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Landfill Harmonic follows the Recycled Orchestra. An unlikely orchestra made out of recycled trash. As this group takes its inspiring spectacle of trash-into-music around the world, we follow the lives of a garbage picker, a music teacher and a group of children from a Paraguayan slum. Landfill Harmonic is a beautiful story about the transformative power of music, which also highlights two vital issues of our times: poverty and waste pollution.

Running Time
1 hours 24 minutes
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Family, Drama, Documentary, Music, Biography
Graham Townsley, Brad Allgood, Juliana Penaranda-Loftus
Alejandra Amarilla
Brazil, Paraguay, USA, Norway
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Brenda photo

A wonderful, touching documentary about an extraordinary man. Some people don't understand, but this man is not a celebrity, he is the Prime Minister of Ireland. In his efforts to protect the environment he has taken on the role of an environmental hero. His way of being a hero is shown by the way he takes on the image of an Irish hero. His environmental advocacy is a truly beautiful thing. He is the kind of guy that everyone will want to be like. I loved the film so much I bought the book which is a biography of him. This documentary is incredible, with so many great points. I recommend it to everyone. I'm sure everyone will be inspired by it.

Judith Clark photo
Judith Clark

To be honest I am very angry at the movie because it ruined my childhood and I will never forget it. I am also very sad to see that so many people can't tell this story for what it is. There is a lot of "evidence" but I don't know if it was actually evidence or something that they had found on the ground. So here is the deal. The kids went into the school that didn't have electricity and it was filled with dirt and the windows were cracked and the lights were out. The teachers were in a panic because of the sick kids that they could not care for them. They were dying in the school and they didn't know where to put the bodies. They were all connected to the hospital. I was in the eighth grade and I am so glad I didn't have to go through what they went through. I was in a wheelchair but I could walk and I was able to talk. The kids that were connected to the hospital were now in the first floor and they were just waiting for help. They were not being cared for but being moved to a new hospital. In the end they all lived because of the love of Jesus. The only one that did not live was the one that didn't want to be there. That is the main reason why they didn't want to be there. They could have been right there with the doctors and nurses that could have helped them. They were being mistreated. I know this story is not true but I don't know if this is true or not. I don't know if the people were actually helping or just helping the hospital staff or something else. The movie is definitely not a movie that you should see with your kids or any family members because they will think you are nuts. It is a movie that has to be seen by a family member that is old enough to understand it. I was one of those people. I was four years old and I had no idea what was going on. I just knew that they were sick. But I was not alone. I have a brother and a sister and they were very scared. It was too late for them to see the pictures but they watched them and they were the only ones that knew what was going on. It was my brother's birthday and we were all talking about this movie. We were all scared and we wanted to see this movie and I watched it with my family and we all were crying and we were just praying that something good would come. I was sitting in the front row and my family had tears in their eyes. The movie is good but the truth is that it is hard to tell and it is hard to see that something that

Andrea photo

You will find no edge of the seat thriller, no beautiful scenes, no beautiful music. this is a story of a little boy who is dying, and about the people who will try to help him. Amazing. You will find something you have never seen before, and you will be amazed by how hard it is to help people. If you are in a place where there is no one who will help you, you will find help. You will laugh and cry and think, and it will change your life forever. I was so glad I saw this movie, and I am thankful.

Joan H. photo
Joan H.

Wow. This is a truly incredible movie. I am not sure what the critics are expecting. The movie is not going to win any awards. I am a big supporter of environmental issues and I don't agree with everything in the movie. However, I thought it was an extremely well-made, heartwarming, and thought-provoking movie. I don't know how they could have been so wrong. This is the kind of movie that you will not regret watching. It is a must see.

Randy W. photo
Randy W.

