of the few documentaries that are both disturbing and hilarious. I have a lot of respect for the subjects of the film, as well as the directors. I'm a big fan of Guy de Maupassant, who plays one of the main characters in the film, and his performance is brilliant. The film is filled with great music, and it was an absolute pleasure to see him perform. The movie does a great job of being funny, and it is definitely one of the best documentaries ever made. This is a film that you should see. It is disturbing, and at times even funny, and is definitely one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It is a must see!

Jean W. photo
Jean W.

I am not sure why this film was so critically panned, but I would like to believe that it was because of the subject matter. I was a little shocked at the very beginning when I heard about the real history of the man who turned all his students into angels, and his daughter into demons. I thought that this would have been a more mature film, but it was not. There were some interesting points made about the real history of the church and the ideas that some may have about Jesus, but this is not enough to make this film a must see. It is still worth seeing just to learn a little more about the ideas of the man who really changed the world. I recommend it to anyone who is into movies that deal with the subject of religion.

Kelly A. photo
Kelly A.

The Devil and Father Amorth is a documentary that explores the alleged practice of exorcism in the United States. The documentary begins with interviews with a man named Richard Helms who claims to have witnessed the famous exorcisms performed by Father Amorth. The documentary also features interviews with Dr. Scott Tiller who is the author of the book, "The Devil's Domain: The Real Story of Father Amorth and the Unspeakable." The documentary is filled with some great footage. For example, there is footage of Father Amorth performing exorcisms. Another example of great footage is when Father Amorth was arrested in Canada for attempting to exorcise a woman from a commune in the woods. Another great example is when Father Amorth was interviewed by an unidentified man on television. Father Amorth is interviewed extensively in the documentary, but this is only the beginning of the interviews. Another great interview is when Father Amorth is interviewed by Dr. Scott Tiller. It's interesting to hear Father Amorth's own voice and his own opinion on the subject. It's also interesting to hear Father Amorth's thoughts on the Catholic Church. Father Amorth was obviously a very open person. I would recommend this documentary to anyone interested in the subject. It's a must-see for any Catholic.

Aaron S. photo
Aaron S.

At first I was a bit skeptical about seeing this movie, but I am glad I did. The movie is about a group of people, some of whom I know and some of whom I don't, who have been living in a cave for the past 5 years. They are all religious and they have made a pact to spend the rest of their lives in the cave. They have no idea of what is going on outside of the cave. All of their food comes from the cave and they only see the outside of the cave once a year. The one who is going to leave the cave, and the one who is going to stay in the cave are never seen together, or even in the same room together. They have to get out of the cave, and they decide to do this by doing things that no one in their environment has ever done. This movie was very interesting, and I think it was done very well. I don't know if I would watch it again, but I think I would recommend it. I would recommend this movie to people who are interested in a documentary film.

Jordan photo

I love the Fifties, but when I was growing up, my grandparents didn't have any televisions. They had two sets, one set was on the wall and one was in the closet. So, I would watch any documentary I could find. I watched this documentary and it blew me away. I am amazed that this documentary didn't get more publicity. The visuals were beautiful. The music was amazing. I watched this documentary twice, and I was surprised at how much I loved it. It is so good, it's almost overwhelming. I am really impressed. The reason I love this documentary so much is because it is so raw and true. I know that the film is based on the real story of how a couple came to be exorcised, but I still think it is the best documentary of all time. It is so amazing, I think it's the best documentary of all time. I love the fact that it is based on the real story, but I also think it is great because it is based on a true story, but it is still real. It is also very funny. I think it is very entertaining. It's very good, and it is very funny. It is a very entertaining documentary. I love it.

Carl photo

Not much to add about this film except that it is a fascinating historical drama that follows the journey of a young man who was an apprentice at the Black Magicum School in Prague. The film follows his encounter with the evil of the Black Magicum School and the struggles he faced with the family of the school head, Father Amorth. The film is long, but it is well worth the time to watch and I do recommend it. The main strength of the film is the amazing cinematography and the superb acting. The acting is very good, but the cinematography is just as good. It is a great film to watch, but it is a little bit of a grind for those who are not into historical dramas or can't take long films. I would recommend this film to people who are interested in the Black Magicum School and the story of the struggle that the headmaster Father Amorth had to face in order to protect his family.

Jacob K. photo
Jacob K.

