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Hitlers Hollywood is a movie starring Rüdiger Suchsland, Rike Schmid, and Hans Henrik Wöhler. Rüdiger Suchsland examines German cinema from 1933, when the Nazis came into power, until 1945 when the Third Reich collapsed.

Other Titles
Hitlers Hollywood: Das deutsche Kino im Zeitalter der Propaganda 1933 - 1945, Hitler's Hollywood: German Cinema in the Age of Propaganda 1933-45, Hitler's Hollywood, Hitlerov Holivud, Hitlerin Hollywood, Hitlerin Hollywood. Saksalainen elokuva propagandan aikakaudella 1933-1945
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1 hours 45 minutes
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Documentary, History
Rüdiger Suchsland
Rüdiger Suchsland
Rüdiger Suchsland, Rike Schmid, Hans Henrik Wöhler, Udo Kier
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In Nazi Germany, film was considered a major medium for the Nazi Party propaganda machine. While pure propaganda material was not all that was produced by the domestic film industry, there still was a party line to be followed, especially with Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels having complete control over the content. This film explores a collection of the most significant artists involved in the medium with clips of the major films produced. Furthermore, the major themes and artistic boundaries of Nazi German films are presented from the regime's beginning in 1933 to its total defeat in 1945.

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Rebecca B. photo
Rebecca B.

This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. It is a true eye opener of what life was like for Jews under Hitler. The DVD itself is not the greatest quality, but I'm not too picky. It is very well done and shows what life was like for the Jewish people during that time. I recommend it highly. I would recommend the movie as well. In my opinion, it is a MUST see for all who have a general knowledge of the subject. It does not just focus on the facts and it does not only focus on the facts, it also focuses on the history, and the characters that were involved. It does not use either of those to try to present the "facts", but instead focuses on the characters involved and the people that influenced their actions. I highly recommend this movie, it is not only a historical film, but a very important film that I would recommend to anyone who has not seen it.

Johnny C. photo
Johnny C.

This film is a good representation of a very dark time in American History. The film is based on the book "Adolf Hitler: The Master of Lies" by Kenneth W. Ryan, and the film was made by David W. Butler, who is also the director of the documentary "Gods of Hitler". The film is very powerful in showing the depths of evil that Adolf Hitler had been able to create, as well as showing the failures that were created in the West. The film gives a real insight into the history of the German people and the people of Germany in general. The film does a great job in showing the extent to which Hitler manipulated the media and the politicians of Germany in order to achieve his goals. This is a very disturbing film, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the depths to which the German people were willing to go to achieve their goals. I also recommend that anyone who has never read the book read it as well. I would also recommend that everyone who is unfamiliar with Hitler read it as well.

Dylan photo

If you like this film, you will LOVE this film. I never really cared much for Hitler before this film, and for some reason I never really cared much for him afterwards. But after this film, I had to get on my soapbox and try to find some excuse for hating Hitler. I got an excuse when I got to see this film. I saw this film at a festival and I got to see it for free. I'm not a Nazi, but I don't hate Hitler either. I'm more into how it affected people and the effect it had on the people around him. But I still hated him. The film is short and pretty much everything that happened in Hitler's life, except for the fashions, is shown in this film. I'm not the best of movie reviewers, but I liked this film, and it was about the power of the media. I really liked the cinematography and the lighting in the film. It really shows the power of the media and how people feel the media has over them. It really made you feel like Hitler really was the greatest thing in history, and how he was the first modern dictator. This is not the best film ever, but it is really good. If you don't like it, you are really missing out.