There is not much of a point to watching this film, except to be reminded that the man who built the Empire State Building is the same man who built the one that I live in. It is one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. There is not a moment of this film I don't like, it is so real. I don't see that many films that are so visually beautiful. I feel like I am watching the future, and I am never bored. The sound of the trains is hauntingly beautiful. I recommend this film to anyone, it is a must see. Everyone should watch it at least once.

Phillip photo

I saw this film in a cinema with almost no people. I had to leave in the middle and decided I would wait to see it again at home. I watched this film 2 or 3 times in a row and I was absolutely blown away. This is the first film that really changed my life for the better. I was so lost and just wanted to get out of there. This film changed my life for the better. It made me believe that I was not alone and that there is a lot of hope out there and that there is a lot of good in this world. I strongly recommend this film to anyone that has not seen it and anyone that is a parent that has lost a child.

Frank photo

I just saw this documentary. I was impressed with the way the director did not try to preach. It is a nice story, I would definitely recommend this to everyone. The actors are really talented. They have all played characters that they have played in their real lives. They have really captured the humanity of these people. I feel like everyone should see this. It is amazing how great the cast really is. I can see how a lot of people would not like this movie. I think the director tried to portray the problems in a real way, and the actors were a great representation of what they were experiencing. It is a great movie that should be watched.

Howard R. photo
Howard R.

This movie is about the people that made this place their home and how they overcame the odds to make it happen. It shows the transformation of the people that work there from just a single worker to a family of nine that owned their own business and made a great living, not just a little bit of it. I had to go and see it and i thought it was great. I watched the movie after watching the documentary on the Franklin Coverup and i thought it was amazing. I have seen it twice, first with my daughter and now with my husband and he loved it also. I am definitely going to see it again and even buy the DVD when it is released. I think this movie will change the way i look at the world and how we can make a difference. This movie is very inspirational and should be shown in schools. I think everyone should see it because it is very emotional and can help a lot of people in the world. I am so thankful for this movie and the people that have made this happen and the people that had to suffer the hardships to get it done.

Johnny Mills photo
Johnny Mills

I thought that the documentary was very well done and I'm glad I saw it. I didn't know anything about this group before I watched it. I was impressed with the performances of the group members. I'm sure there will be many other documentaries that will be made about this group. They are truly a group of individuals who are exceptional musicians and they deserve the respect and recognition they deserve. I hope that they will receive that recognition. I'm sure that there will be a lot of disappointment and anger among the fans of the group because of the way that this group is being portrayed in the media. I would love to see a documentary about the musical talents of the group and I hope that the public will see the true talent and talent of this group and not be misled by the media. Thank you for this documentary, it was very well done.

Jacob J. photo
Jacob J.

If you haven't already seen this movie, you are missing out on one of the most important events in American history. The "Battle of Little Big Horn" - a 30,000 strong American force led by General George C. Marshall against a numerically superior Native American force of nearly 100,000 men. The film follows the personal experiences of the men in the army and the general's journey in preparation for the battle. The film is well done, and will be a reminder of the incredible sacrifices made by the men who fought in the battle. However, the real story of the battle is not told in this movie. The movie is based on the book "Armored: The Story of the Battle of Little Big Horn". You can read that book if you'd like, but this movie does a better job of telling the story of the battle. This is one of the best historical films I have ever seen. I rate this film a 10 out of 10.

Jean photo

I will say that I did not expect much from this movie. I am a huge fan of musical theatre, but I didn't know much about this movie. I found myself loving it and rooting for the performers. I am so glad that I found this movie. I don't think I could have been more impressed with this movie. The acting was outstanding, the music was amazing, and I felt like I was a part of the show. It was very emotional, and very entertaining. I am so glad that this movie was released on DVD and it is available to watch on Netflix. I will be buying the DVD and watching it every time I can.

