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Ism is a movie starring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Aditi Arya, and Jagapathi Babu. Hackers and gangsters collide in this story about the fight against corruption.

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2 hours 12 minutes
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Puri Jagannadh
A. Sreedhar, Puri Jagannadh
Jagapathi Babu, Tanikella Bharani, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Aditi Arya
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Hackers and gangsters collide in this story about the fight against corruption.

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Daniel photo

I did not expect much from this film. It was made for about $3,000,000 and the film budget was only $200,000. It turned out to be an entertaining action film. There were a few scenes that had me laughing out loud, but it did not really break the mood of the film. The main star was Amy Schumer, and she was able to bring the audience into the movie with her energy and comedic ability. The film also provided a few laughs from time to time. The best scene of the film was the start of the film when the car accident happened, and it was so hilarious that it caused the audience to laugh hysterically. The climax and final act were both suspenseful, and the audience was on the edge of their seat. There were some scenes that were a little unbelievable, but other than that, it was an entertaining action film. In my opinion, this was an okay action film for the ages. It did not have the best acting or the best storyline, but it was an entertaining film.

Walter photo

A must see for the 4th of July! Michael Caine and Danny Glover do a great job in a great supporting role. Every thing is taken very seriously and it works. The movie is about a bodyguard who has a job that he likes to do, but has to be careful. So he goes out to try to protect a group of American soldiers during a war. This movie has good action scenes and the special effects are very good. The story is good, the ending is very good, it makes you want to go see it again. The characters are good and the plot is good. This is a must see movie for the 4th of July!

Ashley photo

Some great martial arts scenes and a great story. A strong female lead and she was actually good! And the action sequences were super. Don't get me wrong the fights were great but the story behind the fights wasn't really strong enough to have the fight scenes stand out. A lot of people have commented on the bad side of the movie. But I think that the story is the weak link for the movie. The plot is good and the acting is great. It is the story that the movie is bad. I think that for the plot to be strong enough it would have to have an awesome action scene and I believe the fight scenes were strong enough for the action scenes to stand out. I think the action scenes are the weak links in the movie. I can see why it is rated a low rating. I think that the acting is great from the male lead and I think he was good in this movie. The female lead was good too. The plot was solid. The action was very good. It was really awesome. I would give this movie a 8.5 out of 10. It was good, it was great, it was awesome, it was awesome. I think it was awesome!

Aaron J. photo
Aaron J.

Again, one of those movies where your anticipation is the only thing that matters. The movie does not try to be overly complicated or to be clever or to be emotionally touched, and that is probably the biggest downfall. The thing that actually worked for me was the chemistry between Ferreira and Demian Bichir. I know many people love them and will always be a fan of them. But for me the most incredible thing about this movie was the chemistry between these two. I know many will disagree with me and say the love for these two characters is very strong, but I don't think it's bad. It just felt different. For me it's better that they weren't just your average, two-dimensional characters and this movie does a good job of showing you a lot of the deep character development we've come to expect from these actors. You'll have to watch the movie to see what I'm talking about. I'm not going to get into all the other amazing things that this movie did for me. But I do have to give credit where credit is due. I do love seeing a movie that is always interesting and will keep you guessing, even though you know what is going to happen. One of the reasons I like movies like this is because you never know what is going to happen next. They did a good job of not using that, but the fact that they didn't is what made me enjoy this movie so much more than the average action movie. The whole fight between Ferreira and Demian is intense, the camera angles are good, and there are a lot of twists and turns. If you're not a fan of these type of movies then you will hate this movie. But if you are a fan of these type of movies then you'll probably enjoy this one. It has all the ingredients to be great, and it's not so bad it's good.

Samantha T. photo
Samantha T.

It is one of the most notorious feuds in Hong Kong film history, but one of the more original martial arts films ever. It is set in the mid 90s when the young and brilliant Frankie Chan was growing up and trying to make a name for himself as a martial artist in the city. He was forced to move away from his old neighborhood to take up a job in a nightclub, but got quickly resentful to his new family, especially his dad. At the same time, he got exposed to martial arts and the ways of the world, like many younger people did at the time, and was quick to learn, to the point of being a capable fighter in a week. This film has some great performances, especially by Chan, that makes it work. Some of the fight scenes are memorable, especially the final fight, which I think was very realistic. The music is a bit annoying, but it does help to set the mood and the mood of the film. This is a film I recommend for anybody who has watched the earlier films and is interested in them.

