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Daeripgun is a movie starring Jung-jae Lee, Jin-gu Yeo, and Mu-Yeol Kim. A crown prince emerges as a leader during the war between Korea and Japan in 1592.

Other Titles
Warriors of the Dawn, The Proxy Soldiers, 代立軍 ウォリアーズ・オブ・ドーン
Running Time
2 hours 10 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
History, War, Adventure, Drama
Yoon-Chul Jung
Jin-ho Yoon, Kwang-soo Son, Kyeong-Pil Kang, Yoon-Chul Jung
Jung-jae Lee, Jin-gu Yeo, Soo-bin Bae, Mu-Yeol Kim
South Korea
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A crown prince emerges as a leader during the war between Korea and Japan in 1592.

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Sara Holland photo
Sara Holland

A great movie from start to finish.The cinematography is beautiful and the action is up there with any Hollywood movie.I'm not a huge fan of Hrithik, but he was spot on with the character that I didn't expect him to be in. The musical score was fantastic.I could feel the wind blow in my ears and the air outside my window make me feel the heat in my chest.I had goosebumps.If you are a Rajkumar Krishnamurthy fan go see the movie.

Jordan J. photo
Jordan J.

This film was a wonderful experience, both for me as a film student and as a film lover. A great film, but not everyone will get it. If you haven't seen it yet, please do. It has a great sense of reality to it. Like most great films, its not "shot like a movie" but its a GREAT story told in a unique style. I wish I had seen this film before I was in college, so that I could have been the only one in the world that knew it.

Angela Burke photo
Angela Burke

My final comment is that this movie is so terrible. I mean, all the heroes are bad guys, the villagers are bad guys, the actors are bad guys, everything is bad. I can't say I never felt that way, but this movie completely shattered that. The most important thing is that, I can watch it all over again, but at the end I would be like, 'what the hell, how did this get so bad?'

Phillip photo

There is a lack of huge budget movies in Bollywood. Especially movies in the realm of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kick & Cooler, Udaan etc. However, Karan Johar's film which is titled KARAN JOHAR TRASHA KARAN JOHAR TRASHA is a true gem, which brings an appreciation to Indian cinema, especially to Hindi cinema, as it introduces the characters of the King and the Princess, and who are definitely worth watching for years to come. The film follows a tough and very suspenseful plot, and shows how corruption in the kingdom really takes over and thus the kingdom falls into chaos. The action sequences are impressive, and do portray the brutality that the kingdom has to face when the corruption takes over. Karan Johar has created a new path for Bollywood. As he has revealed his background, and other actors from his movies like Satish Kaushik, Sarika Chandrasekhar, Kamal Hassan and Anupam Kher have shown in their respective roles, that they are completely deserving of their award. However, the best part of this film is the acting of the two leads. Darshan and Saif Ali Khan are so impressive in their roles, which also is shown by Anupam Kher, the outstanding star of the film. Karan Johar is the reason that I want to go to India. He has already proved that he is a true visionary. I have seen all his other movies, and his music has been amazing. The music and the songs are both fun to listen to, and they're really up to par with what Karan Johar has shown in his movies. However, as I said, the best part of this film is the actors. The acting in this film is something to look forward to in the future. I've never seen a film where the two leads are such amazing actors, and both of them have been giving the performances in their respective roles. I love the new Indian cinema, and I'm looking forward to all the amazing films that Karan Johar has to show us in the future. His films should be remembered for their amazing performances, and not the special effects and the 3D. I would highly recommend this film to everyone, who is a true movie lover. My rating for the film is 9/10.

Beverly Cunningham photo
Beverly Cunningham

Aghratullah Khan did a very nice job here. His direction was very good. Script was also quite good. Its a time capsule of history. It shows the war of Afghan against Soviet from an Afghan perspective. The end of the war was very dark and sad. All the characters in this film played their part extremely well. Arwa is a lucky girl and her determination to survive. Her mother and father, The Russians and the Afghan National Army were equally heroic. For the people who didn't get into the war, this movie is a must watch. So go and watch it and enjoy it for the whole family.

