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The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy is a movie starring Edward Asner, Richard Belzer, and Rosario Dawson. When Donald Trump says, "This election is rigged"-he should know. His buddies are rigging it. Rolling Stone investigative...

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The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires & Ballot Bandits
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David Ambrose, Greg Palast
Greg Palast
Rosario Dawson, Von Eckardt-Manzoni, Edward Asner, Richard Belzer
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When Donald Trump says, "This election is rigged"-he should know. His buddies are rigging it. Rolling Stone investigative reporter Greg Palast busted Jeb Bush for stealing the 2000 election by purging Black voters from Florida's electoral rolls. Now Palast is back to take a deep dive into the Republicans' dark operation, Crosscheck, designed to steal a million votes by November. Crosscheck is controlled by a Trump henchman, Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State who claims his computer program has identified 7.2 million people in 29 states who may have voted twice in the same election--a felony crime. The catch? Most of these "suspects" are minorities-in other words, mainly Democratic voters. Yet the lists and the evidence remain "confidential." Palast and his investigative partner Leni Badpenny do what it takes to get their hands on the data, analyzing it to find the names of nearly one million Americans about to lose their vote by November. They hunt down and confront Kobach with the evidence of his "lynching by laptop." Then they are off to find the billionaires behind this voting scam. The search takes Palast from Kansas to the Arctic, the Congo, and to a swanky Hamptons dinner party held by Trump's sugar-daddy, John Paulson, a.k.a. "JP The Foreclosure King." Palast and BadpennyThey stake out top GOP donors, the billionaire known as "The Vulture" and the Koch brothers, whom Palast nails with a damning tape recording. In this real life detective story brought to life in a film noir style with cartoon animation, secret documents, hidden cameras, and a little help from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit detectives, Ice-T and Richard Belzer, Shailene Woodley, Rosario Dawson, Willie Nelson and Ed Asner, Palast and his associates expose the darkest plans of the uber-rich to steal America's democracy.

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Gregory Larson photo
Gregory Larson

Funny, insightful, and well worth watching. I saw this documentary in the theater in Nashville and was blown away. The people who are part of the political process and their relationship to it are really well captured. I would have liked to have seen more of the people who are part of the system. The political process is not an easy thing to study and get to the bottom of. But this documentary did a good job of doing just that. It is a powerful and moving documentary and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the political process. 9/10

Judith photo

I'm not a very political person, but I do like to see the world as it is. This documentary shows a lot of truth about how money and politics works. It's also really funny. It's one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time. I think that it's really important to show how corrupt our government is, and how we can make a difference to change that. I highly recommend this film to anyone, especially to people who are just starting out in life.

Billy Simmons photo
Billy Simmons

It was a truly remarkable documentary. It was an eye-opening experience. But it was also a film that was very well-produced and well-done. The best documentary of the year. The film, "Dirty Wars" was a disturbing, harrowing, and sad film that revealed the shocking truth about the U.S. government's secret drone war. It's a very important movie that is definitely worth watching.

Raymond photo

I agree with the previous comment. This movie was very interesting, and I was very moved by the documentary. I thought the real news was the lack of transparency and secrecy regarding the military industrial complex. I felt like I was watching an old movie. The movie was very insightful. I was expecting a bunch of high-powered military people making very dark statements about their views, and how they felt about the current situation, but I was surprised to find a bunch of very high-powered people who did not have their own views. The reason they felt the way they did, was because they were actually privy to the truth. The movie showed the level of corruption and power that exists in the government and military. The military is a powerful force, and they are not afraid to wield their power. They are not afraid to do whatever they feel is right, and they have the power to control the media, or other people, in order to advance their interests. I think this movie was very informative and makes a good point. I highly recommend this movie.

Jessica photo

I have watched the film with my sister and we both enjoyed it. I'm a lifelong democrat and a liberal who believes in the rights of the individual to express their views and do not support what the government does. This film was very well done and I think that it will appeal to a wide audience. The film was very well researched and illustrated with facts and figures and also with interviews with people who are democrats and who have been affected by what has happened to the environment. There was no wasted time. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the world we live in. I think that it will make them feel better and be more knowledgeable about what they are supporting.

