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The Wrong Light

In the feature documentary The Wrong Light, a charismatic activist leads a globally-regarded NGO that provides shelter and education for girls rescued from brothels in Northern Thailand. But as the filmmakers meet the girls and their families, discrepancies begin to emerge and the story takes an unexpected turn.

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Selling Our Daughters
Running Time
1 hours 18 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Dave Adams, Josie Swantek
USA, Thailand
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

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Joshua Green photo
Joshua Green

A very interesting look at the death of the giant sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park. It also looks at the efforts of the park to save the trees. I have visited Sequoia National Park several times and have a good understanding of the park. I have always been interested in the natural history of the park and I was glad to see this documentary. There are a few points of contention in the film, as some people seem to think that the sequoia trees were brought here from Europe. They are not. They were brought here by a number of loggers and it was a land-owner's mistake to let them remain where they were. Most of the sequoias were planted in the late 1800's. There was a lot of opposition to the trees, but there was little to stop them from being planted. The film is informative and shows the history of the park, the problems and problems that were faced by the park, and the efforts to save the trees. There are some great interviews with the park service people and some of the loggers who brought the trees to Sequoia. I hope that this film helps people to understand the history of the park and what it was like to live there.

Melissa J. photo
Melissa J.

I saw this film at the recent Denver Film Festival. It's a great look at the quality of independent film. The director, Dave Pekarek, has a good sense of what he's shooting, and the characters are well developed. The camera work is very well done. I think the film is a must see, and I hope that the film gets a theatrical release. I can't wait to see it again.

Betty Martinez photo
Betty Martinez

I have watched this documentary many times. It's a must watch for everyone who loves nature. This documentary shows us the beauty of the wild and the negative side of living in the big city. The movie has some very real and very funny moments. This is one of those documentaries that you can watch over and over again. It is very entertaining, and it will make you feel good. It has some great scenes and one of the best moments in this documentary is when a man is trying to get out of a burning building and he is going through the motions. He just says to himself, "I'm going to go into a burning building." This is a very funny moment and it made me laugh so much. This documentary is also very entertaining. It has many good scenes and great jokes. I give this documentary a 7/10 because it's a good documentary that is enjoyable to watch. If you like nature, then you should definitely watch this movie.

Megan Weaver photo
Megan Weaver

The Wrong Light is a documentary about a family living in New Orleans in the late 1800s. It shows the difficulties and challenges of living in a city where both houses were built with stone and it is very difficult to get around with only one wheel. It also shows the time in the 1800s when the entire population of New Orleans moved to the bayou to escape the squalor and disease of the city. It also shows the food that was available for sale in the city in the 1800s. I think it is a wonderful film for those who want to know more about New Orleans during the 1800s.

Christopher Morrison photo
Christopher Morrison

I don't know why everyone hates this film. It was a nice insight into the true nature of mental illness. The fact that the families were mentally ill was not made a big deal in this documentary. I believe the film makers could have found ways to connect with the families and show the pain and suffering that mental illness causes. However, the parents were not treated as the real victims of the parents and the kids were treated like they were the real victims of the parents. This film would have been great if it was just about the families and what they had to deal with. Instead, the film makers focused on the kids and what they had to deal with. I think they missed the boat on that one. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to know what mental illness really is and how it can impact a family. I think this film was a good reminder of how difficult it is to deal with a loved one with mental illness.

Virginia photo

I'm not sure if I was expecting too much from this documentary, but it's a really good one. There are so many subjects covered here that it's hard to pick a favorite. This film is just a good representation of the state of the world today, and it's a bit depressing at times. There's a lot of info that I don't understand, but I think the filmmakers did a good job explaining it all. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in this subject.

Deborah Rice photo
Deborah Rice

I saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival. I was surprised that it was a British film about a young girl growing up in the countryside. The whole film is very well done. It is well acted and the cinematography is superb. The photography is great. It's hard to tell if it is the director or the director of photography who is the best, but I think it's the latter. I like the movie a lot. I would definitely recommend it.

Jane A. photo
Jane A.

I had the opportunity to attend a screening of this film in Toronto, Canada. The film was shown at the Toronto Film Festival, as well as at the Vancouver Film Festival. I thought it was a good film and was very impressed with the use of video footage. The film was well made, and the characters were very interesting. I am a bit surprised that this film was not nominated for an Oscar for best documentary. This film really is a must see for anyone who wants to learn more about UFOs and other unexplained phenomena.

Kathy M. photo
Kathy M.

I liked this movie a lot, it was great. I liked the fact that the film didn't cover one side of the story, so I can't compare it to the book or anything, but I loved how they did it. I really enjoyed the fact that they went to the places in the book that were shown in the movie. I also really enjoyed the fact that the director wasn't afraid to show how the characters felt, especially when the movie ended, because you don't get that feeling in the book, and I think that was a good thing. The reason I didn't like it as much as I did in the book is because I think that the director didn't show all of the characters the same way. I think that in the book, there's a lot more character development. If the director hadn't made that change, I would have really liked the film. Overall, it was a great film, and I think that anyone who is into movies should see it.

Gary W. photo
Gary W.

I had a chance to view this film at a screening in Cleveland last night. I had heard of the film and was interested to see it. After the screening, I was happy to find that it was an excellent film. It was interesting to hear what the directors had to say about the film. They were all very honest and well-researched. I also found it very informative about how the US is being influenced by "global warming". I was also surprised to see the film with a very large African American and Asian American cast. I believe this is a great film and one that should be seen by anyone who is interested in how their country is being affected by the current environment.

Zachary Martin photo
Zachary Martin

As the title suggests, this film is an eye-opener, a philosophical look at the American dream and its effect on the people who have it. It's not a great film, but it's well done. For a film that takes a look at a segment of American society, it's quite well done. It is a fascinating look into the inner workings of an American dream that is not so much about material wealth, as much as the desire for material success. This is a story that could easily have been told in a 2-hour TV movie, but this film does a much better job of telling the story. It's very interesting, very well done, and it's a must see.

Philip photo

I've been waiting for this film to come out for months, and I'm glad I was not disappointed. I thought the film was very well done, it was a great film. The most important thing in a film is the story and the plot, and this film did a great job of showing what happened in that night. I'm not a fan of science fiction or horror movies, but this film was interesting, and did a great job of showing what happened on that night. I was very interested in the story, and was surprised that I could actually enjoy it. I also thought that the film was very well made, and the editing was great. I've never seen a documentary like this, and it was very well done. I'm glad I watched it, because I was very interested in what happened on that night. I can't wait to see it again. I think this film is a great way to start a conversation about the night of the tragedy.

Carl N. photo
Carl N.

From the back cover, this documentary is about the death of a photographer, Gregory Smith, who took pictures of people on the side of the road and died while doing so. We learn that he was a successful photographer and had several regular clients. They all died suddenly, either in accidents or suicide. The documentary is well done and well edited. It is very well done, and I have to say, that it is very disturbing to hear the stories of these people who died. There is a lot of emotion in the film, and I think that is what is important. I recommend this film to anyone who has a family member who has died. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Deborah photo

This film tells the story of a woman who has been living with an abusive husband for the past 20 years. The film is a good summary of the problem and provides a good look into the woman's life. The film is very depressing and does not give you a sense of hope. The film also has a lot of narration which is distracting. The only reason I give it an 8 is because I am a woman and I felt I needed to know what the hell was going on in this woman's life. I can only imagine that for women who have been abused and feel like they need to vent, this film may be a good guide.