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Mine 9

Mine 9 is a movie starring Terry Serpico, Mark Ashworth, and Kevin Sizemore. Two miles into the earth, nine Appalachian miners struggle to survive after a methane explosion leaves them with one hour of oxygen.

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2 Miles Below
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1 hours 23 minutes
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Eddie Mensore
Eddie Mensore
Kevin Sizemore, Clint James, Mark Ashworth, Terry Serpico
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Two miles into the earth, nine Appalachian miners struggle to survive after a methane explosion leaves them with one hour of oxygen.

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Louis H. photo
Louis H.

Most of the praise I've been receiving for this film isn't undeserved. Although I'm a bit slow on the uptake with movies, I'm finding that this one has stayed with me, and in many ways has grown on me. The acting is certainly the highlight. To me this movie is about the hardship and isolation that we all have to go through in this country, while the show itself does such a great job of portraying it that you're left feeling sorry for the people who must go through it. It also has some of the most beautiful and beautifully beautiful music you'll ever hear in a movie, which also has some aspects of the plot. I think if you are a fan of Benning or the show, I would definitely recommend checking it out. I would rate this movie an 8/10.

Catherine Russell photo
Catherine Russell

This documentary follows two friends, one a painter and the other a dancer, on their years working in the women's disco scene in LA. The interviews, mostly with dancers themselves, give an idea of how to deal with the strange, sometimes violent, dynamics of the scene. The dancing itself is much more off-beat than most European films of the time. There are some weird moments, but overall this film gives a sense of what it's like to be in a place that is isolated from the rest of the world. It's both mysterious and exciting. If you're interested in the fascinating past of LA, it is one of the best documentaries on the subject I've seen. It's definitely a film to watch with friends, a short movie about 20 minutes or so, but definitely worth it.

Ethan G. photo
Ethan G.

I don't know how to describe this film, maybe its art or its "breakthrough". Perhaps its the relationship between the two main characters, or perhaps its the two us "single" people trying to get married. The narrative of the film is rather well developed, if a bit dull. I don't know if it is the idea or the execution of the film, but something is missing. The film is a challenge to the audience, to the viewer, to each other. The two main characters are almost so disconnected from one another, it is like watching two people interact in the streets and alleyways. They have no relationship, but more like "boo"s, which I think that is a real and realistic expression of this film. Maybe in the end you will love it or you'll hate it, its up to you, but you should try it. I gave it a 7, maybe because I'm not into big budget, expensive films, or because I prefer "Art-House". All in all, its a great film, a treat for everyone. And if you're a celebrity, you should watch it. And for the rest of us, enjoy!

Christian photo

Director Adam Curtis uses the singular "Twin Towers" image to point out how much our whole life is an illusion. One night in a British disco, two agents who seem destined to be together are forced to split up and begin operating separately. Now, these two agents have been assigned the same task. Try to figure out the meaning of this movie by watching the four commercials (the two are the only references to Twin Towers that I have found). You'll see that it has something to do with government conspiracies and corporate espionage, that it has the right people in it. You will also see the flaw in all of this - the obvious - that it was a director making the movie. The rest of the world needs to stop sitting around saying, "It was all a lie." Or at least take it for what it was, the world of Hollywood, and stop being so disdainful about everything else. This is a decent movie with a simple message that no matter what your life is about, you can't escape it.

Kevin photo

I didn't see this movie at the theater but saw the preview of it and really liked the idea of the movie. I was pleased with the acting. I think everyone did a great job. I didn't like a lot of the transitions. I was thinking they were really confusing. I would have liked to see more development of the relationship between the brothers. I didn't find the movie boring, though I think it would be better to see the movie in the theater. As stated, I was impressed with the acting. I liked the fact that there were almost no superficial jokes. I like comedy and I don't mind that sometimes in a movie, sometimes you don't get that but there were really no excessive jokes. Also, the movie was more realistic than some movies I have seen lately. There were some things that are kinda wrong. The war wasn't convincing. There were some things that were really kind of silly. The dogs are dogs. The plot was not really compelling. I think this is one of those movies that you should definitely rent. If you like intelligent movies, you'll like this.

