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Siganitalja is a movie starring Soo-jung Lim, Jung-suk Jo, and Jin-wook Lee. A high school teacher in 1983 and a detective in 2015 join forces through their dreams to change the perilous fate of the woman they both love - 30 years...

Other Titles
Time Renegades, 時間離脱者, Nguoi Dich Chuyên Thoi Gian
Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Thriller
Jae-young Kwak
Jeong-un Oh
Soo-jung Lim, Jung-suk Jo, Jin-young Jung, Jin-wook Lee
South Korea
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In 1983, high school teacher Ji-hwan is attacked by a pickpocket. In 2015, homicide detective Gun-woo is shot during a chase and loses consciousness. Both men are taken to the same hospital in different time periods, and both their hearts stop and miraculously start again at the same time. A mysterious force binds them together, allowing them to see through each other's lives in their dreams. Soon realizing that the woman they love strikingly resemble each other and that they are in fatal danger, the two men must team up to trace the past and change her destiny.

Comments about drama «Siganitalja» (22)

Teresa photo

I was actually quite surprised that this movie didn't do well at the box office. I really didn't expect it to do well and when it did I was pleased to see that it was actually quite good. The acting was pretty good, I don't know if that was the director's fault or the actors fault but I think they did a good job. I also think the main actor was a bit over the top in his acting but it's hard to say who was better. The story is about two people who have a love for the other and have been together for a long time but they aren't ready for each other. The movie goes back and forth between the two characters but the end result is that they have to make a choice between each other. This is a pretty good movie, although the ending is a bit hard to swallow. I thought the actors did a good job and the music was nice. Overall this is a good movie and I recommend it to anyone.

Jesse James photo
Jesse James

This movie is very unique. It is very hard to explain this movie because you have to see it for yourself. The main character is a girl who is a rebel and who does not know how to have a normal life. Her parents are very strict and it is very hard for her to have normal life. However, she gets the help of a guy who is a scientist and he does some experiments on her. The guy does not know what he is doing but he tries to help her. When she gets the results she realizes that she is different. She wants to be normal and the guy tries to make her happy. This movie is very mysterious and at the end you just have to see it for yourself. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "Guteira do Pessoa" ("White Rain")

Ethan R. photo
Ethan R.

So I saw this film in a cinema. It was a big budget picture and it looked good. I was also impressed by the actors. The plot was a bit confusing but it was understandable and it had a nice atmosphere. I liked the music and the mood of the film. I also liked the way the film was shot. It was nice to see a film where the camera was not everywhere and it was filmed in a beautiful way. The story was also a little bit confusing but it was understandable. The acting was good. I think it was a good film to see and I recommend it to all the people who like romantic movies and/or films with a good atmosphere.

Crystal Hernandez photo
Crystal Hernandez

For a story about a romance, this film is less than good. It does not have the charm of the previous two movies, and it lacks the mystery of the first two movies. However, I think that there is more to it than just the acting. The special effects in this film were really well done. The "atmosphere" of the film is quite dark, but the light and dark scenes are not at all boring, and the film is quite well shot. The two leads, Kosti Pohjola and Heko Tomic, were good, and they had the right chemistry, which was what the story needed. The director was not able to make the story interesting. The scenes are not well shot, and the story is not really well told. I think the director could have made a better film than this one, but the story was not really good.

Andrew photo

I have to admit, I was kind of bored by this film. The visuals were great, but I didn't really find the story that interesting. I also didn't care about any of the characters. I was hoping for more drama, but it was not that kind of drama. It was a bit boring. The story was that of a movie that had a lot of potential, but it just didn't quite come together. The movie had some pretty great scenes, and there were a few really tense moments, but the story never really really got going. Overall, this movie is worth a watch, but I would not go out of my way to see it.

Doris photo

It's a bit of a bore at times, but the film does succeed in it's goal of creating a very unique experience that was visually pleasing and quite engaging. The story is a little thin, but it's a good story and a good story that's well done. The performances are all very good and I was genuinely moved by the acting. Some of the scenes are quite disturbing, but not for the sake of being disturbing. It's a very humanistic film that is well done and well made. The film is also very beautiful, it has some gorgeous photography and a very nice soundtrack. I'm sure that this film will be a cult classic and that it will be watched by many people.

