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What happens in the moments before and after a photograph is taken? 24 Frames answers this question and unites the two artistic languages Kiarostami dedicated his life to. Melancholic and joyous, serious and mischievous, it's a refined meditation on the passage of time and on the fragility of existence - themes central to the cinema of this revered Iranian director.

Other Titles
24 frames, 24フレーム, 24 Cuadros
Running Time
1 hours 54 minutes
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Abbas Kiarostami
France, Iran
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Comments about drama «24 Frames» (21)

Howard Richards photo
Howard Richards

I don't think this movie should be compared to the 'Last Tango' movie but I can see why some people may find it boring. I wasn't expecting much from the film, and ended up watching it anyway. I found the movie very slow at times and the movie is a slow-moving movie. The main problem with the movie is the movie is almost two hours long. The film is also very slow at times, and is a one of a kind movie that's hard to find because it's been so long since I've seen it. The story is about four people, one man, three women, who are all separated by their parents because of their sexuality. They all have to live by themselves, and have to create their own identity in order to survive. The movie has some problems, but the most important problem of the film is the length of the movie. The director is trying to create a dramatic movie about people in the 1940's. There are parts of the movie that are well done. The actress who plays the main character, Virginia, is very good. She's very beautiful and shows some very good acting skills. The two main actors, John and Ken, are good actors, but they don't have much screen time. The second main actor, Charlie, doesn't have much screen time either. The story is very good, but the story gets boring. The ending is pretty sad, and I don't think that the director was trying to create a 'happy ending'. The director also tried to create a "pretty" ending that we can see in many movies, but it was kind of a waste of time. The ending is very sad, and you can tell that the director was trying to create a happy ending that we can see in many movies. The director also didn't make the movie interesting, which I think would be a good thing. The movie is a very good, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes history, or films about the 1940's. I give it an 8/10.

Christina Collins photo
Christina Collins

As a child I was very impressed with some of director Sergei Narko's works. This movie has a lot of good moments, but the last 15 minutes is rather confusing and a bit overlong. Overall it is worth a watch, but it needs more clarification. The first half of the film had me thinking: "this is great, so how come so much is missing?" I think this movie needs a bit of polish. I'd recommend it, but I would only recommend it to people who have watched movies like "Three Colors: Red," and are used to such things.

Sharon S. photo
Sharon S.

I liked this film, however, I am not a fan of war films. I am not a fan of the war genre, because most of them are just glorified propaganda and nothing else. To me, this film tells a very good story about life in the Iraqi-American community, and it was handled very well by the director and producer. The director also did a very good job with the music in the film. Overall, this is a very good film that makes you think about what you saw and who you were seeing it with.

Stephanie Lawson photo
Stephanie Lawson

You know what happens when a great actor shows his true colors? You get to see his true genius, at it's best. When Woody Allen is on screen, he is a joy to watch. You see the sparkle in his eyes, the way he talks. If you have ever been in a Woody Allen movie and liked it, you have to check this one out. There are many famous and not so famous actors who are in it. Like Cameron Diaz, Seth Rogen, Charles Durning, Owen Wilson, Jesse Eisenberg and a few others. The style is a bit like Tim Burton's Batman movies. The movie will never get old, you will never get bored, but just like a movie you will never forget it. I am going to watch it again. Don't be surprised if you like it, I'm telling you this is the first time that I have watched a Woody Allen movie that I enjoyed so much.

Matthew D. photo
Matthew D.

Steve Martin and Christopher Walken deliver a riveting, down-to-earth and moving performance as the outlaws in this 'live action' Western. The film, based on the exploits of the outlaw Walker.and follows the rise and fall of the outlaws and the ever growing friendship between the outlaw and his trusty sidekick. Martin as Walker is excellent as is Walken as the rogue cowboy with a heart of gold. All of the Western 'heroes' are interesting and bring their own unique characters to the table. Martin's character as Walker is conflicted, is driven by a hatred for people and is extremely cold hearted. Walken's character is the blood thirsty rogue who wants to out-gun Walker in a bloody war. Both characters are interesting and bring their own quirks to the table. I have a hard time seeing Walken's character as the type of man he portrays as. When he gets into a fight, his character is much more of a 'monster' and walks off with that impression. Martin and Walken's characters are both interesting and to me add depth and insight into their characters, though neither one would be a perfect fit for the other. Overall, this film is an excellent film that will not be for everyone, but I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Westerns. A very fine Western!

