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Pop Aye is a movie starring Penpak Sirikul, Thaneth Warakulnukroh, and Sasapin Siriwanji. On a chance encounter, a disenchanted architect bumps into his long-lost elephant on the streets of Bangkok. Excited, he takes his elephant on...

Other Titles
ポップ・アイ, Popeye, Dramblys Popajus
Running Time
1 hours 44 minutes
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Kirsten Tan
Kirsten Tan
Penpak Sirikul, Sasapin Siriwanji, Prawit Boonprakong, Thaneth Warakulnukroh
Thailand, Singapore
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

On a chance encounter, a disenchanted architect bumps into his long-lost elephant on the streets of Bangkok. Excited, he takes his elephant on a journey across Thailand, in search of the farm where they grew up together.

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Ruth Nelson photo
Ruth Nelson

It was about time I saw this movie. I've been waiting for it to come out on DVD for a while now, but it wasn't until I watched it that I really knew how good it was. It's a very interesting story of a young man who works in a bakery that's getting ready to open, and the way his life changes because of it. The movie is very intense, very well acted, and a must-see. There are some beautiful scenes throughout the movie. The music is also very good, with the beautiful "Come and See" and "One Love" from Van Morrison being two of my favorites. It's not the most complicated story in the world, but the way it's told makes it very interesting. It's very entertaining, and you will probably have to see it several times to really understand what's going on. I rate this movie 8/10.

Catherine Cooper photo
Catherine Cooper

I've seen the Director's Cut of this film. While it may be quite different from the theatrical cut, I thought it was a good film. This is a slow, long film that is quite beautiful to watch. It is one of those films that is so subtle, but so powerful. I don't know what I would do if I were Michael Shannon, but I think he did an excellent job. I thought his character, Randy, was very convincing, and I would have done the same if I was him. I didn't know much about the history of the film, and it seemed like I was watching a documentary, but it was very well done. The story of the film is quite interesting, and it was very well done. There were moments in the film where I felt that the music was too loud, and I did not like that, but it was not distracting. I was very impressed with the film, and I would recommend this film to anyone. It is a good film, and a very good film, and it is well worth watching. I give this film a B+.

David F. photo
David F.

As you can see from the title, this film is a story about the women and girls who had an aversion to the music industry and were forced to work in a non-music industry, for no reason other than they had no other choice. The film starts out like a normal music film. The lead actress, Jenifer Loken, plays a young girl who meets a guy, and she is introduced to music. However, it is so out of her league that she has no choice but to take the job of a recording engineer. The rest of the film is Jenifer going from one bad situation to another, being tricked into doing things she doesn't want to do, but she does anyway. Her boss, played by Jon Stewart, tries to use her to gain more money, but she won't be fooled. She is able to tell that this guy is just a conman. The film was directed by Chris Fennell. I would recommend this film to anyone who is into this type of story. The acting was good, and I think the message was good. This film is an honest portrayal of life in the music industry.

Judy Ruiz photo
Judy Ruiz

I'm in love with this film. I think it's a very powerful story of love and the cycle of life. The film is very beautiful, and it's a good mix of different themes, including religious, and social themes. I think this film would be a great story to tell in class. It's a good film to show other kids what's going on in their life, and what the cycle of life is like. I'm a bit surprised that this film is not more popular, and it's a great story. I highly recommend this film to everyone. It's a beautiful film, and I think it's a great film to show to the kids.

Karen C. photo
Karen C.

The film is a bit confusing, at times it is very slow, but overall it is very well made and the main actor was very good. The ending was a bit abrupt but that could have been fixed. The movie has some serious themes. Drugs, prostitution, racism, homophobia, the issue of social media and politics. All the themes were represented very well in the film. There were a few times where the main character did not react to the situation, but overall the film was very well made and I would recommend it to anyone. There were a few parts in the movie where I was like "I don't get it" or "It's not very realistic", but overall I think this film is very well made and should be seen by anyone.

Scott F. photo
Scott F.

While the movie is the first in the series, and most of the film is just shooting, I think it's worth watching. It has the potential to be a great movie, and I am happy to say it is.

Melissa W. photo
Melissa W.