Nathan photo

I read the book, and this movie is almost as good as the book. It is based on the story, and the story is told in a way that is reminiscent of the book. The ending is more difficult to accept than the ending of the book. If you read the book, you know that the book ends with a revelation. If you read the movie, you will know that the revelation is the revelation. The movie is better than the book, because you can see the book with an open mind. You can see the movie with an open mind, and still like it.

Gary photo

First of all, I have to admit that I have never read any of the books. But I have seen many movies based on them. And this one was one of the most interesting ones. First of all, it has a different story from the ones of the books. And I think that this movie is better than the ones of the books because it has more substance and a more realistic story. There are many things I liked about the movie. First of all, the casting. I liked the actors. The movie has a very nice visual style, the photography is good, the movie has a good screenplay, the dialogs are great and they fit well with the scenes. The story is very simple but very interesting and interesting. I also liked the music. The music fits perfectly with the mood of the movie. The story is about a man who has lost his mother and he is trying to find a way to get back to her. And his idea of getting back to her is to go to a place called Santi-Siganitalja. And so the story goes. The movie is very entertaining and interesting and I think it's a good movie. I think you should watch this movie if you like movies based on books.

Alice photo

I love the way that this movie deals with death, not with the "real" life, but the "death" of a human being, and the way that the movie shows the difference between life and death. The film shows the difference between the past and the present, but also between the past and the future. The film shows the difference between "love" and "love". And the movie also shows the difference between life and death. The way the movie is set up is interesting. The beginning of the film is very "hard" to understand. But once you understand the way the movie is set up, the movie becomes easier to understand. The only thing that I didn't like about this film is the fact that the film is shot in black and white. I don't like black and white films, and the film is not very colorful. But that's just my personal opinion. I recommend this film to people who are into the same kind of films as I am. It is a very unique film, that is worth watching.

Virginia Berry photo
Virginia Berry

This is a very strange movie. The plot is very confusing, and I can't really explain what's going on. It has a very nice story and a nice ending. It's not a movie I would recommend to anyone. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Janice photo

My girlfriend and I have been watching this film for the last couple of days. The film is the best thing that I have seen this year. We are both huge fans of the film. It is the best "love story" ever and is perfect for a rainy Sunday evening. I have read other reviews where people have compared it to the Lord of the Rings. I have to disagree. The film is not a adaptation of a book. It is an original story that is told in a unique way. The story is not new, but the way it is told makes it fresh and exciting. The way the story is told is very reminiscent of "Lord of the Rings". The film is also very exciting and the way the characters are brought to life is very well done. If you have not seen this film I strongly suggest you do so. It is an excellent film that is worth seeing.

Nicole Harvey photo
Nicole Harvey

Although the film is the most visually striking of the three, and the idea of an inter-dimensional universe is good in theory, the film is not that compelling as a film. The story is boring and there are too many cliches in it. The cast is great, but the acting is wooden. The film is not bad, but it's not good either. It's an OK film, but it's not that good either.

Steven photo

The trailer for this film looked promising, but I wasn't sure what to expect. I decided to watch the movie, and I was not disappointed. The acting was superb, the story was good, and the cinematography was well done. If you are a fan of A River Runs Through It, I would definitely suggest you watch it. It is worth the money. The film has a little bit of everything, so you will find something you like in it.

Dylan Lane photo
Dylan Lane

After watching the trailer and getting the vibe that the film would be like an adventure with a mystery, I was right on the money. The film starts out with a sequence of images that is nothing like what we would expect from the trailer. We are introduced to the main characters, where they are both on their way to a big cultural event. A girl and a boy get separated from the group and get lost in the woods, where they find a large tower of skulls. What follows is a film that looks like an adventure, but is actually a drama. I will explain what I mean. During the film, you will learn that the main characters, who are almost the only characters in the film, are actually talking to each other. This is not a bad thing, but it takes away from the film. The main characters, who have to deal with their own issues, are still very active, and as the film goes on, you start to realize that they are actually not speaking to each other. I won't say anything about the plot because it would spoil it, but I will say that I was very interested in the film, and was really hoping that the film would have the mystery that I hoped it would. The film had its moments, but it felt very rushed. I was not really impressed with the ending, but the film still had a lot to offer. I will say that the film is definitely worth seeing, but if you want something with a mystery to it, then don't see this film.

