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Supersonic is a movie starring Paul Arthurs, Christine Biller, and Mark Coyle. An in-depth look at the life and music of Manchester-based rock band, Oasis.

Other Titles
Untitled Oasis Documentary, オアシス スーパーソニック, Oasis: Supersonic
Running Time
2 hours 2 minutes
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Music, Documentary, Biography
Mat Whitecross
Christine Biller, Debbie Turner, Paul Arthurs, Mark Coyle
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An in-depth look at the life and music of Manchester-based rock band, Oasis.

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Carolyn photo

The Incredible Hulk is such a classic that it is hard to say just how good it is. At any rate, this documentary is a love letter to the comic book, a nostalgic look at what the film industry used to be like, and an exciting look at the future of film. The fans are very real and supportive, the actors are all as impressive as the comic book, and the cinematography is fantastic. It really is the film that Marvel needs. A film about what it was like to be a fan of the Hulk and what it was like to be a movie star in the comics. The Hulk is a fascinating character, and it's an honor to see it back in the spotlight. However, it is also an honor to see this movie. The interviews with the actors are great, and the way they're told the story and explained is incredible. It is a film that's nostalgic and entertaining, and it's also a film that feels like it could have been great. It was a good idea to let the Hulk's back story be shown, but it should have been done better. The performances are also very good, with Michael Douglas and Edward Norton, among others, delivering very good performances. There is also a great supporting cast, including Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and the story is very well told, but the story felt rushed and stretched in some places. A lot of people seem to have a problem with the ending, and it doesn't fit in with the rest of the movie. The story is not perfect, and the end is not the way they wanted it to be. I still have a few issues with the movie, but it's still a good film. I recommend this film to people who enjoy the Marvel superhero universe, and those who enjoyed the film in the past. It's a very enjoyable film. 8/10

Austin Lawson photo
Austin Lawson

Although most of us who grew up in the 80's will remember John Lennon as the lead singer of The Beatles, John Belushi is the only real "Beatle". While he is undeniably an excellent musician, his songwriting, delivery, and personality are what make him such a memorable and often hilarious character. Most of us would love to hear "I'm a Belushi Song" on the radio, but most of us don't know that his songs have been played over and over by "The Beatles" themselves. John was the story of the band's rise to success, and the rise and fall of the band itself. The documentaries have a very interesting structure, as it is very different from other documentaries. It is very intense and engaging, but there is still a human touch to it that makes you feel like you know this character. If you don't know John Lennon, the story is all about his life and his feelings towards The Beatles. If you do know John Lennon, you will feel the depth of his love for them. This is a story about what it was like to be an American rock star in the 1980's. It is about the rise and fall of the band, and it is a story that we can all relate to. This is a story of a man who was a real person, and this is what made him so special. I don't know if anyone else has heard this story, but I really liked it. I wish more people would be able to share John's story. This is a great story to tell, and it is a story that we can all relate to. It is a story of the beginning and the end of a great musical era. I would recommend this documentary to anyone.

Sarah photo

Wow! This documentary did a fantastic job of illustrating how music is the number one reason that so many people have hope and inspiration in the world. Every one of the performers of The Sound of Music and The Beatles will leave you with a great feeling and will have you thinking about their life. If you are a fan of any of these people, this documentary will leave you with the feeling that you have a unique perspective of what it was like to be part of this amazing group of people. This documentary has everything you want from a documentary: it's entertaining, it's informative, it's inspiring and it's entertaining. It's amazing that you can watch a documentary that has so many different points of view and still feel good about the content. This documentary is not for everyone, but for the people who like this kind of thing, you will enjoy this documentary immensely.

Christine photo

The special effects in this movie were phenomenal. They're obvious, but a good visual effects artist must have some knowledge of anatomy. The flight of the plane was spectacular and very well done. However, I did think the movie was a bit slow. I also found it a bit strange that the lead singer is an athlete, yet he can't fly a plane. Is he still a basketball player? Was the plot of this movie the same as the plot of "Airplane"? It is a movie that I watched multiple times, and each time it seems to me that I've missed something, and I'd like to know what it was. Overall, I found it entertaining, but very disappointing. If you can watch it a few times, you'll enjoy it.