Olivia Robinson photo
Olivia Robinson

This is a superb documentary and a great piece of documentary making. It is interesting to see how the American way of life has changed over time, and how the lives of other people in society have changed. The interviews with the former US presidents are wonderful and the whole story is fascinating. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family. It has been a long time since I have seen a documentary that has made me feel so good about the world. 10/10

Melissa Alvarez photo
Melissa Alvarez

I'm not a musician, but I have always been fascinated by the history of music. And this film has made me realize just how important music was to so many people, and how important music is to so many people today. I can't wait to see what "The Harmonic" will be about next. I've seen it twice, and I plan to see it again. It's so inspiring and so real. And the music is so great. I have to say, the "Songs of Leonard Cohen" are the best soundtrack ever. I can't wait to see what's next. This is a must see!

Kathleen photo

This is a movie that should be seen by all. I've seen this film more times than I can count and I'm still surprised that I haven't seen it before. It is a must-see documentary. The film is a beautiful, emotional journey of the history of the Nashville community. The history of the Nashville community is very interesting and the documentary does a good job of showing the history and the roots of the community. The film is made by people who were part of the community. The documentary is also a beautiful love story. The documentary is shot in a way that is very true to life and is very entertaining. The documentary is well-edited and has a great soundtrack. The music is very emotional and I was able to feel the emotions in the movie. I highly recommend this film to anyone.

Robert photo

A great documentary about the way we treat the environment and the relationship we have with nature. I highly recommend it.

Anna Burton photo
Anna Burton

The first thing you will notice about this movie is the incredible quality of its filming. It is not your average documentary about the everyday life of a small town. Every single frame is breathtaking. Everything that you see is absolutely breathtaking. The story, the acting, the production. Everything is just perfect. If you can't tell the difference between a good documentary and a good movie, you're in the wrong movie.

Jean photo

I don't understand how some people can find this movie boring, when there is so much more to see. The only problem is that it gets a little boring sometimes. The plot of the movie is very interesting, and is a great story about what happened to the person who came to their small town and how their lives were changed by this place. The main characters in this movie are Danny, who is a crazy guy who lives in a town called "Fairfield", and Jamie, who is the school teacher who was recruited by his son, who used to live in a small town called "Fairfield". They find out that the town was devastated by a disaster, which was caused by a man named "Wright". The movie also shows the fear that people had for each other, because people were afraid of the mysterious person who destroyed their small town, and all the people were afraid of him. In addition to that, the movie also shows what the kids do when they are kids, and what happens when they are teenagers, and what happens when they are adults. I can't remember a time that I watched a movie this good, and this long, when I didn't feel it was worth my time. It's a must see movie.

Ralph photo

The real reason I like this movie is because it shows us that there are people that are like us, and it is not just us that are similar to them, it is every single one of us. I think this is the best documentary ever made. It shows that there are people out there that want to do things for the right reasons and not for the money. I think this is a very important movie, and it has changed my life. It made me believe in what I was doing and it made me realize that I can do something. The way this movie is made is very interesting, and it is very powerful. I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a great documentary.

Angela G. photo
Angela G.

This film is so moving. I know many of the people who worked on this film, and I was moved by their story. I am so proud to have worked with the director and the cast. The talent that went into this film is amazing. It's truly a documentary. This is a film about a true story. The director had the courage to share their story, and the director and cast have been very open and honest with their story. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did. I also hope to see the film again in the future.

Helen M. photo
Helen M.

What a fantastic movie. I've always had an interest in the complexities of the American dream and in the experience of the "hopeless" working class, but never fully understood what it meant to be the "1%" and how it really went together. In that sense, the documentary "The Great Divide" was all the more fascinating. It delves into the motivations of the "1%" and their solutions to the problems of their lives. The movie, although a little slow in places, is both fascinating and relatable. I was particularly impressed by the way the movie depicted the frustration of working class Americans with their higher education system. They just don't have time for the simple things of life, and they end up becoming depressed and disaffected. I thought the movie portrayed the frustrations of those who are most in need of a fresh start and the drive to succeed. The movie ended with a message that resonated with me. It was so relevant to me, that I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an accurate portrayal of the working class. I can't wait for the movie to come out on DVD. I will be sure to get a copy to watch when it comes out.

