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A Private War

A Private War is a movie starring Rosamund Pike, Alexandra Moen, and Tom Hollander. One of the most celebrated war correspondents of our time, Marie Colvin is an utterly fearless and rebellious spirit, driven to the frontline of...

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プライベート・ウォー, Moj lični rat, Uma Guerra Pessoal, 私人戰爭, Moj Osobni Rat, Milkhama Pratit, La corresponsal, Prywatna wojna, Una guerra privada, Ο δικός της πόλεμος, Marie Colvin
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1 hours 50 minutes
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Drama, War, Biography
Matthew Heineman
Arash Amel, Marie Brenner
Faye Marsay, Tom Hollander, Alexandra Moen, Rosamund Pike
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One of the most celebrated war correspondents of our time, Marie Colvin is an utterly fearless and rebellious spirit, driven to the frontline of conflicts across the globe to give voice to the voiceless.

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Dennis Keller photo
Dennis Keller

PALIEB (RELEASED: 2001) *1/2 Christian Bale, John Hurt, Tim Roth, Mark Margolis, Anne Archer. Oscar nominee Christian Bale (Bateman's nemesis, as he's now called) is suffering from a deadly type of leprosy that his younger brother claims he contracted as a child. He's haunted by nightmares, and the most frightening of them all is one that involves him as a child. As Bale's healing progresses, he's forced to confront his family's secrets and relive the same childhood nightmare again and again. This is one of the most personal films Bale has ever done. One can't help but notice his convincing performance as well as the performances of the other members of the cast. They have been chosen to play Bale's own family, and it shows. Mark Margolis (as Bale's father) and Anne Archer (as Bale's mother) are great. The photography is great and the setting of the film is very cold, but what it lacks in production value it makes up for in depth of emotional attachment and it's all the more powerful for it. This film is extremely underrated and it deserves the accolades it's received. I give it an A-.

Marie W. photo
Marie W.

I'm a bit shocked that so many people have actually seen this movie, since it's one of the better films to come out of Hollywood in a long time. I am not a history buff, so I'm not sure how accurate the movie is, but I have no idea. My understanding is that it's based on a real event that happened on June 2, 1968, in Central America. The US invasion of Grenada, with hundreds of thousands of people killed and displaced, came after a coup against the government, and the invasion was made with support from the US and the UK. So, you can see how the movie could get a bit melodramatic at times. But I enjoyed it and the story itself was compelling. I have to agree with many of the other posters who were calling this a "documentary", and I don't see that as a bad thing. It's a great film and worth watching. If you have never seen it, watch it and make your own opinion.

Harold M. photo
Harold M.

This movie is based on the true story of a small group of men, under the command of a single officer, who faced a brutal invasion of Germany in 1944. They made a stand in the face of hopeless odds, and brought a message of peace and love to millions of innocent people. The film is well shot, with a great amount of detail and realism. The actors are superb, and the story is gripping and moving. However, the real stars of the film are the great performances by Michael Fassbender and Julianne Moore, as the lead characters. Moore is great as the spirited American journalist. Her performance is pure magic, and her ability to convey so much emotion in such a small role is incredible. Fassbender is also great as the young lieutenant, and manages to convey both his pain and his courage in a compelling and realistic way. The film is a very personal and inspiring story, and one that I feel that everyone should see. It is a powerful and honest depiction of the atrocities of war, and the reactions of those who survived and the ones who didn't. It is an uplifting and inspiring film, that everyone should see. It will be one that you will cherish and remember for many years to come. This is a must-see movie. I give it an 8/10.

Jean Payne photo
Jean Payne

This is one of the best war movies I have ever seen. It is not just a history lesson about the history of World War 2, it is more about the people of that time and their experiences. The casting of the main characters is absolutely brilliant. These are all true life actors, they play their roles very realistically. The scenery and the special effects are superb, so are the acting. There is a lot of drama, but the movie does not come to a standstill at any point. It keeps you glued to your seat. The story is moving and you will be very surprised at what happens. The only bad thing I could say about this movie is that there is no action. They had to cut out a lot of scenes that did not need to be in the movie. It is a very important movie for all people who are interested in the history of World War 2.

Gary Edwards photo
Gary Edwards

This film was really good. In a way it was also too emotional. I did not like it very much, and thought it was not particularly "American". It was very different from the usual war film, and it was very "Dakota Fanning shows us her dramatic acting skills". I would say the majority of the cast did an outstanding job. The film was a bit too emotional for my taste, but I do think it was really good. I give it an 8/10.

Ashley Tucker photo
Ashley Tucker

This is a great film, even if I do not feel that I have seen anything quite like it before. It is the first war movie I have seen that is not a war movie, and it is very much the type of movie that I hope will become more common. The film opens in the summer of 1940, just before D-Day. We see men in the army, all with their families, and one group of the army that is made up of German and Italian POWs. The film is based on the book, "Rear Window" by David L. Cope, and is a brilliant movie. It tells the story of the POWs and their struggle to survive in the Allied camp in France. They must have an incredible amount of faith in their new camp. The film does not portray the conflict in the first two and a half years of the war, and there is not a whole lot of war in the film, but what there is of it is very powerful. The film is very realistic, and very moving. We learn that this was not an easy thing to do, and that these men, in order to survive, had to have faith, which is the main theme of the film. The film has a very powerful, and realistic ending. The film is not for everyone, but it is a film that is extremely important. I recommend this film to all of my friends, and I will be watching this film again soon.

