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Phoenix Forgotten

Phoenix Forgotten is a movie starring Florence Hartigan, Luke Spencer Roberts, and Chelsea Lopez. 20 years after three teenagers disappeared in the wake of mysterious lights appearing above Phoenix, Arizona, unseen footage from that...

Other Titles
Phoenix'te Unutulan, Los olvidados de Phoenix, Esquecidos de Phoenix, Luzes de Phoenix, Światła Phoenix
Running Time
1 hours 27 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery
Justin Barber
Justin Barber, T.S. Nowlin
Florence Hartigan, Chelsea Lopez, Luke Spencer Roberts, Justin Matthews
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Sophie Bishop and her boyfriend Dan visit Sophie's parents in Phoenix, Arizona on the 20th anniversary of her older brother Josh's disappearance. On March 13, 1997, the family witnesses the Phoenix Lights during Sophie's 6th birthday party, with Josh recording the incident. Several strange lights appear in a "V" formation over the city before disappearing, followed closely by fighter jets. Josh becomes convinced they have witnessed UFO's, though others remain skeptical. Hoping to find answers to her brother's fate, Sophie begins reviewing all of Josh's saved videotapes..

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Margaret photo

I loved it. It is an underrated film, and it is such a shame that it was forgotten. This is a great re-entry into the Alien world and the effects are great. It is better than most of the mediocre films that are released these days. The Alien itself is also great. I don't know if this is a spoiler if you've seen the film, but it looks pretty cool. The acting is a bit cheesy, but the effects are fantastic. Don't watch it expecting to see a film like Alien or Alien3. You will be disappointed.

Phillip Freeman photo
Phillip Freeman

I think i saw this movie at least 3 times, but i can't recall any particular moment when i was watching it. It's a cult film and you can tell that the cast have been hanging around since the 90's, but they have a hard time showing their acting abilities. The plot is so bizarre, that even as a basic thriller, it's hard to swallow. There are some "alien" type attacks that leave you wondering why we even bother watching it, but it's a thriller and thats how it should be. If you want to see a thriller where a group of people are under attack by some kind of alien/monstrous creature, you'll love this. Otherwise, you might want to skip this one, as there is not much to enjoy.

Patrick Hall photo
Patrick Hall

I recently saw the DVD of "The Stalkers" and found it to be a very good movie. As a fan of M. Night Shyamalan and the "Shadow" series I was expecting a lot, but I was happy that it was a good movie. The movie has some really good special effects, especially when you look at the cave with the UFO. The special effects were not that great but they were still good. The acting was decent for the most part. Anthony Hopkins did a good job at being the wise-guy character. Other actors like Tilda Swinton, Joel Grey, and Russell Crowe did their best. I was surprised to see how good Michelle Rodriguez was as the tough bad-girl in the movie. She really delivered a good performance. Overall, this was a good movie with a good story, but it had a few flaws. There were a few things that I did not like, like the role of the girls in the cave. I thought that was unnecessary, especially since the movie is about a group of people who were into UFO's. In the end, this was a good movie, but it could have been better. This is one of those movies that you have to watch again to see all of the details that are there.

Keith Meyer photo
Keith Meyer

The movie is a pleasant surprise. A lot of effort was put into making a very unique movie. There are a couple of flaws in the movie, but they are so minor that you can overlook them and still enjoy the movie. A lot of people complain that the movie is "too sci-fi" and that the movie is "too intense", but I don't really care about those. I like the movie for what it is. If you have never seen a movie before, it might be a bit scary for you, but it is definitely not for a "normal" person who is looking for some comedy or romance. In my opinion, I think the movie was worth it.

Kathleen O. photo
Kathleen O.

My Rating: * out of 4 (probably better) Tension builds up from a normal movie in which a helicopter crashes and a submarine pilot shoots and kills a pilot. Things are normal for a while, then the movie becomes more of a horror movie with another pilot killed. Eventually he's not killed, so the police and the base goes crazy. Another pilot is shot down and the people on the base start to have premonitions about the aliens that are coming, and the scenes between the two characters is very tense. The end is a bit of a mess. The acting is good. The special effects are pretty good. The story is OK, not great. It's more or less like the average "invasion" type movie.

Brian Bryant photo
Brian Bryant

The film itself is not that bad. I like this type of film where a group of people meet up at a house to talk about their life. The acting is not bad, but the film is very predictable and very predictable in every way. I thought it was really funny how the other characters were able to figure out what was going to happen. One of the things I liked was how the people in the house were like the perfect family. They were not only friendly, but they also had a good sense of humor. I thought this was a very well done film.