Barbara Wheeler photo
Barbara Wheeler

I am an American Jew who also happens to be a victim of WWII. What would the history of the Nazis be without the Jews? If the Nazis were truly interested in promoting the German people as the "master race," they would have spared no expense on the extermination of the Jews. The Nazi leadership in the 1930s was nothing but an anti-Semitic fanatic, and the world would have been a very different place without the Holocaust. I don't think the Germans were really interested in saving the Jews. But that's not the same thing as saying the Nazis weren't anti-Semitic. Hitler had a problem with the Jews. He thought they were too hardworking and productive and needed to be curbed. So he used every tool at his disposal to achieve that goal. The movie tells the story of how the Germans handled the Jews. They targeted them, murdered them, and moved them into concentration camps. The movie tells the story of how the Jewish refugees hid in the countryside while the Nazis searched for them. They hid, kept their existence secret, and hid the proof that they were Jewish. In the end, they did not come back to Germany. I think most Americans would be ashamed of what the Nazis did to the Jews. I hope that people everywhere can see this movie. It's so powerful.

Mary Gardner photo
Mary Gardner

I have never heard of or seen any movie about the 1930s. I was shocked to see this film and was surprised to learn of the cruelty and sexism of the 1930s. The stories were fascinating and there were many fascinating facts that came to light. It also helped us to see what kind of person Hitler really was. I am very grateful to this documentary and I would recommend it to everyone.

Christopher photo

As many of my friends and I have mentioned this, we were very impressed with the art direction of the film, and the production values. I've been in Hollywood for almost twenty years, and it's interesting to see that there are still people who care about this film, and the true story of the Jews of Hollywood. They clearly put their heart and soul into this film, and this is why we watched it. The story was true and the movie was made with great care. As for the performance, it was very good. I think this was because of the great acting, the professionalism, and the realism. As for the politics of the film, well, it doesn't really matter. It's not really a political film. The director does a great job, and I think he did a great job because the story was very real. If you are not a real Jew, you may not like the film. If you are not a real Jew, you may like the film. I think the film was very realistic. I think the real story of the Jews in Hollywood was told very well. I think the movie was very informative, and I think it was very good. It's a very good film, and I highly recommend it. This is one of the best films I've seen in a long time.

Edward B. photo
Edward B.

One of the best documentaries ever. Really good performance of Zinn in this one. I will definitely buy it when it is released on DVD. Highly recommend.

Jennifer photo

i watched this movie without knowing anything about it. i didn't read the review that it was based on and the movie itself, but after watching it i was like "this is going to be really good". i thought it was going to be a movie about Nazi Germany, but it turned out to be a film about the "American empire" in Germany. the movie was actually very touching. i am shocked that this movie was made and made very quickly. i loved the fact that they were showing the people and showing the trials. it made me feel sad for the people. it also showed the history of Hitler's rise to power, and the way that he had been dethroned and a new power came in. i recommend everyone to watch this movie. it is really important to understand the story behind the Nazi party and the rise of the Nazi party in Germany.

Adam photo

Very, very, very well done. Very real. I'm not surprised that the movie got so much hate. But I think that's what this movie was meant to show. This movie was supposed to be a must see for everyone who knows anything about the Holocaust. I hope the DVD has the original version, because I'm certain there's going to be a lot of people who will not be able to watch this movie without ripping it to pieces. People are being violent with words to express their feelings. These words are being used as weapons, to the point that the violence becomes unbearable. The Holocaust is not a movie. It is not a subject to be discussed, it is a terrible, horrible thing to witness. It was a tragedy, but it's not an art. It is something that must never be forgotten. I'm glad that the filmmakers did not portray the Holocaust as something it was not, but as a horrible, horrible thing that it was. And that the Holocaust was something that should never be forgotten. A must see.

Emma H. photo
Emma H.

All I have to say is that this is the greatest documentary I have ever seen. I was wondering about this documentary since the beginning and it never left my mind. I am happy that it is out there for everyone to see. I also think that it is a great shame that there are people out there that are not aware of the true horrors of Nazism. I think it is important to get the word out to the world about what happened to the Jews in Germany. To show that they were killed like animals and not people. The movie does a great job at explaining how they were killed, how they were treated, and how they were treated by the Nazis. It is also a great story of how they tried to make them look like the victims of the Holocaust. This movie shows that people are still willing to fight and fight and fight for their beliefs, and that the hatred of the world is still there. I think that this movie will not go unnoticed and will be seen by many people around the world. I think that everyone should watch it.