Kathleen M. photo
Kathleen M.

I saw this film at the Tribeca Film Festival. I am a big fan of Elliott Smith's music and am currently studying the history of New York City in a college course. I would have loved to have seen this film in a larger theatre with the audience. However, this was an incredible experience, and I would highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys art. The stories of the characters are intriguing and give the audience a sense of why Elliott Smith is considered the greatest artist in history. The music is not only haunting, but is also a beautiful tribute to the art of New York. The cinematography is stunning and the cast is wonderful. I am still thinking about this film, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a love for the music of Elliott Smith. I hope that this film makes it to the big screen, because it deserves it.

Kathryn photo

Wow! This is really a great documentary. It takes you on a journey of discovery. At the end of the documentary you feel a little different. It is more than just a documentary. It is a story of a father, a son, and a family. A family that has lived a very difficult life. It is not an easy documentary. You will cry, laugh, and even think about the history of this family. It is a movie that will make you feel, and a movie that you will share with your family. If you are looking for a great documentary, look no further. This one is for you. I give it a 10.

Jennifer photo

It's not the footage that's the problem. It's the presentation. When you see a 2-minute clip from the beginning, you know what's going to happen next. But when you see a full length documentary, you're invited into the lives of these kids, their parents and their teachers. It's almost impossible to watch the documentary without feeling like you're experiencing it for yourself. You want to share your feelings and your passion for the project, but you can't do it. It's not because the director and producer don't care about the kids. They do. They've been dealing with them all their lives. But they're also doing this because they believe in the subject matter and they want to share the story with as many people as possible. They're committed to bringing people into their lives and they want to share their passion for what they're doing. And they do it with passion, humor, and love. We also get to see the kids in a different light, and they all have a compelling personality. This documentary is not about the garbage they throw in the recycling bin, or the children's parents. It's about the kids, their parents, and the teachers and the community. If you don't care about what happens to these kids, if you don't care about their lives, then you'll not be able to understand what it's like to have a child suffer from cancer. It's not about whether these kids did or didn't do anything wrong, because we've already seen that. But it's about how they were affected, and the impact they had on their families, their communities, and the people they encountered along the way. This documentary has the power to inspire people to do something they'd never thought they'd do. It's about making a difference. It's about doing the right thing. And it's about loving the ones you love. It's about the impact cancer has on everyone. It's about doing what you can to protect the lives of others. This documentary is one of the most meaningful documentaries I've ever seen. It makes you feel like you've gone through all this yourself. And it's also one of the most beautiful documentaries I've ever seen. It's the story of a family that will forever change the way you think about your kids. The documentary is both funny and touching, and it's done so well that I don't care about whether you laugh at the kids or cry at their tragic stories. It's just a wonderful, inspiring story about a family and its impact on their children. This is a story that's hard to forget, and it's one that I wish everyone could witness.<|endoftext

Emma photo

I am a huge fan of Jim Morrison. So it is with great respect that I must say that I am somewhat of a Morrison fan, and that I am a fan of music. The movie "The Jim Morrison Story" does a great job of telling the story of the man that many consider one of the most controversial figures in the history of rock and roll. The film's opening sequence is the most gripping I have ever seen. After this the film just drags on and on with no plot or interesting dialogue. I have always thought Jim Morrison was a gifted artist who wanted to make it big. It is a shame that this movie failed to accomplish this goal. I have never seen any documentary film that was better than "The Jim Morrison Story". This movie should have been in the top 100 movies of all time. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the Jim Morrison story, or the music of Jim Morrison.

Janice photo

This documentary by Seamus Maughan is excellent, both as a film and as a book. A must-see!

Roger V. photo
Roger V.