Judith photo

I had the opportunity to see this movie at the New York International Film Festival, and it was amazing. The subjects covered in this documentary are almost too many to count. They are all fascinating and I really hope to see a documentary on the same subject in the near future. The directors and producers of this film deserve great credit for creating a film that will be viewed by many people in the future. It is not just an "everyman's" documentary. It is a brilliant story that is so well told, you could be forgiven for thinking it is a documentary. The film was shot in Colorado, but I would think the Colorado State government would have been very proud of this film. The production values are very high and it was very entertaining to watch. The film was a really great way to see the Colorado State government and their commitment to the environment. I would recommend this film to anyone that has a passion for the environment, and is interested in politics and politics in general.

Stephanie C. photo
Stephanie C.

I am an actor in film, television, and stage. I am very happy to see a documentary about my life. As a filmmaker I am extremely grateful to have an opportunity to be involved in such a project. It was such a pleasure to be able to share my life with these people, especially the actors. I also wanted to say a few words about the movie itself, because it has the ability to give you a sense of the inner workings of a community. It's very well done and insightful. It's also very funny and entertaining. It's a great movie to watch with your family or friends.

Carolyn Spencer photo
Carolyn Spencer

We all have a choice. The movie itself is a true representation of the reality. The people who made this movie are well-intentioned but it is very difficult to do good when you are not doing the right things. In this case, the people who did not do the right things are now faced with the fact that they made the wrong choices. What this movie says is that people must do the right things in the future if they want to have a chance at a good life. The movie also gives an insight to the people who worked on this movie. The most interesting part is the interviews of the people who worked on this movie. They are very well-known in their respective fields. They are people who know the world of the future very well. The movie does not pretend to be a documentary. The interviews are very professional and you can understand what they had to say. Overall, this movie is a very well-made movie. It is a very important movie for all people who want to know what is going to happen in the future.

Evelyn S. photo
Evelyn S.

In this interview, Nasser Al-Azami discusses the Saudi government's intention to give citizens their own independent media and the ongoing ban on these new media outlets. He explains the differences between the media in the country and the way in which they are run. In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal to create or own media outlets, but they have given citizens the freedom to form new media outlets. This interview has a great deal of information, so I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend watching the documentary "The Saudi Connection" which details the Saudi government's connections to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I also recommend watching the documentary "War and Peace in Saudi Arabia". The documentary is also very informative. Overall, the interview is very informative and worth watching. 9/10

Olivia McCoy photo
Olivia McCoy

This movie is so funny and thought provoking. It is worth seeing. The movie shows how the media works and how it influences the public. It shows how the media can destroy the truth and the truth can destroy the media. The movie was very well put together and is a great movie. It makes you think and it makes you laugh. The movie is a must see for all people who care about the truth.

Emily photo

This movie has all the right elements. The plot is about a group of citizens who want to end the corrupt politics of Washington, DC. They have no interest in the monetary value of the presidency. They just want to have their voices heard. The movie shows how a group of citizens can change a system that is corrupt. This is a story of the Green Party and how it has achieved a lot of success. It also shows the relationship between a Green Party presidential candidate and the Green Party of Massachusetts. The Green Party of Massachusetts has come a long way from when they began. There are many lessons learned in this film and this is a story that should be shared. It is a must see.

Christopher Rodriguez photo
Christopher Rodriguez

I'm not a big fan of the Hollywood political movie genre. However, this film really surprised me. It was not a political movie. It was a movie about how a great man, Abraham Lincoln, was willing to give up his personal life and sacrifice his legacy for the country. It was a story of how Abraham Lincoln's last days were spent in the White House. The film was very entertaining and interesting. I liked how the story was told through the personal accounts of the people that were closest to him. In addition, the film had some interesting historical information about the Civil War and the Lincoln administration. In conclusion, I think this was a great movie. I recommend it to everyone.

Randy photo

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy is a very effective and highly entertaining documentary. It is essentially a history of the US state, the United States of America, from the founding of the republic, to the present, as seen through the eyes of a number of citizens who have either lived in the US or have been born here. The film is both informative and entertaining, covering a range of topics including the early years of the country, the slave trade, the American Revolution, and the American Civil War. It is well worth seeing.

Helen photo

I thought this documentary was extremely well done. I thought it was very enlightening to see how the financial system works. The film was very informative and it made you think about the importance of the role of money in society. I thought it was a very good film and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the role of money in our society.