Jesse Rogers photo
Jesse Rogers

I was expecting this to be the same as The Shining but it was slightly better. The Shining was creepy and you felt like you could jump out of your seat and back up again, The Forgotten has a more tense and interesting plot. You also don't know what's going to happen next until the last 5 minutes, I'd give it a 7 out of 10. I also didn't like the fact that they didn't show what was going to happen in the end, it was better if they gave you a little bit of closure. This movie is for the fans of the book and the movie, not for the general movie-goer. If you like Stephen King's books then you should definitely check this movie out.

Grace Patterson photo
Grace Patterson

I didn't really care for this movie much but then I found out that it was from the same team as The Blair Witch Project (who also did this), so I figured it'd be good to check it out. Boy was I wrong! It's so similar to the Blair Witch that I can't even explain it. The plot revolves around a bunch of teenagers going to an undisclosed location to meet their parents for the first time. While there, one of them gets shot and bitten by an unknown beast and they're chased by a man in a tuxedo. In the confusion, one of the teenagers has a flash of insight and, quite frankly, is a freak. The man in a tuxedo turns out to be the husband of one of the teenagers and he decides to protect them while they try to escape. I think that there are two very important things that this movie has going for it. The first is the acting. It's good. I like the main characters. The rest of the cast is fine too. The second thing that this movie has going for it is that it's fun. That's all you need to know. As in Blair Witch, I was never bored. There were times where I thought "I wonder what's going to happen next?" but they always managed to surprise me and I never got bored of what was going on. The only bad thing that I can say about this movie is that it has the most elaborate and elaborate ending of all of them. All in all, this movie is worth a look. But be warned, it's not Blair Witch.

Albert Curtis photo
Albert Curtis

I really liked this movie. I mean, it's the type of movie where I wouldn't really know why the movie is called "The Forgotten". The first half hour is like a normal movie, nothing special. Then a group of kids get chased by a group of people with masks. I think the whole thing was just a set up for what happens in the second half. The second half is what made me enjoy this movie. It was fast paced and definitely kept my attention. But, I must say, the ending was just a little off. You can't help but feel like the movie just ended after the kids got the keys to the car. The movie has a great, if not overly-stylized, plot. The kids did a great job with their acting, and I thought the movie had some good ideas in the beginning. There are some ideas in the beginning that I would like to see develop. If you're into zombie movies and are looking for a good movie to watch, I highly recommend this movie. Just don't expect a very original idea.

Samantha H. photo
Samantha H.

I'm gonna be honest, i never expected this to be as good as it turned out to be. I watched the trailer for it, thought "oh, another crappy scifi flick about a secret government project to stop ET's from re-appearing", and boy was I wrong. The whole movie has this feeling of being creepy, unsettling, and most importantly, i thought "oh wow, another creepy sci-fi flick". And it was a very good one. I would have thought that it would have been a little more action packed, and it would have been a little more of a jump scare, but it was all of those things and more. It has a lot of great special effects. The spaceship looks amazing, and the mind-boggling stuff that happens, and the monsters in this movie are not actually scary, they just look like they are kicking a lot of ass. The atmosphere, the soundtrack, and the story is all of these things that make this movie so good. The movie is basically a group of people who are attempting to rescue a girl who was abducted by ET's, because it seems as if ET's are starting to reappear on Earth. The movie is in its own right scary and dark, and it was all of these things, so that's why i gave this a perfect score. As a movie, this movie is good. I am giving it an 8/10, and I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes Sci-fi or horror movies. Also, this is one of the better horror movies out there, and it isn't just a run of the mill Sci-fi flick. It's good. This is a great movie that any sci-fi fan should watch.

Kathleen Hart photo
Kathleen Hart

A university professor and his former student go on a trip to Brazil. On the way, they end up in an abandoned hospital, which they discover to be haunted. But where they are not told, and how they might come across the truth, is a mystery that could upend the whole situation. The movie is not without its flaws, but it is interesting enough to keep the interest of the audience for the duration of the movie. The acting is good, and the camerawork and photography are solid. The plot is somewhat predictable, but the pacing of the movie is decent enough for the entire movie. The movie has a fair amount of gore, but the gore doesn't seem that excessive. Overall, The Upside of Fear is a fun horror movie that is worth checking out. It's not groundbreaking, but it is entertaining enough to keep the audience engaged throughout the movie. I recommend this movie to anyone that is into the genre of horror, but I wouldn't recommend this movie to those that are looking for a heavy budget horror movie. But the movie is fun and has some pretty decent thrills.

