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The Big Sick

The Big Sick is a movie starring Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, and Holly Hunter. Pakistan-born comedian Kumail Nanjiani and grad student Emily Gardner fall in love but struggle as their cultures clash. When Emily contracts a...

Other Titles
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Running Time
2 hours
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Comedy, Romance
Michael Showalter
Emily V. Gordon, Kumail Nanjiani
Holly Hunter, Zoe Kazan, Kumail Nanjiani, Ray Romano
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Kumail, an Uber driver in Chicago, is trying to get his big break performing stand-up comedy and self-producing his one-man show about his Pakistani background. His immigrant parents frequently set him up with young Pakistani women, expecting that he will follow their example of an arranged marriage; he is uninterested but tolerates the introductions. He also lets them believe he is still a practicing Muslim, though he has become agnostic. After a stand-up show, Kumail approaches Emily, a white grad student who heckled him "positively" during his set. Their one-night stand develops into a relationship after she requests an Uber and he accepts and drives her home. Kumail does not tell his family, and his relationship with Emily is strained as he holds back, fearful of being disowned, which happened to his cousin who married a white woman. After five months, Emily finds photos of the women Kumail's parents have set him up with; they argue and she asks whether he sees a real future with her, given his family's expectations.

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Nathan Adams photo
Nathan Adams

When I first saw this movie I was like what the heck is this movie about? But I was like man this is so good and it was so funny. I watched it a couple times and I'm still laughing. I think this movie is the best movie of the year. It was so funny, and it made me cry. I think it's a great movie. I'm a little upset that they didn't make it into a sequel, because I think that would be great. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies that are funny and emotional. This movie was so funny and emotional, I recommend this movie to everyone who likes a good movie. 10/10.

Melissa Phillips photo
Melissa Phillips

When I saw the trailers, I thought this would be a movie about the Asian American experience, but I was wrong. This movie is about a black family who comes to America and find out their new neighbors are white. I won't give away the ending, but I will say that I was impressed. I have to say that the actors in this movie did a great job and did a great job in their roles. I feel that it is very important to include people of color in a movie. This movie is a great example of how to portray a story without being racist. It is a movie about a family and how they handle different races. It is also a movie about overcoming racism. Overall, I think this is a great movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Richard R. photo
Richard R.

I didn't know what to expect going in. I was expecting the typical Hollywood formula movie, with all the comical and likable characters that you can come up with. And I was right. Big Sick was very original. And I don't think that was the case in the original movie. But this one was just as good, and I really don't think that was the case. Big Sick is very different. It is a dark comedy. It's very funny, and the characters are very likable. I was very surprised that this movie was able to make me laugh out loud. I think it is because the characters were so likable. I liked how they created the characters. I didn't want them to go bad. I wanted them to be likable. I really liked the chemistry between the main characters. I loved the chemistry between the main characters. The movie also had some really good twists. I was surprised when they came. I think it was a very original twist. I liked how the main characters were trying to help each other out, but I think it was too much for them to handle. I didn't want them to be trying to get back together. I wanted them to be in a good relationship. I also liked the whole story of the friendship between the main characters. It was really good. I thought the movie was really good. I recommend it to anyone. I thought the characters were really likable, and the story was very original. I think it was a good movie. Big Sick was really good. I gave it a 10/10.

Samuel photo

If you are looking for an entertainment that you can watch over and over again, then you are going to love this movie. I thought it was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. The story is simple, but it is such a great story. I felt like I was right there in the moment of the movie. It's a very well made movie that you will definitely enjoy. The cast is amazing and each actor did a great job. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Richard Graham photo
Richard Graham

This film is a great movie. It's funny, emotional, and it's beautiful. I was sad at the end. It's a great film.

Bobby J. photo
Bobby J.

It was a surprise to me that this movie was so well received by the critics. I found it very refreshing to watch a movie that did not try to be too intellectual or "hip". It was very simple, yet very well thought out. I think it was a great movie that everyone should see. I love the fact that they didn't have a "perfect" story, and they didn't try to fit it into a box. They didn't try to make a movie with a happy ending. They didn't try to have a perfect cast. They didn't try to make a movie that everyone would enjoy. They just made a movie that they enjoyed making. They made a movie that made them happy, and I think that is what every movie should strive to do. They made a movie that was a little different, but also had a little bit of everything in it. I think that this movie is very well made, and it was one of the best movies I have seen this year. It is definitely worth seeing.

Ann McCoy photo
Ann McCoy

I haven't laughed so hard at a film in years. I loved every second of this movie, and have recommended it to everyone I know. It was hilarious. The actors are amazing. Big love and respect for all the actors and actresses. And the script was so smart. I don't know how anyone could not love this film. I just hope that people who see it and don't agree will be open minded enough to see the humor and the wit and the warmth and the heart of the movie. I've already seen it twice and I'm going to see it again. I've never been in love with a movie and I can't wait to see it again. I recommend this movie to anyone. Don't listen to the haters. Watch this movie and you will love it.

Lisa Romero photo
Lisa Romero

I really like this movie, it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I like the characters, the storyline, and the humor. I don't think anyone will get bored with this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone, regardless of what age or gender they are.

Stephanie Nichols photo
Stephanie Nichols

I've seen this film 3 times already, and I think it's one of the best movies of the year so far. It's the story of a group of friends who make a movie about a person they love, and it's an honest movie, full of jokes and heart. I think it's a movie that you will love from beginning to end. I think this movie is a great way to spend your time, and it's a must see for everyone. This movie is funny, romantic, and it's a film that you will be talking about for a long time.

