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Ji yi da shi

Ji yi da shi is a movie starring Bo Huang, Yihong Duan, and Jinglei Xu. After undergoing a procedure to erase his memories, a successful author begins having unexplained recollections relating to a series of unsolved murders.

Other Titles
Battle of Memories, Chiếm Đoạt Ký Ức, 记忆大师, 記憶大師
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Leste Chen
Peng Ren, Leste Chen
Jinglei Xu, Yihong Duan, Bo Huang, Zishan Yang
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

What will happen if your brain locates a memory that doesn't belong to you? In 2025, the memory-manipulation operation has been popularized across the world. Feng, a prestigious novelist (Huang Bo), deletes the memory of his failed marriage. But when he tries to recover the lost memories, he finds himself in the mind of a serial killer. He reaches out to police officer Shen (Duan Yihong) and when they begin to solve the case together, a conspiracy surfaces.

Comments about fantasy «Ji yi da shi» (20)

Janice Silva photo
Janice Silva

This movie does have a few flaws. For instance, some of the monsters were really poorly animated, which I can't really put my finger on. But overall, this movie is very entertaining and worth seeing.

Albert Myers photo
Albert Myers

This movie, The Raid: Redemption, is a remake of the 2011 film The Raid: Redemption. The two are not the same, the plot is different, and the original film was not a good one. This is a much better film than the original. The action scenes are better, the characters are much more developed, and the story is much better. The original film is a great film, but this remake is great. The Raid: Redemption is a good film, but not the best film of all time.

Shirley Daniels photo
Shirley Daniels

A movie that tries to balance its storyline with that of a thriller. While it is a very good movie, it is not a masterpiece. It is a bit slow at times, the actors are too stiff, the story is a bit too drawn out. But that is to be expected. The beginning of the movie, while it is slow, is a bit disturbing, which is a bit out of place. But this film is not about the story, but about the tension. The tension is there for a reason, which is to bring the viewer into the story. The tension is not there just for the sake of it. It is there because the audience is trying to know how a movie is going to end. This is a very good movie, but I would say it is not one of the best I have ever seen.

Ronald R. photo
Ronald R.

If you want to see a movie where a couple of young people go on a night-time ride with a helicopter, you could do worse than the GANG STUNT MODE. The only thing I didn't like was that there were a few times when the "drones" that are flying around in the middle of the night had to land and come back to the "ranger" to take over their pilot role. At times it felt like they were flying in circles in a circle. I think the director should have taken some time to really put the scenes together and make it flow like a film and not a stunt movie. But other than that, this is a pretty good movie to watch and I will definitely be watching it again.

Kyle R. photo
Kyle R.

I'm glad I saw this film first. It's a good film, but I didn't think it was good enough to recommend to everyone. There are a couple of really good scenes in this film, but they are really short and it seems like the filmmakers only really thought about the plot and what they could fit into a film, rather than focusing on the characters, or the story, or anything. If you are a fan of any of the three leads, you will probably enjoy this film. However, if you're a fan of the original Star Wars, you'll probably hate this film. The first film was good, but the second was a bit better, and this film is a bit better. The third film is definitely better than this one. But, I don't think that it is as good as the second film.

Tyler photo

Well, this is the first installment of the "Wuxia" film franchise. It is an interesting one, because it is based on a Chinese novel. The plot is simple. It's about a group of Chinese people in America. They come into contact with a local man, and that is about the plot of the movie. I really enjoyed this movie, and I think it's the best of the three films. It is better than the first one, and better than the second one. It's the only one that is better than the third one. It's also the only one that's better than the second one. It's also the only one that has the highest budget. I think it's a good movie, but it's not one of the best.

Kathleen G. photo
Kathleen G.

This movie is a good example of how good a movie can be. It's a Chinese movie and it's pretty good. It is very dark and scary and not as well written as the original but still very good. The acting is good and the plot is good. It's a great movie to watch and you should see it.

Ashley M. photo
Ashley M.

There are a lot of good movies being made these days. The more I think about them, the more I realize that the ones that are good are the ones that you can watch and enjoy. But with the "Quarantine" that I watched, I felt the need to give it a higher rating. I didn't feel like it was a movie I would recommend to others, but I thought it was good enough for me to have watched it. First of all, the movie is about a group of people who are sent into a quarantine zone to help prevent the spread of a disease that is being passed along by a flu virus. When they arrive, they find that they have been infected by a virus and are being killed off by the virus. The story is also about the way people deal with the disease and how they deal with the fact that they are infected. As I said before, this movie has a lot of good things going for it. The actors are all very good, but I think the best actor is the one that plays the guy who is the "leader" of the group. He is very good at playing the role and he is very convincing at it. The rest of the cast is also very good. The story is good, the special effects are good, the acting is good, and the movie is pretty interesting. All in all, I would say that this movie is good enough to watch. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Alice photo

I liked the film a lot. The plot was interesting, although I found the action a bit slow. The acting was also good, but not as good as in the other films. I think the actors did a good job of portraying the characters. The story was good, and the script was good. I recommend this film to anyone who likes action movies.

Stephanie L. photo
Stephanie L.

