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The Bye Bye Man

The Bye Bye Man is a movie starring Douglas Smith, Lucien Laviscount, and Cressida Bonas. Three friends stumble upon the horrific origins of a mysterious figure they discover is the root cause of the evil behind unspeakable acts.

Other Titles
Nunca Digas Su Nombre, Bye Bye Man, Nunca Diga Seu Nome, Skryté Zlo, Bye Bye Man: Numele nerostit, バイバイマン, Bye Bye Man: A Rettegés Neve, O Nome do Medo, Ne dis rien, Bijok jo vardo, Nunca digas su nombre, Nekad nesauc viņu vārdā
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
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Drama, Mystery, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Stacy Title
Robert Damon Schneck, Jonathan Penner
Lucien Laviscount, Cressida Bonas, Douglas Smith, Michael Trucco
China, USA
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Three friends stumble upon the horrific origins of a mysterious figure they discover is the root cause of the evil behind unspeakable acts.

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Scott Kennedy photo
Scott Kennedy

In the film "The Bye Bye Man", a young man named Kevin (Chris O'Donnell) is a widower and his wife, Laura (Lindsay Crouse), is a new mother. When she is killed in a car accident, Kevin is left with only his young son, Joey (Cameron Bright). He begins to have strange dreams, which he believes to be the work of his dead wife. He is told by a mysterious stranger named "The Man" (Andrew Divoff) that he will see Laura again, but the dreams prove to be false. Kevin decides to keep the visions to himself, but one night, he finds himself on a deserted road, and he begins to see a young man named John (Derek Luke) and the two begin to have strange dreams together. Soon, Kevin begins to believe that he is seeing Laura again, and he starts to believe that the visions are real. Eventually, he discovers that the visions are real and that he has been seeing his dead wife, but now he must do something about it. "The Bye Bye Man" is a great film that I was very surprised to see it. The story is really good, and the performances are really good. I really liked the acting of the two main actors, Chris O'Donnell and Derek Luke, and they really showed their talent. I also liked the music in the film, which was really good, and I really liked the film because it was really different from the usual horror films. The only thing that I did not like about the film was the ending. I did not like the ending because it was a little bit too predictable. The film is a very good film, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes horror films. Rating: 7/10

Diana Dean photo
Diana Dean

Just watched this again and it still gets better the second time around. Although this is definitely a ghost story, the movie really has a whole lot of suspense and horror elements to it. The scene where the guy in the car is getting in and out of the vehicle was excellent and really put the movie together. As for the acting, it's actually quite good considering it's not a big budget movie. The guy who plays the main character is not only a good actor but is also a very talented musician, so the movie does have some good performances. I'm a big fan of Jason Lee and in this movie, I think he did a great job, although I would have liked to see a bit more of him, but I'm still happy that he did a good job. The movie is definitely worth seeing.

Russell photo

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I hadn't seen it in a while, and I was surprised to find myself really enjoying it. It's not a typical horror movie, nor is it a typical thriller. It's more of a psychological thriller, which is more realistic and therefore more believable. The story is good, and the characters are good. The plot is also good, and the acting is good. The ending is good too. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch a good psychological thriller. It's not a typical movie, and it's definitely not a typical horror movie. It's a good movie, and it's worth watching.

Nicole photo

I watched this movie in college, and I enjoyed it very much. I have watched this movie about 20 times and have loved it every time. It is a great movie, with great acting, good characters, and a story that stays with you for a long time. The storyline is good, with good characters, and it doesn't drag. If you liked the movie I did, I recommend you watch the movie "The Bye Bye Man". I give this movie a 9/10.

Diane M. photo
Diane M.

