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Welcome to Marwen

Welcome to Marwen is a movie starring Steve Carell, Falk Hentschel, and Matt O'Leary. A victim of a brutal attack finds a unique and beautiful therapeutic outlet to help him through his recovery process.

Other Titles
Isten hozott Marwenben, Witajcie w Marwen, Bem-Vindos a Marwen, Καλώς Ήρθατε στο Μάργουεν, Marwen'a Hoş Geldiniz, Bienvenidos a Marwen, Marwencol, The Women of Marwen, Sveiki atvykę i Marveną, 馬克的異想世界, Benvenuti a Marwen, Willkommen in Marwen, Bem-vindos a Marwen, Velkommen til Marwen, Bienvenue à Marwen, マーウェン, Dobrodošli u Marven
Running Time
1 hours 56 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Biography, Comedy
Robert Zemeckis
Caroline Thompson, Robert Zemeckis
Matt O'Leary, Steve Carell, Falk Hentschel, Nikolai Witschl
USA, Japan
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

On April 8, 2000, aspiring artist Mark Hogancamp (Steve Carell) became a victim of a violent assault when five men beat him up and left him for dead. Following the attack, Mark was left with little to no memory of his previous life due to brain damage inflicted by his attackers. In a desperate attempt to regain his memories, Hogancamp constructs a miniature World War II village called Marwen in his yard to help in his recovery. Unfortunately, Mark's demons come back to haunt him when he's asked to testify against the five men that attacked him..

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David M. photo
David M.

I did not read the book, so I have to say I did not know what to expect from the film. I also did not know the director had created a totally new film version of the novel, and I think that is what makes this film so interesting. Everything about this film is interesting. The cinematography is amazing, and the photography is used to great effect. The background music was also used to great effect. It was hard not to be reminded of the music in 2001, just for the atmosphere that the film uses. The story was also interesting. I didn't know what to expect from this film. I wasn't sure if I should go with the story that the film tells or the one the novel tells, but I ended up going with the novel. This is a film that was made in collaboration with the author and not with the director, and that is what I appreciated the most. The actors did a great job with their characters. The story was very well written and so was the film. I have seen it three times now, and each time I am fascinated by it. It is great that the filmmakers could use a book as inspiration for their version of the film, because they made an outstanding job with it. The actors in the film were perfect for the roles they played. I liked the look of the film. The costumes and the sets were amazing. I think it was a fantastic film. I highly recommend seeing this film. It is not for everyone, but I think anyone who likes a good story, and likes to be entertained, should see it. The actors in the film were very good, and the cinematography was great. I think this is a great film, and I am glad I saw it. It is very entertaining, and I would say it is better than 2001.

Evelyn photo

I loved this film. I really loved the acting, the story, and the characters. I was really impressed with the directing and the story telling. I would give this film 8 stars if I could. I loved the movie and would watch it again and again. If you have not seen this movie yet, it is a must see.

Paul photo

As someone who has been following John Grisham's writing for the last few years, I have to say I was a little disappointed by this film. However, I thought it was very well-done, and a good way to end a trilogy of novels I have been reading. Grisham has become very popular over the last few years, and this film is a clear sign of that popularity. While this film doesn't really feel like a movie, and most of the characters are very one-dimensional, it doesn't matter. Grisham's sense of humor is always there, and this film is a perfect example of that. Although it is a movie about a man who becomes a ghost, I didn't find the film a lot of fun, and I'm not a fan of Michael Shannon, but he was good in the movie, and you really felt for his character. The performances in the film are fantastic, and the casting is pretty well done, with some pretty big names in the cast. This film is highly recommended, and I recommend it highly.

Kenneth photo

An Aussie teenager living in a New York apartment complex with her normal schoolmates has more than one trouble with her mother (Glenn Close). After the mother gives the teenager a "1" (a 1-for-the-rating) she then gives her the "2" (a 2-for-the-rating). The kid decides to run away. While her mother is questioning whether or not to punish the teenager (for being late to class), she meets the people she went to school with. They become friends. The teenager finds the friendship of her friends even more powerful than her own. The movie is a sweet and enjoyable adventure. The young actress portraying the teenager (Evie Connelly) is pretty, innocent and vulnerable. She has a good acting ability and is quite good at playing an innocent, naive girl. She also has good chemistry with Glenn Close. She also gives a good performance as the school gossip. The movie is charming and very realistic. I think this movie is not for kids under 14, but it is a very enjoyable movie.