Eric Contreras photo
Eric Contreras

A very underrated film. Cinematography is marvelous, the songs are good and the story itself is very good. Not much to add. The only negative is the script. But, it's not a bad script. But some scenes could be improved. But, I love the song they played. It's truly amazing. The cinematography, the shots, the filming of the landscapes, the shots of the rocks, the shots of the hills, the shots of the soldiers. All are absolutely amazing. It's very rare that I can say I'm a big fan of this film. My rating for this film is 9 out of 10.

Jennifer Andrews photo
Jennifer Andrews

One of the best movies I have seen in the past 2-3 years. I didn't expect to love the movie at all but I think the passion of Rajesh Khanna really turned this movie into one of the best I have seen in recent times. What I love about the movie is the story. It's very typical war movie, but the characters really make it to be one of the best in recent times. In fact the characters from this movie are not only the main focus but also the audience focus. Every single character from Chanderkant and the hero himself to the principal and his daughter is in the movie. It seems as if they have taken the most important elements from the War movie and made them the most important elements of the movie. You can feel that there is something missing from the movie. It is not just the traditional war scenes that the movie has added some very effective special effects to, but also the story is not something the movie is really known for. It's a story about a bunch of soldiers who are on an mission for a foreign company. We get to know how they came in contact with the war and how they will take revenge against the enemy if they are to be captured. There are certain elements that the movie has added to make the movie a winner. These are not just battle scenes, but also a lot of art, fashion, music, and humor. The most interesting element to me is the art. It is a combination of the graphic design and the emotions that they gave to the movie. I personally like the graphic design of the movie because it is very creative and is very beautiful and original. The story is very similar to the war movies of yesteryear. It's in the best of tradition that is very traditional and very simple. There are some really amazing elements in the movie. There are some strong acting from Rajesh Khanna and Sachin Kumar and Madhuri Dixit, and what I really loved about it was the music. The song "Ruyan" by Jaikishan Khilnani is probably one of the most beautiful songs ever, and I really loved it. There are a lot of strong emotions in the movie which are very strong. The scenes are just amazing and I can't remember a single scene in the movie that I was bored. It is like a totally different experience when you watch a war movie. I would rate this movie 9.5/10 out of 10. It's amazing. I hope to see this movie at least for one more time. Go see this movie. It will be worth it.

Sharon Willis photo
Sharon Willis

I do not care about the comments from other people who claim to love this movie, it is a good movie but. Jadoo has forgotten to tell us what he wants to show us. In fact, the most interesting part of the movie is not the movie itself, but its elements which were not presented in the movie. This movie has some great messages, it gives an outstanding treatment to the issues of partition, the Indian freedom movement and the future of South Asia. It shows the struggle of a population which faces a lot of problems. We all know that South Asia had a very different condition during partition than other regions of the world. There was a lot of potential in the countries of South Asia. Unfortunately, the policies of the India's and Pakistan's government and the political situation during partition divided the countries of South Asia, resulting in the separation of the countries. It is an old story which must be repeated again and again in the future. Some of the issues which the characters of the movie talks about are: 1) The partition of Pakistan and India and their relations. 2) The conditions for the people who live in the areas which were given to Pakistan. 3) The role of the British people during the partition. 4) The treatment of the Hindus who had been given to Pakistan. 5) The struggle of the Indian freedom movement in the north-eastern part of India. 6) The role of the Sikhs during the war in Punjab. 7) The contribution of the Englishmen in the area which was given to Pakistan. 8) The war of the Muslims in the east. 9) The political situation and problems faced by the Pakistani and Indian leaders. 10) The responsibility of each government. 11) The roles of the Parliament and Parliamentarians. 12) The role of the Congress Party and the national elections. 13) The impact of various things on the relations between India and Pakistan during partition. 14) The stories of several politicians who fought for the partition. 15) The long-term effects of the partition on the relations between India and Pakistan. 16) The modern India and Pakistan. It is a great movie which we must see and relish the messages and ideas presented in it. This is one of the great movies which we should see to learn from the history and to express our views.