Jesse photo

First off, I am a big fan of David Thewlis' work. His career started off as a nerd, then a mainstay of the Wire, and more recently as a character in Fringe. I know I am a minority with regards to this, but I am tired of hearing people wax poetic about his work. I cannot help it. David Thewlis is fantastic in this film, his performance is just incredible. It is hard to believe that he is still at an age where he can act. I cannot understand why people like how he portrays Sherlock Holmes in this film. I do not know if it is the mannerism, or his quirky facial expressions, or the way he sings on the radio. Whatever it is, it works in this film. I will say this though. I am not a fan of BBC dramas. The trial scene was a bit weak and the other bits were a bit slow. I would recommend this film to anyone, but be prepared to be swept away.

Megan G. photo
Megan G.

Once again a great movie by Tyler Perry, this time based on his best selling book The Dilemma. It is based on a young man named Johnny Wilson, the owner of a family night club in Dallas. His youngest brother is a police officer and he has been dating a young woman. He finds himself wanting to make an escape from his life. The film was highly stylistic and very entertaining. Perry has a knack for capturing your attention with his use of music and humor. He has crafted a film that is very well acted and entertaining. The film follows the lives of a young man, a police officer and his sister as they struggle to stay alive during a brutal riot. The film is filled with a great cast and good writing. Overall this film is an entertaining and well made movie that was nicely made. I highly recommend it.

Thomas Ramirez photo
Thomas Ramirez

This movie was too good for me to rate it, but I would have given it a higher rating if I could. This is not the usual chick flick where the chick-flicks like to move in tight, look pretty, get a ton of "Ridiculous" headlines, all the while building their own lives around their apparent "genius" and all. No, this is a movie where the characters are old enough to have grown up during the Cold War, where that guy really wasn't an asshole or anything like that, and the guy was actually quite nice. If it wasn't for the terrible acting and some of the weird/wrong choices in the script, I would have given it a ten. However, the worst part of this movie is the plot. Like the majority of the scripts that have been written about the USSR, this one has the characters essentially running around in circles and looking for another job. So yeah, I think the plot in this movie sucks. I can't believe a Soviet filmmaker actually thought that this would be a good idea. And that the Cold War really did start that way. And there are so many of these cliches in this movie, I can't really think of one to name off. But hey, they did get rid of the person who played Major Miller in the Air Force academy movies. The guy was an obvious embarrassment. Also, the director doesn't like film students or teachers. So there's the mild controversy between some teachers and students, the movie the director wants to make, and then the students. Not bad, but the director does make the school pretty boring, with all the drama, you know? So overall, I thought the movie was OK. It's not great, but it's not awful. So all in all, this movie is an OK thriller, with some good ideas, and a few elements that were quite refreshing. I'd recommend it, but just to note, you can't get the director's cut from this movie. I mean, it was cut by 30 minutes, but it was in the original version that was made in France. It was clearly marked as such, and they obviously took out some of the worst parts, so I really don't know what's up with that.

William W. photo
William W.

I always loved one of the classical books (Cows) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It's a brilliant and very entertaining book. I knew that it is a big and iconic book of Sherlock Holmes. I didn't know that this film was also about the same person, but it's really good. And what I love the most about this movie is that they did not use any famous names or famous actors. In my opinion, this way more dramatic. It's a wonderful movie that I can't get tired of watching. Some people are going to compare this movie with a better version of "A Scandal in Bohemia", but I prefer it to that version. It's really a very different movie, because the narrative is quite different. The film is more focused on the main character than the movie "A Scandal in Bohemia". This movie has a lot more action, a lot of characters and a lot of action sequences. The main character also acts a lot more. The title of the movie is a tribute to the wonderful Sherlock Holmes stories. It's not a classic story but it's an interesting story, but a very well made story. This film is fantastic. Well written, fantastic directing, fantastic performances. A must see film for Sherlock Holmes fans. 8/10.

