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Mon garçon

Mon garçon is a movie starring Guillaume Canet, Mélanie Laurent, and Olivier de Benoist. The disappearance of his child sends a man on a dark path to find the truth.

Other Titles
Mio figlio, Mój synek, La búsqueda, My Son, Můj syn, Perdido, Ο γιος μου
Running Time
1 hours 24 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Thriller
Christian Carion
Christian Carion, Laure Irrmann
Guillaume Canet, Antoine Hamel, Mélanie Laurent, Olivier de Benoist
Belgium, France
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Julien travels constantly through work; his perpetual absence in his house has ruined his marriage. During a stopover in France, he receives a message from his very anguished ex-wife: Mathys, his seven-year-old son, has disappeared. Julien begins the search for his son. It will stop at nothing to recover the child.

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Rachel Daniels photo
Rachel Daniels

This is a strange movie. But I recommend it. It is a film which works like a fairy tale. It is full of color, fast pace and a great story. If you like comedy or drama it is a must watch.

Ethan P. photo
Ethan P.

I must admit, when I first saw this movie on television a few years ago, I was totally convinced that the director had made a film for the sole purpose of deriding western culture and western characters. The reason that I so longed to see it was because of the beautiful cinematography and the sound quality. I am ashamed to say that the acting in this movie is stellar. The two leads make you believe that there is a more than solid two hours of wonderful acting that went into this movie. The screenplay is impressive as well. By the end, I was really hoping that the movie would somehow end in a pleasant way. However, the movie moves on so fast that there is really no time to get into the protagonist's motivation or to get a grasp on what is going on in his head. The movie leaves you in the middle of a street with an uncomfortable feeling. The movie ends abruptly, leaving you with a feeling of a slap in the face. I feel as though this movie had the potential to be a classic. Instead, it ended up as a flop.

Amanda S. photo
Amanda S.

This is one of the best films ever. It has everything a good film should have, i have watched it a few times and I still like it. The film is about an eccentric man who wants to run a black market in Amsterdam. He thinks he can make big money selling the drugs on the street but not many people like his idea. The film is very close to life and not just because the Amsterdam people are just out for money and pleasure. The film has everything a good film should have, good actors, beautiful photography, a great story and most of all good acting.

Nancy B. photo
Nancy B.

I loved this movie, and I've seen it a few times since. The cast is superb, especially the two leads. One might say that this movie should have won some major awards because it was so damn good, but that's an understatement. It's a very moving film, and is just a little too emotional for most of us. However, I really enjoyed the ending and it was nice to see that the relationship between the old couple is redeemed. The film is full of great cinematography, as well as the actors. The filming location is absolutely stunning and is certainly worth a visit. I have yet to see anything that comes even close to the beauty of this movie. I highly recommend this movie, if you haven't already.

Jacob Lucas photo
Jacob Lucas

This is the best movie I have ever seen. It will win Best Picture Oscar. Everything about it is really good. It's an incredible film.

Henry Ross photo
Henry Ross

This is a must see for anyone who loves a story that is simple, yet very complex. The film has great dialogue and overall its a must watch. It is definitely one of my favorite films and I watch it a few times a year. I highly recommend this film to everyone.

Peter Franklin photo
Peter Franklin

Parisian filmmaker Alexandre Rock'n'roll is, without a doubt, the king of France for the last 20 years. He's a storyteller first and foremost. He has no interest in political agendas or scoring cliches. His films are a direct reflection of what's happening in our society, with all its imperfections and political messes. Many of his films reflect his own thoughts on society and people. "Paris, Texas" is no exception. The film is set in the Texas capital, and Rock'n'roll is the protagonist. He is a tireless and dedicated journalist who goes undercover to follow a mother and her two young sons who are staying in the house next door to the woman's husband, who is allegedly a serial killer. The film is well written, and has a very well developed plot. The interactions between the two main characters are very touching. This is the type of film that really makes you think about what is really happening in our society. And what it's really doing to these poor people who are just trying to make a life for themselves, their children and their pets. "Paris, Texas" is an excellent film that is well worth seeing. There are times when the film is a bit slow, but the true greatness of the film is how it moves. There are scenes that are really hard to watch, but if you give the film a chance, you will be amazed. This film is a must-see for any film lover.

