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Head Full of Honey

Head Full of Honey is a movie starring Nick Nolte, Matt Dillon, and Emily Mortimer. A man suffering from Alzheimer's embarks on a final road trip with his granddaughter.

Other Titles
Kafadaki Bal, Podróż w niepamięć, Du miel plein la tête, Con la cabeza llena de miel, Un viaggio indimenticabile
Running Time
2 hours 7 minutes
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Comedy, Drama
Til Schweiger
Hilly Martinek, Jojo Moyes, Til Schweiger, Lo Malinke, Til Schweiger
Nick Nolte, Sophie Lane, Emily Mortimer, Matt Dillon
Germany, USA
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A man suffering from Alzheimer's embarks on a final road trip with his granddaughter.

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Jean Morgan photo
Jean Morgan

This film will have you laughing out loud and feeling sympathy for the many people in these situations. Some of these situations are very difficult to watch and some of them are downright heart-wrenching. You just don't get to see them from the perspective of the character and not have the emotion of the situation. These people are struggling and their actions in their lives and careers are not always the best choices. This movie is about the consequences of choosing to act in an unethical manner and that of using family members to further one's career. It's also about the moral dilemma of being pro-choice and pro-life. The issues raised by these characters are complex and should be discussed in a rational and rational way. I feel that this movie has a very good message, which it doesn't try to hide, because it doesn't want to force it. It just says what's important to the people involved and it doesn't try to be preachy or confrontational. It's also worth mentioning that this movie has a great, heartfelt and poignant performance by Amy Poehler as a young woman who tries to live her life the best way she knows how and is confronted with all kinds of conflicting situations and personal struggles. Her character is realistic and sympathetic. This movie is excellent and I think that all audiences should see it.

Carol J. photo
Carol J.

I saw this movie because it was mentioned as one of the better movies of 2006. I don't know if this is true or not, but I heard that it was a good movie. The plot, while a little off in the beginning, is great and the acting is fantastic. There are a few flaws, but the flaws are small and insignificant compared to the great acting and good storyline. If you have seen enough movies to be able to pick out all the flaws, this is the movie for you. I rated this film an 8 out of 10, because there are some parts that are a little too dramatic. Otherwise, I give this movie a 10/10.

Larry Patel photo
Larry Patel

For those of you who have not seen this film yet, don't expect a raunchy movie with lots of sex. I saw it with my cousin who has not seen it before. He was impressed and thought it was really good. I think most people would like this film. I am not going to say that it is not as raunchy as the title says, because it is. I don't think it is as good as the first one, but it is a good follow up. I think it was better than a lot of other films out there, but not as good as The Normal Heart. Overall, I liked it. If you liked the first one, this one is the same. If you didn't like the first one, you should see this one, it's pretty good.

Madison Dean photo
Madison Dean

The title of this movie is "A Great White North". We all know what the idea of that is. In this movie, we see how some people who are in the North of the country see the Great White North. They see it as a great place to live. I found that this movie was very funny. I can't say this movie is for everyone. I know it's not for everyone. But if you don't mind a bit of a comedy, then this is the movie for you. This movie is really nice and I recommend it to people who like to laugh a lot and to people who want to see some beautiful women in a film. I can't recommend this movie enough.

Sharon photo

I just saw the movie yesterday, and I have to say, I loved it. Not a lot of actors were in it, but the supporting actors were very good, especially Bill Nighy who played the role of Jake. The movie was very funny, and really brought home the subject of immigration and bringing a lot of different people to this country, and how they can be different. This movie is great for people who are still living in the dark ages, and those who have friends that don't have the same luck as them. It is a must see for people who have never even heard of Bill Nighy.

Stephen photo

Milo Ventimiglia (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is an introverted writer. He gets his work published by his friend, Ed (Ethan Hawke). When a salesman (James Caan) tells him to be himself and he gets a meeting with the publisher, he is floored by the literary possibilities of his ideas. He doesn't want to conform to any expectations. So, he writes the work on his own. Then, he meets Emily (Michelle Williams) who has a boyfriend and a job at a publishing house. They become friends, and she is concerned about the fact that she doesn't have a boyfriend, too. Then, she falls in love with him. But, Milo doesn't want to go for Emily, because she has a boyfriend. There is a scene where she confronts him about this. He says that he doesn't want to change her. And, he invites her to his house, and he's already planning on taking her out. Emily is then convinced by his ideas and she decides to give him a chance. Meanwhile, a group of people, including a hip young boy (Jonah Hill) and a stoner, (John Gallagher Jr.) are trying to discover what is going on. At the same time, the editor, (Billy Bob Thornton) is in a rut. The main character is a "f*ck with the world" type of character. There are many comedic scenes in the movie. This movie is about diversity, and the way that everyone can be different from each other. The movie also illustrates a view that is different than most people's. So, it's a lot of fun to watch.