Jeremy H. photo
Jeremy H.

I was fortunate to see the screening of this film in New York. The film's theme is incredibly difficult to comprehend in a linear way. Acknowledging the universal similarities of the US and Nazi Germany is not enough to fully explain the commonalities. The film does not need to explain the US' penchant for buying and selling to Hitler. It also does not need to explain the similarities between Hitler and Hitler's children. The film doesn't even need to explain the effects of WWII on the US. All it needs to say is that Hitler's son (Hitler's closest living relative) has a serious heart condition, which can be seen in his two grown sons (Hitler and his third wife). To further explain the similarity between Hitler and Hitler's son, the film should say that Hitler is also a mass murderer of Jews and many others. The documentary needs to explain the similarities between Hitler's character and the character of a mass murderer of Jews. I am sure that this film will end up as a best seller. It will draw many people into the world of Hitler and his offspring. The film also could draw many people into the world of Hitler and his descendants. The documentary is well worth seeing.

Jacqueline A. photo
Jacqueline A.

As a member of the military I must say I am appalled by the things that have been said about the British in the film. To say that the soldiers that were used in this film are not British is ludicrous. The Royal Air Force used all of the airfields in this film. The RAF has a strict code of conduct that any member of the RAF must abide by. In the film they only fly when they are assigned to a mission. In a mission they must fly from one end of the UK to another without having to refuel. This is exactly what the RAF does. The German Air Force had a more relaxed approach to flying. They flew missions when they had the opportunity and would fly out of the UK when they were required. In fact, I think the German Air Force was actually more grounded than the RAF. The RAF would not even fly missions when they were not assigned to them. As a military and officer, I would say that this film is a masterpiece. The footage was very well done and it was very interesting to see how the various warring sides approached flying missions in World War II. The film also gives the viewer a much more in-depth view of the daily life of the RAF. I believe this film is one of the best that has ever been made. It is extremely well made and I am sure that many will enjoy it.

Dorothy Dixon photo
Dorothy Dixon

This is an amazing documentary on how Hitler became one of the world's most powerful men and the consequences of that. I'm very impressed with the great acting by all the people in this documentary and the production values are really top-notch. I would recommend this documentary to anyone and I will probably be watching it again very soon. Hitler is not only an evil man, but he also wanted to be a great leader who would help the people. This is a very important point for the modern world and it's what Hitler tried to prove in the 20th century. I would recommend this documentary to everyone. Hitler will always be one of the most evil people to ever live and a man who tried to kill the entire German people. But people need to remember that Hitler was a very evil man, but he wasn't all bad.

Johnny photo

I've never seen a documentary that dealt with the World War II era, and I was very impressed with this one. It was an eye-opening look into the entire history of the Third Reich. The filmmakers were very helpful, and it showed a lot of thought that went into this project. They spent a great deal of time focusing on the individual people involved, the families of the people involved, and their reactions to this time in history. While it was not the most powerful movie I've ever seen, I found it very powerful. It was very insightful and very emotional. I'd recommend this movie to anyone interested in the Holocaust.

Vincent photo

This film does a great job of telling the story of how Hitler and Goebbels used to talk about their time together as Nazis and how Hitler used to manipulate Goebbels' mind to create the Nazi ideology. I was so shocked at how much Hitler and Goebbels used to talk about this movie, it has so many good points, one of which is how Hitler used to talk about the differences between the Jews and the Germans, and how he would always talk about how the Jews are filthy and disgusting and how they are eating up the land. I've never thought about this film before but it really got me thinking about how far Hitler had gone in trying to create this world, he wanted to make the Germans into an extremely beautiful, clean, and beautiful race, and he did this through the speech he made in the film. He spoke of how he wanted to make Germany into a great nation with beautiful people, how he wanted to make Germany into the most beautiful nation in the world, and how he wanted the German people to love the Jews, he talked about how the Jews were disgusting and filthy, and how they were eating up the land. I think he was going to create a new Germany where people would love the Jews and the German people would love the Jews, and he did. Hitler was just a very special person who loved his people very much, he just wanted to make his people the most beautiful nation on earth, and that's why he said that he wanted the Germans to love the Jews and hate the Jews, and that's what he did. I think Hitler is really just a very special person who did a lot of good things, he was a great leader, but he did a lot of bad things, I think Hitler was very evil.