Jacqueline J. photo
Jacqueline J.

This movie was amazing! I never expected it to be this good, but I found out about it about a week ago and I was curious. I didn't think it would be that good but it was. There were times when I was laughing out loud and tears were flowing. My favorite part of the movie was when Marwen was talking to the kids and I cried because I was so happy that she was happy. I loved how the kids did not want her to die and she did not want to die. I also really enjoyed the kids acting. I liked the way the kids portrayed the death scenes and their expression was great. I loved how they were all different and I thought it was the best way to portray it. I also really liked how it was set in a movie theater. I thought it was perfect for how it was. I think the only part that I didn't like was when Marwen died and I thought she should have died sooner and that was when she was being saved by the kids. She should have died when she was being saved and I think that could have been better. I also thought the mother's death was better. The mother and the brother were the ones who really did it. I didn't like the mom's death. I don't know why but I thought it was better and I didn't like how she died. I also think that she should have died earlier. I also think that Marwen should have died earlier and I think that it was the best way. The children should have died when they were being saved. The movie was a great movie and I would definitely recommend it.

Evelyn photo

Though it may be difficult to understand, I believe that this film is a prime example of art at it's best. The main character is a princess who wants to be a rock star, and has a few hangups with this desire, but still decides to follow through and undergo surgery and in the process, experiences some very strange events and twists in her mental state. The film's director, Morgan Neville, has an obvious talent for cinematography, and it shows in the visually pleasing scenes that go along with the story. The cast does a good job of blending with their characters, and manages to find the right balance between believable and relatable. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have a few problems with the film, and those problems are mostly tied into the fact that there are a couple of plot elements that just aren't very believable. The biggest problem I had was that the main character, Marwen, is supposed to be a royal princess who was kidnapped by the devil, but is released by a knight and the king of the town. Also, the king, who is the town's devil, and Marwen's mom, are supposed to be married, but Marwen's dad was murdered by the devil, and her dad isn't exactly crazy. That just felt like a really stupid plot point. On the other hand, I think the movie was executed well. It's not a perfect movie, but it definitely holds up well to what I think is a great fantasy film.

Samantha photo

I found it a very entertaining movie. I'm going to see it again.

Alice Freeman photo
Alice Freeman

Some of the first reviews are written from a high-school-student-and-child perspective. This movie is about the relationship between three kids, who are, essentially, strangers in the world. The movie starts with two kids who are all that stands between us and a different world, and who are constantly trying to get into the same places. The story is very interesting, and the characters are very well developed. The kids are very attractive, and the movie contains some of the most powerful moments of true empathy, of connection, and of compassion. The first hour is a masterpiece. As the story develops, the movie gets darker and darker, and then suddenly, it all seems to end. The end is not only sad, but also leaves you in tears. This is an excellent film that deserves to be seen by everybody. It is true that Marwen does not do justice to the book, but it does give you a very good idea of what it is like to live in a society that is just "that way". As the movie is over two hours long, it is very effective to see the two hours in a single movie. If you are willing to give this film a chance, I recommend it.

Henry photo

While I can't speak for other reviews, I can say this film was truly amazing. The characters were well developed, the story was well written and the acting was great. The use of music in the film was very fitting, with some amazing songs and beautiful ones that are reminiscent of classic songs. I especially liked the songs in the "The Final Masquerade". The only real disappointment I have with this film is that the CGI was not nearly as good as the first film. However, that is a minor flaw and is a minor point in my opinion. I also don't like the way they introduced the new characters, but I guess they had to introduce them. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who has a soft spot for fantasy, but I think you will be disappointed if you go into this film expecting a complete remake of the first film. While the film is not perfect, I think it is very good and will be appreciated by a lot of people. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes fantasy, even if you are not a fan of the first film. 8/10

Sarah O. photo
Sarah O.

Yes. The director and the cast deserve a special mention. There were moments when I wanted to move to my bed and cry, because I truly believe this movie is worth your time and money. But I know there are people who will say I've seen this movie twice. Well, I actually like the second viewing better, because I've understood more of what's going on in the plot. Yes, there were scenes that are a little confusing and a little hard to follow, but if you really take the time to understand the plot, you'll see the emotional, romantic and political side of the movie, which is actually what makes it such a good movie. I can't wait to see the third one, because I know there will be a lot of that "Why didn't they say that?" type of question. It's probably going to be the best movie ever. The director has been very open about what he's going to do next, and I hope he doesn't disappoint the audience. All I can say is, "Enjoy the movie and be patient!"