Theresa Silva photo
Theresa Silva

The movie "The 9/11" focuses on the role of a small group of elite pilots who flew the two hijacked planes. In this story, they do what they do not to fly a plane. They fly an airplane. The 9/11 plane crash in New York City is a critical moment in history. It was the first significant plane crash. The movie shows the footage from the tower attack and shows how the most important men in the world became heroes. These men were instrumental in the future of the United States of America. These men are shown to be real men. This film is quite a fascinating film. It is not a political statement about the war on terrorism, but an historical account of an important event in history. The film was filmed in 2002 and is made by the United States government. It was shot at the JFK airport in New York City. The production was done by the film production company known as "The 9/11 Project". The film features interviews with the pilots and also interviews with the families of the victims. The interviews were conducted by Jay W. Sanders, director of the 9/11 project and a member of the board of directors. Sanders was a leader of the 9/11 project. He was known to be a conservative and a supporter of the war on terrorism. This is a very important film, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about what happened on 9/11.

Craig Vasquez photo
Craig Vasquez

This film is an excellent tribute to film and the music industry in general. It shows all the great films of the 60's and how they influenced the music industry in general. This film is very interesting to see how this movie was received. As one of the best documentaries of the year, I recommend it to everyone. It's worth seeing on the big screen.

Roy W. photo
Roy W.

I loved this film. It is based on an album by the late John Lennon. But, John Lennon was a lifelong heroin addict and drug addict. He had a long and painful childhood, and he experienced it in many ways. But, he also had a love for life. He was a visionary and he was always looking for new ways to express his ideas. John Lennon was a great musician, but, as a young adult, he suffered from self-destructive behavior. In his 20's, he was diagnosed with AIDS, and he was a model of sobriety. The director, Kate Turton, did a great job in bringing this amazing life of John Lennon and his music to life. This film is a tribute to one of our great American icons.

Jeremy photo

I loved the documentary so much that I had to put the DVD away and watch the film again! I loved it! Even better than the original! One of the best documentaries I've ever seen! I'll always love the soundtrack to the film and the film's themes are never boring! I'd love to see this documentary again!

Ryan photo

This documentary was a joy to watch. First, the music and performances. This is just a fun, "Hollywood musical", but they really nailed it. They hit all the beats. The songs were great, and the acting was really good. The story of the film was very interesting and fun to watch. It was very well shot. And the music was great. It's not the best documentary I've ever seen, but it's a good film. It's not a bad film, but it's not a masterpiece. I was surprised to see that a number of people, myself included, like this film. The music is great, the acting is great, and the story is great. I highly recommend this film. 9/10

Juan Cox photo
Juan Cox

I always have a hard time being critical about documentaries, as there are always some that are more subjective than others. I've been intrigued by the idea of what music can do to a person. What can be done with the idea of music? This documentary explores the very different ways that music can affect people, from the musical and emotional to the social and financial. It is extremely enlightening and sometimes difficult to watch, but it does what it needs to do. It shows how the music affects people, what they listen to and the way they interpret the music, and how different things are done with the music and how it affects people, the musicians and the listeners. It also shows how music and people interact and it shows how the music can help people cope with the world around them, both mentally and emotionally. I have never been a big fan of music, as I have never been interested in the genre, but this documentary made me appreciate the music and the way that people use music. I was very impressed with the diversity of people that have the music, and the way that music affects them and the way that music affects people. I recommend this film to everyone, especially to anyone who likes music, because the music is just so diverse and it has so many different aspects that can affect people, and it shows how music affects people. If you have a lot of patience with documentaries, I would recommend this one to you.

Paul Gomez photo
Paul Gomez

A great look at a true life tale. The documentary is very entertaining, but a little to watch with a beer in one hand and a baby in the other. For a documentary, it goes a little too slow and it doesn't have much in the way of comedy. Maybe it is the subject of the film and that it is about family values, but it is still a little too long. The documentary gives you a sense of the life of a jazz musician and how difficult it was for him to follow his dreams, and his family. A must see for the jazz fan. 9/10

Alexander P. photo
Alexander P.