Carol O. photo
Carol O.

I watched this movie last night. After all the critics had it. This is a movie I always try to watch in the theatre because I like to see movies that are good. After that, this movie is definitely a perfect one. And I think the critic who gave this movie a poor rating is a little bit much. This movie is great. I give it an 10 out of 10. This movie is perfect. It is so realistic. The acting is great. And you can tell every scene is filmed really well. The characters are all perfectly written. And the story is really great. So if you want to see a good movie, this is it. This movie is a perfect one.

Victoria Guzman photo
Victoria Guzman

Nouveau thriller. Right from the beginning, the viewer is surprised. As the plot unfolds, the reader starts to wonder what will happen next. The characters are complex and a pleasure to see on screen. The director excels in character development and his ability to influence the viewer's mind by his cinematography. A few characters don't appear until the end, but it doesn't matter, because it doesn't matter who they are. This movie is a masterpiece. It's a political thriller, but without any political message.

Amy Castro photo
Amy Castro

A lot of French movies are pretty good, but this one really stands out. It has the right amount of humor, sadness, and intrigue and a few moments of romantic tension. That said, you also have to admire the French director's ability to make something so strong and effective in a short period of time. Everything about it is intense and very well put together. I'd say it's the best French movie I've ever seen. If you like French movies and French directors, definitely check this one out. It's great.

Rose photo

This film is very touching and depicts the real heart of the Frenchman and shows why he is so revered. The film is filled with real French actors in a real Paris. The whole film is very real. The cast are great, the story is very close to the real life, and the ending is very poignant and touching. It's a shame that there are so many French films about foreigners. One of the reasons this film is so good is that it has a great American director at the helm. The production is very realistic. The costumes and the settings are perfect. The characters are very believable and the dialogue is perfect. The film is well made and the script is very well written. The direction is very good. It's very detailed. This film is very touching and dramatic. The subject matter is very realistic and if I have one thing to complain about the film is the subtitles in English. At times I felt like they were not spelling the word correctly. It's only minor but it could have been a lot better. The French are very good actors and the French language is very effective. So for a film about a true man it's very heart touching. This film is very touching, it's very realistic, and it's very emotional. My whole family enjoyed this film very much. It's a great movie and my children loved it. I have a real love for this film and I recommend it to everyone.

Melissa R. photo
Melissa R.

I have seen this film four times already. I am looking forward to seeing it again with a good friend. I don't understand why this film has not been distributed in Europe. I have read reviews that say it's only for the french people.I have to believe that this is what people here think. I know that this film is a phenomenon. Its power is why I love it so much. When I saw it on the cinema I was just speechless. I have to say that the film is not like the "nightmare on elm street". I loved that film. I loved how it was put together and how it was shot. I have not been to a cinema for a long time, but I am looking forward to going again. I would recommend this film to anyone and would love to see it again. I just want to tell all those who are against this film that they need to stop doubting.

Mary M. photo
Mary M.

This film shows the small story of the rich girl (Nicole and Philippe) who is in love with the guy who doesn't even want to meet her. The first part is quite normal, the rich girl wants to be with her rich lover and she ends up having to pay money to the police to break him up. The second part is more shocking, when she was planning to go to the hotel with her millionaire boyfriend. It is like a poetic ballet that is put together to end the story of a girl who doesn't even want to have any contact with her lover. I would not have minded if it had been a normal story, it just would have been a normal film. But it's not. You will be amazed by the idea of how they get the money out of the guy. The film shows that love can be a narcotic in a normal man's life. But with a girl who is rich, it can change them completely and turn them into a narcotic. They can't help it, they are just looking for money, but they don't understand that money can change someone. The girl who was trying to destroy her rich boyfriend, even when she was running around the airport. The part where she is being arrested, the way she is making excuses for herself, is just shocking. The ending is rather important. I think it should be shown to all the American teens to tell them that the things they can do with their money can actually change your life. I really enjoyed the acting of Nicole Kidman and Gerard Depardieu, although it might not be their best work. I think they were more suited for the type of roles that they have chosen. But I enjoyed them. One more thing, I think that the photography and cinematography of this film is very good, very beautiful. I think it is an important aspect in films, that the characters in the film are not only seen in the beginning of the film, but the whole film is a visual and aural experience. That is very important for the viewer, to have the best possible experience.

