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War is a movie starring Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, and Vaani Kapoor. An Indian soldier chases after his mentor who has gone rogue after an unexpected kill.

Other Titles
Untitled Hrithik/Tiger Project, WAR - Hrithk vs Tiger
Running Time
2 hours 34 minutes
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Thriller, Action
Siddharth Anand
Aditya Chopra, Shridhar Raghavan, Siddharth Anand, Siddharth Anand, Abbas Tyrewala
Tiger Shroff, Hrithik Roshan, Vaani Kapoor, Ashutosh Rana
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

India's top agent Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) leads the Elite Shadow Unit of R&AW, a compact group of the crème de la crème of the armed forces who are personally trained by him and work with him on various high-risk missions across the world. Among Kabir and Colonel Luthra's key targets are an international arms baron Rizwan Ilyasi who has been key in various acts of terrorism against the country. Khalid (Tiger Shroff) has fought his way up the ranks of the Indian armed forces. His greatest challenge and battle has been to fight against the sins of his father, once a decorated soldier working with Kabir who had turned a traitor. His ambition has been to join Kabir's team to remove any stains on their family name. Kabir is not keen due to their past history, but Colonel Luthra requests him to, and gradually Kabir is also impressed by Khalid's intense dedication and grit. Khalid becomes Kabir's greatest soldier ever, flirting with death repeatedly in mission after mission as they go after the country's enemies, including a mission against Rizwan Ilyasi that nearly kills Khalid. But Khalid's greatest mission, his toughest yet, is still to come. When his own mentor Kabir turns rogue and starts to go after top officials and scientists and officers in the Indian establishment, targeting and executing them viciously across the world. Colonel Luthra is unsure if Khalid has it in him to go after Kabir. Is he clever enough to hunt the man who trained him, and even if he does get him, does he have it in him to put a bullet in his hero's head? Luthra advises Khalid against the mission but he insists - he is the best protégé and the only one who can track the mentor. And only Kabir can answer the crucial question - why did he turn rogue? A vicious cat and mouse game ensues as protégé goes after mentor in a war that spills across the globe. As the chase unravels both Kabir and Khalid begin to finally realize, what desperate stakes really drive them in this terrifying war.

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Donald Ford photo
Donald Ford

This is an excellent action movie. I liked it even better than the first. I thought the actors in this movie did a very good job. I thought that it was very realistic. The movie has a good plot. The action is the best part of the movie. I think the acting is the best part of this movie. I think the director did a very good job in this movie. The action scenes in this movie were great. I thought that the movie did a good job in this movie. I like how the director wanted to show the world that there is more than one God. I like the ending because the director made it very interesting. The movie is good because of the acting. This movie is an excellent action movie. I think that it is a good movie.

Jean D. photo
Jean D.

Took my boyfriend and I out to see it last night and was pleasantly surprised. Well acted, interesting story, really good suspense. (which is a good thing)

Joan photo

I saw this film in the theater. I loved it. I loved the story. The special effects were wonderful. The acting was great. It had all the elements to make a great film. The original John Wick films were just plain fun. But this one added something new. It added a character and a story that is believable and suspenseful. The villain had a sense of fear, as if he was afraid of what is going to happen to him. When he fights against Wick, he becomes more than a fight. He becomes a death sentence. The death of his wife is a reminder that life is always uncertain. That is why he was the killer. There are many violent scenes. The hand to hand combat is intense and fast paced. The soundtrack was perfect and really kept you on the edge of your seat. I liked the movie. I hope it gets good reviews. I recommend seeing it. I think you will enjoy it.

Catherine Brown photo
Catherine Brown

A terrifying and elegant post-apocalyptic film that doesn't condescend to the audience and is an absolute feast for the eyes. The performance of Steve Buscemi is absolutely wonderful, and especially due to his excellent and calm acting, and no words are needed to describe how good his performance is. A few other actors (most notably Dylan McDermott) also are impressive, and many scenes are amazing. And the plot is pretty good, with a lot of twists and a real sense of urgency. The most striking thing about the movie is the number of interesting and well-known actors and actresses, which is a real advantage for a film that is so good. 8/10

Robert K. photo
Robert K.

We just got back from seeing the film in cinemas, and we had a great time. The film is pretty interesting. One of the key things we've seen with the Matrix trilogy is that they focus on the details, such as the Neo sequences, and how his mind works. This film brings it all together. However, there are some things that bothered us. The thing that bothered us the most was how artificial the fight scenes were. We've seen these great fight sequences in other action films. But we didn't get it in the Matrix, where the fights were so realistic, that they brought a feeling of realism to the fight sequences. Here, there were a few fights that were just too artificial, and you could tell they were not done that way. Overall, a good action film. It has good fight sequences, great music, great atmosphere, and an overall great story. The only thing that I didn't like was how artificial the fight scenes were. The characters were not given the background that would make them believable in a fight. You just know that they're going to get killed at some point, and it's not believable. So, we get the feeling that they don't deserve the damage they get. Overall, the story is good. It is the same story as the Matrix trilogy. The story is good, the action is good, and the characters are good. It's a good film. 8/10

Theresa Gilbert photo
Theresa Gilbert

A futuristic mixed reality movie, where a man dies and his memory becomes reality. For some reason the past becomes now and it's up to the present to fix it. As for the story, it's a combination of James Bond and Matrix, where the past is now. The only problem is that you're always looking at a video camera and that the time changes and it's very hard to see the future and the past simultaneously. The acting is good, but the script is weak and there's too many scenes in which the two time lines cross. Overall, it's a good movie with a good script and good acting.