Denise Ryan photo
Denise Ryan

If the people making this movie are any clue, they're probably neither those. This is a film that has to be watched, of course, to work out the meaning. It's a commentary on how cults "play out" so to speak, how the power of the leader is, in part, "controlled" by others. (The film also argues that cults also have to become a part of the "system" that functions to regulate the cult leader, including the morals police.) It's a kind of "The Kingdom", only in an international context. The cult leader of one of the cases is played by the Irish actor Joseph "J.D." Bologna. I wouldn't call his performance particularly impressive. But then, the performances in cult films aren't exactly sterling. It's no wonder that cult leaders are even more egotistical than they already are. This is a good film. You should see it.

Kevin photo

This film was just what the doctor ordered, and very appropriate. As the story began, it was hard not to look at the actors in the lead roles, since they were all familiar to me. However, even those familiar to me could not see that the story of the couple making up and separating while she was pregnant is not really so unusual. Most young women, especially those not married and getting pregnant, will just divorce or are forced into a marriage, not wanting to be tied down to an abusive and unsupportive husband. With the difference being that this is a story of a woman leaving an abusive husband, and she doesn't want to just give up on him. She could not afford to stay with the man she once loved, and she would not know how to make a living without his support. I found that her abandonment of the father was not a surprise. She wasn't the one who had the choice to be in a relationship with him, so it was surprising to find out that she had not simply lost her heart and soul in an affair, but instead was letting him dictate her life choices. She was a good student, and was planning to go to a school of her choice, when he showed up. She was also having difficulty making ends meet in her job and could not think about how to make ends meet without her husband. She was too ashamed and depressed to talk about her feelings or what was going on. She was a woman, and had a healthy family that she could depend on, but it was only the physical violence and sexual abuse that was taking a toll on her. I found it interesting that after the husband left, she continued to live with her son. There are certain things that women do not do and things that men do that they take to an extreme, that are devastating to a woman. However, she had no clue that she was making the choices she was doing. She knew that the father would not be with her, and it did not matter. The film made me think that women need to make their own choices, and not be influenced by the circumstances in their lives, but that there are also ways that people can help women stay in their homes, be supported by their family, and not give up on the man they love. These are things that all people can do, and I hope that women will take time to read about how they can, and stop letting men decide for them.

Harry photo

The trailer for this film did make me think this was going to be a hard and unforgiving film. I was wrong. This film is a good drama. I like the character's and the plot. The story is good and keeps you interested. The language is not too bad. The actors are all good and believable. The movie does hold your attention. I would recommend this film. I hope this film is in the top 250. I give it a 7/10.

Samantha photo

Not a complicated movie to tell. A simple story about one man trying to be a better man. Take a look at my other reviews as well as my summary for this one: *SPOILERS* Yeah, that's the plot for this movie. Well, that's the only real spoiler that I see, but of course the movie is full of other unnecessary scenes and so it might be hard for non-Indians to get the idea. It is a drama on the interpersonal conflict of a friend who didn't get the girl. It might be a comedy with the guy who is mad at the way he lost the girl to the girl's parents. The friendship that goes on between the two should be good, but again, the movie shows how immature and emotionless the two main characters can be. I think the reason why there are scenes that are stupid is because they show how shallow and horrible the characters are. Now, I'm no genius, but I saw the cast which was mostly Indian. It was an OK movie and I liked it. However, I'm sure that anyone who is not a fan of Indian culture would find this movie very boring.

Michelle Patterson photo
Michelle Patterson

This documentary on the death penalty shows us the darkness that lurks beneath the surface of so many mass killings. These killings, and the way people live in the aftermath of these killings, are both well-acted and well-filmed. It's a thoroughly interesting film and I would recommend it.

Dennis W. photo
Dennis W.