In "The Bye Bye Man," it is apparent that the film was made to capitalize on the success of "Saw" and the popularity of the original "Buffy" television series. In fact, the film was originally titled "The SAW", which is what it would have been had the original title been released. The film's main focus is on a psychiatrist who treats patients in a mental hospital. Dr. Alexander Dane (James Marsden) is a gifted psychiatrist who has a fascination with his patients' deaths. As the film progresses, it is apparent that Dr. Dane has an obsession with a woman named Nancy (Catherine McCormack) who died in a car accident when she was 16. Dr. Dane believes that the death of Nancy was a suicide, and that she was murdered by her boyfriend, who was later found dead in a house where he was staying with his girlfriend. Dr. Dane believes that Nancy's death was the result of a sexual assault by her boyfriend. Dr. Dane believes that if the boyfriend's death is not solved, it will result in Nancy's death as well. The film is very well done, and the film is very well done. It is very well-made, and I found the acting very well-done. Catherine McCormack is very good as Nancy, and I found her acting to be very believable. James Marsden is good as Dr. Dane, and he does a good job. There are some scenes in the film that are very scary, but they are not too scary. The film does a good job of creating a sense of dread, and the film is very well-made. It is a very good film, and I think that the film is very well-made. I give the film a 7 out of 10.

Gloria S. photo
Gloria S.

One of the most well done movies I have seen. I went in to this movie expecting something just like the book. I have to say this is not the case. I have read the book, so I know it is a movie. I like to give a movie a fair chance. I don't like to have to judge a movie on the book. This movie was great. The acting was top notch. It is not the same story that is told in the book, but it still works. The characters were great. I didn't think the actors would pull it off, but they did. I didn't care for the main characters, but I knew they would make it out of the movie. It is a mystery, not a romance. The ending was good. I am not a big fan of endings in movies. I am not a big fan of giving away the ending. This movie had the ending I expected. The movie was very dark. I thought the main character was in a mental institution. I thought he was in a mental hospital. I thought he was in a prison. I was very surprised when he escaped. This movie had great acting. The movie is great. I am glad I bought it.

Maria P. photo
Maria P.

I am going to start by saying that I am a big fan of Stephen King's work. I've read all his books. He's always been a big influence on me. I read the screenplay of "The Shining" about 4 or 5 years ago and it was one of the best films I had ever seen. I was expecting a bit of a rehash, and I was surprised. I've never seen a horror film like this before, which I think is a very good thing. I have a few theories about how this film turned out. One of them is that the director, Terry Gilliam, was struggling with the material and decided to make the film on his own. That's not to say he didn't know how to do a film like this. He had a good vision for what he wanted and he did it very well. The other theory is that the film is based on a true story and the director had an idea for how he wanted it to be and he did it very well. I'm not sure which one is true, but I hope it's the case. The acting in this film was brilliant, especially from Jim Carrey. I had to force myself to stay awake throughout the film because I was so drawn into the story and the characters. The cinematography was excellent. There are some really beautiful shots of the Canadian Rockies and I can't wait to see the film again. It's just one of those films that you can watch over and over again, and it never gets boring. If you like a film that doesn't feel like a horror film at all, this is for you.

Jordan photo

There is no doubt in my mind that this movie is a masterpiece. The actors are amazing. Paul Giamatti is definitely the best actor in the world. His performance is phenomenal. I don't understand why he is such a bad actor. I think he is amazing. I can't stand people who say that he is not good. I don't think he is good either. I have seen him in countless movies and he is always very good. The other actors are also excellent. The director is very good, he has a way of putting things in the right place. The music is also very good. The movie is good, the movie is good. The movie is very good. I love this movie. I don't know why people say that it's not good. It's one of the best movies of the year.

Wayne B. photo
Wayne B.

I'm a big fan of Johnny Depp, and this movie is one of his best ever. I think he's the best actor, but he can do anything. And this is one of his best movies. The story is interesting, but I don't think it's realistic. You can see this in a lot of movies like this, where the protagonist has a supernatural power, and he doesn't have the knowledge to use it. I think the movie is good, because it's good to see Depp in a serious role. I hope he will do a lot more movies like this.