David photo

With the high price of Deja Vu the highly anticipated Filipino film 'Devil's Night' a story of three heroes - kampong, rabbit and lady - and their sacrifice that lead to the formation of the nation. The film is a remake of the 1963 film which was based on the fact that the young hero was killed in combat by a demon and the three heroes vowed to avenge him. This film is based on the true story of the mythical hero, Egygo, from the New Testament, who was a soldier of God in a mission to save the Jews from the coming of the Antichrist and win back Jerusalem from the followers of Satan. He was martyred in battle and the three heroes swore to defend Jerusalem. They were killed by the enemy and the story is also told of the real leader of the anti-Christ, the Roman general Titus, who swore to carry out a new plan of world domination. The storyline of the movie is based on a fantasy that comes to life through the acts of the three heroes, the three main actors, a host of supporting characters and special effects which had been inspired by the pagan cults of the ancient world. The movie is a thrilling war story that highlights the ancient importance of war, heroism, honour and sacrifice, that still pervades today. The story is told in a very simple way but the use of the classical heroes of old and his brave friends provides us with a wonderful story of heroic sacrifice and resistance to an all powerful enemy. The movie is a great piece of cinema and even today, despite its age, it is a very entertaining film for the people of the Philippines.

Dennis photo

The movie, "Guardians of the Galaxy" is not the best comic book movie, as I think it is the best superhero movie that has been released in the last year. The good points of this movie are the movie is action packed, the story is more than worthy of a movie and the movie is filled with special effects. In addition to these, the characters are very well written. The main character is called the "Guardian of the Galaxy", and the movie focuses on him. The reason why the movie doesn't get a higher score is because the main character is supposed to be more than a simple comic book hero, but there are some strong female characters. In the last 5 minutes, we see an extreme moment, when the hero uses the force, which is in fact a metaphor for the average superhero. This kind of hero doesn't have much problem with killing people. Therefore, this kind of hero is not suitable for the entire audience. Moreover, the main character seems to be a great hacker, but is he really? A good rating is given to this movie, because it's the second best superhero movie after "The Avengers", which was the best of the superhero movies. I personally think that this movie was the best comic book movie that has been released in the last year, but it should have been better than "The Avengers".

Ann G. photo
Ann G.

I'm not saying that this movie is a masterpiece, but I do think it's very good. I like the action scenes and the ending is nice too. I think a lot of people don't like action movies, but this one has some good action. I recommend it to anyone that likes to see a good movie.

Willie photo

This is the second movie I've seen from the team behind "Hard Boiled." It is a better movie than the first, though it is not as good as the first. It features a lot more action and much better production values. This is an action movie that doesn't feel like it is trying to be a serious movie. I think if you are just looking for a great action movie with a good story, then you won't like this movie. However, if you are looking for a great action movie with a decent story, then you might enjoy this movie. I give this movie an A.

Harold photo

From a review by : Mad Man Lives Reviewer A good film to watch if you are tired of the same old b-movie b-grade action with no plot or even character development. This film is not meant to impress the viewer. In fact, it should never be about impress the viewer. Rather, the film was meant to showcase some great martial arts skill of the Chinese martial artist Chieh Wang (Iko Uwais) who is thrust into the middle of a criminal syndicate (Odishah, King of Gangsters). Chieh Wang and his partner (Chen Xing) are tasked with the mission to steal one million dollars from a mobster named Tony (Christopher Walken). To carry out their mission, Chieh Wang must first kill Tony. It is not an easy mission to accomplish, but Chieh Wang's skills lead to a breathtaking scene. The action is incredibly well choreographed and well executed. The camera work by Takuji Yamada and Dennis Chan (Odishah King) is one of the best in the genre. The music by KISS-influenced composer Yuichi Sato is a unique and memorable score. The story is very predictable. It feels like a typical "Run of the Game" film. I would not classify this film as the best film in the genre. However, it is a very good action-packed film that has enough substance to warrant a viewing.