A moving, witty and profound novel, where a great care was given to get the sound right. I hope they make a movie of it.

Victoria photo

Those who have seen, or are aware of, this film will be expecting some 'life-changing' revelations in the plot. However, what is most interesting and powerful about this film, is the fact that there is not an iota of an explanation. It is up to the viewer to draw his/her own conclusions. This does not in any way detract from the overall impact of the film, which was quite powerful. My impression is that this film is more interesting for the fact that it does not say what is important. It will be obvious to those who have not seen the film, how difficult it is to keep up with the story, because it is basically a series of events all related to one single event. I would advise anyone who thinks they have an interest in seeing this film, to avoid what I have labelled the 'odd-numbered' ones because they can be more confusing than anything. The first two films in the series (Elements of War and Wings of Fire) are obviously very well made, but I personally think that the other two (Elements of Night and Closing Ranks) are even better. For anyone who has not yet seen the first two films, I would suggest that it is definitely worth seeing the first three before watching this film.

Katherine Gardner photo
Katherine Gardner

Paul Dano plays a writer of a magazine called Portfolio. He is struggling with his thoughts and the pressure to write a magazine article. One night he goes to his art gallery. When he goes back to his apartment he finds a painting that someone has left on the table. It is a painting by Gustav Klimt. This painting haunts Paul Dano's mind. The painting's meaning intrigues him. At a dinner, he is introduced to the painter's widow. It is her painting that is haunting Paul Dano's mind. This brings to an end this really weird and very unique story. Portfolio 8 is a perfect example of a film that can capture one's mind and still be entertaining. It is definitely worth watching.

Kevin photo

John Travolta stars as a small time crook and vigilante after the disappearance of his partner Robert De Niro. Travolta then becomes a wanted man and kidnaps Robert De Niro, who has been kidnapped for a three million dollar ransom. A CIA operative named Alan Arkin is involved with Travolta's efforts to locate De Niro. It is during this time when the filmmakers introduce the viewer to the concept of double-crossing. There are many more things to discuss here, but I just had to let the word "double-crossing" get the job done, so to speak, here. Double-crossing is used to describe the act of two different people doing one thing in secret, then simultaneously doing another, in order to influence the outcome of a situation. De Niro is a CIA operative who has been assigned to infiltrate the drug trade. Travolta is a very wealthy casino owner who is a member of an international crime syndicate. The need for money leads Travolta to become a kind of double-crossing person, as he kidnaps De Niro for $3 million in order to help the CIA fund the drug trade. Now it is up to the authorities to get to the bottom of this case and find out why Travolta is doing these things. The CIA agent Barry Corbin is in this movie as well, and he seems to be acting just like the CIA agents portrayed in the films I have discussed. Travolta becomes obsessed with getting his man back, but his obsession becomes more and more obsessive as it goes on. Travolta's obsession is at least as much about finding the guy as it is about his own well-being. In addition to the concept of double-crossing, one of the other things this movie is about is the concept of double-crossing double-crossing. Double-crossing is defined as doing one thing and then doing another, then doing another. The result of double-crossing is that one person does one thing and then the other person does another. There are lots of double-crossing people in movies, and this movie is no different. Two things are involved here. The first thing is the double-crossing of De Niro. It is not just about De Niro, but about him and what he's been doing to get what he's wanted, and also about the double-crossing of Travolta. The second thing is what's going on in the other persons' lives. Both De Niro and Travolta have a girlfriend, Raye, played by the great Marisa Tomei. She's so much better in this movie than in "The Fugitive" in which she was mainly an accessory to the murder. Travolta has a daughter, Linda, played by Halle Berry. She does well in this movie and is very well developed, as

Juan K. photo
Juan K.