Margaret photo

I didn't expect this to be as good as it was. The first time I watched it I was extremely shocked and impressed with the acting, the story and the cinematography. I expected it to be one of the best movies of the year but I was sorely disappointed. I guess I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it is. I love the way the directors built the movie with the different tones and moods of the different characters. The story just kept getting more interesting and better. I loved the plot twists and there was always something I wasn't aware of or didn't notice. They really made it into a surreal, surreal, surrealistic experience. The acting in this movie is phenomenal. I had no idea it was completely scripted, but the actors really took it all on the spot. I wasn't surprised at all at the outcome and I really enjoyed the fact that this movie actually takes place in France. I really think that this movie is going to be a cult classic in the years to come. I'm really looking forward to the second part of the movie and the directors behind it. Overall, I really recommend it.

Paul M. photo
Paul M.

I just got this DVD in the mail today. I have no idea why I didn't watch it sooner, I guess it had been over a year since I last saw a film that I was interested in. What a great film. I'm not going to go into the details of the plot as many others have done. I'm going to just tell you what the film is all about. A film about life, love, family and friendship. What a beautiful film it is. It is a film about relationships. Yes, the film deals with issues of family and love, but it does so with such a great grace and style. It does not sugarcoat the issues of relationships. There is a great deal of humour in the film, and there is great wit to boot. The humour is played perfectly by some really great actors. I have seen this film twice now, and will continue to watch it at least twice a week. It is one of the best films I have seen. I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good film with a good plot and great characters. I look forward to watching it again. Thank you.

Joan Mason photo
Joan Mason

Lola is a 3-year-old French girl who lives with her dad (Richard Armitage) and grandmother (Michelle Pfeiffer) in Paris. She is an outstanding student, though often impatient and a bit of a brat. She has an older brother (Benoit Magimel), who is more scruffy and laid-back. Lola seems like she would be a good candidate for a lot of possible adult roles - but, unfortunately, is not exactly an exciting actress to be looking for. As such, the role of Lola comes and goes, depending on the situation. She works in an orphanage that is run by the nuns (the nuns' husband is played by Jean Reno), and is taken in by their "women's coach" (Tom Wilkinson) who tries to coach her to a higher level of acting. Then, after she has gotten some acting experience, she makes a bid to leave the convent, and her story becomes the subject of an adulterous affair between the nuns' husband and the new coach's son. The novel that Lola is based on, "La Musique des pauvres", tells the story of a grown woman (Mme. du Lac) who, after having married the wrong man, ends up going back to the convent with her ex-husband. It is not really clear if the coach's son is related to the nuns' husbands or not, and the novel is one of the better ones. "The French Revolution" may have more to do with Lola and the story of her relationship with her coach. The second, and probably the better of the two novels about Lola, is about her relationship with the older brother and how she tries to keep him from seeing the younger Lola. The book was written in the late 50s, and the movie makes a wonderful commentary about what is happening at the time. There is a distinct lack of dialogue in the movie, but this does not matter in that it really makes the movie stand out. You can tell the director had a lot of fun with it. The score is excellent, and is very well-suited to the scenes. The supporting actors are not much better, but that does not matter. The acting is just that good. Richard Armitage is amazing in this. He plays a man who is also a beautiful man, and is one of the finest roles he has ever taken. There are a few other performances that are also great, including one by Anne Bancroft, who appears briefly in one of Lola's early adult roles. She has one of her best roles in this movie. In all, a very enjoyable movie. This is what I like to call a "thriller". It's not a "thriller" in the traditional sense. There are some battles between the nuns and the boys, but these don't last long. The movie ends on a downbeat note. The audience does not find Lola much in the way of a heroine. She simply exists. The ending is a little unsatisfying, but it was inevitable. Overall, this is one of the great movies of the 1980s. It is the first movie of the decade to have a female lead. The performances are first rate, the movie is wonderfully filmed, the setting is beautiful, and the musical score is excellent. I give it a "10".