Maria Parker photo
Maria Parker

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, I found myself checking the clock and wishing I had the whole movie in a padded sleeve. Ever since the glorious opening of Zufellas, I have always been put off by the prestige of film "grinds" of this kind. They simply seem to be without a point. But this film does have a point, one that a mediocre film maker would never have taken the trouble to make - it's a film about the changing attitude of the West towards the Nazi Party. The story revolves around the soviet Union of Russian Scientists. After the final humiliation and fallout, the soviets decide to repatriate all the stolen prisoners and to build a new state in Poland. This causes a controversy in the East, and the union is banished from Russia. But that's not all! No, there are actually more twists and turns in this film than I've seen in any other movie I've seen. In fact, there is so much more in the film, I'm probably spoiling it here by revealing anything. I can only say that I could not stop thinking about this film for days after finishing it. To me, this is the most perfect movie ever made. When I went to see it, I just assumed that it was another Soviet film with ultra-lefty propaganda. In fact, it's nothing like that. The movie is actually a story of two people and their interactions, which I have to admit was not a total surprise to me. All of the movie is really a film about Soviet history and culture, and it has everything I would expect. There is no screaming and yelling - the movie is quiet, deep and beautifully directed. The characters are interesting, the movie has its moments, the story is both simple and complicated, and the whole film is a journey that is full of adventure and both romance and heroism. I can't explain it better than that. This is a great movie. Well, at least it deserves that title. 9/10

Johnny photo

A fascinating social realism film based on a true story about the War in the North of Ireland, where a band of Irish rebels led by the charismatic William McDonagh (Neeson) gain their freedom from the British. The film is a remarkable work of fiction, but an absorbing and moving one. The real William McDonagh comes to life in a surprisingly realistic performance. The only problem with this film is that it seems that the creator of the story did not know what to do with it. Was it supposed to be a realistic depiction of what life was like for William McDonagh's, who was the charismatic leader of the Irish rebels? Or was it supposed to be a heroic epic about a battle that helped win independence for Ireland? This is a problem I have with many films, that while they have great dialog, they make us believe they are historical accounts or historical figures, when in fact they are not. It's a shame because the film is very well done and despite all its flaws, is very entertaining. For anyone who has ever been to Northern Ireland, this is an excellent film that should be seen by anyone.

Jordan B. photo
Jordan B.

An Indian, Raghav, takes a team of two others and sets out for a trip to Spain. While on their journey they are saved by a group of Romanians. With them, Raghav meets Maria, a Romanian who works as a waitress in a local pub. However, there is a burning desire in Raghav to be a soldier and to join the army. What drives Raghav to set out on his journey? The film's creators, Ragini Basu and Ravi D. Puranam, make you feel for Raghav as he tries to get away from the turmoil in his home country. The film is not going to make you cry like most films do. But it does manage to make you really care for Raghav and his story, which is so believable and moving. The only thing that may be surprising is that the film is not about war. It's really about two strangers becoming friends and protecting each other's feelings. There are several scenes in which you are taken back to the first time you were in a cafe in India, and the scene in which Raghav stands by the side of a road in broad daylight with a sign reading 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'. The one thing that sets this film apart from other Indian films, and probably all Indian films ever made is its depiction of Indian culture. We are not shown the traditional Indian elements of biryani and naan. But we are shown the traditional elements of Indian films. Raghav's mother is shown in the film, but it is not in a stereotypical way. Instead, she is shown as a mother who is basically trying to love her son, but she is not a big fan of Raghav and wants him to be a soldier. It's a very realistic portrayal of Indian culture, that feels very real and feels very genuine. The cinematography is fantastic. The cinematography in the film, in my opinion, is fantastic. The cinematography is done brilliantly by Manish Nandy. The use of natural lighting and the use of color tones makes the film look very beautiful and truly beautiful. The music is also great. The music in this film, while it may not be popular, is not bad. In fact, the music is absolutely brilliant, and the music in the film actually adds to the atmosphere of the film. The film is written very well. It shows how real life can be in the context of war and how the characters feel after they have been in the army. The characters are well developed and act realistically. It is very realistic. Even though it is a war film, it's very much like the real life of soldiers in the Indian Army. Raghav is shown in a very realistic way, and it makes you really care for him. At one point, Raghav is in a ballroom and sees that there are women with their arms outstretched to him. He smiles, but is not happy at the moment. He then remembers what a soldier feels after being in a war, and you can tell that he is sad, but it is not apparent from his face. He then appears to be one of the few soldiers in the film who is able to remain

Shirley W. photo
Shirley W.

