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Victoria & Abdul

Victoria & Abdul is a movie starring Judi Dench, Ali Fazal, and Tim Pigott-Smith. Queen Victoria strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young Indian clerk named Abdul Karim.

Other Titles
Viktória királynő és Abdul, ヴィクトリア女王 最期の秘密, Victoria et Abdul, Βικτώρια και Αμπντούλ, Victoria y Abdul, Powiernik królowej, Victoria ja Abdul, Victoria si Abdul, Viktorija ir Abdulas, Victoria e Abdul: O Confidente da Rainha, Le'ha'ir et ha'malka, La reina Victoria y Abdul, Victoria i Abdul, Victoria & Abdul: Nữ Hoàng & Tri Kỷ, Confident Royal, Vitória & Abdul, Victoria ve Abdul, Vittoria e Abdul, Victoria and Abdul, 女王與知己
Running Time
1 hours 51 minutes
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Drama, Biography, History
Stephen Frears
Lee Hall, Shrabani Basu
Judi Dench, Eddie Izzard, Ali Fazal, Tim Pigott-Smith
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Queen Victoria strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young Indian clerk named Abdul Karim.

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Sharon Murphy photo
Sharon Murphy

Great Movie. A few problems I had. 1. They are very much in love. 2. The history of the characters is often told without much background. (some of it anyway) 3. There was too much looking into the music. 4. The dialogues were a little corny. They tried to put too much "humour" in there, but it just didn't work. 5. The movie is about "no-name" people, but their role in the war was really important. 6. A couple of people that were there at the end were in fact not there at the beginning. I was very surprised at this. Overall, great movie. Worth watching.

Melissa photo

I have a serious problem with Hollywood. It is an incestuous industry that is in love with the traditional history of a nation. I know this is "spoilers" but I cannot help myself. I do not have a problem with the information that is given, but what I am uncomfortable with is the need to twist historical facts and behavior to fit into a story line. This is a modern day farce that does not come off as history. If you are not interested in historical accuracy then don't watch this movie. The only things that are true are the parts of the story that were true. I don't know what will win an Oscar, but this film does not deserve any.

Patricia K. photo
Patricia K.

Great cast and great direction. I have never seen such a dramatic film. I have seen many Hollywood movies which are usually too funny and simple. It is very interesting to see the real stories behind the Hollywood movies. I would not say that this is a better film than some other Hollywood movies but it is definitely an excellent film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Linda W. photo
Linda W.

In the midst of all the controversy surrounding the film, and having not seen it, I can only imagine what it must be like to be "in the know" in Hollywood. However, this does not diminish the film's importance. While the film was, by all accounts, a disappointment, it is still the best film of 2008. There are many points to be made in defense of the film. The acting was first-rate, with Julianne Moore and Robert Redford delivering a magnificent performance. However, I did not find the story of the film particularly gripping. In fact, the only real point to be made is that the story itself is about repression and intolerance. This does not make the film "good" per se. The real value of the film, however, is in its accessibility. It is not too long and does not require the viewer to become immersed in the subject. The film was accessible to me because I was in the know. The film is an excellent example of a story that is too often told, but never told correctly. I am hoping that more people will see this film and become more aware of the importance of censorship and the consequences it can have.

Kimberly F. photo
Kimberly F.

The movie was great. The film was in the style of the Hollywood movies and this movie was about American Indian culture. The film was a good representation of American Indian culture and how American Indian culture differs from the Indian culture of India. The film had a very good story line. The story was very good and the film was very exciting. The film was well acted by the lead actors, Sarah Paulson, Anthony Hopkins and Rooney Mara. The film also had a very good music score by Hans Zimmer. The film was well directed by Marc Forster and he directed the film very well. The film had a good story line, good acting, good music, and good directing. Overall, the film was great. 8/10

Pamela P. photo
Pamela P.