I really liked this movie, I thought it was really good. It was a little weird at times but overall a good movie. I thought that it was very creepy and the music really helped it. I would recommend this movie to any fan of horror or of the horror genre in general. The main character is played by an actor named Nick Nolte and he is also one of my favorite actors. He was also the main character in "The Omen". This movie was a little scary and I would recommend it to anyone who is scared of the dark. I would recommend this movie to any fan of horror or horror genre in general.

Gregory photo

I have been a fan of Paddy Chayefsky since his first feature film "R.O.T.O.R." (2000). I was waiting to see his next film when it came out on DVD. It is the first film I have seen in 3 years. I was very impressed with this film. The music was great. The cinematography was excellent. The actors were also very good. I enjoyed this film. I thought the ending was very good. I would recommend it to anyone who has not seen it yet. It is very dark and I found myself wanting to see it again.

Amy Peterson photo
Amy Peterson

I had a really hard time understanding this film. I thought it was about a man who was trying to find out what he was doing with his life and trying to get away from the church. I thought the ending was interesting and the fact that he was a "little demon" was very interesting. I had no idea what was going on until I saw the DVD commentary with the director. He said that the main character was not what he appeared to be and that the demons were not the main character of the film. I guess I didn't get the point of the film. The film is really good though.

Steven photo

For a low budget film I was surprised at the quality of this film. It looks great, the lighting is great and the production values are high. I was happy to see that the movie was not a major Hollywood production but still had the elements of a Hollywood movie. I have always liked David Janssen and this is the first time I have seen him in a film. I think this film will help him to find his place in the acting world. It is also nice to see how some of the actors who were in the film are not just famous actors but are actors on their own. It is also nice to see a few famous faces who were not in the film but still had some role in the film. The music is also great and I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to watch a film that is low budget and has good production values.

Andrew A. photo
Andrew A.

I first saw the trailer for this film at a film festival in 2006, and I was intrigued. It was something new and different, and I wanted to see it. It was worth the wait. "Daddy's Grave" is a dark, disturbing, and extremely disturbing film that tells the story of a father who is going insane, and his two daughters. The film was made for the most part by three people, and it is interesting to see how each of the characters turned out. I can't wait to see it again, and I can't wait to see what director Dafoe is going to do next.

Ralph photo

A very thorough and engaging documentary that paints a compelling portrait of one of the most disturbing and influential cults in recent history. In the movie, people are shown various times in the history of cults and the people who led them. The movie does a great job at portraying the rituals and rituals that were performed to recruit and control people. The director makes sure to take the time to focus on what is happening on screen and not what the viewer might think is happening on screen. The director is very effective at presenting the various cults in a way that makes them look like ordinary people with ordinary desires and desires that people have in life. I found the movie to be a very entertaining and engaging documentary that also showed a great deal of information about cults in recent history. Although this movie does a great job at showing the different types of cults, it is a great movie and a must see.

Cheryl B. photo
Cheryl B.

I've read some comments about this film and, honestly, I wasn't expecting much. I was just curious if it was worth watching. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a very good documentary that covered a lot of ground. The people interviewed were very engaging and they had some interesting things to say. It was really enjoyable to see this and I'm sure many people will enjoy it.

Roger photo

Very interesting and powerful documentary, especially for those who have experienced or are going through such situations. This documentary covers the history of the relationship between Father Amorth and the Devil and his daughters and how they came to be married. Father Amorth was an extremely powerful man, with a reputation of having the most powerful weapon in the world, the devil's bow. He was in the business of hunting and capturing devils to use in the church, and then he was married to the Devil's daughter, who would then be used to hunt down devils, either in church or out in the fields. The film is very entertaining and informative, but also very emotional. I highly recommend watching this film, especially if you have had a similar situation, and you are able to relate to the person in this story.

Heather photo

There is a lot of negative reviews about this movie but for me this is a great documentary about the beginning of the rock n roll era. The music is great and the director does a great job at showing the many aspects of the music and life of the musicians. There is some great footage of the bands playing and some of the important people involved in the music industry. It is a really good look at the life of the music industry in the 60's. If you have not seen this movie, go and watch it now.

Julie photo

This is a very good documentary. It's an inside look at a dark and violent subculture of people who have to hide their sexuality for fear of the authorities. They're all bad-ass, and quite frankly they deserve to be taken down a notch. This is a good documentary, a good look into a subculture of people who have to hide their sexuality for fear of the authorities. It's a shame they don't get to be shown as humans, rather than monsters. You have to wonder how a subculture like this could exist, but you can't help but be fascinated by it. It's a shame the media doesn't give this stuff more attention.