Jacob photo

Fantastic action with great sets and sound, the "redemption" of the movie was great too, how the movie ended made me shiver at the idea of Armageddon and what will happen in the future. Btw, i believe the protagonist is not a bad guy. He doesn't want to do good, he wants to live. If you want to see a good action movie, don't see this movie. It is a blockbuster and you don't want to miss it.

Nicole S. photo
Nicole S.

Its a pure action movie with a story line. Every character is clearly defined and had to be. The characterizations are superb and especially the Aryan fighters. The story line is well executed and makes sense. Even the last two minutes have a clear meaning. This is a great movie to watch after the film noire. Because of the story line, the action is excellent. Every shot is beautifully executed. The movie is never boring and never even mildly boring. Overall, one of the best action movies of this decade. Don't miss it.

Amanda R. photo
Amanda R.

This is an interesting movie with some spectacular stunts and great gun-play, but a pretty dry plot. The opening credits scene is pretty epic, but the rest of the movie doesn't really feel as good. I did enjoy the look of the movie, but I think the graphics were way over the top. The last scene of the movie is quite powerful and some of the action scenes are awesome. There are a few great shots in the movie, but the rest of the movie just seems to be dragging. The action in this movie is not that great, but it's entertaining and good for some laughs.

Katherine photo

Watching this film again a few days later I was surprised by how good this film is. The first thing you need to understand about this film is that it is not a terrorist action film. Instead this film focuses on the everyday lives of ordinary people and their family. This film does have a lot of violence but that is part of its design. The story is interesting and makes you want to know more about the characters and the family in this film. I think that this is one of the best films ever made in general and I have watched it a few times since it came out. I think this film is very good and if you haven't watched this film it is still a good film. If you haven't watched it yet watch it and you will probably like it.

Bruce Richards photo
Bruce Richards

Heist: Team Hollywood (1986) * (out of 4) The corrupt U.S. Government has sent the con men from the League of Shadows (the V-2 missiles they used in the movie "Heist" ) to hijack the world's largest nuclear plant. In order to make their jobs easier, the terrorists decide to hold the nuclear facility hostage. With little time to plan, the terrorists begin to hack into the power grid and make quick work of the president and the nuclear plant manager. This is the first of a four part TV mini-series. The other two are "Hot Shot" (1986) and "Airlift" (1988) I think this is an underrated film and one of the best of the three. If you are a fan of the genre, I think you will enjoy this one. I give the film an 8/10.

Sandra B. photo
Sandra B.

A good amount of truth and some humor. I enjoyed it. It reminded me of some of the early Robocop films but I would rather watch that film again than watch this film again.

Ralph photo

I have to say, I had very high expectations for this film after the high score I gave it. I was really hoping that it would blow me away, but it didn't. I would say it's an average film for the most part. There are a few points that are well written and developed, but there are many more that are boring. The action scenes are decent, but not the best. The story is the most interesting part of the movie. It has great tension, the characters are well developed and the story is well written. But the action is just not as intense as I had hoped. They do a good job at creating the tension, but it just doesn't match with the rest of the movie. I would say that the acting is good, but the director is not able to hit the right tone for the action scenes. I found that some of the scenes could have been a bit more intense. The ending is well done, but not what I had expected. It leaves you a bit disappointed and it isn't a perfect ending, but I don't think it was as good as it could have been. Overall, the movie is an average one, but not an amazing one. I would say it's one of the better action movies out there, but not the best.

Bobby Moore photo
Bobby Moore

I know that the movie is called "The Terror". But is it not just an action film? Yes it is. It has action and it also has a good story. It does not get very complicated and it has action. But it is not just action. It is more than that. This is the first movie of Jean-Claude Van Damme. This is a movie about his character and his mission. It is not just about him and his adventure, it is about him trying to do what is right for him and for the world. I like the movies that he does, the ones that are action-packed and have a good story. He is a fighter. I think that is what makes him the best fighter ever. He does not just fight, he takes his fight. He fights the real fight and not the video game fight. He is not the fighter that does it all, he does it all and that is what makes him the greatest fighter. It is a movie about Jean-Claude Van Damme and this movie is a great addition to his career. I think it is not too late to buy it, watch it, and add to his record. I really recommend this movie.