I have never seen an American movie that had such a profound effect on me. I have seen movies that really impact you but not quite reach the level of this one. It is a very sensitive movie that deals with some very difficult subjects but leaves it to you to decide how you feel about it. This movie is the real deal, I recommend it to all. The movie is about the emotions of people that are treated badly in the world, especially the children. The main character is a woman who is looking for her missing son. She meets the family of the missing boy, and when the father reveals to her his true identity, she realizes that he is not a good man. Her relationship with him is complicated and painful. It is very difficult to tell a story about people that you are not familiar with. I feel that the director did a great job of showing how people feel about each other, how they struggle with each other. The director has done a great job of telling the story and I am really looking forward to see what the director will come up with next.

Crystal Perez photo
Crystal Perez

I watched this movie because I am a huge fan of Tim Roth and I thought I'd watch this. I really liked it, it's a great story, even though I'm not a fan of his movies. I thought the actors did a great job and it was really well made, the movie was not too long and it kept my interest the whole time. The movie was really good, it's got great acting, it was really funny and entertaining. The movie was about a man who lives in the Caribbean, and he's really funny, and he does all his jokes in English. He's really good at this, and he knows how to do it. He has a great sense of humor. I thought he did a great job, he was really funny and he's a really good actor. The thing I liked about this movie is that the story is really great, I like the characters, the storyline, the story. The actors did a great job with this movie, and I really liked it. It's really good, I liked it, I really liked it.

Jean S. photo
Jean S.

This is a movie that I am going to watch over and over again and I still can't get over how amazing it is. I think the director did a great job at making the movie more realistic. I was more worried about the movie when I first heard about it but when I saw the movie I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing it was. I love how it was so much different from all the other movies about a special agent with a low IQ. It was more realistic and that's why I love it so much. It was a little confusing at times because it seemed like the movie was made for people who are on the autism spectrum. I can't really explain the ending but I will give you one clue that you can watch this movie and you'll understand it. Overall, I think the movie was fantastic and it was so exciting. I think the director did a great job at making the movie more realistic and that's why I think this movie is a great movie. It has a good story and it was really exciting and I think you should watch this movie.

Andrea S. photo
Andrea S.

Not a bad film, but far from what I expected. As a documentary, it is very well done. I expected a bit more than this and it did not disappoint. It is in the style of documentaries with interviews and many reenactments. The quality is good, but it is not up to the standards of the previous several documentaries I have seen of this same subject. I think the problem lies in the story telling. It is very well done, but it does not go all the way. The story does not go to the extreme that it needs to in order to be a documentary. The narration is a bit slow, and sometimes it is not clear what the narrator is saying. I would have liked to see a little more character development, and to see more of the interviews. I would also like to see more background information on the people involved in the film. For example, what are their occupations? What is their occupation? What is their relationship with their families? What do they like to do? What do they dislike? I think the director did an excellent job with what he had. I also think the subject matter could have been better handled. The use of language is not enough to portray the story effectively. I think it is a good film, but not as good as the previous ones I have seen.

Linda photo

This is an interesting film, though it does contain some issues of morality, which is part of the reason I rated it higher than I did. It is about a black, Hispanic woman who tries to raise her child by her own efforts, without a father. She also starts a gang that kidnaps men to use as slave labor in their construction projects. The father, who is not in prison, is very attached to his child, and supports her in her activities. In addition, the mother is trying to maintain her relationship with her child, which she was trying to do by her own, when her husband left her for another woman. This is a complex, almost dreamlike film. It is about a woman who has an "innocent" child, who tries to keep her mother-in-law's relationship with her father. At first, the mother has to pay the rent for the gang, but the mother has to give up this activity in order to support her child. I found this film very interesting, because it was well-made, and the acting was good. There is a lot of sexual content in this film, but it is mostly adult, and I think this film is quite adult-oriented. The storyline is complex, and I have seen it be "easy" to follow, but the story is interesting. I liked it.

Lawrence Dixon photo
Lawrence Dixon

This is one of the best independent films I've seen. It is set in the world of the Native Americans. The actors were all of Native American descent and performed their roles well. I really enjoyed the cinematography of this film. The cinematography is gorgeous. It shows the beauty of nature. I thought the director had some great ideas. The story is realistic and compelling. The performances are great. The characters are real and they all feel real. The Native American characters are not just there to be an exotic exotic. They have personalities and goals and are realistic and likable. I really liked this movie. It is very well written and directed. I think it is a great film to watch.