Melissa photo

I did not expect much from this movie. I thought it would be a very lighthearted comedy. But I was not disappointed. The story is simple and simple. A man wakes up in a strange house, he is told that he is the reincarnation of a famous composer and he has to find a way to free himself from the house and the people in it. The people that live in the house are all crazy and want to kill him. There are also a few ghosts that want to kill him. The man does not know who he is and he does not know who is who. The movie is very slow and the story is very boring at some points. I do not think the movie is for the fans of horror movies, I think this movie is for the fans of comedy movies. The story is simple but the acting is great. The actors did a great job. The music is also great. I highly recommend this movie.

Lawrence Hicks photo
Lawrence Hicks

We have seen many similar films recently. Maybe this is a little bit like "The Lord of the Rings", but then again, there is a similarity between the film and the books, but this is just a movie. The basic idea is very good and the movie is not bad. The characters are not likable and there is not much else that is different from the book, but the film itself is better than the book. I am not sure if I will watch the movie again. But I have to say that I would recommend it to anyone, who has read the book.

Kyle photo

I was very excited to see this movie at the cinema and was very impressed. I like the beginning of the movie. The movie is about the fairy tale and the fairy tale itself. I like the fact that we see all of these fairy tales in one movie. They're all very different from each other. I was also very happy with the music in the movie. It's very haunting and romantic. There are also some songs in the movie that are really nice. And it's the best musical I've ever heard in my life. The other thing I like about this movie is that it's very scary. It has some parts where I was actually scared. And the way the movie was shot, it was very very scary. The director did a great job with the camera movement. The movie is a little bit slow but it's still a good movie. I think that it's very underrated. If you're looking for a good fairy tale movie, then I would recommend this movie.

Gary B. photo
Gary B.

I saw this movie at the local art house. It was a nice movie, with a good story, some good acting, and a good performance by the lead actor. I liked the fact that it showed the actual consequences of the crime and the aftermath. It showed how a person reacts to the loss of someone close to them. The story is that of a man named Daryush Valizadeh. Daryush is a businessman who loses his best friend and has to pay the same price to get his friend back. The police suspect Daryush's brother, who is also a business associate of his brother's, of being responsible for the murder. Daryush's brother is a thug who's been trying to do something wrong, and Daryush wants to expose him. I think that this is a good movie that I will watch again.

Deborah B. photo
Deborah B.

I didn't know what to expect of this film. I just saw the trailer and thought that it would be a movie that would be boring and I would just waste my time. However, I was surprised. The plot was pretty good, and the actors and actresses were all very good. It is definitely a film for adults. I was very satisfied with the movie. My score is 7/10.

Kathryn photo

I'm not going to waste time explaining the plot of this movie, because it's so simple, but I'll say that it's one of the most visually appealing movies I've seen in quite a while. I love the colors in this movie and the characters are so vivid and full of life, I couldn't help but feel the emotions flowing from the characters. They're so well drawn and I loved them. This is a movie about love, and the love of a child. The movie is also about the lengths to which a father will go to save his son. It's a very mature movie, but it's also very sweet and emotional. The ending is also very poignant, and I felt the emotions flowing from the characters. I don't want to give away any more of the plot, because it's so simple, but I will say that this movie is definitely one of the most memorable movies I've seen in quite a while. I definitely recommend this movie, and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

Christina photo

I saw this movie at a festival here in Prague, and I have to say that it was quite a good surprise. I was expecting it to be very long, and instead it was very short and sweet. It is really surprising to see that this film is not very well known outside of Europe. In fact, it is probably not even that popular in the US. I think it was probably a good decision to cast a Hungarian actor, because there are a lot of Hungarian actors and actresses in Hollywood. I really liked the actors and actresses, and I think the film will be well received by the audience. The director did an excellent job, and he has also done a good job on the script. This is a good movie to see, if you are into romantic dramas.

Russell Armstrong photo
Russell Armstrong

The movie starts out with a basic plot and then it deviates from it and tries to do something different with it. The movie is not bad, it's just different. There are a few things that can be put into perspective, there are no "shocking" moments, the story has some level of truth, and it has a few very interesting ideas. However, the movie feels like it's not done yet. It's not all the way done. There are several scenes that drag on and the story is a bit uninteresting. The acting is pretty good, although the young couple in the movie is not very good. The cinematography is decent, but the music is not that good. Overall, I would recommend this movie, but it is not a very good movie. It's worth seeing, but I would not recommend it.