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Te Ata is a movie starring Q'orianka Kilcher, Gil Birmingham, and Brigid Brannagh. Te Ata set her sights on Broadway and what she thought was her life's dream. Audition after audition she was rejected and began to wonder if she was...

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Mi nombre es Te Ata
Running Time
1 hours 45 minutes
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History, Biography, Drama
Nathan Frankowski
Esther Luttrell, Esther Luttrell, Jeannie Barbour
Graham Greene, Brigid Brannagh, Q'orianka Kilcher, Gil Birmingham
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Te Ata (TAY' AH-TAH) is based on the inspiring, true story of Mary Thompson Fisher, a woman who traversed cultural barriers to become one of the greatest Native American performers of all time. Born in Indian Territory, and raised on the songs and stories of her Chickasaw tribe, Te Ata's journey to find her true calling led her through isolation, discovery, love and a stage career that culminated in performances for a United States president, European royalty and audiences across the world. Yet of all the stories she shared, none are more inspiring than her own.

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Virginia Gordon photo
Virginia Gordon

This is a very good movie. I liked the way it was filmed. It was a good way to show how the leader of the Maoist guerillas in China was treated. It was interesting how the movie showed how the communists were trying to use the prisoners as human shields. It was a very good way to show the experience of the prisoners of the communist government. I think this movie is a must see.

Cheryl photo

I saw this movie yesterday and was surprised to find that it was a very good movie. The plot is very well developed. I was very interested in the story and the characters. I liked the way the story was told and the acting was excellent. I really liked the way the movie ended. I think that it is a very good movie and one that everyone should see. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good movie.

Julie photo

I saw this movie because of the great reviews. I was very impressed. The movie was a little slow in the beginning, but it picked up. I felt like I was in a different time and place. The movie was made by a group of young people who had no experience with anything else. They had to learn everything by themselves. They were a bit on the slow side, but they did a good job. The story was very interesting. I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys history and foreign movies. If you enjoy a movie with a lot of action and violence, you will not enjoy this movie. But if you enjoy a movie that has a lot of dialogue and story, you will enjoy this movie. I think that this movie will be popular and it will be remembered for a long time.

Grace Cox photo
Grace Cox

This is a film that should have been released in cinemas. It is a biopic on the life of the great Faisal Khan. The film is a perfect representation of a true story. It is a bit too long, but not as bad as some of the critics say. It is a drama about the life of a man who was a very charismatic leader and a very powerful politician. He was an important figure in the history of Pakistan and he was assassinated in 1978. The film is a great work of art. It is a great story, a great film and a great movie. I think this film is one of the best films that I have ever seen. I recommend it to everyone who likes a good movie.

Nancy Cunningham photo
Nancy Cunningham

I am a big fan of the Mahatma's and have always loved to watch his movies. The movie, "Atman" was one of his best movies and I loved the story and the acting. The story was very good and very entertaining. I loved the way the story was told, I liked how it was divided in two parts. I loved how they used a lot of symbolism. I also liked the way the story was told. The acting was very good and the music was also good. I am a big fan of the movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Mahatma Gandhi movies.

Carolyn J. photo
Carolyn J.

This is a very good movie. I am not sure why the reviews are so negative. The movie is very well-made, and I was very surprised by the quality of the film. The cinematography was very good, and I was very impressed with the photography of the movie. I think the acting was very good. I was very impressed with the acting of the main characters. I thought that the movie was very well-made and the quality of the film is very high. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes historical movies, and is interested in the history of the Philippines.

Susan photo

This movie is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. It is a masterpiece, and a must-see for everyone. The script is absolutely brilliant, and the story is truly inspirational. It is a story about two brothers who are imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. They are able to escape from prison, but are then sent to a prison in China where they are forced to be work in a mines. The director does a great job with the cinematography, and the music is amazing. This movie is about a struggle between a prisoner and his prison. This movie is a must-see for everyone.

Debra photo

It's been a long time since I've seen a movie about a history that had so many things to say about the past, but this movie does it in a very good way. I think that the movie is very well done, and the history of the Chinese people is shown in a very good way. It's a very good movie and I recommend it to everyone. I give it 8/10.

Debra photo

This movie is an excellent example of how to portray the Muslim culture, showing how the Prophet Mohammed is portrayed in his original language, and how the ways of the prophet are shown in a way that is not the way most of us are used to. The film is made with an amazing level of detail, and there are many shots that are so realistic that I thought I was watching a documentary. This is a film that is very hard to watch, but I really enjoyed it.