Stephanie photo

The performances are very good, the screenplay is quite brilliant and the music and cinematography are also very good. I think the thing that makes this movie work is the fact that it is based on a true story and the direction is quite good and the story itself is quite interesting. The actors really did a good job and the story is so original that I don't know where else to begin. I highly recommend this movie.

Jacob Harvey photo
Jacob Harvey

I have to admit I was surprised by the low rating of this movie on IMDb. I watched it at home on DVD from our public library, which was the only place I could get it, and I was not disappointed. This movie is actually about some very important social issues, about the blind faith that we all have. It is about women, and their role in society, and about the political process. I am not going to spoil the plot, but I will say that it is a really interesting movie, and that you should not miss it. If you like movies about women's oppression, about social issues, about the political process, about a good old-fashioned good time, this movie is for you. I think it is also very important to show the situation in Pakistan in the early 1970's, so that you can see the kind of pressure on women that women had to deal with in those days. I would recommend it to anyone who has a good sense of history and who is interested in those social issues. I would recommend it to anyone who likes movies about women's oppression and who is interested in social issues.

Julie photo

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a similar situation: this was after a week of having a painful stomach ache, and then suddenly I had a headache that caused me to have a headache. I immediately stopped eating, and then a few days later I was in a similar situation. In both cases, I had a headache that lasted for hours, but the pain was more intense. It was more like an extreme case of migraine headache, but even the migraine didn't give me a headache, it just caused me to have a headache. This was also the case of one of the main characters, which I didn't remember until I watched this movie. He had a headache and was having pain, but it wasn't enough to make me suffer. This was what I felt like when I watched "When We Were Kings" and "Lost in the Valley" (both of them I found really funny). I also felt like it was like a migraine headache, but I didn't have to suffer for a week. That's the case with me. But if I hadn't been in that situation, I would not have remembered these things. I don't think it's worth watching this movie, if you're sick. You will probably get a headache, and the headache will make you feel tired, but it will not cause a headache. And if you think that the headache will make you suffer, that's also a wrong idea. In my case, I felt like I was having a migraine headache, but I didn't have to suffer for a week, and I didn't have to have a headache for a week. It is true that it was more intense, but it's not enough to make you suffer. And that's why I didn't enjoy watching this movie. It's a headache movie, but it's not a migraine headache. This is a headache movie, but it's not a migraine headache. If you're really sick, I would not recommend watching this movie, unless you have a migraine headache.

Angela photo

First, let me say that I am a big fan of Dennis Quaid. I think he is an excellent actor, and his performance in this film is no exception. I thought the character of Connor was very interesting and he was very believable. However, there was one thing I thought was odd. The scene when Connor finds the "most likely" sex partner and tells her to shut up was awkward and a little over the top. It was very hard to take and it was a little forced. The rest of the film is a little more realistic and it's hard not to like it. The acting is good, the film is good, the direction is good, the script is good, and the music is good. If you are looking for a film that you can watch a lot, this is it. I give it a 8 out of 10. It is a film you can watch over and over again and it is enjoyable for anyone.

Patricia M. photo
Patricia M.

When I first heard about this movie, I was kind of expecting a typical black/white movie. But the movie wasn't about that. I found the movie to be much more about character development, which is very much like a reality. This is not an action movie. It's about people who aren't accustomed to being around each other. And because of this, it's very hard for one of them to trust the other. And this is what happens to all of them. It's about trust and how one person can make another trust someone else. It's about what it means to be a good friend. It's about how good relationships are. It's about how a good friend can really make a difference. It's about how hard it is to be good friends and how people can go out of their way to not get along with each other. The movie was really great. And I have to admit that I didn't expect it to be that good. It was one of the most honest movies I've seen. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has watched a black/white movie in the past, and who is looking for a different movie. It was a really great movie. I would give it an 8/10.

Kathleen F. photo
Kathleen F.

It's a shame that this movie never got released on DVD, as it is well worth it. I would like to give the movie an 8.5/10. It was actually the best thing I've seen on the "Independent" Film Channel, and I haven't seen many. I also enjoyed the music, the cinematography and the performances. I thought the acting was good, but I felt that a few of the actors over acted. That is what I mean when I say that a few of the actors underacted in this film. I also thought that the sound track was excellent, but I think that the soundtrack was a little off in this film. There was some songs that I thought were a little overplayed. Overall, it was an excellent movie that I would recommend to anyone who wants to watch something different. The movie is a real eye opener, and will make you think about what you're eating and what you're drinking.