They put together a great cast and it's easy to see why they've been so popular. The guys and gals doing the directing are doing a great job, but it's the supporting cast that bring this film together. It starts off with the Dad (Mark Harmon) being "bad" and trying to pay the rent by borrowing money from his friends. He's a conservative who's stuck in a rut in his life, but he still needs some action. He goes to the local Bar and ends up joining in with the people who are part of a "Theory of Love." Now, this does sound more radical than it really is, but it's much more important in the scheme of things. (Of course it's still experimental) By not really knowing what is real and what is imaginary, this group tries to be more honest than their "mainstream" counterparts. They do this by talking about what they have inside of them (their experiences) and what is too far and beyond. Their reasoning, I believe, is that people are not to understand and not to be manipulated by these theories. At one point the dad goes out into the world and says something like "Theoretical so-and-so!" and the other guys just look at him as if he has a mental problem. At the end of the film, the guys realize they are not the problem, they're just trying to put on a show. They tell their dad that they're afraid to let them in, and they show their true selves. As the dad leaves the bar, they tell the woman they are free to go, and tell her they're going to stay and support their friend. As they say goodbye, the women just walk away and begin to look at their lives and see if they'll do better or worse. The movie ends with the dad crying, he says that he's still worried about the ones he's lost in his life, but he feels that by being on the outside, he is able to be closer to his son, who is now back with his parents and is going back to college. He says that "Theory of Love" is not a new thing in the world, and he wants to see it grow in to something big. There are many deeper themes in this movie, but most are brought out by the acting. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know about the concept of a "Theory of Love," that it's a real philosophy and that it's not always about the science of science, but that it's about being honest with ourselves. It's more than just the idea of love and it's a concept that goes beyond the scientific understanding. What do you think of this movie? Do you think it's interesting? Would you see it again? Is there something missing from it? What's the best scene in this movie? What does it bring to the table? Would you like to see it again?<|endof

Rachel photo

I first read about this movie on a blog and decided to watch it. I enjoyed this film a lot, and it's obvious that the director did a lot of research on this one. This is a very realistic look at the romantic relationship between a man and a woman and the complicated relationships they develop over time. Although I'm a guy, I think this is one of the best romantic movies I've seen. I didn't know that it had a feminist agenda and the truthfulness of it. I guess most of the people who watched this movie must be female and we all understand why the female lead did everything she could to get her man. I think the casting was perfect because the two leads of these two girls are so believable and you can just relate to them from the start. I enjoyed this movie a lot and I highly recommend this movie for both men and women, especially women who enjoy seeing a romantic movie. This is one of the better ones I've seen.

Teresa D. photo
Teresa D.

This movie is a good period piece, reminiscent of the Second World War and pre-Das Boot. It was made by the late Tommy Lee Jones, and directed by François Truffaut. The movie doesn't take itself too seriously, the story is funny, it's got some great performances, and it moves at a pace that is, above all else, non-stop. However, there's no denying that this movie is a little slow at times. Partly, it's the "point" of the movie, namely, what are the Nazis and the French thinking, and that is what the movie is really about. This is a film that says that France is fascist, and that Germany is the enemy, so both will eventually do the same. The main character's name is Bernard, and he's an undercover, upper-class French officer, recruited by General Goering to spy on the country. He's attracted by the young lover of one of the generals, which has a pretty high interest in her lover's military career, and she's not the kind of woman you like to have around your husband. Bernard spies on the most sensitive place in the French government, the Minister's office, and he discovers that the Jews are being persecuted in France. It is, in the end, the fault of the Minister's wife, and this will motivate him to take matters into his own hands. I found this movie interesting because I can't quite make out what is happening and why it's happening, and also because it keeps on going for a long time. I won't say it's good, but it's pretty good.

Brenda V. photo
Brenda V.

The intro (Why not choose the intro for this) was great - from the youth to the twenty-something. Mention this was just a music video instead of a film. It has to be. It also has the perfect setup for an interracial romance - maybe not perfect but close. It was good. Not great, but good enough. I recommend this movie - it has a great message, and the story was great, so there is no reason not to watch this movie.