Dennis photo

I saw this movie when it first came out in the cinema, and it was such a wonderful movie. I was hooked from the start, and I have seen it a few times since. It is an original story, and you'll see how it all ties together in the end. It's an extremely dark movie, and it was scary in a good way. I think it's great that the director kept the story simple, and it worked, but he still managed to make it very funny and a little scary at the same time. I really love the film, and I love it all the more because of it. There is something about it that just hits me. The ending is fantastic, and it's a classic one, I just love it. If you don't see it, you're missing out on a classic, and I would highly recommend it.

Megan W. photo
Megan W.

After seeing the "Halloween" remake and having read the books, I really wanted to see the original "The Bye Bye Man". I was really surprised that the remake was better than the original, and I can't wait to see the original again. I loved how the original had more scares, more violence, and a better script. The remake is even better. I think it's the best remake of all time. It's different and it's scary. The story is great, and there are a lot of jump scares. I'm not saying the original "Halloween" was a classic, but it's still a good movie. I can't wait to see it again. I've seen the original version, and I really loved it. I think this version is better, because it's not as predictable. I also think it's more dramatic and scary. The only thing I didn't like about this version is that it's not as scary as the original. It's not scary in the way it made the original so scary, but it's still scary. This version is also better than the original because it's more intense. It's more violent and it's more frightening. The remake is also better because the original is more intense and more scary. I'm going to see this version again, and I'm going to see it again!

Nathan E. photo
Nathan E.

If you are looking for a good supernatural thriller, this is the movie for you. The movie starts with the daughter of the movie's protagonist, Laura (played by Julie Delpy), returning home for Christmas, and her mother and father have an argument about her not coming home. The next day, Laura goes missing. The only person who knows where Laura is is the neighbor who's brother is the neighbor's daughter. Laura's father goes out of town for work, and Laura goes missing. When she does not come home, the neighbors start to believe that something is wrong with Laura. As it turns out, her father has killed her mother and is hiding the body somewhere in the house. The neighbor and Laura's father go on a quest to find Laura and stop her killer. This movie is very well-made. I would recommend it to anyone who likes good suspense, and the good movie quality. It's not scary, but it keeps you on your toes the whole time.

Diane Matthews photo
Diane Matthews

The "twist" is not so obvious. But still it was a great twist. The story has many elements of horror, but it's not just about a killer. I think that the suspense is really good, because there's not a single moment that doesn't raise a little bit of concern. The film is about many things, like the life of a woman, about a boy, about a girl, about a boy's father and mother, about the town, about the relatives and friends, about the town's boss, about the town's religion, about a man's obsession with the town, about the girl's friendship, about a man's love and romance. The ending was just amazing, and I liked it so much. The performances are also great, especially Hugh Grant. I like that he doesn't try to sound cool and perfect, he tries to sound like an ordinary guy. Hugh is a great actor, and he's an excellent comedian. I also like that he doesn't act as a hero, but just as a normal guy. And I like that he isn't a hero, but a guy who's trying to do his best, and is the one who's supposed to do it. He's the one who's the real hero, not the hero himself. Hugh was great, and I loved him. The direction was also great, I didn't expect that it would be like that. The soundtrack was also very good, and I loved the music. The music was very interesting. The movie is very good, and I think that it's worth watching, because it's so much different from other movies. I didn't expect that, and I liked it so much. It's a great film, and I can't wait for the sequel.

Katherine W. photo
Katherine W.

I'll start by saying that I really like Alfred Hitchcock's films. I love them and this film is no exception. The plot is pretty simple, a couple of people, travelling through a country and meeting strange characters and experiencing strange things. It's a pretty typical Hitchcock film but the director and the script writer did a great job at creating something new and different, that you have to try to spot. I would say that this film is one of his best. I think that this is the first film that I have seen from the director and the script writer, and I think that they have done a great job at creating something new and unique. The actors in this film are great and fit perfectly to their roles. The story itself is also very well written and very unique. The main thing that I like about this film is the mystery. You can't find a reason why they are going on this trip or why they are going to that place, and that's exactly what this film is about. This film is a very interesting movie that I would recommend to everyone, even if you don't like Hitchcock's films.