Rebecca A. photo
Rebecca A.

Historical and human drama - that's what it's about. Not much action in the movie. But it's a story of the war. It has a lot of historical facts. The movie is very well done. All the actors did a great job. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to see a good story. My vote is 8/10.

Margaret photo

Being a War fan, I was hesitant to see this movie. The ratings were high, the trailers were ok, and I didn't like the movie. I am so glad I saw it. This is a very realistic movie that has very good acting. I will not tell you how the war unfolded, but it was very realistic. I would highly recommend this movie to any one who wants to see a movie that is very realistic.

Samuel Watkins photo
Samuel Watkins

As I say in my review for The World Is Not Enough, any film that will capture the heart of the audience and make them feel the real fear and misery of war is worth watching. This film does that. However, when you go into this movie with the idea that it is an incredibly slow moving, slow paced, and 'unfilmable' war drama, you are probably going to hate it. For me, I really enjoyed this film. It is slow, but it doesn't really go at all. It starts out slowly, but doesn't let up for a moment. The story is slow, but I like that. I like that the story does not seem like it's trying to rush things along. The actors are all great, and the action is well done. The music is also great, and fits in nicely with the film. It's a great war film, but I wouldn't call it an action film. If you want to see a war film that will stay with you for a long time, go see this one. If you are like me, and you like to have a good time, but you don't want to watch films that you have to pay money to see, then this film isn't for you. But if you are into watching great war films, then you should see this film.

Shirley C. photo
Shirley C.

This is a very decent movie and worth a watch. I personally liked this movie a lot and I don't understand the bad reviews. This movie does show the horrors of war and the emotions that people have. People who only like war movies, don't want to watch this movie. This movie is definitely one of the best I've ever seen and I'd watch it again. Overall, I think this movie is very good and worth watching.

Sharon Duncan photo
Sharon Duncan

This is a brilliant film. It is well done, the acting is top notch, and the narrative is incredible. The part about the French foreign legionary in the main story is the most dramatic and involving of all. The women characters are equally excellent. The only bad point I can see is the sad ending, which I won't give away. If you liked Saving Private Ryan, you will love this film.

Rebecca G. photo
Rebecca G.

This is an excellent film, from the story, the cinematography, to the music. The only real problem is the pacing. At times, it felt like the film was running just a bit too long. The movie is also very rich with symbolism and symbolism only. The film's only problem is that it can't seem to find an interesting point to make. It just gets on the track. It was at times a bit dull, but then again I'm not sure what you're looking for from a film. I'm not sure that you would want to sit through a film like this.

Amy photo

This is a dark, depressing, action movie with a serious message. It is a little bit of a "Battlestar Galactica" in that the soldiers are an American family, and the American government is a corrupt corporation. Some of the characters are great and some are terrible. Some are cartoon characters, and some are actual people. Some of the soldiers were great, and some were horrible. The movie is depressing, but it is still a very effective movie. It is definitely worth seeing, especially if you are a military person. The actors are good, and the movie is even a little bit funny. I give this movie a 9/10.

Richard photo

Well I'm going to give this a 8.5 out of 10. It is a very good movie. Not the best but good enough to watch. As a war movie, it is as good as Saving Private Ryan or Platoon. As a film, it is a lot better than Collateral Beauty, or Argo. The movie is about an American soldier, who after he gets captured by the Viet Cong, he tries to fight back. He does not fight the war, he fights himself. He does not want to kill anyone, he wants to kill himself. He does not want to go through a war, he wants to go through a life. I think this is a movie that most people will like. I recommend it to anyone. 9/10

Peter photo

This movie is based on a book of the same name by Stephen E. Ambrose, which was also the basis for a 2007 movie. The movie is about an English pilot, Pauline Kael, who goes over to the United States to help out in the war against the Germans. Her job is to fly fighter planes and shoot down German planes and is tasked with tracking down an old pilot who claims to be able to fly the planes. When Pauline finds the pilot, she is taken to a secret Nazi base in Scotland and begins to find out that the pilot is a double agent. The rest of the movie is about Pauline trying to unravel the mystery of the pilot and his true identity, as well as to find out what really happened. It is a very good movie and I recommend it to people who are interested in World War II movies. It is a very interesting story that I think all people should know about.

Ronald photo

Terrific movie, I was a little upset that I didn't hear from a few of my friends about this film, I had heard so much about it. I'm glad I finally got around to seeing it. I love a good war movie and I always have been. I'm not sure why some people didn't like it. I thought the cast was great. Anthony Hopkins, Josh Hartnett, Justin Timberlake, and Jude Law all did an excellent job and really brought the movie to life. I think that the movie wasn't realistic. It was a little exaggerated but I think that's what really worked for me. The ending was a little ridiculous but I guess that's what you have to do for a movie. I also thought the acting was good. I liked the movie and I think everyone should see it.