Billy photo

I have never seen a documentary so focused on the Holocaust and the other genocides that took place during the second half of the 20th century. This movie, "Holocaust: A Century of Evil", tells a story of all of these other genocides, and their victims. While it is extremely hard to watch, the documentary will keep you awake. Some of the most shocking stories told in the film include the Hungarian death camp of Bergen Belsen, which was the first camp to be opened. It was filled with Jewish children, many of them who were murdered before their eyes. The Jews were not allowed to see their parents. The Jews who were not murdered in the camps were tortured in various ways. Some of these horrific events are shown through the eyes of a young boy named Raul, who survived the camps and was only 10 years old when he saw his family killed in front of him. The film includes some of the most horrifying images in the history of the Holocaust. These images are used in the documentary to help us understand the horrors that the Nazis inflicted upon the Jews. The movie also features interviews with survivors of other genocides, such as the Holocaust in Europe, the Rwandan genocide, the Cambodian genocide, and the Armenian genocide. The movie also includes graphic images of some of the most horrifying acts of the Holocaust. I was also shocked to hear the testimonies of many Jewish survivors, who are still alive today. It is extremely difficult to watch the film and then listen to these testimonies. Some of these testimonies are incredibly painful to hear, and the Holocaust survivors are very eloquent in their testimony. I am not sure if the film was intended to be an accurate portrayal of the Holocaust, or if the director was just very interested in telling a story about the Holocaust, and he chose to use the most shocking parts of the Holocaust, as opposed to the other genocides that took place. I think that the director did a great job of telling the story of the Holocaust, but he chose to tell the story through graphic images. I think that the Holocaust: A Century of Evil is a great film, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Holocaust.

Jonathan photo

I've read a lot of reviews about this movie. Some people love it and some people hate it. But all the same, it is a very well made documentary, and it is still relevant today. In the early 80s, during the days of the rising of the Iron Curtain and the final years of the Cold War, the Czechoslovak film industry had a chance to tell its story in a way that was not filtered by the international propaganda machine, and this film tells us about that. It shows us the lack of creativity and the lack of respect for human life, and how the Czech people were treated, and how their future looked like. I think that the quality of this documentary is very high, and I can't believe that so many people didn't like it. It shows us the reality that was not appreciated back then, and that the East Germans and the other Third World countries were not treated as human beings. The first scene is shown as an interview of the old cameraman, who has already worked in the film industry, and the interviews he gives are mostly very interesting, especially the one with the journalist and his parents. This is the first time that the whole world is introduced to the directors of the Czech film industry. They are not actors, they are real people, and they tell us how they felt about their country during the dark years of the communist dictatorship. They are all alive today, and they are still suffering from the absence of freedom, and how they lost all of their dignity and respect. There are no celebrity interviews, and we don't see them during the party, because they are not allowed. They are all in their office, or at the press conference, where they are interviewed by a TV reporter. They don't talk to the press, they talk to the people. And it is clear that all of them have great respect for human life. They want to tell their story, and they don't want to make the world believe in their product, they want to tell the world the truth, so that the whole world will understand what they had to go through. The music used in this film is very good. It's beautiful and it fits perfectly with the atmosphere. I love the songs of the Czech folk. They are so catchy and it makes you feel like you're really in the 70s. The movie is also very emotional, and very well made. I really enjoyed it. It's an emotional movie, and you can see how the feelings and opinions of the people change over the years. It is a very interesting film, and I recommend it to all of my friends.