Madison M. photo
Madison M.

I never saw this movie in theaters, but when I did, I thought it was fantastic. This is one of those movies that is so good that you can't get over it. There are so many things that are so good about this movie, I'm sure everyone will be talking about it, but I'd like to go into a little bit more detail about the movie. The story is about a girl named Sophia (played by Melissa George) who lives in a little town called Bayonne. Her mother (played by Diane Keaton) is going to be a doctor, but she has a few problems with her work and is constantly in pain. One night, Sophia decides to stay at a friend's house. When she wakes up, she finds that the house is locked and her friend has gone. Sophia goes to a local shop and asks for help to get in. She gets a set of keys and finds a man who doesn't recognize her. When he tells her that she is in trouble, she goes to the local police station to report what happened. But the police won't believe her. The man asks her if she's a cop. She says she's not a cop, but she is. He shows her a picture of a police badge. She shows him the badge, and he recognizes her. He takes her to the police station. When she's there, he tries to rape her. She escapes and he tries to kill her. But she gets away. This is where the story takes off. I won't spoil anything about the ending, but I will tell you that it's really good. There are many things that are in the movie that I liked. One of them is the way the police department treated Sophia. When she ran away, they thought she was a cop. When she told them she was not a cop, they were pretty shocked. They were really good about treating her like a real person, instead of just a victim. Another thing I liked was that the police station gave her a nickname: Sunny. It really gives you a sense of compassion for the situation she was in. Another thing that I really liked was the way that the police department treated her. They didn't really try to help her, but they did show her that it was okay to help people. Overall, I really liked this movie. I think it is one of the best movies of the year, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie. It is so good that it should be watched more than once.

Jessica O. photo
Jessica O.

At last, after so many years of waiting, finally there is a new James Whale movie to see. The Bye Bye Man is the best movie I have seen in a long time. The movie is beautifully written and the story is original. This is the best James Whale movie I have seen in years. My advice is, don't miss it!

Alexander Butler photo
Alexander Butler

After watching the movie, i would say this is not a typical British horror movie. I was expecting more of a horror movie, with horror and suspense. This movie was different and brought you more to think. It was a bit scary, but it was very much needed and it did make you think. This movie also gave you a lot of ideas and was interesting to see what was going to happen next. I would say this is a good movie to see, if you are a horror fan, and you like to think.

Judith photo

I saw this film in the cinema and I have to say that it's a very good film. The cast is great, the director is very good, the story is well thought out and the music is great. But it's not a film that can be watched over and over again. I think that the story could have been better, but the acting is very good. I don't think that it's a film that everyone should watch, but it's a good film that everyone should watch. I give it 7/10.

Jerry Silva photo
Jerry Silva

A thought-provoking and challenging horror movie that made me question my beliefs and beliefs in life. Not the typical jump-scares and blood and gore, but an interesting and thought-provoking story that takes you to a place that you can't possibly find anywhere else. Just a great movie!

Michelle photo

This is a film that I saw as a teen. I was very skeptical at first, but it was actually pretty good. The acting is very good, and the story is intriguing. The film is basically about a man who is in a hospital for the first time, and a stranger shows up at the hospital and starts killing people. The stranger is an ex-cop who is now a private detective. He is on the trail of a serial killer. The film is very good, and I recommend it. It's very suspenseful, and I recommend it.

Arthur E. photo
Arthur E.

I don't get why people are criticizing this movie. It was a very interesting movie and I really enjoyed it. It had some slow parts and it was a bit long but I didn't mind it. I think the movie was very well done and you really learn about the characters. It's not like other movies where you just go "I know everything about the characters" and it's like a bunch of information that they don't give you. They really show you things and you see what they see. They don't give you the answers but they show you things and then you go "that's why this person did that" or "that's why that happened". It's very interesting. I also thought that the ending was a little too neat. I also thought that the way that the movie was set up in the beginning was kind of weird. I mean the guy that the movie is about didn't say a word in the whole movie until the last 20 minutes. It was like, "Hey, I know that guy!" "Hey, I know him!". That was kind of weird. Anyway, I think that this movie is very well done and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anybody who likes movies like this.