Walter photo

I'll try to keep this brief, because I really don't know how to write this. It's a very interesting and quite unusual story about a young man, who after being wrongly convicted of killing a cop, takes the law into his own hands and goes on a killing spree that starts at his own family home, moves on to some other family houses, ends in the State of Washington. There is a twist and it's a very clever twist, but it's one that isn't well known. The acting was very good and the story was very intriguing. Some other interesting things I noticed about this movie was the fact that the movie never goes too far from it's beginning. Everything in this movie has it's place. You won't be bored for a second by watching this movie. The thing that surprised me the most about this movie was that the ending is very unusual, but it's not a very bad ending. The ending is interesting and it's one that doesn't feel out of place. The story has it's flaws, but it's still a good movie that is very entertaining and keeps you on your toes for the whole 2 hours. This movie isn't for everyone, but it's definitely one of my favorites.

Phillip C. photo
Phillip C.

This movie is about an event that happened in an hour on the last day of the 43rd International Astronautical Congress. People that survived that event are now looking for the killer. Someone is trying to kill them by making fake announcements and a picture is posted on the internet that is a terrorist with a car. The person responsible for making this post on the internet is a woman named David. It's a race against time. The killer is looking for people that can be killed to make people afraid and so he can keep control of the world. The police are trying to get rid of him. There are some good action scenes. You can see a large robot coming up behind David and he jumps and crashes. He has some problems. The big robot is really cool. There are also some good laughs. The movie is entertaining and you should enjoy it. It is also really good action movie. There are some really good scenes. I would recommend this movie to all those who like action movies. It is a great movie.

Patricia photo

When you watch the preview, I see a really strong initial story, but it becomes more difficult to understand the real meaning. And it is difficult to see the fight scenes. It is very important to know the background, but you can also think about the scenes in a realistic way. Even the people in the movie do not act very well. I like the idea, but there is still a lot of technical problem. You can also notice the lack of action scenes. There are a lot of more intense scenes and there is a lot of drama. I would recommend it for those who like a really good, realistic, exciting movie.

Sean photo

I don't know what everyone else was thinking when they were talking about the movie, but it was absolutely terrible. I'm sorry that this movie doesn't get anywhere near the 10 stars that it should have, but this movie is really not worth all the hype that it got, the ending was one of the worst endings I've seen in a movie ever. There were a couple of good parts to the movie, but if you've seen it, it's a waste of time and money. Don't see this movie, but if you haven't seen it, you're better off watching a movie that doesn't suck, or don't even see it at all. It's the same with a movie that you have to pay to see. Don't let the movie be one of those movies you have to see in theaters. This movie, with the insane hype, is more of a waste than anything else. I give it a 7 out of 10, because I can't imagine how someone could like this movie. If you're like me and don't watch all the movies that are hype like this, then you should definitely skip this movie, but I wouldn't say skip it, just don't watch it.

Alice photo

I have been seeing a lot of comments on this site regarding how negative this movie is compared to the original. What can I say? I am going to be a complete fan of both, for I have not seen the original in quite some time, so I am going to have to do some re-watching. I really enjoyed this movie. I did not have too high expectations, so maybe I am a little biased. But in my opinion, I was not disappointed. This movie was different from the original. It was well-written, well-acted, and well-directed. I enjoyed the subtle humor in the movie, and it was a great storyline. The story was pretty simple, and well-written, which is always a plus for me. I really enjoyed the cinematography in this movie, the use of shadow and light was done very well. I thought that the scene in which Christan (Chiwetel Ejiofor) discovers the secret of the First Vision was amazing. I really liked that aspect of the movie, and it made it more realistic, and believable. I was also happy with the ending. I think that was one of the best endings I have seen in a movie in quite some time. I also liked the action scenes in this movie. I really liked the ending of this movie, and it was the best ending I have seen in a movie in quite some time. So I have to say that I enjoyed this movie, and I am glad that I am going to see it again.

Tammy Henry photo
Tammy Henry

You are a bomb-sneaker that is released on Christmas eve, you are living in the middle of nowhere and you must find the money to save your family and yourself. You manage to evade all the customs and you are not afraid to deal with other players as you are willing to do anything to get money. You are trapped in a maze of your own imagination and you have to find the money to save your family. A very smart, clever thriller with an extremely good cast, you can enjoy it even if you are a fan of the thriller genre. It is full of surprise endings, you will find yourself having a nice time. This film has a very funny script, excellent performances, which make it an exceptional experience for its viewer. I give it a very high rating, it deserves more than this, this is one of the best films of 2013. 9/10

Diane L. photo
Diane L.

A really good thriller with a twist in the story line and the action scenes are not that bad either. Nice to see Roger Moore back in action. Probably not as good as "The Spy Who Loved Me" but still good. Very entertaining.

Daniel K. photo
Daniel K.

Don't worry guys. I am not an action junkie. I don't watch any of the major action movies in Hollywood. I prefer some more laid back, serious action movies. This movie, however, caught my attention because I love all three of the main actors. I thought that if I liked this movie, then I would like these actors. The characters were developed well, and the plot was good. There was action, and it had a really good ending. There is nothing better than a good ending. You should not have to sit through an ending like the one in this movie, you should have the great ending that you would like to have. This movie does have a great ending. I also like the fact that it kept you guessing the whole time. I think that the director has done a great job in that department, and that it was his first film. I would definitely recommend it to all action lovers, because it is one of the better movies that I have ever seen.