Terry B. photo
Terry B.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this movie. The production is cheap looking but the action is good. It is a common theme in Bollywood Movies. Those who do not appreciate Bollywood movies might find this movie boring but to the fans of Bollywood this movie will be a treat. For those who like romantic movies it is better to watch this movie because it is true love story. The dialogs are average. The main actors are competent and they can do their job. The screenplay is good. And the music is also good. So if you are a fan of Bollywood Movies and you want to watch a movie for fun then this movie is not a waste of time. If you are interested in Bollywood Movies, I suggest you to watch a different Bollywood movie that will be better for you. When the movie finished I could feel the same time I had in the theater and I felt satisfied. I feel as though this movie is worth watching.

Aaron Parker photo
Aaron Parker

What do you get when you combine martial arts, sci-fi, and action? The answer is John Woo's "The Killer", an extremely stylish film. You have to admire the cinematography, the editing, and the action scenes. Everything about this movie is superb, except the script and the ending. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad movie. Just think of it as the next best thing that a modern day action movie has to offer. But as many critics have pointed out, I could care less about the ending. Yes, it was supposed to be a cliff hanger, but we got some really nice camera shots that keep you wanting more. My biggest problem with the movie was that it could have ended so much better. The movie was supposed to be over in three acts, but the film jumps to the end of the second act and just doesn't end at all. The problem is that you can't make up for such a disappointing ending, but you should know that John Woo would have made up for it in the second act. My rating: * out of *

Jack O. photo
Jack O.

I have to say that I wasn't expecting much with a movie about this movie. As I was watching I started to say the words "THATS IT" and then it hit me. It IS the movie. The action sequences are brilliant, the dialogue is fast, the music is cool, and the story line is superb. The plot is simple, just like the story. It's just a movie for the action enthusiasts, not the normal people. It's more like this one and that one. There are some little bits that people can't ignore, but they're not important in the overall story. There are just so many good things about this movie. The "go-to" music is brilliant. It is my favorite song ever. The acting is awesome, especially the hero (I'm not the hero). The action scenes are awesome, especially the scenes in the arena. The story is superb, it's like the one from another movie, but it is the hero, so there's no way you could compare. I was so surprised with the final fight sequence. The actors were a bit overacting but I was surprised. It's like an action movie, but with some awesome fighting sequences. If you love great movies, I recommend you to watch this movie. 9/10

Harry photo

A long-awaited sequel to "Ishi", the iconic 70's actioner (Japanese equivalent of "Dirty Dancing") starring H.K. (Christopher Lee) and A.L. (Hatsukatsu Ryuji) Kanda, played by Paul Guilfoyle, and the father figure of Yakuza boss Shinya (Eugene Levy). This time around, we get to see more of A.L. and the Kanda clan, where Kanda-san wants to make his wife (Sally Bass) and daughters come back and help him build his empire. Meanwhile, Shinya's sons have his eye on the princess (Yuri Hoshikawa). A.L. Kanda's real, and long-time girlfriend (Lorenzo Lamas), is now married to her hitman father. When he kidnaps her, he gets his revenge. Only his minions are left to help him in this new adventure. The cast is good and includes Antonio Banderas, H.K., Takashi Murakami, Hidetoshi Yanagita, and Eugene Levy. Director Hiroyuki Ike ("Romeo Must Die") does a decent job here, but the cinematography is a little too washed-out and grainy in places. Also, the idea of using a computer animated heroine is very interesting, but the computer animation is far from beautiful. The plot is good and the action sequences are pretty cool, although the climax is predictable. The action is long and with some violence, but it's never too graphic. The action is supposed to be fast-paced and exciting. The screenplay is good, with a good script, especially in the script of the villain. The action is excellent and you never get bored. The special effects are good as well. The soundtrack is nice and there are some great songs, like the aforementioned Ichi Tetsuo theme, performed by Minami Nagasawa. The motion picture is pretty good, and I recommend this to fans of the original film. It's a good action-comedy sequel with a lot of fun, so I give it an 8/10. Jack Hughes (Mr. Hughes)

Albert G. photo
Albert G.