I would say that this film has a great message, which you could easily read into. I would also say that it was written to portray the facts as they were. I think that when they were writing the film, they had to make sure that they didn't write a misleading message, or it would have been just too much. The film is a lot of great historical events that happened. There are some things that were added, like the Queen's death. I think that it was a great message, to show the Queen's death, and that was very exciting. I thought that the acting was very good, especially with the "new" actors, who were in their twenties, and they were just as good as the old actors. I would recommend this movie to everyone, because it has a great message. I would also say that it is one of the best films of the year. 8/10

Ralph photo

Meryl Streep is fabulous as the title character. We see her as a teen with mixed feelings and ambitions in the 1930s. With a new partner in a successful family, she decides to leave her home, move to the country, and marry a husband she has never met. As she begins to learn to love again, the movie focuses on the attempts of her husband and other family members to make sure she keeps her eyes on her goals. Her story and the way the movie unfolds is a testament to human intelligence, courage, and determination. Streep and the rest of the cast play off each other with great skill. It is a love story, but not a simple one. It has many elements that make it all the more interesting and important.

Catherine O. photo
Catherine O.

The Story of a Thousand Fingers is a good and inspiring movie for the family. In addition to this, the cast does a good job in creating the emotions of the characters, especially Ziyi Zhang and Ali Larter. The movie is also full of happy moments and the ending is uplifting. As a Chinese man, I would highly recommend this movie to my friends who are looking for a good family movie to watch.

Amanda H. photo
Amanda H.

It was difficult to follow all the Hollywood cliches and "bad guy" stereotypes, but I still found this film to be very interesting. I agree with a previous review that the musical score was better than the action sequences, but that aside, this was a very enjoyable movie.

Russell Hernandez photo
Russell Hernandez

Two men and two women, each more talented than the other, fall for each other. The film was very well done. I will watch this movie again, maybe in a year or so.

Andrea Walsh photo
Andrea Walsh

Many of the people that I know don't agree with me on the film. I think they love it. They think it's brilliant. But, it's not. And, if you're thinking about seeing this movie, be prepared to be disappointed. This movie is a paean to the Prince of Wales. The film is basically a retelling of the first time that Harry came to London. From the beginning of the film until the end of the film, it is just an homage to him. Not an actual portrayal of his life. The film is, in fact, a representation of the life of George IV. Harry was not a knight in shining armor. He was just a working class man who wanted to make a difference in the world. And, his life was as pure as the water around him. He was a man who cared for his people, and he cared about his country. He was a man who gave the Crown and the empire to those who had the most to gain. George IV was the embodiment of the heart and the soul of England. And, that's what this film is. It's a beautiful film. It's a tribute to a man who lived a life that could never have been lived by a different man. It's a great film. But, it's not a film. It's a film made by people who loved a man who lived a life of pure and noble ideals. And, they made a film out of that.

Jane Stone photo
Jane Stone

I really enjoyed this movie. As a man of many languages, I felt a connection with the story. I have seen many movies about the Holocaust and this is definitely the most realistic. I felt that there were some scenes that were exaggerated. I do not understand why the kids are supposed to be "super smart" but I understand that they were not perfect and not very good. However, I was very impressed with the acting of Halle Berry and the other children. They were very believable. I believe that this movie is a good way to begin a life lesson about life. I would recommend this movie to all of my friends.

Bryan Moreno photo
Bryan Moreno

The movie is about a genius named Abdul Aziz who wants to find the source of music of ancient Arabia, and he tries to do this by going to Arabia in search of gold. When he was visiting Arabia, he found a tomb which has the name of "Salamun" which is the name of the idol of the prophet. The script was very well written, especially the second half of the movie is really great. The director did a great job, so the movie is a great pleasure for everyone.

Marilyn photo

The movie is a bit flawed. It seems to be trying to be a documentary, when it's a movie. This could be the fault of the actors, the director or the writer. The film is very effective, and of course it's got one of the greatest songs ever written, "Unfaithful" by Celine Dion. It's too bad that most people are too afraid to criticize this film, because it has a lot of good qualities, and it's worth watching. If only it was longer!

Samuel W. photo
Samuel W.

I thought the film was very good, the only reason I gave it 8 stars was because I felt that the old review of it was quite good. The other reviewer was right about the slow parts. It's a very slow movie, but it is necessary to tell the story. However, the plot could have been better, it just didn't make much sense. I thought it was unnecessary to have many of the actors singing the songs, because I felt that it was unnecessary to have them singing the songs for so long. The score was great and made the movie seem more alive. I felt that it could have been a better film if the characters were more distinct. The story was good, and I didn't feel that it was too long or boring, I really liked it. If you like historical films or just a good story, you should definitely see this film.

Tyler M. photo
Tyler M.