Michael photo

At first, this film might seem like a different sort of film, one that focuses more on the performances rather than dialogue. But as soon as the characters are introduced, it becomes clear that the director is giving us a "made-for-TV" style film about childhood, just as "A Time to Kill" was made for television. The film begins with the death of a young girl in a train wreck. The victims and the adults who witnessed it are interviewed for several hours in a log cabin. The log cabin becomes the front seat of the car, the viewer is transported through the troubled teen's life as she struggles with her sexuality, friendship, and family. With its combination of music and film, this film is very powerful and incredibly moving. However, as with all great art, the work is only as good as the audience's reception of it. The film has been shot with a hand-held camera and it looks great, but if you're expecting a film that will make you think, look for the subtitles. If the images of the youth are too difficult to interpret, you might want to avoid the film.

Joe R. photo
Joe R.

This film is a dreamy look at life as the innocent soul who is left to deal with the consequences of his or her actions. It is a journey that most people who see this will need to see in their own life, or they might just find it difficult to believe it. This is not a film about a human being (in the usual sense) which we see, as they are likely to see in the film, in order to have empathy with the main character, or because we want to see the big man of humanity overcome some of his insecurities or hide the truth from those closest to him. This is a film about human beings in the way we understand them. It is a film about someone who has lived his life to the fullest and experienced things that we rarely are reminded of. What he went through was something that would make a normal person cry, and it is this sense of desperation that grips the viewer. The main character is not an emo; we don't care for him or him for us. We simply want him to come out of this and see that this life is no more than a dream that he is living, just like his friends. The film does not contain any, or any, "message", it is not anti-gun, anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-immigration, etc. It is simply a film that tells a story. While it is primarily about the decision of an innocent man to open his heart to a stranger (Kendall, who goes by the name of Benjamin), it also touches on the everyday stories of normal people and how we see them. The movie is divided into three sections; the first being the opening scene, the second is the middle section and the last is the conclusion. While the opening scene is fairly light, the middle section is quite long, but I found it to be extremely entertaining, and I found the middle section to be very moving and insightful. While the middle section is mostly about what happened to Benjamin, it does touch on the background of the ending, in which Benjamin and his friends finally discover that what happened to Benjamin is what they had been afraid of. The third and final section deals with what happened to the kids after the shooting. It focuses on the kids, mostly their parents, who try to look after them while they search for answers. I have not seen the original film, so I cannot say how much the current film is different. I will say that the current film was almost as emotional and well-made as the original film, and I found the middle section to be more moving than the ending. The ending was more depressing and sad than I thought it would be, but I thought that it was appropriate. The middle section was an emotional roller-coaster ride that I didn't want to end, but it was an emotional roller-coaster that was in my head when I returned home and watched it. This film is highly recommended for those who are able to watch it. The ending is not a happy ending, it is not for everyone. But, for those who are able to watch it, I would highly recommend it.

Carol V. photo
Carol V.

Spoilers In case you haven't read the book, I'll summarise what happens in the movie - a young man (played by Idris Elba) who is in trouble with the police, decides to spend some time in a mental institution where he meets and falls in love with a "wanna-be" doctor (played by Lily Taylor) who begins to explain some of his own personal history. I did not read the book, but I did watch the movie and was fascinated by the way that the character development was done - I thought that it was very good. There was a part when the doctor did an interview with the patient, and I thought the way that they would be asked to describe their story was a great touch. On a personal note, I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to understand how real mental illnesses work and what the reasons are behind it. I thought the acting was great and the settings were excellent.

Danielle S. photo
Danielle S.

Not a well known movie and I have to say that I was pretty surprised with this movie. It was very slow paced but the story and the acting made it very enjoyable. I think that I will be seeing this again. I like the story about a guy who gets hit in the head and has the memory of a second person. I will be watching this movie again.

Margaret Lane photo
Margaret Lane

A charming, black comedy-drama about four people who go to an isolated, museum-like beach house where a local mother raises a trio of young children who never have to deal with the outside world. As the children grow up, they will have to face the pressures of their life in the college towns and the loneliness that comes with it. As they are growing up, they seem to be on the road to college and the person they thought they were, is still on the road, but never completely gone. This movie is completely different from anything I have ever seen and it will be hard to find in the video stores. I have it on video and DVD and I recommend it to anyone who has a strong interest in art, art-house movies and a love for the surreal.

Ronald photo

It was nice to see some movies with actual production values and some really nice, very serious movies. The movie is about a mother and her two kids who must deal with two car accidents. There is no fight scene, there is no blood, no gore, no sex. No nudity, no sex. Just a great movie, from the very first scene to the very last. The story is told very accurately and the dialogue and acting is amazing. The performances by the actors, the cinematography, the music - it is truly amazing. The movie has a really emotional touch, and I liked it a lot. The directing was very good. It's not a bad film, I am really glad I have seen it, and I really recommend it to anyone who wants to see a really interesting movie.

