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The Biggest Little Farm

The Biggest Little Farm is a movie starring John Chester, Molly Chester, and Matthew Pilachowski. Documentarian John Chester and his wife Molly work to develop a sustainable farm on 200 acres outside of Los Angeles.

Other Titles
ビッグ・リトル・ファーム 理想の暮らしのつくり方, La fattoria dei nostri sogni, Den største lille gård, Nasze miejsce na ziemi, Unsere große kleine Farm, Mi gran pequeña granja, Tout est possible (The Biggest Little Farm), Våran lilla bondgård (2018)
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1 hours 31 minutes
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John Chester
John Chester, Mark Monroe
John Chester, Matthew Pilachowski, Molly Chester
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A testament to the immense complexity of nature, The Biggest Little Farm follows two dreamers and a dog on an odyssey to bring harmony to both their lives and the land. When the barking of their beloved dog Todd leads to an eviction notice from their tiny LA apartment, John and Molly Chester make a choice that takes them out of the city and onto 200 acres in the foothills of Ventura County, naively endeavoring to build one of the most diverse farms of its kind in complete coexistence with nature. The land they've chosen, however, is utterly depleted of nutrients and suffering from a brutal drought. The film chronicles eight years of daunting work and outsize idealism as they attempt to create the utopia they seek, planting 10,000 orchard trees and over 200 different crops, and bringing in animals of every kind- including an unforgettable pig named Emma and her best friend, Greasy the rooster. When the farm's ecosystem finally begins to reawaken, so does the Chesters' hope - but as their plan to create perfect harmony takes a series of wild turns, they realize that to survive they will have to reach a far greater understanding of the intricacies and wisdom of nature, and of life itself.

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Scott Shaw photo
Scott Shaw

This is a great documentary about the plight of farm workers in the United States. The film starts out in South Carolina and ends in South Africa. The workers are interviewed, their stories are told and then the film goes back to the farm where the workers live. The film shows how the workers are treated and how the workers are exploited by the owners. The workers are treated like animals and they are forced to work extremely long hours. The owners also get a cut of the profits and the workers are not allowed to unionize. The owners treat the workers like animals and they treat the workers like animals. The workers are not treated like humans and the film shows how they are treated. The film is very powerful and the workers are treated like animals. The film is very powerful and I highly recommend it.

Denise P. photo
Denise P.

I've been to the Biggest Little Farm many times, and it's a place I really love to visit. The people here are wonderful, and the place is beautiful. I don't understand why this movie is not getting more attention. It's a must see for anyone who wants to see the beauty of the country. I'm going to see it again next week, and I hope the people who are promoting this movie are watching it too.

Andrew B. photo
Andrew B.

This is an incredible film that highlights the issues that farmers face in the US. It's a must see for anyone who loves farming or anyone who wants to see how the American farm industry is run. It's about a farmer in Georgia who is fed up with the way his land is being used and his water quality is being affected by the nearby town. He feels he is being exploited and is willing to do anything to make his voice heard. The documentary is incredibly powerful and incredibly funny. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in farming or just want to see what's going on in the US.

Edward Shaw photo
Edward Shaw

I loved this movie. I was very interested in the history behind the movie, and I was very pleased to find out that it was based on a true story. The documentary was very well done and it was interesting to see the different views on the movie. The people who made this documentary are very passionate about their work, and it shows in their work. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about the history of the real-life farm in the movie. It's very interesting to see how the people of the time were reacting to the movie, and the differences between the different views of the movie.

Doris L. photo
Doris L.

The Biggest Little Farm is an excellent documentary about the environmental impact of a small family farm in the San Joaquin Valley. It is a film that should be seen by everyone. The film takes a close look at the people and the environment of the farm and how it affects the people and the environment. The film takes the viewer through the history of the farm, the people, the animals, and the land. The film is a must see for anyone who wants to see how small, family run farms can be so much more than just a farm. The film is a must see for anyone who is interested in the environment and the people that live and work in the San Joaquin Valley.

Bryan W. photo
Bryan W.

This is a truly inspiring documentary that shows the life of the farm as it was in the 60s. It was a time of great optimism and hope, and the farmers and their families lived it every day. This documentary is a must see for anyone who loves and understands the American Dream.

Johnny M. photo
Johnny M.

I just saw this at the Sundance Film Festival and it was one of the best films I've seen in a long time. I'm not a big fan of documentaries, but this one was so powerful that I was actually crying in the theater. I'm glad I saw it because I think it's a great film that needs to be seen. It's about a farm that's not only run by a couple, but also by a community of farmers who are working together to help the community. I think this film will be a great topic for a future documentary. The best part of the film is the interviewees. The ones who were not involved in the film but were interviewed were also amazing. It's also great to see the people who work at the farm, who are doing such amazing things. I really hope they do more films like this because it's so important.