This movie has a great beginning, a great ending and a very interesting plot. I have watched it many times and I still don't get bored.

Joseph Ramos photo
Joseph Ramos

Saw this movie at the Raleigh International Film Festival. This is a movie about the dark side of world history. I would have preferred if it was more about the problems caused by that dark side, but that is not what I saw. I would recommend this movie to those who are interested in the history of Africa. The movie is well worth the price of admission. This movie is a bit over-dramatic in the beginning, but I think that would have been more effective. I would like to have seen more on the people who had their children taken from them by the British. But other than that, I think this movie is worth seeing. It is a historical movie. I liked the movie and I hope the movie was successful.

Gloria photo

Dil Bole is an unapologetic film maker who will make his audience feel that it's something important to him. That said, he uses the medium of film to tell a story. When he made the movie A River Runs Through It, it was a simple movie. When he made the movie, The Contender, it was more complicated. And, with his latest film, Pulp Fiction, he is one step closer to his goal. Pulp Fiction is a complicated film. The film has many layers and several stories. The film tells the story of Ray, a mob boss who is involved with the underworld of Los Angeles. Ray's rise to power has been interrupted by a powerful mob boss who has kidnapped his girlfriend. Ray and his rival, James Earl Jones, attempt to rescue the kidnapped woman. After their escape, Ray and Jones are framed for the kidnapping and forced to fight each other. What the film does so well is make the audience feel the emotion that the characters are feeling. The story that Ray is on is not easy to understand. He is a complex character. The film's message is not one that you will find in a conventional film. The film is filled with contradictions, but the audience can't help but feel them. If you are not used to movies that are filled with contradictions, then this film might not be for you. Pulp Fiction is not a movie that is meant to entertain. It is meant to make you think and make you feel. Pulp Fiction is a complex film that has been told beautifully. The film was well written, acted, and directed. It is not a film that you will remember but it is a film that you will remember and that will stick with you. The film is about love, family, and the human spirit. It is about characters who are not perfect but who want to be better than what they are. It is about finding your way and making the right decisions. The film is about finding yourself and accepting what is. It is about being who you are and being who you were meant to be. I loved the film and I can't wait to see what Quentin Tarantino does next. This film was well made and it was a pleasure to see it on the big screen. I give this film a "9."

Jennifer D. photo
Jennifer D.

This is an excellent film. It is based on true events, and it is very realistic. The history of the period is extremely well portrayed. This is also a good film to show to people who are not aware of the history of that time period. This is the kind of film that everyone should see. It has a very good story line and a good ending. The acting is good. The actors were chosen very well. I especially liked John Goodman who plays Abdul. He was excellent. The scenes where he was supposed to be calm and happy seemed so fake. The sad part of the film is that it is so realistic. I wish I could have been a little bit more realistic.

Jacob photo

Well it's not as bad as i was expecting but it isn't really good either. But still the film is interesting and entertaining. All the actors do well in their roles, they have good chemistry with each other. And they make us wonder what happened to them when they were young. And this is all based on a true story. But there's a lot of historical inaccuracies and things are just a bit far. But for an entertainment, it is pretty good. 9/10

Donald F. photo
Donald F.

Director Alan Parker's take on the life of Omar Khayyam is a thoughtful look at an African American man who died in the Vietnam War. It takes the time to explain what Khayyam had done to get to the point where he was. Parker does a great job of making the audience believe he was a conscientious objector. It is clear that the United States government had its doubts about the life of the man and the so called "conscientious objector" issue. The movie does not deal with the issue and the person himself. The movie tells the story of the man and how he lived in an African American community in Washington D.C. and why he fought the war. Parker uses a great cinematography and some great music to help tell the story. The movie was really good and worth watching.

Alexander Walters photo
Alexander Walters

Saw this movie the other night and enjoyed it very much. It is a very important historical figure. I was more than excited to see it because of the subject matter. It has a historical feel to it with a slightly off-kilter story with a very different feel. It is really an amazing story with all the many twists and turns you would expect from a story of this magnitude. It is set in an era in which there is a new system of government in the U.S. It is all very serious and a little bit slow moving. The acting was great and the cinematography and direction were brilliant. I recommend this film to everyone and I think most people will be pleasantly surprised. This movie has such a strong story and is a great story about the many ways in which life has influenced and affected us all. You will not be disappointed.