Maria Pena photo
Maria Pena

I knew this movie from it's French and English posters. It seemed to be another one of those "film-noir" types. It was surprisingly good. I did not know what I was going to expect but it was a welcome surprise. It was an emotional roller-coaster ride with many twists. I think the characters were very real and very believable. I loved the ending. It was truly moving. The actors also did a great job. I would recommend this movie for anyone who loves a good crime-thriller or a good film.

Kathy McCoy photo
Kathy McCoy

This movie deserves more than one comment. The director managed to make this film extremely powerful, the same director who did the incredible and inspiring "Suburbs", which was a brilliant movie as well. This movie is not only a reflection of France, but an actual demonstration of how a revolution begins and ends in France. If you are interested in the revolution in France, "Suburbs" is a good and powerful summary of the birth and the real start of the revolution. It has a great cast, the story and the acting are good. I enjoyed watching this movie and will definitely recommend it to all my friends. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you are missing something, you probably will. I've loved every second of this movie. This is an amazing movie and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

Laura Thomas photo
Laura Thomas

This movie takes the art of the movie-making to a new level. The movie takes you through a journey of memories, which also takes you to the places that haunt you. The story is very well written and the acting is the best I have ever seen in a movie. It is so emotional, as we see the tears of the main character, and at the same time we see the anger that has broken the boy in his childhood, as he just keeps on growing up and growing older. The story is very well written and it has a happy ending which most movies don't have. The film keeps on delivering so many messages, which keep on touching the viewer. This is a very good movie to watch. This movie will remind you of the words from Gandhi which were "Let them eat cake." "I am hungry for dinner, but I am not hungry for cake." That quote has stuck with me, as this movie is always pushing the theme of good vs evil. In the end you will leave feeling that this movie is worth watching.

Donald M. photo
Donald M.

Vive la difference! This movie is more than an action movie. It's the most perfect movie I've ever seen in my life. It's a highly moving story of a man and his fight for survival and truth against the lies and madness that is out there in the world. Watching this movie, you can't help but feel sorry for the main character, trying to understand what is happening to him. With his life gone, he is left alone and has lost touch with his wife and his family. He feels like a traitor, because everyone around him is trying to manipulate him. The story line is incredible. In this movie, I can not remember a moment where I didn't feel sorry for the main character. The director has made a movie that I'll never forget.

Angela Spencer photo
Angela Spencer

This is a movie that really gets to the heart of violence and what it does to the human mind and soul. I've seen this movie several times and I have to say, it gets better each time. The plot is extremely complex and complicated, with a lot of parallels between the French police and the gangsters. The movie manages to explain everything and makes it clear without any hints or hints. The movie was a classic in the French independent cinema. I think that "Suite Francaise" and "Superieur Daughter" were among the best French movies I have ever seen. The director knows what he is doing and it's obvious. The actors are excellent. You will see the characters in their own manner. Although not in the same world with the famous French actors, it's clear that they play their characters correctly. The ending will make you cry, and it will make you think. This movie is one of the great films of all time and deserves a high recommendation.

Richard A. photo
Richard A.

Great movie in every aspect, director, script, screenplay, acting and cinematography. The picture and the sound are beautiful. I don't know what is the picture ?, there's no sound ?, all is about the intensity, the way the movie tells us. We see a strong story, but still very important of the movie is the camera work. I'm not in an audience and I really loved the movie. And I really liked the guys in the movie. And I don't like any of the actors in the movie. It's not like they are bad actors. But I don't like their appearance in the movie. It is not their acting, but the director's director. And the atmosphere is very good in the movie. It is so good that I think this movie can be a movie to die for. It is not easy to watch. You will lose your mind, and it is not easy to forget it. This is a movie for the ages. A real must see!

Mildred H. photo
Mildred H.

This is one of the best films of the year. It is a great idea. It is based on a true story. It is a true French film that takes on the modern day fascist thinking in France. It has beautiful cinematography. It has great acting. And it has a great ending. It is one of the best movies of the year. It is a must see.