Brandon Wright photo
Brandon Wright

I just came back from watching this film. I was blown away. It's a real treat for the eyes. This is a film that could be easily forgotten and ignored, but it is very much worth watching. The story is great, the acting is great, the sets are great, the music is great. The film is also a very good historical look at the events of the last years of the Ottoman Empire, and the story that is told is one that is still very relevant today. This film is very well-made. The production design is great, the costumes are great, the sets are great, the music is great, the cinematography is great. The story is very interesting and does a good job of telling the story of the Ottoman Empire. The story is well told, and the acting is very good. It's a real treat for the eyes, and I hope that there is a sequel to this film.

Timothy H. photo
Timothy H.

The movie has the same concept as the one in the first movie. But it's not as good as the first one. The story is good but the direction is a little bit different. The first one had a more graphic way to show the suffering of the people in Iraq. The second one has more "witty" dialogs and has a more complex story. The third one has a more "romantic" story and is more "family friendly". I think that the third one is more for the audience and is more for the family. Overall, it's good but I would recommend it to the family. 8/10

Daniel King photo
Daniel King

This movie is a great example of the most effective way to present the tragedy of 9/11. We don't need to see the actual plane crash, just the reactions of the people on the ground and the expressions of the people in the air. I have always been a big fan of this director, but this film was a big step up. It has a great performance from Morgan Freeman, who is quite believable as a grieving man, and the supporting cast is very good. The story line was very interesting, and the cinematography was excellent. The ending was perfect, and it was so powerful that it left me stunned. I recommend this film to everyone.

Gregory C. photo
Gregory C.

I've been watching a lot of movies lately. I was looking for something that would keep my attention and keep me watching. I found this movie and was extremely pleased with it. I thought it was a great movie. I thought the acting was great, the plot was great, and the special effects were great. I recommend this movie to anyone. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Alice F. photo
Alice F.

The most interesting thing about this movie is how it is put together. It is a documentary, but it is so well made that it feels like a documentary. It is set in the 1950s, and we see a lot of the culture of that time, the clothes, the music, the cars. The movie is about the life of a woman who is a member of a secret society of intellectuals, and how she tries to be accepted by the rest of society. It is a very interesting look at how people of that time were. And the music, as usual, is really good. I think this movie is very important for people to know how the world of intellectuals were. I don't think that this movie is really suitable for everyone, because it is a very very long movie. I think that it would be better if they made a shorter version of the movie, because it would be a bit boring. The acting is really good, and I think that it is really interesting to see how the main character is able to be accepted by the rest of society. I think that this movie is really interesting, and I recommend it to people who want to see a good movie about intellectuals.

Patrick photo

I loved this movie. I have seen it twice and still love it. It is an amazing movie. It tells the story of how the Muslims and Christians came to the Holy Land. It shows the power of religion, and how this power can cause such great suffering. The actors are really great, and the story is really good. It also shows the power of the Turkish people and the power of the Turkish military. The cinematography is really good, and the story is really good. The soundtrack is really good, and the movie is really good. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves history, or anyone who loves movies.

Kyle H. photo
Kyle H.

The film is an account of the events that occurred in the days leading up to the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the early 70s. It focuses on the struggles between the people and the authorities of the time, especially the army, who were under the direction of the Shah. It also tells of the subsequent events that took place after the revolution. The film does not feature any of the major political figures of the time, but it does include a large number of Iranians. There are some interesting historical facts that are not included in the film, such as the fact that the Shah was the father of Ayatollah Khomeini, the current supreme leader of Iran. It also mentions that the Shah's son and heir apparent, Mohammad Reza Shah, was the one who ultimately succeeded the Shah. This film is well worth seeing. The actors are all very good, with the exception of the actors who play the main characters, because they are not given enough screen time. It is an interesting look at the period and the people of Iran, but it is a little too long and there are some plot holes. It is worth seeing if you are a fan of the subject, but it is not a film that I would recommend to anyone else.

Danielle Payne photo
Danielle Payne

A very compelling and well-crafted film about the struggles of a small group of men from the village of Bilimora in the late 1980s. The story begins with the death of a young boy, and continues with the involvement of the villagers in an attempt to raise money to bury the child. What we see is a small group of men struggling to overcome the challenges of living in a hostile environment, and to accept the responsibility of raising a child. The film is a little slow at times, but the film is excellent, and the film does a good job of illustrating the effects of the conflict on the people of Bilimora.