Teresa photo

I really liked this movie. The story is about a boy named Aya who is bullied at school and is so frustrated and depressed that he turns to drugs and alcohol to make him feel better. His father is a psychologist who helps him to cope with his situation and also to get out of it. I would say this movie is a movie that you should watch for the movie. The film is also very sad but the message is clear. I think the director did a great job in telling the story. The music is also great and the acting is very good. The characters are very well written and the plot is really good. If you like movies that are sad, dark, sad, depressing, depressed, you will like this movie. I think this is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Donald photo

My family and I saw this film at a festival. The movie is actually about a Native woman, Cheyenne from the Missouri plains. In the film she is struggling to survive in a town with a white majority. There is a lot of cursing and a lot of verbal abuse. The townspeople treat her like dirt. The townspeople are also very sexist. The film is also about some rape and an attempt to kill Cheyenne. There is also a lot of swearing. I'm sure that some viewers will be offended by the language and some of the scenes in the film. This film is not a film for everyone. It is a very slow paced film. There are a few scenes in the film that will get a viewer's attention. There is also a lot of cursing. The movie has a lot of moral questions about human behavior. The movie is also about an Native woman struggling to survive in a society that is hostile to her. I recommend this film.

Donald photo

One of the great aspects of this movie is the way that it allows the viewer to go back and re-experience the same day that the film is set in. The day that the characters were born, the day that they were placed in a birth control clinic, and then the day that the characters die. This is done with a number of flashbacks that allow the viewer to see the same day from several different perspectives. It is such a powerful and powerful way to visually depict the day that it is set in. We see it from the perspective of the characters, the hospital staff, and even the one nurse that the characters nurse. Each character is given their own different perspective of the day, and how it was on the same day. This is something that I will never forget about this film. The one thing that I really love about this film is the acting. For a low budget film, the acting was really great. I think that this is one of the best movies of the year. I hope that people who see this film do not compare it to other films. The writing, directing, and acting are all really great, and really the only reasons to not see this movie.

Jesse R. photo
Jesse R.

I watched this film on Netflix last night and really enjoyed it. The film takes place in Uganda where AIDS is still a major problem and gay people are persecuted. A young man (played by Bradley Cooper) is the first one to come out and eventually ends up having to leave Uganda to avoid being killed. He is forced to leave his family and friends to get on with his life. I liked this film because it was different and I like the characters played by Bradley Cooper and Elle Fanning. I thought the acting was good and the directing was good too. The film is shot well and you really feel like you are in the part of the film. I thought the story was good and I liked how it was told. The ending was very well done and I liked how it was done. I think it was a good film and I liked it.

Linda Coleman photo
Linda Coleman

If you want to see a great movie about the most important event of our time, you have to see this movie. I really like the way this movie depicts the emotions and the feelings of the people. It is not the usual movie about "drama" and "action". It is a movie about love, about a man who is determined to make his marriage work, and who is very determined to support his wife. This movie shows that we are not alone in this world and that we can work together to help others. It is a movie about what is important in life, and how important it is to let go and trust in our life.

Bruce F. photo
Bruce F.

This movie is the best movie I have ever seen. It is a great story about a boy and his love for his mother. This movie is a great movie for all ages. It shows you that you can live your life to the fullest. I have seen this movie a few times and it gets better every time. I hope you all enjoy the movie as much as I did.

Melissa Elliott photo
Melissa Elliott

This is the kind of movie that a person with a strong religious faith can watch with their family and have a wonderful time. I am not religious myself, but I have a strong feeling that this movie is a must-see for everyone. The acting is excellent, and the story is interesting and the ending is emotional. I can't wait for the DVD release of this movie.

Catherine Wells photo
Catherine Wells

I thought this was a very good movie. It's a very good story, and the actors were great. The story is about a couple who has a son who is missing. The father goes on a mission to find him. He gets caught up in a gang war. He loses his son. He starts to have flashbacks about his son and his son's death. The father begins to understand what happened to his son and starts to look for his son. The father's son is not dead, he is in a coma, but he is in a coma. This movie is a great movie. It's a very good story and the actors were great. It's a very good movie.