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Taxi is a movie starring Jafar Panahi. Jafar Panahi is banned from making movies by the Iranian government, he poses as a taxi driver and makes a movie about social challenges in Iran.

Other Titles
Táxi Teerã, Tehran Taxi, Táxi de Jafar Panahi, Taksi Tahran, Taxi Teheran, Ταξί στην Τεχεράνη, Jafar Panahi's Taxi, Taxi Tehran, Taksojuht, 人生タクシー, Taxi-Teheran, Taxi Téhéran, Taxi Teherán
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1 hours 22 minutes
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Comedy, Drama
Jafar Panahi
Jafar Panahi
Jafar Panahi
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When you are a filmmaker and you are not allowed to direct movies any more, you have to retrain. So why not become a taxi driver? Or better, why not pretend you are a taxi driver and make a film despite everything? This is what Jafar Panahi has done. Now he invites you to get into his cab for the price of a cinema ticket, to ride through the streets of Tehran and discover its people in the persons of his various passengers.

Comments about comedy «Taxi» (21)

Nicholas photo

It's a great fun movie. I think that there are some important messages in this movie that we need to be aware of. First of all, we should remember that "in times of need" we should take care of our friends and our family and even our enemies. This movie shows that the worst things that can happen are things that happen to our enemies and that people are not so "bad" and evil as we think. It shows that there is a little bit of morality in the world and that we can be a little bit nice. The ending was very sad and probably not the best ending ever. But in all fairness, it was a good ending for this movie. The movie is very funny and it makes me laugh a lot of times, but sometimes it's not funny. I think that the good side of the movie is that it makes you think about our families, our friends and our enemies, and it shows the consequences of our actions. The bad side of the movie is that sometimes it's not very funny. But then again, I think that it is very entertaining and I like it. 7/10.

Edward photo

Yes, this movie is about a Taxi Driver, but it's not about his Taxi. This is about a group of friends who travel together on a long road trip. Of course, this isn't all that original. There are many movies that go about this, and they all have the same basic story. It's basically the same with a lot of different characters in different places. However, the difference here is that it's set in a city that is definitely a part of the United States, and it has a unique twist. It doesn't take too long for the story to start, and there is an interesting twist at the end that I will not spoil for you. It's quite different from the other movies I've watched like this one, and it was quite enjoyable.

Jacob photo

I watched Taxi on my free Hulu service. I really like the way that the plot twists are all interconnected and not just one leads to another. My favorite character is the one that looks like an 8 year old. The plot was surprisingly good and the acting was very good. I love the scenes with the fake guns and the movies scenes with the real guns. The plot was pretty simple, but it was entertaining. I also liked the music. I think that the first song that got me was "The Line." Overall, I really enjoyed it.

Joe L. photo
Joe L.

I was quite excited to see this film. I have not seen a lot of Asian cinema that I am familiar with, so I was looking forward to a unique film. I was not disappointed. I would say that this film is a typical Asian movie, but it is not a typical Asian movie. I don't know if it's because it was shot in English, but I do not think the language was important to the film. It was simply a very entertaining film. It has a very "typical" Asian vibe to it, which is good, because I don't usually like films that have that. The characters are not very likable or important to the plot, and the film is not very deep. It is, however, funny. I thought the film was very funny, and although I did not like the movie that much, I did find the film extremely entertaining and it was a film that I would recommend to anyone.

Zachary W. photo
Zachary W.

I'm going to make this review spoiler free because I think this is a movie that has to be watched at a pace where you are not being led by your emotions, but by the events that are occurring on screen. I like films that focus on a single character and their reactions to the events in the film. I am not a big fan of movies where the characters change in the middle of a film. There is a reason for this. This movie does not take this route. The actors are all very good and it is very believable. I think the use of lighting is a good way to convey what is going on. I can't say enough good things about this movie. I would highly recommend it.

Adam photo

MARK PYM. He has the power to make his characters hilarious. He has the ability to make them seem intelligent. This is a great example of that. The first half hour of this movie is the best part. I really enjoyed the first half of this movie. The second half is a little bit slow, but it still manages to be hilarious. However, I was a little disappointed that they didn't have the love interest at the end. Maybe she wasn't funny enough. Overall, I have to say that this movie was very entertaining. I think that if you want to have a good time, you should definitely see this movie. The dialogue is very well written and I really enjoyed the actors' performances. The movie is very amusing. I think that you should definitely see this movie.

Russell R. photo
Russell R.

I saw this movie for the first time a few days ago.I was quite impressed by it.I found myself laughing a lot,with the amount of jokes that are in this movie.And I am a big fan of comedy.I think that this is a very good comedy movie that is entertaining for the whole family.The plot of the movie is very interesting and the characters are very good and you will like them.I like the characters and I like the acting of the actors.There are some very funny scenes and the story is so good that you will fall in love with the story. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedies.You will enjoy it.