I was unable to watch this movie, because i didn't watch it for 10 years. So I read the summary of the movie and decided to watch it. That is not so bad since i'm a fan of all martial arts films and I was not disappointed. In short, it's a really good movie, but i would not say that it is better than the other sequels of the Raid trilogy, that were good. I think that the story is brilliant. The fight scenes are not as spectacular as some of the other movies, but they are still well made. And the humor is quite good. I also think that the music is not the best. But the soundtrack is really good. The only problem i had was with the plot. The story was just a bit confusing at times and it was a bit difficult to follow the story. But all of that should be forgiven because the movie is really good.

Ann photo

Seth Green (RZA) plays a thug who has been framed by a corrupt policeman (Vincent Gallo). After the cops are killed, Seth is captured by the police chief and interrogated. He is then imprisoned in a high tech facility where he is tortured by an abusive surgeon (Ron Perlman). Seth attempts to kill him in his sleep. Seth escapes the facility and teams up with the android O-Ren Ishii (Rhys Ifans) who he believes is his daughter. Together they must stop a ruthless criminal named One-Eye (Robert Patrick). It's a great mix of genres, from the action to the drama. RZA and Ifans are great and really make this movie even more fun to watch. Rhys Ifans also makes a good villain. It's got a great ending and is a great movie to watch with friends.

Marie Ruiz photo
Marie Ruiz

A super-hero movie is not a genre that is usually advertised in the media. With such a specific title, you can expect more extreme action. However, this film has a great secret. It's a detective thriller with a twist. Its called 'OMM' (short for 'on mutha'), and its the story of a man with a super-power and an inexperienced assistant that follows his leads to make sure he's a good cop. Since you probably can't tell, the movie is based on a comic. Not only that, but the director also wanted to make sure the movie looked like a comic, using comic book photos. In other words, it's a movie with an 'OMM' quality. I've seen some superhero movies where it's hard to believe it was made by a comic book creator, but this movie actually manages to live up to the genre. It's a very impressive and realistic movie that uses comic book elements and it's definitely worth seeing. The acting is great, and even though the characters are similar, they're still very memorable. It's definitely a movie that will be remembered for a long time. A lot of people may call it a superhero movie, but I call it an enjoyable movie, because it's something you can watch whenever.

Beverly Smith photo
Beverly Smith

I really enjoyed The Matrix Revolutions. I have to admit that I have been looking forward to The Matrix Revolutions for a long time. I love the new version of the Matrix and I have been looking forward to it ever since the first Matrix. Unfortunately, I was not that excited for it, so I did not go to the cinema with high expectations. Still, I was satisfied, and I'm glad I waited so long to watch it. The movie picks up right after the events of the previous film. Neo is now 23 years old, the Oracle is back, Neo is now free, and he and Trinity are both free to choose their own destiny. However, a police force is following the situation and they will stop at nothing to get to Neo. One of the police officers knows that Neo is the last of the humans and the next one is a 'rune' holder, so they have to get him before they get the last human. While the police are in the game, Neo fights his way through the city to get to Trinity. It's almost unbelievable how strong Neo is. However, it is still hard to tell if he is strong or just fast. He is a kid, he is getting stronger every time. I will not reveal much more about the plot, because it is very, very difficult to do. However, I will say that it is very well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has not seen the previous one. It is even better than the first one. I also think this movie is the best movie of the series. The new actors, the actors, the action, and the plot are all excellent. This is the best film of the series. The plot is great, the action is great, the actors are fantastic, the action is awesome, the costumes are amazing, the special effects are awesome, and there is an amazing soundtrack. I have to give this movie a 10 out of 10. This movie is good, but it is not the best. If you have not seen the previous one, then you should definitely see this movie. The new trilogy is amazing.

Sara Hawkins photo
Sara Hawkins

I've been a fan of Al Kavanagh's work for the past couple of years. All I knew is that he was in 'Rough Justice' and this was no different. He really gets his characters and his actors to a really good level. The story is actually a little bit more complicated than what it seems. He uses his environment to his advantage and he creates a real sense of suspense and mystery. And that's what I appreciate most. The first half is slow paced but there's a lot of build up. The bad guy's mask is pretty cool. There are some great scenes and some pretty memorable characters. What also works well is the use of strong camera work, very artful. And you can really feel the heat of the heat. I really enjoyed it. The second half is where the real action starts. The plot thickens and the action is intense. I think it's the first time I've been so much into a movie. It's pretty simple but you'll enjoy it if you like movies that have a lot of build up and have a lot of action. I also liked the fact that there is some suspense. There are scenes where it seems like the characters are going to die but they don't. They die in a very cool way. It's a nice mix. Also, the last scene is an excellent action scene. Overall, I really liked it. It's a very enjoyable movie and I recommend it.