Frances W. photo
Frances W.

One of the most recent works of Kubrick that I have seen is A Private War. This movie tells the story of the battle of Anzio. A private war was a war where soldiers from one side were asked to serve in the war of another side. Sometimes soldiers of a certain side would enlist another soldier from the other side to help in the war and join their side. This movie will show the struggle between the 2 sides to win the war. The movie takes a look at the men who were in the trenches. Some of the men were Americans and some were British. This movie is worth watching because of the realistic battles and the acting. One of the best things about this movie is the great performances. William Hurt, Hugh Bonneville, Anthony Hopkins, and James Mason are great. The men were realistic and there was a good performance by Gary Oldman. The movie was directed by Peter Weir and produced by Barry Newman and John Curran. A Private War is a great movie to watch because of the realism. It also is a movie that is realistic. It is one of the best movies that I have seen. I rate this movie 8/10.

Tyler P. photo
Tyler P.

The first few minutes of The Private War are the most fascinating. We watch a young girl and her older sister walking around the town in the snow. It's a good image of a time when the young girl has to live with the family of her father. Her father, a war hero, is executed for desertion and her mother is accused of being unfaithful. The younger sister is left to look after her younger brother, the most popular of the boys. It's a lonely life and the little boy becomes the symbol of the young girl's suffering. We know the story: the war comes to a close and the young girl is sent to a war-torn country to be with her father. She never returns. We see the girl crying and struggling to hold her brother together as the war comes to an end. She has to be sent back to her country to be with her father. The scene of the little boy crying and struggling to hold his brother together is a powerful one. It's a rare, powerful image of human suffering. I've seen it countless times. As the film progresses, we get a glimpse of the personal horrors of war and of the moral consequences of war. It's the film's strongest point. The great performances from the cast bring it all home. It's the most powerful and moving film I've ever seen. The Private War is the story of a child's struggle with the loss of her family, her mother's betrayal, and the consequences of war. It's one of the greatest films of its kind.

Heather photo

Some people have posted comments that the film is about the events leading to the 'surrender' of the American in Korea and that it makes it seem as if there was a great war between the US and the Japanese. I would say that there are two parts of the film that actually show the battles of the two sides in the war and that is the first part of the film where we see the Japanese soldiers storming the American bunkers and what happens when the US troops surrender. The second part of the film, the battle of Saipan, has been lost by most people because it doesn't show what happened at the end of the battle. If the battle of Saipan had been shown in full it would have been a much better film and the film could have been a lot better than it was. The real war has not been told in the film at all. The film is really about a man named O'Brien (Richard Gere) and how he finds out what really happened in the war and the details about what happened at the end of the war. The war that O'Brien sees is the war between the Americans and the Japanese. The war is all about people. It is about a group of people fighting for their country and their way of life. The film shows the war and how people fight for what they believe in. The war is not about fighting for a country or a group of people but it is about fighting for what you believe in. The war is about how the soldiers fight for what they believe in. The film is about fighting for what you believe in, not a country or a group of people. There is a lot of war and fighting and that is shown in the film. The film has an interesting story about a man named O'Brien and how he gets involved in the war. The film does not show the battle of Saipan at all. The battle of Saipan is about a war between a country and a group of people. The film shows what the battle is about and what the soldiers fight for. The film is very interesting and it has a very good story.

Sara C. photo
Sara C.

I am an admirer of both Paul Greengrass and Michael Winterbottom. Paul Greengrass does a much better job in portraying war in general and the Vietnam war in particular. His War is more realistic, and the depiction of combat in general is far more accurate. What I don't understand is how Paul Greengrass is able to make War so grim and horrible. The violence is absolutely horrifying, but not nearly as gory as it could have been. I just can't get past it. I understand that war is horrible, but it should be gruesome and realistic. And that is what Paul Greengrass is able to portray. Michael Winterbottom's War is far more believable. His portrayal of the war is far more realistic and realistic as well. As for War, it is better because it shows more of the combat and more of the horrors that the soldiers go through, and I think that is what War needed. I also think War should have a greater focus on the battles and the war in general. The violence is an integral part of War, but not nearly as great as it should be. I don't think War is better than War, I think it is a good film. I think War is more realistic than War.

Henry Moreno photo
Henry Moreno

My sister sent me this film, I think that's the reason I decided to see it. I had heard about the Vietnam War, and thought it would be interesting to watch. The movie is about a bunch of soldiers who are looking to avenge the death of their comrade. Their leader, Brad Pitt, is played by Pitt. Pitt is a bad guy, but I really liked his character, because he showed no mercy for his enemy. He gave his enemy one of the best lines in the film: "Your gonna need a lot of patience when you're firing those first shots." I thought the movie was well-done, with some interesting special effects, and a good message. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes war movies.

Crystal Jimenez photo
Crystal Jimenez

An American POW who is taken prisoner by the Japanese during WWII, following his release from the prison camp, he becomes a "wounded warrior" and becomes a part of the Japanese resistance. The film is an interesting, realistic look at the life of a POW and the Japanese resistance, which also includes a sense of humor and a great soundtrack. The film is excellent, and it's a must-see.