This is a truly monumental film. The year is 1915, and the Hindenburg is flying its dirigible, "Beim Flugzeug," over the German capital. The Hindenburg is on a German ship that is about to be sunk. The two pilots are German officers named Paulus and Hans, and they are so delighted by the ship's success, and by the sight of the Hindenburg, that they then return to their respective homes. Paulus dies, Hans dies, and the Hindenburg disappears. Their deaths are the signal for a German attack on the English Channel. After several days of silence, the German aircraft attack, killing many civilians. Some of the Americans believe that this was because the German planes were American, which is true, but the real reason is because the Hindenburg was so good at its job, and because there was no US navy at the time, the Germans felt they could have captured and sunk it. And what can you say about that? Not a great film, and that's saying a lot. Not a great war film, but great nonetheless.

Megan Stephens photo
Megan Stephens

The Soviet Union was responsible for a lot of death and destruction during WWII. This film (Daeripgun) is about one of the Soviet Union's humanitarians, Major General Halder. Halder was responsible for the execution of prisoners of war in the Soviet Union's Gulags. He was also responsible for some of the harshest psychological torture. His brutal methods had the desired effect and resulted in quite a few of his personnel actually committing suicide. This is the story of Halder and his efforts to overcome the enemies of the Soviet Union and his experiments in cruelty. This is very similar to the story of General Kurtz, but with a human factor. The difference is that this film was produced for the American market, but was made in a Soviet-era atmosphere. One major difference is that in Kurtz, the Soviet prisoners were forced to commit suicide, whereas in Daeripgun, the prisoners were set up. Still, the film is a great achievement and has a great message about the Cold War.

Willie photo

I think I prefer the first part of the book, and the movie tries to capture the same kind of feeling. I agree that the part with the great loss of life is missing, I think that the great sacrifice in the struggle with the enemy is a bit to abrupt. The second part however is really a rollercoaster, with the escape from the Nazi concentration camps and the struggle to live with the freedom that the British had. The last battle in Spain is very good. It is a mixed review, I have two friends who have not read the book, but they both like the movie very much. I hope that with time they will read the book, if they liked it they might try to read it again.

Lauren L. photo
Lauren L.

It's been quite a long time since a movie has been able to make me want to be a part of a bigger film. Haneefa is one of these movies. Her body language is a mind-blower. I just can't tell how much she is as an actress and how much she can add to a film. It seems like she has mastered her art form. The rest of the cast also is very impressive. As a movie, 'Daeripgun' is outstanding. The cinematography, the acting and all the rest of the technical aspects of a movie are brilliant. No movie can have a better soundtrack, a better movie, a better visual aspect, and more. It makes the film so compelling. In the end, it's a journey of life, death, guilt, love, community, compassion and more. A must see!

Christine B. photo
Christine B.

This is an excellent film for anyone who has seen the recent biopic on Franklin Roosevelt. The majority of the film focuses on two major events that occurred in the early 1930s when the US entered WWI. These are the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Japanese during the attack on Pearl Harbor. These two events are used as the backdrop to an analysis of the US involvement in WWI, how the US chose to fight in the war, and how the US entered the war. The central focus of the film is on Pearl Harbor. Many people consider this to be the defining moment of the US involvement in WWI. The director plays up on this notion in the film by showing the US showing immense disrespect for the Japanese and insulting them for their defeat. This results in the US committing a serious blunder and failing to put the Japanese out of their misery. This was a tragic event because Japan was already a defeated nation and would continue to be. This is the film's central theme. To those who have never seen the films or don't like them, I can only recommend that you check them out. It is well worth your time.

Karen Montgomery photo
Karen Montgomery

One of the best movies ever, I recommend to anyone who can appreciate this movie.

Nicholas H. photo
Nicholas H.