Tammy Mendoza photo
Tammy Mendoza

The good: - The visuals of the film. It's nice to see some quality in film. - The character of Batman is well fleshed out. - The part in which Bruce Wayne is caught in a mafia job gone wrong. - The fighting scene between Bruce Wayne and The Joker. The bad: - The Joker is a little underwhelming. I wasn't sure if I wanted to like him, I'm not sure I should. I still like him. He seems to be lacking the depth that one would expect from a character in the comics. - The action was mostly predictable. It's like the action has already been done and it's not original. - The film left me wanting more, though. As Bruce Wayne was struggling to get back to normal, this was his escape from that. I could have seen the connection between him and the suit, maybe a little bit of Batman. I think the Joker as Batman would have been cool. Maybe a new Batman was shown in the next sequel. But not the same Joker we had seen in the trailers. I think in that case it would have been cool to have a new Bruce Wayne, a new Bruce Wayne, but a different one. I think it could have been a pretty interesting series, the last of which was Batman Begins. I can't wait to see what the next movie will be like. One of the things that disappointed me about the movie was that it was so obviously being filmed with a lower budget than the previous Batman movies. The action was really cool though. - The Joker was alright. I enjoyed the humor in the film, and I think he was a little too dark. The original Joker from the comics was really dark. It would have been cool to see some of that. - A lot of people are still trying to explain what the Joker really is and why he does what he does, but I think that is all bullshit. The Joker does what he does because he wants to be the best. He hates the world, the people, and he is ashamed of what he did. He is the hero of his story, and the world can't stand him, and he wants to redeem himself, and that's why he does what he does. That's really what I think, and I think the movie was really well made. I have to disagree though with other reviews, saying that this is not an origin story for the Batman. The origin is really important to Batman, and this movie is a reflection on his origin, and the good thing about it is that it really does reflect on the origin. I think if this movie had not been released, and the previous Batman films had stayed with the same characters, then it would have lost all of that. But then it would have made the movie feel different. The reason why this movie feels different from the previous films is that it is taking the place of the original Batman story. I mean, Batman Begins was an adaptation of the story from the comics. This movie is an adaptation of the origin story. But this movie does it in a good way, and is really exciting for people to see a true origin story for the character. - The Joker is cool. I am a fan of the Joker. I think he is one of the greatest villains in all of comics, and one of the best villains that comics has ever had. I loved his first appearance in the first movie, and I really loved his villain, Two Face. I thought that he did an incredible job as the villain. But the Joker was really good in this movie, and I really liked him, I thought that he really deserved his appearance. I would definitely watch this movie again. I think that it's one of the best Batman movies. I would definitely watch it again. This movie is not as great as the previous films, but it is better than the Batman Begins.

Benjamin S. photo
Benjamin S.

As I am a huge movie buff, I usually go out of my way to watch what I consider to be one of the best films of all time. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was a movie that made me want to see everything in my library on DVD and had me hoping that I could find out more about it after I saw it. After seeing it for the first time, I felt that I had seen everything. The film is the story of a young boy who travels to China to learn martial arts and come to terms with the ancient traditions. He comes across a beautiful young girl, Nee-san, who is not only beautiful but powerful enough to challenge him. The film ends on a humorous note with the "sword dance", which I could not have predicted would be the best part of the film. It was also the first movie I had ever seen that got me to take a dip in the tub and splash around in it as a way to say I enjoyed it. On a side note, although it is the first time I have taken a bath in a while, I did not feel like a p*d by doing so. So thanks to Ip Man, I did not have to shower while watching "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"!

Billy N. photo
Billy N.

This is the first time I've ever commented on a film, and this is an exception. I watched this film with my 11 year old son, and I can say that he enjoyed it very much. We both thought the plot was excellent, the dialogue was funny and smart, the acting was good. There was a few slow points, but nothing too distracting. You could really have a good time watching it. He was even commenting on the special effects in the movie.