Justin Guerrero photo
Justin Guerrero

I don't know why there are so many reviews of this movie that only talk about the special effects, or the sheer volume of blood on screen. The acting is nothing to write home about, and the story is certainly not the best. But this movie is not for those who want something flashy, but instead for those who like to go deeper. It's about a man who starts to suspect that a group of children have been killed by aliens. And after that he begins to investigate the case. And after that he finds himself alone. And that's exactly what the movie is about. It's not a thriller or a sci-fi flick. It's more like a psychological thriller. The acting is terrible and the story is not all that interesting. But then again, this is one of those rare movies that is just what you want to see. This movie is not as good as Alien, but it's still an OK movie. So you might want to go watch it if you are bored.

Jennifer Carroll photo
Jennifer Carroll

Frankly I didn't think I'd watch this, but I'm glad I did. The movie is really fun to watch. I think that the actors and actresses give the movie a really good sense of humour. There are some funny parts that might not be the most logical but they are hilarious. I think that the atmosphere is really well done and is very enjoyable. I hope to see a sequel!

Olivia Murphy photo
Olivia Murphy

I like movies, and I like horror movies, so when I heard about this I was really excited to watch it, and it was amazing! It's about this guy who is on a break from his job and works on the side of a town where everything has been taken over by the aliens. This movie wasn't the best one out there but it was still a good one, it wasn't bad but I definitely don't recommend it to anyone. The acting was really good, the camera work was amazing, it had a lot of really creepy parts. I recommend this movie to anyone that likes horror movies. I hope you enjoy it.

Billy M. photo
Billy M.

I must say that I was expecting more from this film. First of all, I was expecting the "found footage" angle that many movies of this kind present. It certainly is a high point to the horror genre, but I was not expecting that much. So, as a horror film, this is decent, but it is not a high point in any category. On the other hand, it is not awful, but it is not great either. It is a standard film that is very watchable and enjoyable. This is a little bit of a surprise, because I was expecting to find this movie a bit worse. The plot is typical, with a bunch of people trapped in a building. Some parts are decent, but it's a standard horror film. I do not think that this movie will be remembered by horror fans for being "awesome". It's a standard film that is watchable and entertaining, but nothing special.

Joshua photo

I'm not going to review the film itself, but there's more than enough to be said about the direction, the characterisation and the mood of the film. I am, however, going to talk about how it is done. In this film there is nothing that we haven't seen before. There is little to no originality, and that's fine. If you're a fan of the old B-movies and anime, then this is your film. Otherwise, forget it. There's nothing here to get you excited, and the film is so disjointed in the story line that it's almost a chore to follow it. What I was left with was a feeling of "oh man I'm just not getting it". The only interesting parts were the special effects, the beginning and the ending. You can see the effort that was put into them, and even though they are dated, they still hold up. For those that are in the mood for something different, this is it. If you are looking for something new, stay away. Go watch something else.

Albert photo

This was an interesting movie to me. It was somewhat fun and had some parts that I liked. There was one part that I thought was a little weak. It had a lot of good points, though. But the acting in the movie was the weakest point. Most of the actors didn't even look like they were acting. The movie had some good ideas and you couldn't help but enjoy it. The end of the movie was decent too. Overall, it was worth a watch. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either.

Christian photo

I saw this movie at the Florida International Film Festival and I was rather impressed. There are some low budget movie going films that are so bad they are entertaining. This film is a very successful example of that. It is a movie you can watch over and over and never get bored. The acting is not great, but it does not matter, because all of the characters are very interesting. The plot is not original, but it is good and easy to follow. The special effects are not the greatest, but they are not bad. The photography is very well done and shows a good use of local locations. I highly recommend this movie. It is not a great movie, but it is a good one, and the ending is satisfying. If you see this movie, and have any doubt in your mind about the possibility of aliens, you should not watch it. It is not scary, but it is an entertaining one.

Marilyn P. photo
Marilyn P.