Ralph Walker photo
Ralph Walker

Well, if you like real news and have a basic knowledge of history, you will probably enjoy this movie. But for the casual viewer, this movie will be a very eye opening experience. For example, how is it that the film is mostly German-speaking and the subtitles are mostly English. To me, that shows that the American, German, and French languages are not mutually exclusive. Even more, when you are talking about a topic that is a little controversial in your country, you would be embarrassed to say the German word in front of your family and friends. Yet the movie does have some English subtitles. I did enjoy that. It really did add to the reality of the topic. I found it interesting that the director of the movie was not an American or German. I found that refreshing and it showed that the director has an awareness of the cultural differences of different countries. I would also like to point out that this movie was filmed in Germany. When I watched it on the German TV network I was not able to see the English subtitles and I had to watch the whole movie in English. So, I'm sorry that I had to do that. It was a good decision on the part of the German media. This movie is not for those who have a quick and easy answer to the questions "what is Hitler's role in history?" and "what are the consequences of the Holocaust?". You have to think about these questions, so that you can fully enjoy the movie. In the end, I really recommend this movie.

Ashley photo

First I want to say that if you want to watch this movie, you must be very young and have no experience of WWII. I had a friend who had read about WWII, and after watching the movie, I want to say that I agree with her. The movie does not try to portray Hitler as a good or bad person. It is the simple fact that he is one of the worst things that could happen to humanity. This movie does a great job of showing the different facets of WWII. It does not even pretend to explain why Hitler was evil, it just presents the facts and gives you the impression that if you just accept the facts, you will be able to understand him. This movie does a great job of getting the point across, and it does it without making Hitler out to be a hero. This movie should not be judged by what it shows. If you do not understand the historical context of this movie, do not watch it. If you are still not able to see the point of this movie, then don't see it.

Ronald Jordan photo
Ronald Jordan

I'm just a normal guy, I don't even like the movie "Nosferatu" I have to say that. But this movie really told the truth. It shows that Nazis are just like you and me. That Hitler was a good person and that the end of WWII was not only for the Germans. It shows that even Jews did the same thing as the Nazis. But it is also the story of a Jewish girl who was going to marry a Jew. A Jew boy was going to marry a Jewish girl. And of course the Nazis do everything to stop that. But you can see that there is a lot of good and evil in the world. And this movie is a real eye opener. If you like history and like movies, you should watch this movie. This movie is a good story. 10/10

Brittany Barnett photo
Brittany Barnett

I just saw this film in Munich. The first part of the film took place in the theatre, with the last half of it being in the cinema. This is an excellent documentary about Hitler and his movie industry. The question that comes to mind is how the young Hitler could have ever thought that a film was a good idea. The first part of the film shows the "expert" at making a film. The first scene is of the director of the Nazi party and his wife making a film about the Jews. The film is actually a documentary about the film industry. This documentary is a bit disappointing, as it does not show anything about the Hollywood films of the period. The second part of the film is the part that focuses on Hitler and his personal life. The documentary is an excellent view of Hitler's private life. Hitler is the one who wrote the screenplay for the film. He is the one who managed to become a successful director. Hitler is a really good interview, and he is very easy to understand. He shows a lot of information about Hitler, the "good times" of the movie industry, his problems with his marriage, his love life and the decisions he made in the movie industry. There is a lot of information in this documentary, and it does not seem to be a movie that was made to impress the audience. It is an excellent documentary that is also good for people who are interested in the history of cinema.

Julia A. photo
Julia A.

Some people like to call this "The Greatest Conspiracy Movie Ever Made" or "The Greatest Documentary ever made". I personally consider this a very well made documentary. The film is very good and has great photography. The sound is also very good, especially during the song "Auf deutlich" and the shots of the ancient relics are very interesting. I especially liked the film on the castle. The music is also very good. Overall, it is a very good film and I recommend it to everyone.

Bobby Black photo
Bobby Black

I have seen this film twice and will see it again. I loved the stories and the characters, especially the mens who served with Hitler. I also enjoyed the stories about the party's and women who supported Hitler. The film is very well made. This is a great documentary about one of the most important events in history. It is interesting to see how he has changed and evolved since the film was made. I recommend this film to anyone who loves history, history, or film.