Lawrence Coleman photo
Lawrence Coleman

Five friends in a small town decide to rob a local bank to meet a teenage girl, whereupon they find themselves in a scandalous one-night stand and the four main characters (Lloyd, Jack, Ashlyn and Dan) decide to team up against the most dangerous person they could imagine - Raymond, a crooked judge in a local court. A somewhat violent movie, and pretty boring for it's length. It's not bad, it's just not that good. There's not much to it, but the characters aren't that interesting either. The film is too serious for it's purpose and it lacks the fun and excitement of the story line. I have no problem with it being completely silent, but I really don't care for any of the characters. It's boring, and that's the only reason why I give it a 7/10.

Jacob photo

I was immediately intrigued when I found out that Director/Writer/Star Peter Jackson has written and directed this film. This film is beautifully shot and shot beautifully. Not to mention the acting. The first person perspective seems very realistic, as does the third person view. Although the film itself does have some pacing issues, it does still keep a good pace. As I have said before, I was amazed at how well executed this film was. The scenery is gorgeous and the animation is lush. The story is simple but beautifully executed. In summary, it was a very entertaining film that kept me captivated. 7/10.

Kathryn Ross photo
Kathryn Ross

Theodore Daniel Wilke (Elisha Cuthbert) is a marriage counselor who is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease and must go back to school. As a result, he is placed in a private institution. He meets a young girl named Dani (Janet McTeer) and a friendship blossoms. Both women soon are introduced to Theodore's former patient Carl (Michael Ironside) and their lives in the institution are complicated. At the same time, Theodore struggles to do the right thing by his wife while he begins to question what he has done. I enjoyed this movie, but felt that it wasn't consistent in the way it portrayed this dichotomy. The acting is very good, with the performances from Elisha Cuthbert, Michael Ironside, and Jan McTeer standing out. I also enjoyed the performances of Pat Hingle as Carl, Rob Lowe as William, and Chris Rock as Keith. I thought that these actors gave solid, believable performances. The story is told in a straightforward fashion, but this could be considered a flaw. I enjoyed the story of these three girls going through a sexual awakening and coming to terms with what it means to be sexually active. The relationship between the women is very engaging, as their relationships have a humorous, yet profound feel. The movie gives us a better look at the internal struggle of these women and is also somewhat predictable. The way that Theodore was able to adapt to a sexual awakening after a rather traumatic experience with his wife may be a little unrealistic, but I can see that the movie was not meant to be that way. The characters are very likable and I really cared about the outcome of the characters. The music score by Jóhann Jóhannsson is very effective and adds to the mood of the film. All in all, the movie is a good, watchable movie that is worth seeing for a story or to see the performances of Elisha Cuthbert, Michael Ironside, and Jan McTeer.

Judith Foster photo
Judith Foster

I found this film to be most enjoyable. I really enjoyed watching it and I find it to be so entertaining, but at times frustrating. I understand why some people found this film to be hard to get through, but I found the humour in it to be a little too often and the very violent content at times made it hard to watch. I was really impressed with the film and very glad I gave it a chance. The acting and the dialogue in this film was so very good and I enjoyed the dialogue as well. The writing was good and it kept me guessing throughout. I was thoroughly disappointed with the film at the end of the credits however and it ended quite abruptly and I didn't get a chance to react properly. Overall, the film was extremely entertaining and I would recommend this film to anyone who likes the sort of humour that has become a part of the films in the past few years. 7/10

Katherine W. photo
Katherine W.

This is the story of a 20 something and his pre-teen daughter with whom he is having an affair. The relationship may be friendly or not but it is ultimately destructive. Although this isn't a complex movie, I was interested in how it would end. The director, Kai Wiesinger, is a good storyteller, and the main characters are not flat characters who are meant to be likable. If you do not like this film, you probably need to look around for something more compelling. This is not a popcorn movie, and it is not going to win any awards. The story is true to life, and it is the truth that makes it so interesting. I felt good about the ending, and it's good to know that it is not a dramatic ending.