Nicholas photo

A young man is mistaken for a serial killer and finds that the world isn't what it seems. Will this young man's mistakes alter the course of events and save his friend? Can he change the course of events and save his friend? I really enjoyed this movie. I haven't seen too many films that had this much heart, but this film does. The performances were great and the story was a lot of fun. I loved how the characters were different from one another. The world they were in was different from the world I knew. It was such a great film. It was different and exciting. I loved how they played with time and gave the viewers a surprise at the end. I would recommend this film to everyone. You will not regret watching this film. I gave it an 8 out of 10.

Jessica Harris photo
Jessica Harris

A very enjoyable film, but like some other critics have said, it's also very slow. I don't like this, because I like to have a story to go with my movie, but some people have also said that it's too slow. I agree that it's slow. It's very slow. That's why it's entertaining, but I feel like the movie could have been much more engaging. Like there are some scenes where the pace just seems to slow. But I'm also sure that if you were in this kind of situation, you would want to be watching it in slow motion. But the slow motion scenes were interesting, so I think the slow motion was well used. And that's why it was entertaining. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I definitely think that this is one of the better movies I've seen recently, and I think it's a very underrated movie. I'm still not sure what the critics are talking about, but this is definitely a movie that's worth watching. If you haven't seen it yet, do. This is a very good movie, and I think it's worth watching. It's very entertaining. I recommend it to everyone.

Dylan D. photo
Dylan D.

I'd never seen a short story that had as much and as surreal a vision as "Honey". The characters are portrayed with such depth that you're drawn into their lives, and then leave just as they're starting to get better. As a writer myself, this short story was so vivid and fresh, I was shocked. It's the first time I've seen a short story that touches me as much as this one did. I've been interested in writing, but the idea of a "tell-all" kind of book is kind of depressing. This short story, "Honey", is just gorgeous. You can almost feel the emotional touch in every scene, even if the subject matter may not be the most interesting of a story. It's that one-of-a-kind quality that makes this one of the best short stories I've ever read. I recommend it to everyone, including people who don't like psychological thrillers, and I can't wait to see what this writer does next. I won't say how or when, but I know that this is the story of a man's search for his father, and that's one of the reasons I'm so drawn to it.

Ann photo

The movies is based on the book by H.P. Lovecraft, and its a story about a man named Loomis, who is married to a beautiful woman named Chloe, and has two kids. The movie is about how his marriage is falling apart, and how he is in a bad way. His wife thinks he is crazy, and he has no choice but to take him to a mental hospital, but the hospital staff is against the idea. But they are forced to take him, because they want to keep the attention of the public, and it is going to be a big scandal if he is released. The movie is very good, it's very funny, the acting is really good, and the story is really good. It is also a very good movie, it is really entertaining, and the ending is really good. Overall, the movie is really good, it is a good movie, but it is also a very good movie. 7.5/10

Victoria S. photo
Victoria S.

I have to say I was a little surprised by this movie. I thought the concept of the movie was great, and the story line was very well done. But, it was not what I expected. I had read the reviews and thought it would be a great movie to watch on a rainy day. I have to say I was a little disappointed. I was hoping for a little more comedy and a little more romance, but it was a little to serious for me. I would give it a 7/10, but I think the actors were just not up to the job. I really enjoyed the movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a movie with a great story line.

Joyce photo

I have just seen this film and it was a pleasant surprise. The story is simple, but the way it is told is very good, with some very nice, realistic and well-developed characters. The movie is filmed in a very realistic way, so it looks like a documentary. I think that this was very important in order to make the movie realistic and realistic at the same time. And the director did a very good job of this. The acting is good, and the movie is very entertaining. I think that you should watch this movie if you are a fan of indie cinema, because it is very different from the standard Hollywood fare. I think that this is a movie that you should not miss.

Louis C. photo
Louis C.

Well, this is a very dark movie, and I've seen enough of them to know that the more depressing the movie is, the more it sticks in your head. So, you may find yourself wondering, "Do I really need to see this movie?" Well, I have to say that it is a very good movie. It's not very high in quality, but it is a very good movie. You should definitely see it. It is very hard to write a review for a movie that is very dark, but this movie is very dark. The way it is shot, the acting, the dialogue, the story, everything is very dark. And if you watch it, you will probably think, "How is this possible?" I would say that this is the best movie I have ever seen. It is really dark, but it is very dark. And it is very, very good. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes dark movies. This movie is very dark, but it is very, very good.

Shirley B. photo
Shirley B.

I thought this movie was well done, but I would not recommend it for anyone who wants a deeper story. I thought it was well written, but the message could have been conveyed a little more. I am glad I watched it, and thought it was great, but it could have been better. I would give this movie a 7/10. I think this movie was a great addition to the genre.