I was a bit surprised that I enjoyed this film. It is about a guy, a computer hacker who must save the world. He must use his hacking skills to save the world. In order to do this he needs to hack the main computer, the CIA, which is controlling the world. He must use his hacking skills to get into the computer and manipulate the computer to give him the information that he needs to get into the computer and save the world. I must admit I enjoyed the movie. The special effects were good, the acting was decent and the story was actually interesting. The film also contained many moments that will make you think about hacking and the world's computers and networks. This is a good film to watch on a rainy day. I give this film a 7/10.

Larry photo

I am a huge fan of Hong Kong cinema, and this is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. It has an original storyline and a brilliant cast of actors, as well as the directing. The first half is more confusing than the second half, but the second half is better. This movie is definitely worth a watch. The acting is good, especially from the two leads. This movie is definitely worth a watch, but I don't recommend it to anyone who has not seen the first half. 7/10

Albert photo

A gripping story and some superb acting. The writing is slightly on the weak side. The film is a bit uneven in places but the acting and story are great. Definitely worth a watch. Good if you're a fan of the genre. Good for some light entertainment.

Betty W. photo
Betty W.

I love the 80's and 80's movies. So I was really looking forward to see this movie. But I was very disappointed. The plot is simple and predictable. The story is thin and the actors don't have much to do. There are not much twists. There are many things that could have been better. I was disappointed. The music is very good. The colors are beautiful. But the story is bad and too short. The ending was very sad and that made me sad. The way it ends is really not good. Overall, I did not like the movie.

Mary G. photo
Mary G.

This is a very good Sci-Fi thriller. It's not a masterpiece, but it's a good and solid movie. The cast are great, the special effects are amazing, the plot is really good, the plot is a little bit complex and a little bit boring, but it's good. It's like a 3 hour movie, but it's not too long, it's actually better than a 2 hour movie. The special effects and the special effects are really great. The story is good and it's not bad. But there are some flaws. I'm not sure why they are so important to the movie, but it's a little bit annoying. The music is not great. It's not the best, but it's not bad. The acting is good, but the movie could be better. There are some parts where you feel like the story is too slow, but it's not a problem. The plot is good, but it's not a masterpiece, it's just a good Sci-Fi thriller. I recommend it to people who are fans of Sci-Fi thrillers. It's a great movie, it's really good. I give it a 7/10.

Ronald Martinez photo
Ronald Martinez

After watching this movie I really think that I would be a believer in paranormal activity. I think the movie is very good, the characters are well developed and the acting is good. I think the director did a good job with the movie and I liked the way he made the movie. But the ending is a little bit disappointing and I think they could have added more to the movie. The movie is really worth watching and you will not regret.

Rachel H. photo
Rachel H.

A seemingly ordinary film about a man and his new girlfriend, set in the year 2028. We are introduced to him as a young man, and then a young woman. They fall in love and the movie becomes a fairy tale for the female audience. The reason is that he is a very beautiful man, and the girl is in love with him. This movie has a few surprises in the end. One of the surprises is that the man does not look like a man. So this movie is more about the man than about the woman. The movie is very enjoyable, and very slow, but not boring. The movie is a good family movie. This movie is suitable for children aged from 8 to 15 years. There is a short scene of the man looking like a man, but it is the same actor.

Jose photo

This movie is quite nice, I have seen it about 10 times and it still keeps my interest. The characters are really well developed and the story is quite interesting. If you like the fantasy movies that are not entirely fantasy you will love this one. If you are expecting something a bit more realistic you might not like it as much.

Steven Campbell photo
Steven Campbell

This film is a fantasy film. The main character (Chinese) goes on an adventure to find a lost Chinese family. It is a family who has lost their daughter. The father (Chinese) has to go back to China. The daughter (Chinese) has to find the family to save them. This is a very good film, and the family is very good. The actors are very good. The action is very good. The story is good, and the acting is very good. The cast is very good. This is a good film.

Lauren photo

It was in 1990 that I first saw the movie "The Birds" and I have always been a big fan of the film. I thought that the film was great in every way, and I still do. I liked the movie because of it's suspense, the look of the movie and the fact that it was about a virus, not about people. The movie was also very entertaining and the special effects were excellent. The acting in the movie was great, but in the end, I thought that the acting was not as good as it could have been. The cast was made up of several people, and the acting was not very good. The special effects in the movie were good and the special effects were very well done. The director of the movie is the same director of "The Birds" and that's why I liked the movie very much. I would recommend the movie to anyone who wants to see a good movie, and it's good for the whole family.

Sean photo

For the most part, I like John Woo's direction. It's always interesting to watch a film with a director who doesn't just try to impress the audience with flashy action scenes or gore and gore, but a film that explores human behavior and character. John Woo also knows when to keep the action scenes under control, and when to not. In the case of "The Killer", the film doesn't have a lot of action and is not very gory, but John Woo knows when to let the action scenes flow naturally. The film is very suspenseful and very well done. The film is definitely worth seeing. It's got action, suspense, and a great plot. John Woo's direction is very good. The film is a lot better than other John Woo's films. The film has a great plot, great character development, and excellent acting. The film is also very well shot. The film also has a great score. The film is very well made. I highly recommend watching "The Killer" for a great and suspenseful film.