Catherine photo

I loved this movie, loved it's writing, loved the actors, loved the writing, loved the characters. I saw this movie at the Red Box and it was worth every penny. I would recommend it to anyone. I am a huge fan of Shane Black and the way he writes movies, so it was a no brainer for me to see this. This is a really good movie that can be enjoyed by everyone, but it is a very good story, and will leave you with many questions. I think people who are young or who are women should see this movie. I would give it a 10/10.

Madison W. photo
Madison W.

I am a big fan of Shane, I don't think there is a person who doesn't like him. I can't wait for his next movie and I can't wait to see the trailer for his next movie. I think it is great how he is able to make people laugh, and I think people will enjoy his next movie too. It is great to see a movie that doesn't have a lot of action, and it doesn't have a lot of love scenes, and it has a lot of comedy. I think it is a very good movie that I would recommend to everyone.

Ruth photo

The film is about a young man (Jake Gyllenhaal) who, at the age of 16, is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. He suffers from the disorder, and is given a diagnosis of ADHD. He lives with his mother (Frances McDormand), and he is always alone. He finds himself trying to find a way to fit in with the rest of the world, and he meets a lot of people that have the same problem. The movie tells the story of how he adapts to life, and to the people around him. It is a story of a young man, who is always alone, and who is always trying to find a way to fit in. I thought the film was really good. I thought the story was good, and the acting was good. I thought the cast was very good, especially the actors playing Jake's mother and the guy who is supposed to be his best friend. The characters were great, and I thought the direction was good, and the editing was good. Overall, I thought the film was good, and it was a good story. I recommend this film to everyone. It is a good movie. I give it a B+.

Bobby photo

I loved this movie, and I don't understand why so many people are saying it's a waste of time. If you like watching a movie with people you actually like, you'll love this. I would also say it's very funny, but I don't think it's a comedy, it's more of a drama. I think people are either too uptight or too uptight-humor isn't what I think of as a comedy. I was also very impressed with the acting, especially by the main character, which was really good. I liked the cinematography, and I was very impressed with how they shot the scenes in front of the mirror. I also loved how they made the mirror and the bedroom look so different from each other. It's a really cute way to make it feel like you're watching the same movie. Overall, I think this movie is really good. I also think it's a great date movie, and it's definitely one of the better movies I've seen this year.

Laura Curtis photo
Laura Curtis

I really enjoyed this movie. I'm a guy and was a bit skeptical when I heard it was a chick flick, but I have to admit, it was a good story. I was able to relate to the characters in this movie and the performances were superb. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I would give it a 10/10.

Nancy Ruiz photo
Nancy Ruiz

This is a brilliant movie, that really has the heart of a good movie. The performances are incredible and you can see that every single actor in this movie really cares about their characters and wants to do the best with them. You can tell that this is a story about friendship and how it can break your heart, so you can see that even if this movie is not great, it is still a great movie. The ending is really sad and makes you cry. The movie has a great message and you can see that the story is actually real. I am a guy who was going to go to college, but I am so glad that I did not. Because it is a great movie and I will recommend it to everyone. I can tell that this is a movie that will make you think about the things that you are doing now, and how you are feeling, because you will never be the same after seeing this movie.

Jessica photo

I went to see this movie on opening night, and the theatre was packed. It was one of the most touching movies I have ever seen. The characters were very real and believable, and the acting was excellent. I went into the movie with very high expectations, but I left feeling incredibly grateful for the film. The movie is set in the US, but I have no idea what that country is like. I have no idea what a successful marriage is like in this country. I've read about the issues that are addressed in the movie, and it's interesting to see that they are taken seriously, but not at all as the movie makes them seem. It makes you wonder what you would do if you were in their situation. It's great to see a movie that has real characters, and a real story. I really hope that this movie does well, because it's a movie that I think everyone should see. It's a movie that you can watch over and over again, and you will be surprised at how well it holds up. I really hope that there is a sequel to this movie. It would be great to see some of the characters from the movie again, and to see how they have changed over the years. The actors were fantastic in the movie, and I hope that they get nominated for an award. I would also love to see a sequel to this movie, but it's very unlikely that this movie will ever see the light of day. It's not a movie that you can just sit back and watch once. It's a movie that you have to watch over and over again, and that's why it's so special.

Victoria W. photo
Victoria W.

This movie is absolutely beautiful. I don't understand how anyone can not like it. I love it!

Harold photo

One of my favorite movies of all time. The story is one that I love to tell my friends and they love to hear it. The characters are so realistic. I felt like I was living them. The comedy is great. I love how the story lines are all connected. This movie makes me laugh, and cry, and laugh some more. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Christian A. photo
Christian A.

I just got back from the theatre and I'm glad I didn't wait until the movie to see it. I was not disappointed. The movie is good, and it was a great experience for me. The movie is very realistic, which I love about it. I think it's very touching and I feel the way the characters feel. I'm glad that the movie is so good. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good movie, and is not a fan of comedy. The comedy is very realistic, and it's very funny. It's a movie that you can watch over and over again. I give this movie a 10/10.

Amy Walsh photo
Amy Walsh

I love this movie! It's funny and a very good film. It's about a guy named Shane, who has a very unusual disease. He has a disorder that is called "the big sick". He can't be in contact with people for about a year, and can only communicate with a therapist, who is played by Seth Rogen. Shane wants to make a documentary about his experiences, but he doesn't want to go through the painful and uncomfortable process of making the film. Shane wants to go to his family reunion, and find out how he got the disease. I love this movie!