Gloria K. photo
Gloria K.

This is one of the best films of the year. Some may think it's boring, but it is definitely not. The plot is simple, but very unique. It follows Marwen, a girl who has lost her family to the apocalypse. But she doesn't go on a hunt to find her family. Instead, she builds a machine to find them. You won't understand the plot until you see it. You won't understand the movie until you see it. The art of movie-making is pure genius. What I like about this movie is that the plot is very simple. Yet it is complex and confusing at the same time. The plot is so complex that you have to think about it a lot. I also like that the film keeps you guessing. You don't know what's going to happen next. This is because the film is too intelligent for you to guess everything right away. The film is about a girl who is going to find her family, but instead of looking for them, she builds a machine to find them. The whole film is about her trying to find her family, but there are many surprises along the way. Some people might be bored with the story, but I think you'll be glued to your seat until the end. There are a lot of good things in this film. It has a great soundtrack, great cinematography, great acting, and great production. The film was nominated for Best Sound. I recommend this film to anyone who likes good movie-making. 8/10.

Gerald Brewer photo
Gerald Brewer

If you are a fan of Lars Von Trier, then you have to check this one out. The way that Von Trier put together this film is so unique and unique that you will see some of your favorite scenes and a couple of the actors from the previous films return. Of course, some of the actors from the first film are in the movie, but they are all new and they do a great job. The story itself is different and there is a lot more emphasis on the characters in this one. Overall, I loved this film. It is one of the most original films of the year and I would recommend that everyone watch it. There is also a scene with a guy named Lina Leandersson and a scene with a cop named Jakob Nygaard and a scene where a guy named Marcus Walker is really funny. I think this film has the potential to be the best film of the year and I hope that the Academy awards will be the ones that give it a nomination. You will not be disappointed with this movie.

Charles H. photo
Charles H.

As a HUGE fan of westerns, I was very much looking forward to seeing Marwen, but I ended up finding the movie to be incredibly slow and boring. There is nothing exciting about it at all, and it's not really worth watching for anyone who is not a western fan. It's not a bad movie, but it's not really a good one either. It's a movie that is a little slow, has a few dull moments, and at the end of it you really want to see what happens. If you like westerns, I'd definitely recommend it, but if you don't like westerns, I'd definitely suggest you skip this one. I give Marwen an 8 out of 10. I'm not sure why it was rated so low. In my opinion, it deserves an 8. It's not a horrible movie, it's not one that I would pay to see again, and it's not really anything I would watch over and over again.

Larry A. photo
Larry A.

An entertaining and quite touching story. The visuals are stunning. The setting is perfect. You can feel the romance and the sorrows that come with it. You can feel the love between Kevin Costner and Elizabeth Shue. They are just perfect for each other. The rest of the cast is good too. The plot is simple but it is so well done that you really don't care what happens to anyone. It is so good to see a film with a great story and great acting.

Shirley Watkins photo
Shirley Watkins

The only thing that keeps this movie from being awesome is the lack of a better plot. It's a story about a group of people who went to a remote island on a big budget, and came back. It's a smallish story, but one that is beautifully told. Some of the acting was a bit wooden, but that is very forgivable when you can see the actors for who they are. Overall, a great movie, and I don't mean it in a negative way.

Peter photo

Marwen is a movie that I haven't heard anything about before I saw it, but I found it to be a very enjoyable movie. It's a great story, although I don't really know much about the main character, his life before he was a vampire, his life after, and what he's doing now. But I liked the movie, I thought it was great, and it had some great special effects. It was really good and I'm glad that I went to the movie to watch it. I think that people who don't like vampires should see this movie, and if they don't like vampires, then they should watch this movie because they can enjoy it for what it is, a good movie, that has some great special effects, and a very good story.

Jack J. photo
Jack J.