The premise of this film is simple - a strange, deadly plague has struck the USA, leaving the people turning into the undead. The only way to get rid of this thing is to be on a high-risk bus ride, taking the zombies to the terminal. A well-intentioned government agent, played by Liam Neeson, follows a fellow bus-rider, played by Jack O'Connell, with his girlfriend, played by Gretchen Mol and their young daughter, played by Sydney Pollack. They take the high-risk route and are quickly surrounded by a horde of zombies. The special effects are done with some flair, but the screenplay is a little clunky. The acting is reasonable, the direction is good, the score is somewhat engaging. It's a fairly entertaining film, although the amount of gore and violence will cause some horror fans to be turned off. I'd recommend this to fans of low-budget British horror and horror fans in general.

Eugene L. photo
Eugene L.

As you can tell from the title, I'm not the biggest of the Exorcist series, and in a way this movie reminded me of them. I've always said, it was the last great Exorcist film. After that I lost interest. I couldn't give a crap about the Exorcist, and I didn't want to. I was in the same boat with most other fans. But I watched this movie and I fell in love. The opening is really cool. I don't know why, I remember, this movie wasn't that big of a hit, but it made it. It's actually not that good, I've always thought it to be the worst of the series. But this movie made it worth it. The actors were great, the story is good, and the ending is pretty good. So I can't say this movie was good, but it's decent. In my opinion it was better than most of the last one. If you watch it, it's worth it. In conclusion, the story is okay, the actors are great, and the end is pretty good. In my opinion it's better than the last one. I don't want to spoil it, you should see it, you'll understand.

Beverly photo

*SPOILER ALERT* *SPOILER ALERT* While the final installment in the original "Alien" franchise (1979) is one of the most iconic of all time and the prequel "Aliens" (1986) is a winner in its own right, it has to be said that this prequel (1988) has some problems. First, the story is actually pretty weak. We never really get the backstory of Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and the other scientists working on the Alien project. We also don't get any explanation of the reason why they made the Alien project, how it actually came to be or how the first film came about. The ending was pretty weak, too, with the alien being defeated and the aliens seemingly being extinct. There is also the problem of how they decided to end it. This film had the unique idea of having the crew with Ripley try to help the crew on board the Prometheus, an alien ship. I don't know if they did this because they were starting to have second thoughts about the film or if they were just about to cut it short. Whatever the reason, it worked. It would have been nice to have the film continue this way. There were other problems. Ripley is now apparently a woman, which obviously made her a target for some of the crew. I think they should have had the character of Tucker (Edward James Olmos) try to convince her that the crew should be willing to sacrifice one of them. Another big problem is the film does not really answer any questions. We do not know who the Aliens are or how they came to be, and I really don't want to know. The only thing we know is that they can kill you with one touch. For me, that was a huge let down. I would have liked to see more about the Aliens and how they came to be. In the original Alien, they did a pretty good job of showing us the alien and how it came to be. This film just goes on and on with the people trying to figure out the alien, which is really boring. One of the biggest problems is the ending. The crew get their ship and leave the ship. Then there is a sequence where the crew meets up with the alien and see it being taken back to the ship. The crew take off the alien and it kills the crew. The crew gets back aboard the ship and they end up killing the crew. Now, that is not really satisfying. They end up killing the aliens and then nobody is left. The only reason the crew gets back aboard the ship is because the aliens are too weak to be saved by the ship. I think they should have killed the aliens after they got back aboard. The crew is very poorly developed and they just seem to be following orders, which is a huge let down. I really hope they do not make a third installment because I would hate to see this series end.

Ralph photo

I really enjoyed the director's choice of shooting in black and white, which lends a chilling atmosphere to the film. The very dark cinematography is what helped to create the disturbing atmosphere that the film exudes. The film was also very suspenseful, as the audience is kept on the edge of their seat as they wait for the truth to be revealed. The characters are very well-defined and quite different from each other, which also enhances the suspense. The film was also very well-acted, which was a major plus. I would like to give the film a 7, but I felt that the ending could have been better developed. Overall, the film was an entertaining and suspenseful horror film, and one that is very well-made.

Barbara photo

Here's another little movie that I just caught on T.V. while in the middle of work and couldn't sleep so I just decided to sit down and watch. And I have to say this is one of the better small budgeted (for TV) horror movies I've seen in a while. There are definitely a few scenes that are cringe worthy. But overall this movie is a pretty good low budget horror flick. The acting is OK, the effects are decent, and there is some decent gore. If you are in the mood for a horror movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and a bit of gore, then give this one a try. 7/10