Lisa Ray photo
Lisa Ray

Although the movie is not a masterpiece, it is certainly a good one, because of the interesting story and the strong performances of the actors. As a result, the movie is quite watchable, and you should definitely take the time to watch it. Although I personally don't like horror movies, I found the movie to be quite entertaining, and the ending was very good, as well. However, I do not recommend it to everybody. It's a movie you should watch when you have some time to kill. This movie is not something you should miss, as it is a great movie.

Janet Cunningham photo
Janet Cunningham

When I first saw the trailer for this film I thought it was going to be a horror film with a supernatural theme. It was not. It was a psychological thriller. But it did have some horror elements. The best thing about this film was that the story kept you guessing until the end. I think this film could have been much better. The ending was a little weak. The acting was good. The story was a little weak. The film was a little slow. I would give this film a 7 out of 10. It was a good movie but it could have been much better.

Wayne Lewis photo
Wayne Lewis

This is the first film I have ever seen, and I am a great fan of the Stephen King novels. So I was curious how it was going to be. Well, it's not great, but it's very well done. The story is not at all that bad, and the acting is just right. I would say that this is not a horror movie, although it has the basic ingredients of horror, it's not like anything you've ever seen. So you can watch it any time of the day, and it won't bother you at all. If you like horror movies, and are looking for something different to watch, you should definitely give this a shot. It's worth it, trust me.

Betty S. photo
Betty S.

I watched this movie with my girlfriend. We both thought it was pretty good. We both liked the theme. I think it was interesting how the director played with the tension and darkness. The movie is scary and a little bit mysterious. I recommend this movie to anyone. I think it is better to watch this movie alone. My girlfriend watched it with me, and she enjoyed it as well. We both agreed that it was a good movie. The movie is not a horror movie, but I think it is a movie worth watching. The story is interesting, and the ending is very good. It is hard to say if the movie is scary, but I think it is a very good movie. I think it is worth watching.

Steven A. photo
Steven A.

Tortilla, played by John Turturro, is the only guy in the world who has no qualms about taking on a gun toting serial killer, when he first sees him. You would think that with the amount of time it takes to get to the point of his life, that it would be difficult to get him to bite the bullet, but Tortilla gets the idea, and lets him have his way with the helpless victim. The ending was a little disappointing, but I didn't find it to be in any way unoriginal. The thing that made this movie memorable, was the characters. The only thing I did not like about the movie was the ending. I am not going to spoil the ending for anyone, but I can't help but feel that the ending should have been a little bit more different. For the most part, the movie was excellent. It had great acting, great cinematography, and great direction. All in all, a great movie. 9/10

Jerry photo

I am a big fan of the supernatural genre, and this movie is one of my favorite movies. The story was very intriguing, and the actors were great. The movie was very different from the other supernatural horror movies I have seen, in that it was scary, but not in a "gore" kind of way. The movie was really scary, and the movie has a good ending. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes the supernatural horror genre. I would rate this movie a 8/10.

Deborah M. photo
Deborah M.

I'm a big fan of the 70's horror movies, so I thought this movie would be great. It's not perfect, but it's a good movie. I think it's better than "The Omen" or "The Exorcist". The ending is a little bit "sappy" but it's still a good movie. I liked the idea of the movie, and I thought it was really creepy. I also like how it was a mix of a movie that didn't have a happy ending, and a movie that was a little bit of a twist. It's a good movie, but it's not perfect. I liked it a lot, but I don't think it's a great movie. I think it's a good movie, but I don't think it's a great movie.

Jason Alvarado photo
Jason Alvarado

I'm glad I didn't go into this film expecting anything deep, but I was pleasantly surprised. This film was scary and original. It was the first film I saw with a non-white lead, and I was very surprised to see that it was done well. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good thriller.