Harry photo

I'm a fan of Ed Burns' movies, but this is his first real feature, so I had to give it a chance. It's a nice little drama with an excellent cast. I thought that the movie didn't have that big a budget, but it's good nonetheless. Ed Burns is an actor I've seen before, but I don't remember him very much in the way of acting, but I liked him in this movie. I don't like it that Burns' character is a private detective, I thought it could have been done a lot better. But, hey, Ed Burns is an actor that I've seen before. He's done a lot of great movies, and this is one of his best. I don't know why, but he's not at his best here. I liked the main character's story, it was a nice little story of a young man trying to find his place in the world. He's in New York, living in an apartment, trying to find his own identity. The scene where he breaks into the apartment of the famous comedian, and we see him asking for advice on what he should do is really funny. The whole movie is a great story of a man trying to find himself. The main character's story is well told, but some of the supporting characters could have been better written. Some of the supporting characters were just annoying. I think they had a lot of potential to be better, but the script is very weak. Overall, it's a nice little drama, with an interesting story, and a nice performance by Ed Burns.

Joshua B. photo
Joshua B.

I'm a big fan of Turkish cinema, and this movie has been my favorite since it came out. The story is a little bit slow, but it's a great experience and worth watching. The characters are really interesting and have a lot of potential. The only thing I think they could do is to make it a little bit shorter, like 2 hours, but that's not a big deal.

Steven photo

This is not a great movie. There is no plot, and the characters are not likable. I just didn't care for any of the characters in this movie. The music was too loud, and the plot was just. not at all interesting. It's a comedy, but don't expect much in that department.

Michelle G. photo
Michelle G.

A brief summary of what we see: With some minor changes the scenario is to present a private jet/ taxis service that has a long history. It is a service that has become almost extinct and it takes on a life of its own. The story centers around the experience of one of the owners of the business. The story is the story of what he has been through and what he has done in order to keep it going. The movie does not show the same things as the books. It is a bit darker in terms of the humour. The movie contains some pretty well written dialogues. The movie is actually pretty good. There are some things that are not quite logical. The main problem is that it is so dark in terms of the humour that it does not stand out. It is like the actors are not using the right expressions, and they are not using the right parts of the movie. I will not say anything about the acting, as it was actually quite good. The main characters are good. The story is not as good as I would have hoped, but it is a good movie to watch if you are looking for something a bit different. I would say that this movie is better than an average comedy.

Edward photo

This is an interesting film, and the director's last film I've seen. The style is a bit uneven. The editing is just as messy. The performances are quite good, but I didn't quite connect with the characters. The characters were just as colorful as the group of friends. But the style clashes. I found the film slow and just didn't feel like the group of friends. The director made some great shots, but it didn't really feel like a group of friends. The soundtrack is very good, but I didn't really connect with the music. There's a few good and bad things about this film. I do like the fact that there are a lot of weird sexual references in the film. The movie was hard to follow. There's a lot of funny stuff, but the story was a bit hard to follow. I did like the actors in the film, and I definitely liked the style and the story. It's worth watching. If you're looking for a quirky, quirky film, I recommend it.

Sean Fields photo
Sean Fields

This is a very funny movie. It is a far cry from the stoner movie of old that many people had when they were teens. But it does not pretend to be a comedy. It is a comedy for the adults and for the teenagers. This is also an adult story and not the typical teenager movie. There are a lot of humor that will appeal to most people, and those who aren't teenagers can find some parts to like in this movie. I found this movie to be very good, with the jokes being plentiful. And the plot was interesting. It is very good at making you laugh. I think people who don't like this movie, need to get over themselves and go watch another movie. This is a movie that can make you laugh and it does that well. It is also a good movie for teens to see because it is entertaining and has a lot of laughs to it. This is definitely one of those movies that you need to see!

Linda Porter photo
Linda Porter

I don't know how to describe the movie, because I have to watch it several times to really enjoy it. However, I have to say that I loved this movie. I love the way it was written, and the way the movie depicted the emotions of the characters. I also love the way it depicted the way the characters were originally written. My favorite character was the assistant to the family. He seemed like a normal guy that everyone always told to do the right thing, and yet he was able to get out of the situation that he was in, and was able to lead his family to safety. I felt that this character was one of the most important. The movie also showcased the fact that, despite all of the tragedies that happened to these characters, their family survived them. While the movie was made in Hollywood, it was well-made. This movie is very well-written and the acting was good, as well. I think that this movie was one of the most inspiring and inspiring movies I have seen in a while, and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did. I think that everyone should watch this movie.

Julie photo

Knee deep into his career,and he could've stayed in it,but the cast,crew,cinematography and direction/dramatic direction,and music,made him a first-timer.Saw his film last night,and I must say,it was a great film.I thought that he did a great job on it,in the directing department,and the script,was quite good.Overall,a very good film.