With so much to praise about this documentary about the late great singer and songwriter David Bowie, I didn't even want to write a review for the film. As it is, I'd be wise to watch it as a curiosity piece, rather than a treatise on the man. I am also aware that I will be on the receiving end of Bowie's abuse, and while the film is very touching, it is not a film that can be compared to "Songs of Innocence". Yes, there are some great songs on the disc, but they don't compare to the songs of Bowie and "Heroes", or even "Changes". As it is, it's a touching story about a legend, but at the same time, it's a story about someone who was also a genius. To get the point across, I will begin by giving a little background on the man, and his life. Bowie was born David Jones in Sheffield in 1959. His parents, a divorcee, and an artist, divorced and separated, Bowie grew up in an environment that was deeply dysfunctional, including a parent who had a tendency to beat their children. Bowie left home at a young age, and his father, having been a doctor, had become a car salesman and a radio DJ. Bowie would later tell a reporter that his father was "in a way a BFF with the Devil" and that he was a "nasty person". His mother, who was also a singer, had to work at a seedy local strip joint to support her family. Bowie's mother, who had become a successful star, was unhappy with her marriage to a successful musician, and the couple divorced. Bowie was thrown out of home when he was a teenager. When he was 16, he moved to a shantytown in Sheffield, with nothing to do. It was there that Bowie met a shy, charming man, who became his mentor and best friend. In the early 1970s, Bowie released his first album, "Heroes" and his first major hit single, "Changes", the title song of the album, "Heroes" and "Changes" became global pop sensations. He won an Oscar for Best Original Song for the song. Bowie began to use drugs in the mid 1970s, and in 1978, he suffered a mental breakdown. "Heroes" was nominated for four Oscars, including Best Song for Best Picture. Bowie was committed to a psychiatric hospital and received treatment, and, to

Susan Shaw photo
Susan Shaw

Lars Von Trier's "Cries and Whispers" is an unusual film that both tugs at the heartstrings and makes you think about the place we put our egos. The idea of a mute girl who refuses to speak to her mom about what she has been doing in school, but who nevertheless cannot do without her mom. And the constant arguments that she and her mom have about whether or not to stay in the family business. It's also a film about how when a mute person has been left behind, that she becomes more and more restless and restless about whether or not she can trust anyone. I highly recommend that everyone that has not yet seen this film, should watch it. The story is at times uplifting, at times more depressing, and at times it brings up a lot of questions. It's a documentary, not a movie, and one that you'll be wondering about whether or not the mute girl will be able to put her disability behind her and continue her life. The ending is as good as it can be, and I think you'll be wondering if the mute girl has even been able to live life the way she wants to. If you're looking for a great movie that will make you feel good, this is the movie for you. If you're looking for a great movie that will make you think about what we put our egos on, this is the movie for you. I highly recommend this movie.

Phillip Hart photo
Phillip Hart

The documentary that brings to light a pivotal moment in music history, the creation of AC/DC. It's an important documentary, that leaves the audience feeling connected to the band, and feels like they know more about them than they do about themselves. It's fascinating to see how the band started, and how they were able to create such a unique sound. While the documentary has its good points, the film itself is not as compelling as I was hoping for. It has some interesting bits of info, that does serve to further the plot, but the main point of the documentary is to be an amazing cinematic experience, and I can't say that I was as entertained as I hoped to be. It's well worth seeing, but it doesn't make me want to dig up the original documentary, so it doesn't get a 10.

Craig photo

I was lucky enough to attend the screening of this documentary on Thursday in Minneapolis. The story was presented in a different way than I expected, as it is told in an amateur manner. The real stars of this documentary are two songwriters, a jazz singer, a blues musician, a father who got his son to go to college, and a poet. I thought that the documentary was very accurate in showing the development of the songs and how they made them. I think it was great because we can see that when someone goes to college it can be a struggle because they are forced to compete for their own resources. I think it is a very sad story that they are not able to pursue their passion of music. There are some good stories that they were able to tell, and I think it is a great documentary that is not made for the masses, but it is great nonetheless. I think it was a great documentary and it is definitely worth seeing. My rating for the documentary is an 8/10.