Shirley Chapman photo
Shirley Chapman

I have been following this project since the beginning. It's been a long time since I've seen a documentary that has made me feel so connected to the people that are involved. The people that are on the farm are amazing. It's hard to believe that these people are so isolated. They are so beautiful and I can't help but feel a connection to them. The movie is not perfect, but it's very well done and I think it should be seen by everyone.

Walter photo

I watched this film last night and I must say I'm impressed. The film is set in the 1940s and it's a wonderful look at the early days of the American farm, showing the struggles of the farmers to raise the money and the harsh conditions that farmers had to endure. I really liked the way the film was filmed and I liked the way the farmers were portrayed. The film was well shot and the actors did a great job of portraying the characters. I especially liked the way they were portrayed. The film was well made and the acting was very good. I recommend this film to anyone who loves a good documentary about the American farm. The film is well worth watching and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Robert photo

This documentary is a must see for all who are concerned about the future of our food supply. The problems facing the farm animals and the humans who work on them are both shocking and sad. The producers were able to get some amazing footage of the animals in the fields and in the fields of their farms. They also get to see some of the best footage of the animals in the wild. The biggest question I have is, what will happen to the animals in the future? Will they be able to feed themselves on the wild food? Will the animals be able to find enough food? Will there be enough food to feed the animals? Will the humans be able to survive? The producers were able to answer all these questions and more. The documentary is very well done and should be seen by all. The producers should be commended for this documentary.

Melissa photo

I loved this film and will definitely watch it again. I loved the music, the film, and the message it gave me. I am a farmer and I know how hard it is to find good soil for crops. I hope this film will help other farmers and help to stop this destructive practice of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I hope this film is able to change the minds of the farmers and the people who use them. Thank you for bringing this to the public. I hope this film will be able to change the minds of the people who use these chemicals.

Christian Guerrero photo
Christian Guerrero

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I thought it would be a little more "mainstream" than it was. It was not, in fact, mainstream, but I still found it entertaining. I liked how the film was able to be both humorous and educational without being preachy. It's a good balance. The characters were all believable, and the humor was not too corny. The only problem I had was that the ending was a little abrupt. But that's the only thing I can say that really upset me about the film. It was a good film, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the farm. I think the people who didn't like it were just looking for a "Disney-like" movie, and that is not what this film is. It's not a Disney movie, and it's not a documentary. It's a good movie, and I think anyone who enjoys documentaries would enjoy it.

Brittany Henry photo
Brittany Henry

This film is so wonderful! I saw it at a screening in London, and I was so moved by it. It really is a wonderful story about a family, and how the people of the area were impacted by the conflict. The film is very well done, and I think it will make you feel very much for the people of this area. The film is not an easy film to watch, and I think it is a very difficult film to watch. It is very hard to watch, but I think it is the most important film you will ever see. I would recommend this film to anyone, especially to people who have never been to the area, or people who have been to the area but have not seen the film. It is a very difficult film to watch, and it is also very important, because it shows the people of the area, and how they were affected by the conflict. I think this film is very important, and I think it is very well done. It really is a wonderful film.

Olivia Arnold photo
Olivia Arnold

I have to say that I am not a fan of Big Macs, but I really enjoyed this documentary. I've never seen anything like it. It really got me thinking about my own food choices and how I eat. I loved how the filmmakers went into the background of the Big Macs, the people who make them, and the people who eat them. I also loved the way they went into the food industry and talked to some of the top food industry experts. It really got me thinking about what I eat, and what I should be eating. It also gave me a little bit of a sense of humor about the food I eat. I think the most important part of the documentary is how it gets you thinking about what you eat, and what you eat. I really recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about what you eat. I think it is a great documentary, and I think it is one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time.

Helen E. photo
Helen E.

A family farm in the Pacific Northwest, run by the family of the late Stan and Kathy Nelson, is the subject of this documentary. It is a fascinating and intimate look at the family's life and how it has changed over the years. The documentary is a must-see for anyone who is interested in the life of the Nelson family. I highly recommend it.

Brandon L. photo
Brandon L.

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this documentary from the Smithsonian. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I don't think I've ever been so impressed with a documentary before. I thought that this documentary would be boring, and it was not. It was entertaining, and I could relate to the subjects. It was well-paced, and I never got bored. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to see a documentary that is actually good, not just about one farmer.

Jane M. photo
Jane M.

This documentary is a must-see for everyone who cares about the environment and the future of our planet. It will leave you with a better understanding of how we are destroying the planet and how we can reverse it. The film has a lot of great information that you can't find in any other documentary. It will make you think about your life and how you can do something about it. If you are looking for a documentary that will make you think, then this is the one for you. It's not just a documentary, but it's an exploration of the planet and how we are destroying it. I am not a scientist, but I know that the film is right. I hope that everyone will see this film and that they will get involved in a movement that can reverse the destruction of the planet. I hope that we will not see a lot of movies like this one in the future. It's time to wake up and make a difference.