Raymond photo

Like many of you, I watched this movie in one sitting. I was completely engrossed in this movie, and couldn't stop thinking about it for several days after I watched it. I can't imagine what people would think of it if they saw it. The characters in this movie are one-dimensional, but in a way that works. It is hard for me to express what I feel about this movie. It really touches me, and it will probably have a lasting impact on me. I saw this movie with an English class, and we had to show it to the class in a 1 hour period. We wanted to watch it a second time, but felt that it would be too boring. This movie has a message, and it does it in a way that doesn't bore you. There are a few scenes that are intense, and the overall movie is entertaining. I really liked this movie.

Thomas Gonzales photo
Thomas Gonzales

.so now, the problem is. What to do with the residual. This is a fairly compelling movie with lots of strong performances. It's a shame that a good story and good actors cannot be packaged into a decent movie, but here the problem is there isn't much material. The story is pretty strong, but the characters are a bit too empty and the actor's ability is quite a bit too underused. Especially when a very interesting part of the story has to be given up in order to increase the movie length. And finally the editing is quite a bit too rigid. It is a rare thing to get the feeling of tension that one expects from a movie in this genre. The story itself is interesting and quite a lot of stuff happens in the movie, but it's too much of a drag. If you are in the mood for some good movie watching with a nice surprise, this is a good movie to start with.

Judith photo

I really don't get the hate for this movie. It's a real drama with the characters being the focus. The acting is top notch and the script is so true to life. For some reason, people hate this movie because it is on the nose or because it is a lot different. The characters are so believable and the way the plot is written is just great. There are a few scenes that are really funny and I can't say anything bad about the movie. It is a must see movie.

Carl Grant photo
Carl Grant

I loved this movie! It's a little different than most comedies I've seen, but it's actually very funny and just plain fun. The character of Kevin, played by Paul Rudd, is so relatable. It's not a deep character, but he has so much heart. The humor is also good, as there are several funny jokes. I really liked how he dressed and even the house he lived in. There were also a lot of memorable scenes and moments. The characters were very memorable too, like the American accent and the banter between Kevin and Kevin's older brother. This movie also had a great ending, it ended in an unexpected way that makes it even better. The characters in this movie are actually likable, I was laughing from the beginning. The script is very well written, it's very unique and creative. The music and the sound effects were also very good. Overall, I loved this movie, it's very well written and the actors were great. It was also very funny and a lot of fun. It's definitely worth watching!

Debra Torres photo
Debra Torres

It is nice to see a movie that is not like most other Hollywood movies. I think it's a good movie. I'm not really interested in the politics. It's just a movie about a group of friends, with a good chemistry and good acting. I recommend it to all. It's a good movie. If you like it, you should see my other movie "Love is Strange".

Michelle B. photo
Michelle B.

If you want to get a kick out of this film, you have to enjoy the message. The creators of the film have made it a masterpiece, which reflects on the complicated, yet simple lifestyle of a family. It's about respecting others and you never know what's going to happen. This movie shows that the kids are the real heroes, and not the adults. It shows that love and respect for others is the only thing that's necessary for life. The adults in the movie are just trying to get through the day and make money, and that's not what they want to do. They want to work, and they want to make money. This movie has the ability to make the viewers really think. The message is really good, and the message is the greatest thing in the world.

Brandon photo

I was not expecting much from this film, especially as I have never really liked Quentin Tarantino. I figured that it would be a very typical 'Machete' revenge film, and it is. But I am happy to say that it is very different. The film is just a little more interesting than you would expect from the name. It is a dark movie, and very funny at times. The film is about a guy that goes to a funeral for his friend's brother. The guy gets fired from his job and sets his eyes on his brother's son to avenge his friend's murder. However, the film shows a little bit of everything. This is a great revenge film, and I hope that they get more films like this one.

Lawrence photo

I think the stars of this movie, Scott Caan and Tim Roth, are outstanding. They were the ones that brought this movie together. Scott Caan is probably the most beautiful man in the world and plays the perfect father who does everything he can to keep his son safe. Tim Roth is perfect as a person who is in control and is not afraid to do anything to keep his son safe. I think they are great together. They make a great team. The movie shows both sides of the story. I think it is a great movie to show to kids and parents alike. It is a story that should be taught to every child of a certain age and should be shown in every school in America. It shows the idea of a father and son making a bond of love and hope to protect their son. The movie has a great message about the father taking care of his son and keeping him safe. It is a movie that is very uplifting to watch.

Debra E. photo
Debra E.