Hollywood is known for being a breeding ground for film-makers with a cinematic bent. Unfortunately, it seems that films made by the "hollywood guys" can sometimes lack originality and artistic integrity. The Academy recently announced the nomination of two films for best picture, for The Last King of Scotland and King Arthur. While both films are exciting and thought provoking, they are not considered to be "intellectual" or "artful" in the same sense. Both films show that film-making is not a short cut to entertainment. I watched both films at the recent Sydney International Film Festival, and as the film is a two hour long film, I was quite happy with the quality of the film. The film is about a very diverse group of people and what they are doing to survive. The film is moving and very thought provoking. This is not a film that one will want to have seen in a crowded theatre with a large audience. This film has great acting, and it is a rare film to be given such a big recognition. This is a film that I would recommend to those who are fans of the greats, and it is a film that will entertain those who are not. 8/10

Sarah Curtis photo
Sarah Curtis

This movie is a strong piece of art. The sets and costumes are amazing. I was impressed with the various species of fish, and how they're often referred to as "seabirds" instead of "flying fish." In fact, the oceans look really gorgeous. The world of Marwen is a scary place to live in, and the fish have an unsettling relationship with humans. The human population is kept under tight control by an eco-fascist named Grandpa, who is obsessed with saving the environment and controlling the world's population. Grandpa is a hoot, and I'm not sure why. He has a love of television, and he regularly watches some bizarre thing called "dramas." That he has seen at least one "drama" is not a coincidence. He loves watching all the "dramas," which I guess are supposed to be "dramas" of the "dramas," and he tells the fisherman that he's watched the whole "drama." I don't know what kind of "drama" that is, but Grandpa loves to watch them. After a few episodes of "drama," Grandpa decides he wants to go to a beautiful island called "Marwen." Marwen is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but Grandpa's love for the island doesn't end there. Grandpa wants to live there, and he wants to marry Marwen's daughter. This is where the movie gets really weird. Grandpa does indeed propose to Marwen's daughter, and Marwen's daughter gets angry because Grandpa's proposal is against the "drama." Marwen decides she doesn't want to marry a fisherman, and she wants Grandpa to return to his home in the ocean. She tells Grandpa that he is welcome back to the ocean, but he has to take a vow of silence and she wants to be the only person he can talk to. That vow of silence lasts until Marwen finds out that Grandpa is in love with her. After that, Marwen decides she wants to marry her dad, and Grandpa and Marwen go back to Marwen. Grandpa is now a fisherman, and Marwen is now a fisherman's daughter. Marwen and Grandpa have a lot of fun at Marwen's house, and Marwen wants to get to Marwen, but Grandpa wants to keep Marwen away from her dad. Marwen wants Grandpa to be her dad, and she wants to marry her dad. Marwen and Grandpa become friends, but Grandpa and Marwen become enemies. The plot was really good. The story is kind of silly, but it's still very interesting and worthwhile. The story was also really cute, and I was laughing at it all the way through. I was surprised by the main character, Zauzano. He's a weird little fish. I was also surprised at the ending, because it was quite unexpected. I think the movie is really good, and I recommend it to everyone. I really liked it, and I think you should too.

Ralph Payne photo
Ralph Payne

I don't usually go to a movie theater unless it's about an hour or so in advance. I usually wait for it to come out on TV. When I saw this movie, I was expecting a typical romance movie and the movie delivered. The plot is not hard to follow and the music was perfect. A definite 8/10

Jacob L. photo
Jacob L.

This film is one of those rare films that is both interesting and entertaining. It is well-written and well-paced, and there are some very interesting ideas about a family coping with loss. The supporting characters are well-acted, and I particularly liked the performances of the actress who played the mother, as well as the actress who played the daughter. The script is gripping and believable, and the music is very effective. However, I think the movie would have been better with more scenes with the mother. The mom is often off-screen and her performance is not a lot to get excited about. I think she does a very good job, but she does not have much to do. On the other hand, the daughter, who plays the daughter in this film, is a wonderful actress. I would say she did a wonderful job. I liked the film more when she was off-screen, but I think that was because I was not watching the movie very carefully. As it is, this is one of the best films I've seen in a while.

George S. photo
George S.

I found this movie very entertaining, and I can understand why many people who haven't seen it have rated it so low. It's a nice story about an unlikely friendship between a husband and wife, and the people around them, and how they must all come together when it's their time to decide. A very sweet movie, with some humorous scenes. Not a great movie, but not a bad movie either. It has a nice message about life and love and I can't help but think of the life of these characters when I think of them. It's very funny and entertaining.

Dennis Pierce photo
Dennis Pierce

I saw this movie at the Hollywood Film Festival. The crowd that was there loved it. It has a very unique style. Some scenes are very moving. One that sticks with me is when Frank (William Dafoe) is talking to his daughter, Shelly (Jamie Bell), in the car. I've seen this scene many times. That scene, I found to be a very moving moment in the movie. I like this movie for that reason alone. If you like this movie, I also recommend Braveheart.