This documentary is an incredibly accurate portrayal of the history of the legendary musician Jimi Hendrix and his tragic downfall in 1969. The film is anchored by a brilliant soundtrack, which includes many of the best songs from the Jimi Hendrix era, including "Eyes of the World", "Purple Haze", "Rider in the Rain", "Heartbeats", "Love Gun", and "In the Light" - all of which have become iconic music for the world. The production values of this film are incredible, as is the photography. The film is also highly topical, as Jimi Hendrix was only 22 years old when he died. In addition to the technical quality of the production, the performances are just as outstanding. Mark Knopfler gives the performance of his life with the stirring "Love Gun", and Jack Casady gives an amazing performance of "Rider in the Rain" - a song that many of us will never forget. John Legend's performance of "Purple Haze" is a very touching and touching performance, and Bob Weir is phenomenal as well. However, the highlight of the film is the performance of "In the Light" by Jimi Hendrix. The way the music is sung is simply breathtaking. The audience is completely in awe, and the camera work and the sound effects are also incredible. The documentary is also very moving. It is touching and heart-wrenching, and it never lets up. The audience is in awe as Jimi Hendrix is filmed through the eyes of his family and friends, and they are just as stunned as the audience when he dies. The performances and the camera work are so powerful that it is almost impossible to look away. If you have never seen this film, then I highly recommend you watch it. The quality of the film is incredible, the acting and the production values are top notch, and it is a very inspiring and powerful film. Jimi Hendrix and his band, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, are lost, and this film gives us a wonderful insight into the artist and the legend that he was. 10/10

Phillip photo

I first saw this film at the local library in my home town. I was completely blown away by the brilliant and inspiring story told by the characters. The film is very well made and is one of those films that will stay with you for a long time. I highly recommend this film to everyone and will be watching it over and over again. This film was able to change my life and make me see the importance of environmental issues in my life. I was extremely inspired and wanted to do something about it. This film was very powerful and I am still in awe of the story and the performances of all of the cast. The story of this film is something that I will never forget and it will be with me for the rest of my life.

Scott Griffin photo
Scott Griffin

This is the most comprehensive film of the year, it's a documentary on the problems of the world's garbage, and how we can start to solve this problem by recycling, and by reusing and recycling. The film is very simple and straightforward, but it's great, you feel a lot of empathy with the people in the film, you feel that you are part of their lives. The film is very interesting and it makes you think about the waste problem, how can we deal with it, and how can we do better than we have now. This film is amazing, I have never seen anything like this, and I'm really glad I saw it, you will not be disappointed. This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, it's a must watch, I give this film a 10/10. Go and watch it.

Emma photo

This is the most beautiful documentary I have ever seen. I loved it. I will watch it over and over. I recommend it to everyone. The story is amazing and the information is so powerful. It's a must see for all people who care about the environment.

Rachel photo

I've always loved the music of The Band. I'm surprised that they have not done a movie about their career. I think they are one of the best bands of all time. I can't believe that they were not on the same level as Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. This documentary is great. It really shows the life of the band. The band's history and how it was formed. I really hope that they make another movie about the band. They have done a great job on this one.

Nancy Collins photo
Nancy Collins

I first saw this film when I was in high school. I thought it was a great movie. I was always interested in astronomy and thought that it was cool to learn about the mysteries of the universe. I have watched this film many times since then. I have always found it fascinating and have always wondered about it. I have always thought that the way that this film was filmed and the way it was presented was amazing. I was expecting this film to be a "dumbed down" version of "The Wizard of Oz", but I was wrong. This film was so well put together and was very well done. The story was very well told and was very interesting. The cinematography and the sound was really great. The movie itself was very educational and was very interesting. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in astronomy. I have seen this film a couple of times now and it has always been a great experience. I hope that this film will be released on DVD someday. I think that it would be a great addition to the movie collection.

Christopher photo

I have been a fan of Bob Dylan since his days with the Beatles. I never thought I would ever be able to listen to his music without tears in my eyes. The music is truly incredible. He is not only the greatest songwriter and musician, but also the greatest actor and poet. If you don't understand what is happening on the screen, then you need to see this movie, because it is all in your head.