Scott F. photo
Scott F.

This documentary on the EAP is by far the best documentary I have ever seen on this subject. It should be required viewing for all Americans.

Carl Griffin photo
Carl Griffin

I have watched this film over and over again and each time I enjoy it more and more. It is simply amazing how a young man who had a life of drugs, alcohol, women and violence can turn his life around. This is a great film that is very realistic and leaves you with a sense of hope and how this type of individual can make a positive difference in their community. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves movies or just wants to be entertained and reminded of the importance of true democracy. I am glad that there is a documentary out there that makes a difference in the world. Watch this movie and you will not be disappointed. I am also happy that there is a company that produces documentaries that are not only entertaining but that also teach something to the world. This is what true democracy is all about. I am glad that my country has a documentary like this one. I think it is extremely important to see this film because the world is becoming more and more corrupt and violent. If this film can get people to think about the importance of true democracy and how it can be achieved through peaceful means then it is a good film. It is a very important film that should be seen by everyone.

Margaret photo

It's quite a pity that this film has been "missing" for so long. I believe that it's one of the best films that I have ever seen. It is a movie about a global issue that the public has no idea about. It is about the role of governments and corporations, and it is about the role of media. It's a must-see, but if you haven't seen it, do so. It's a very deep, very interesting film.

Rebecca F. photo
Rebecca F.

I watched this movie in December of 2015. I'm from Ukraine and I loved this movie. The story is very true, which shows that the corrupt government is only one of many that is corrupt. I'm really shocked by the story and the lack of professionalism of the Western Media. There is no way that this could have been covered up, but I guess they can't cover up that much in a year. This movie has something for everyone, even if you don't like Russia, or Ukraine, or the media. Just watch this movie and see for yourself what really happens in the Ukraine.

Richard photo

This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot. I do not recommend this for children under 12 because it is very disturbing. I think this is the best film I have seen on the state of the world in 2016, and it is a must see. The interviewees are all very good, and I think they are all very good in their own ways. They speak from their hearts and not their heads, and that is important to remember. The way the film is shot is great, and the interviews are great. The film has a very good flow, and the timing is very good. I highly recommend this film.

Sharon B. photo
Sharon B.

First of all, let me say that this is not a documentary. I had no idea what this was about until I started watching it. I'm not sure if it is because I am a fan of documentaries or I have an interest in this topic. I'm not sure which one. I feel that the subjects of the movie are true to the point that it is almost impossible to ignore them. I don't know if this is the right word, but I think that this movie is more about the ideas of the subject than about the actual story of the film. In other words, it is about the ideas, not about the facts. I don't think that this is the right word, but I think it is close enough. What I liked most about the movie was that it didn't try to be a documentary. There is no pretense of telling the truth, it is just a story of a documentary. It is not about facts, it is about ideas. What I did not like was the way that the director used the people who were interviewed. I do not know what the director was thinking when he chose these people. He didn't seem to know that these people were people that were important to him. It was like he was a witness to the interview. I think that this is a bad use of people's lives. I think that it would have been better to interview the actual people involved in the project, especially the ones that were not involved in it. It would have been easier to understand what the director was trying to say, and to understand the actual story. Overall, I think that this is a great movie, but it is not a documentary. If I were to compare it with a documentary, I would say that it is a documentary made by a documentary maker, and I would say that it is not a documentary made by a documentary maker.

Michelle Watkins photo
Michelle Watkins

A very compelling documentary about the issues that really matter to Americans. It shows how a handful of people can have a large impact on the lives of the rest of us. The film follows the lead of the major campaign of Citizens United and the subsequent decline of the American system of government. It also shows the various ways that people have tried to influence the system to influence it. I will agree with the title of this film, and it's subtitle: "Best Democracy Money Can Buy." The ultimate victory for corporate interests was the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which was designed to prevent the concentration of risk in the hands of the banking industry. Since the repeal of this law, the financial sector has been allowed to play favorites with the government. It was also the repeal of Glass-Steagall that allowed banks to engage in the kind of predatory lending that led to the collapse of the American economy. Citizens United was not about the issues that matter to the average American. It was about the issue of corporations and how they can use their money to influence the political process. The film is worth watching just to see how the issue of corporate influence in politics has affected the lives of ordinary Americans. The film was shot in 2005 and was shown at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. It was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.