Alexander M. photo
Alexander M.

I was so excited to see this movie on the first day of its release. I never thought it would be as good as it turned out to be. I thought it was funny and a lot of the jokes worked. The movie was good enough that I was worried the movie was going to be a flop. However, I was wrong. The movie had everything that you would expect from a comedy. The story was good and the characters were likable. If you are a fan of comedies like the ones I have, you will probably like this movie as well. I gave this movie an 8. It is worth watching.

Tammy Banks photo
Tammy Banks

I must admit that I didn't like Taxi very much.I thought it was a little boring, a little slow and not very funny.But I'm not a very big fan of Westerns, so I think it was the main reason I didn't like Taxi.But I'm not here to criticize Taxi, I'm here to criticize the Western genre.The Western is one of those movies which is quite popular in the Western movie industry, and for good reason.The Western has all the ingredients to make a very entertaining movie.The Western has a lot of action and violence, the Western is filmed in a very realistic way.And the Western is really well known for it's fast paced action scenes, but Western movies aren't the best for comedy.The thing about the Western is that it has a big and major amount of comedic scenes.In fact, I can't remember a single joke from a Western movie.So, when I watched Taxi I expected it to be very funny, but it wasn't.The first joke is very stupid, the second one isn't funny at all.I think this movie is better for those who are in the mood for a funny comedy.I think Taxi is a very enjoyable Western.

Jonathan S. photo
Jonathan S.

This is a little film that is a little bit different. The story is really good. The acting is excellent. I just wanted to comment that the movie is not really about comedy. There is no joke, no even a fart joke. It's a story of a great idea. A taxi driver who discovers a crazy history and returns a taxi from the past, to the present, to the past. I thought the movie is really good, it's really funny. It's a great idea and it's a good film. You will be surprised.

Jean Thomas photo
Jean Thomas

I'm not sure what the audience will be, but I can tell you, the characters are funny, the characters are likable, the humor is really good, and I loved the film's unique style. The only flaw is that it is all too short and the last 20 minutes are not as exciting as the first one. It does get a little too "cute" and at times it is slow and predictable. However, I loved the film's style and the way it got me to laugh, and I recommend it to anyone. I give this film a 7/10.

Joshua photo

This is another Tom Hanks vehicle, though it's not his first. This one is slightly different in nature, though it has many of the same characteristics. Tom Hanks stars as the taxi driver who's lost his son. With the help of his friend (Dennis Quaid) and a young, hot-shot lawyer (Eric Stoltz), Hanks tries to get back his son and his taxi license. But a new Taxi has arrived, and it has a black-gloved driver in the seat next to him. When the driver does not appear, Hanks is out of luck. In the end, the taxi driver (Peter Facinelli) does appear, and Hanks must get his son back. This one is not as exciting as "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", but it's still entertaining. The plot is a little different, but it is easy to follow. The cast is great, especially Eric Stoltz. This is his best role ever, and the character is well developed. Dennis Quaid is good as the driver, but he's a bit bland in the film. There's nothing particularly remarkable about the film, but it's a good film. It's one of those films that you can watch over and over again. It's a little predictable, but it's still a good film. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "Eu Copa" ("The Taxi")

Andrea Sullivan photo
Andrea Sullivan

There are a number of films that are aimed at getting the audience to lose themselves in their own minds. Taxi is one of them. It's not about any real new ideas, it's about little more than the boredom of ordinary people's lives and the question of how much they want to live them. That's the movie's message. Not to be too detailed, but it's as if the director didn't want to make a masterpiece, but to have his audience understand what he was trying to convey. What makes Taxi great is its character study of two mismatched people, whose only connection is that they love taxis. In a small village in Romania, they meet, and you can tell that the director got his inspiration from a film of the same name, which is a fictional film that had a similar plot. The only difference is that Taxi is set in London, and it has a narrator who narrates the lives of taxi drivers. In this way, it gives a more realistic point of view on taxi drivers. It also provides a touch of class consciousness, which is something that taxi drivers have never experienced before. The title refers to the type of taxi. A red taxi, which is the most popular kind of taxi. While the yellow taxi is for the older people and the black cab is for the teenagers. The blue taxi is for the working class and the red one for the unemployed. Taxi was released in 2004, which is the same year that Taxi Driver came out. Taxi Driver was a great film, but Taxi is more of a drama. Taxi is a film that you can't just enjoy. It's a movie that you have to think about, and it's hard to get away from. It's also a movie that you have to pay attention to, because sometimes the movie can get a bit confusing. There are some parts where the characters don't exactly know what they're talking about, so it can get confusing, but the movie's structure helps you to understand what the characters are saying. Taxi is a movie that's definitely not for everyone, but if you have a chance to see it, I would recommend it.