Shirley Miller photo
Shirley Miller

I just recently watched the documentary on the film "Dangerous Minds" that was released in 2002. After seeing it, I was compelled to add a review to this site. After seeing the documentary, I became aware of how our society has lost the ability to appreciate and understand the gifted. I'm an avid believer in education, and I believe that education is the key to truly "understand" people like Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Education should not be a chore. I was able to relate to many of the issues that Dr. Kevorkian was dealing with and I am proud of him for his accomplishments. There were some shortcomings in the documentary, but I believe that the major strengths of the documentary were the various documentaries on Dr. Kevorkian that were produced. I thought that some of the documentaries were made prior to his death, but, nonetheless, they were informative. As a result, I believe that the educational material should be made available for free. I also believe that all documentary makers should be paid for their contributions. There are many people who would like to see a documentary about Dr. Kevorkian and their contributions to the field of education. I believe that it is important for people to be educated about the accomplishments of Dr. Kevorkian because the profession he was a part of is now being slowly taken over by those who are trying to "win" over the "heros". Hopefully, the documentary "Dangerous Minds" will encourage people to educate themselves and get involved in educating others about Dr. Kevorkian's accomplishments. I believe that the documentary "Dangerous Minds" is a must see. I am an education advocate and I believe that education is the key to truly "understand" people like Dr. Kevorkian. I hope that the people who made this documentary get the recognition they deserve for their accomplishments.

Bobby photo

It is a sad truth that people tend to be too hard on the book of life, and that the world is too harsh for the very little things that we do. Here, we see what it is like to be a child in the 1950's in America, and what the life was like for little black girls in the 60's, 70's and 80's. We hear from the very brave souls that have written this book to us in the film, and we get to see the wonderful, heart-wrenching film that is "Millions." I have been a fan of Joan Rivers for years. I was fortunate enough to meet her, and I was so impressed with her warm, engaging, and simply wonderful personality that I took her advice to sign up for her podcast. I am also a writer, and I am happy to see that my writings have been recognized and have been read by others. This film is a must-see for all of us that live the little things of life. People are going to see this film, not knowing what they will be seeing. It is one of the most important films I have ever seen.

Rachel photo

I had the privilege of watching this documentary at the Boston Film Festival. The main focus of the documentary is on the importance of the local community in the wake of the explosion in TWA flight 800. As a Boston native and a Boston Red Sox fan, I found the film to be extremely powerful. The movie examines the impact of the events on the local community, and how it affected the lives of the residents. The documentary also looks at the relationship between the local law enforcement and the community. The community, through their efforts, showed strength and determination, and also made a tremendous contribution to the lives of the families affected by the tragedy. This documentary is an excellent example of how a documentary can help show the impact of a tragic event, without sounding like a propaganda film. This documentary will inspire you to think about what your community can do, and make you think about the future. I am very excited to see how this film will make its way into the world. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in seeing it.

Kimberly Pena photo
Kimberly Pena

I was lucky enough to see this film at the American Film Institute in March. It was very moving. I saw it twice at the American Film Institute and each time I found a new reason to be grateful. The only problem I had with the film was it's length. It felt longer than needed. I would have loved to see a longer version. Overall it was a good and moving film. It was inspiring to see how far we have come since the days of slavery. I would highly recommend this film to anyone. You will feel great and connected.

Steven photo

I'm glad I found this documentary. It is a very personal story. I can relate to a lot of the issues that are raised. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a child, and they are going through a similar situation. It's a must see.

Ronald photo

It's hard to believe this was made in 2005, but I think it's really great. It's about the efforts of a group of people to save the world, and it's told in a way that's very educational. It's got a great cast and a great story, and it's just really great. I don't understand how the movie gets such a low rating, but I think it's a great movie. I recommend it.