Gopikar Bharath Kshanakalyan is a brilliant, inspiring, realistic and extremely compelling film. The audience was moved in their hearts by the characterisation, the drama and the way the story is told. Gopikar Bharath Kshanakalyan is a film that keeps you firmly attached to the screen throughout. All the players, especially the villains, have acted with flair, charm and substance. The way the film moves from stage to screen is brilliant and keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is a film that will captivate the audience and become a classic. The way it's edited is also a beautiful thing, showing a small section at the same time and all of a sudden cutting to another small section that's very important to the story. The way the characters are put together is also a gem, giving you the background of the story in each sequence. The way the film has it's back story is also well done and will definitely give you more insights on the characters and the atmosphere in the movie. The story follows the stage of the evil rulers in the history of India and the downfall of the three great nations. The characterisation is very good, the tension that builds throughout the film is very good, and the emotional scenes are also very good. The story is very touching, and it's about the progress of a young soldier who is brought up in a chaotic environment of a corrupt army and a bad government, and who finally reaches a certain age where he realizes his own humanity and his purpose. The story is very compelling and the way the story is told is brilliant. It starts of with an excellent scene and the story slowly grows, and at the end, it leaves you in a really good mood. It's a very human film, and you will be moved. If you are a film buff, this is a must watch for you. If you are not, I highly recommend this film, especially to the film buffs. Gopikar Bharath Kshanakalyan is a truly inspiring film that will capture your heart.

Sharon photo

The story is a modern India at war, the battle scenes are real, some of the cinematography is accurate. I would say it's a real battle movie. There are no Hollywood stars here, and I don't know if it is because the story was re-told, or the acting was real. I know that many film lovers and movie buffs are probably going to hate this movie, but I loved it. I have no idea why some people compare it to Gandhi and other war movies of the 1940's. The story is what it is, and the movie delivers what it promises. It was pretty close to being true as it is based on an actual story. It's a good movie to watch if you are in the mood for a modern war movie.

Ethan West photo
Ethan West

Not much can be said about this movie that hasn't been said by others. But what I can say, it is definitely one of the finest movies of this genre. It is a mixture of war/history/tension and comedy, which is perfectly balanced to get what it is trying to do. All the actors do a superb job, the cinematography is fantastic and the story is captivating and original. I have yet to see a war movie that is this good, not even that's close. I suggest this movie to anyone that enjoys a good story and a good movie. Highly recommend!

Amanda photo

Another very well directed and handled movie.If you like Indian cinema this is a must watch.Its Aamir Khan's last movie before passing away.It will be best movie ever by him and an example to others.Superb direction,Great acting,Compelling story. The movie is about one war in India in the 1920s where one girl was raped and after that, it goes on from there with the war. The story is very good and the movie is not predictable. The story is very realistic. The movie is also very gripping and you get attached to the characters.The movie is about one girl who was raped in a village and after that, it goes on from there with the war. The movie is not like the Hollywood movies where you know what is going to happen and you are watching the movie with anticipation.This movie is not like that,Its one hour long,one scene, one character.Its very simple, not the kind of movies you have to think what is going to happen next,but it is very clear what happens next.It is a very well directed and handled movie.The movie is very good and the story is really good.The movie also has excellent acting.The movie is not predictable.It is very gripping and it really gets you involved. This movie is very good.

Dennis C. photo
Dennis C.

This movie was about the Cambodian War, or more specifically about the Cambodian people. The movie portrayed the lives of the Cambodians, the story of the war, the generals, the torture, the mission. It is the true story of how one Cambodian person survived and the rest of the people didn't. It was a true story in the way that American soldiers survive. I found the movie very well made and realistic. If you like war movies, then I recommend this movie.

Keith Stevens photo
Keith Stevens

Wow.what can I say, this movie made me angry and sad at the same time.I was sad because of the true life experiences of these few soldiers who were put in the most miserable situations.I was angry because of the truth. I was angry because it shows us the world that we should be ready to accept new ideas, new ways, new ways of behavior when we can't face our true is a very good movie and makes you sad for some parts but it also makes you angry with yourself because of the is very touching movie.

Brittany Howard photo
Brittany Howard

Great story about Irujani, the leader of a city family. Great script, great direction, great screenplay. I feel inspired by this movie, and this is the first time I feel inspired by a movie. And I will tell you, I felt a bit like it was a stage play, with great actors and actresses and directors. That's why I'm giving 9 stars for this movie. This movie is so great, it was an inspiration for me, and I think I was only 13 years old when I watched this movie, but it was so great for me to understand a lot of things about the history of Irujani and Mughal Empire, and I learned a lot of things about those times, how they created war, how people hated each other, how people were very racist. The films message was "we are a very racist society, but we are a victim of our own racism." Thank you for making this movie. Great movie, with a very great message.