Frank Allen photo
Frank Allen

I've read some of the reviews and the other reviews here. One person in particular did not seem to understand that the premise of the movie is that the future is different. You can look at it as a kind of science fiction, and it's about the future. That does not mean that it's about the future. It's about the future as it is, and to the future as it is. And that's just fine. That's one of the things that people can get caught up in, whether it's a movie or a book or even just a thought. This movie is a very good example of why the use of computer generated imagery is not the end all be all. The technology in the future was not always the same as the technology in the past. When computers are not in the movie, that makes the movie more believable. The technology is not always the same. That's just my opinion.

Brittany M. photo
Brittany M.

Being a very experienced moviegoer, I wasn't expecting much from this movie. I did, however, expect to be enthralled by the story and the performance. I was quite surprised and delighted to discover that I was left speechless by this movie. This is a movie which is not simply for young girls and people who are already at home with their fathers - there is nothing here which can be called entertaining or inspiring. What really moved me about this movie was that it was actually emotionally engaging. While some movies are simply animated or fantasy, this movie really gives you a good look at our obsession with sex and sexual energy and how it's always portrayed as negative, and with all of its bad side. This movie really shows that that's just not true. This movie goes into deep details about what it's like to be with a man, and how the effect of this behavior on the woman and the other woman are in fact inverted. This movie gives you a very important look at the taboo of sex and relationships, and it actually shows you what happens when you get involved in the act itself. This movie goes into more detail than I thought it would, and it also doesn't disappoint. The two lead actors are simply superb. They both gave some of the best performances of their careers. Both were amazing and I could not stop watching them. The two scenes I really enjoyed the most were when they were sitting down and talking and when they were in bed together, when the camera was still on them and the two looked into each other's eyes and couldn't see what was going on. The scenes where they actually had sex were also great, especially when they were in the tub and they were doing it together, it was extremely erotic. The reason I'm rating this movie a 9 is because I've been able to see a couple of bad reviews here on IMDb for this movie, and I think they are completely wrong. I think the people who wrote those reviews didn't see the movie, and I know that from experience. This movie is not about sex, it's about the act itself. It's about a man's experience in life. It's about the emotions and the feelings which arise from the act itself. I would recommend this movie to anybody who likes a good story, and who's not afraid to talk about sex. The two leads were amazing and they deserved the Oscar they got for their performances, and I think it's really great that the Academy recognized their performances. I really liked this movie, I think it's a great movie. If you want to see a good film, I recommend this movie to you.

Jessica photo

I think this movie is about three characters who were in a love affair. It has three movies in it. But it has been made by different directors. The original story is about a women who is a pharmacist, who falls in love with a doctor who she used to work with when she was young, then discovers she's pregnant, who is married, and she wants to leave him. The other two are a girl and a boy. I think I'll stick with the main characters, but the doctor was kind of useless in the movie. I think the movie was about three stories, but it was very confusing. The movie was about three stories. I'm glad they only made one movie, because it was just so confusing.

Ashley H. photo
Ashley H.

I first saw this movie when I was a senior in high school. This movie is so underrated and forgotten. The music and the acting is very good. However, the story is very weak. I would have to say that this movie could have been much better if it had been better written. The acting is excellent. This movie is about four kids who are kids themselves. They are very close friends and have a great relationship. When the mom dies they start to spend more time with their family and one of the family members becomes extremely abusive. This movie is a must see.

Rebecca F. photo
Rebecca F.

I thought the movie was well done. While it does have its flaws, the acting, the music, the storyline, and the overall setting were wonderful. As a child I loved the movie, now I have a son who also watches it. This movie really is a must for any film buff, or anyone interested in our world today. Perhaps the quality of the movie is just a tad over-rated, but it is still a great movie and I do not believe I will ever get bored of it.

Ethan photo

I was stunned at the first few minutes of this film. It was so different from anything I had ever seen before, and I was hooked. The words of the film, as translated to English, speak to me so well. I went and bought the DVD on its release, and have watched it again and again. I am always shocked at the stories that are told in this movie, and am not surprised that it resonates so much with people. A great work.