Virginia C. photo
Virginia C.

I have a strong respect for Musicals. I like them more than dramas or action movies. But Musicals are not for everyone. They can be a little rough and messy at times. But if you like Musicals, you will love this film. It is a truly beautiful film. I highly recommend it to anyone that appreciates great films. If you don't, then you may be disappointed, but you will be pleasantly surprised. I would give this film a 10/10, but I have given it a 9/10. It really deserves it. It is one of the greatest films I have ever seen. I am an avid movie fan and have watched a lot of films, but I have never been so completely enthralled with a film before. This film is truly an incredible work of art. It is the greatest film of all time and a true masterpiece.

Deborah photo

Very rare opportunity to see the true story of The Supersonic, which is about the history of the Supersonic through the incredible dedication of the people who made it possible. From start to finish, the movie captures your attention as it follows the efforts of the people who helped to make the Supersonic a reality. The movie is well worth seeing as it will bring you to a place of awe that will haunt you for days. The music video at the end is what really helped to get this film to the big screen, and really shows the true spirit of the people who worked to make the Supersonic a reality.

Kevin F. photo
Kevin F.

While my review of the film might seem contradictory (it's already been discussed here), I believe it is a strong film. It's not perfect, but it is honest and heartfelt. It is very inspiring and interesting to see the first generation of the teens involved in music. It is also very poignant, and the filmmakers do a great job at balancing the narrative with interviews of the actual musicians, and the people who were their idols, and the current scene. It's a well-crafted film, and it is at least worth the watch. It would be great if we could see more films like this one. This is a good film, and it deserves to be seen.

Virginia W. photo
Virginia W.

This documentary is a must-see for anyone who enjoys the music of the Beatles and the Beatles themselves. What a wonderful, wide-ranging and inspiring interview with the musicians, the artists, the musicians' families, and the music makers. What a joy to hear how much music inspires and inspires people. The documentary is both informative and entertaining. It's not overly-dramatic, which is a great plus. What's also great is that the music was brought to life by a range of people, all of whom were committed to making a documentary about the Beatles. The interviews and the music itself are the real stars of the show. Most of the people interviewed are working in the music business, and they're also passionate about their work. There is no cut-and-dried reaction to the interviewees or to the music. They are honest, and honest is what makes them great. You can learn about the personalities of the people involved, and also about the Beatles themselves. The interviews are sprinkled throughout the film, and you can't get enough of the music. It's hard to do. If you're into music, and you're a Beatles fan, you'll enjoy this documentary. It's a joy to watch and listen to.

Randy Schmidt photo
Randy Schmidt

I recently saw the live performance of the Canadian Symphony Orchestra's new concerto "The Night of the City of the Angels" with some of the main cast and ensemble. The movie is also a part of this concerto. It is great to have this film and the commentary and music videos. The concerts are really good. I was so happy to see some of my favorite actors from the Broadway musical and the singers of the Canadian Symphony Orchestra. It is also very interesting to see some of the players in their first concerto. One of the highlights was a new and unknown Canadian rookie named Jordan (Emilie Plante). The movie is very good. The most memorable performance is by Simon Rattle (Gerard Depardieu) and the Canadian Symphony Orchestra. It is really great to see the music from the live concert and to see the audience react with applause. All of the cast and the orchestra are really great. It is very interesting to see how the two different communities came together in order to build this piece of art. The movie is also very good. This is the first concerto with the entire Canadian Symphony Orchestra, with the exception of some of the members from the first show. It is also very good to see the change of scenery and the huge difference between Toronto and Montreal. It is a very good film.

Gregory photo

This film is a bit confusing. But it is quite clear that the first half of the film is meant to be an inspirational message, and then it veers off into a strange and inconsistent direction. The music that they used in the opening credits also gets confusing at times. But the film itself is also fascinating. The film is sometimes extremely violent and the acting is great. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to follow. But I really enjoyed the music and the use of it. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in music, or who loves this sort of documentary style. I just don't know what the film would be like if it were meant to be a little more coherent. 8/10