You can find it on Netflix streaming, and if you're familiar with Robert Redford and Ben Affleck, you're familiar with this film as well. It's a funny and raunchy romp through the classic musical Broadway show of the same name. A musical. And one of those musicals that get their own movie, so that's a lot of movie magic. But it's not one of those that stand up to repeated viewing. This is a good one for me, and a very good movie. It has the same characters, in the same roles, and a few other familiar faces, but the story doesn't hold together very well. It feels like the writer of the musical is so focused on the first act that he doesn't even give it any attention the rest of the way. And, this is from the guy who wrote the book on the musical. I just felt like the first act felt so disconnected from the rest of the movie, and it didn't feel like it should have been at all. And some of the music is also very good, and gives the movie a great atmosphere. But some of the musical numbers just don't work, and the songs themselves just don't work. The only thing that keeps it from a complete disaster is the actors. Jennifer Garner is a very good actress, and she really holds this movie together, and she's also very funny. She also gives a pretty good performance, and she's funny in her own right. Ben Affleck is also very good, and I really enjoyed his character. And then there's James Caviezel. I'll admit he's not the greatest actor, but he plays an entertaining villain, and he's also very good in this movie. There's also the musical itself, which is very well done, and also has some great songs. But the songs themselves aren't very good. They don't really work, and they feel disconnected from the rest of the movie. And this movie also takes a while to get going. And in the end, it just seems like a very rushed, and unfocused movie, which doesn't really bring anything to the table, and it doesn't make much sense. It's not a bad movie, but it's not a good one either. If you've never seen the original Broadway show, or if you haven't seen the musical, it may be worth it, but for people who have seen both, it's not worth it. It has its moments, but it doesn't bring anything to the table.

Heather photo

Honey is a love story of two men. When they first meet, Michael (played by Rob Reiner) is a pompous man of art and a narcissist. He has a great life and he works as a traveling salesman. Then, when a young woman named Angelina (played by Julia Roberts) sees him in the car, he becomes her hero. Michael feels a special connection to her and has a chance to make her famous. When Angelina tells him she wants to be famous, he does not know what to do. He and the young woman get together and they try to work things out. Michael is dealing with two problems. First, he has to deal with the fact that he is getting older. Second, he is also dealing with the fact that his ex-wife has a boyfriend. This movie was written and directed by John Hamburg. I believe this is his first film. He was nominated for an Oscar for this. I think this is a good movie for people who like relationships. It also had some comedic aspects, which I really enjoyed. I give it an 8/10.

Frank W. photo
Frank W.

I watched the film with my wife, a "dad" to three young children. I really liked the film, I don't know why. We laughed through most of the film, but it was hard to keep my eyes from rolling through the rest of the time. It is not a very sophisticated film, nor is it very funny. I thought the film was better than I expected, in part because the story line was straight forward, simple and down to earth. I also thought the film was more believable than many of the Hollywood films that come out. I will admit, the film is a bit of a "boo hoo" type of film, and we are not generally into that kind of stuff. I was left with the feeling of "I'm glad I didn't see this when I was young". Overall, I thought the film was better than I expected.

Gloria Vargas photo
Gloria Vargas

A lot of people are going to hate this movie, I think. I saw this movie at a screening last night, and it was a great film. I really liked it. It had a lot of heart, I thought. This is not a great movie. It is not for everyone. I think this is a great movie for people who like drama and family films. There are a lot of elements in this movie that I didn't think were very well thought out, but then again, I'm not the most open-minded person. I also think that this movie is a bit unrealistic. I'm not saying it's unrealistic, I just think it's a bit unrealistic. That is not to say that it isn't a good movie. There are some pretty good things in this movie. There are many funny parts in this movie, and there are some scenes that were quite moving. I thought it was a great movie. I enjoyed it very much. I think it's a good film to watch, but don't go in expecting to be blown away. I think this movie is worth seeing. I give this movie 8/10.

Susan Jordan photo
Susan Jordan

I think I got the idea of what this movie is about from the cover. If you're looking for an intelligent, funny and insightful comedy that has the potential to become a classic, I suggest you check out this film. I'm surprised that it is rated so low, but I think it's worth the watch. I also really liked the idea of having the main character playing himself in this movie. I'm not sure how it was done, but it worked very well. It made the movie more of a character study and it also made me feel a little bit more empathy for the main character. I was also surprised that the movie actually had a message, and I'm not a religious person. But it was a great message. Overall, I think it's a great movie to watch, and I would definitely recommend it.

Sharon photo

This film was wonderful. It was a very well written and directed film. The characters were all very interesting and real. There were many funny moments. The actors were all great and played their characters very well. I particularly liked the character of Ricky, who was very lovable and quirky. It was a good movie that was worth seeing.

Doris photo

This film was a pleasant surprise. It was better than I expected. I expected a comedy, but this movie was a drama. It's a bit slow, but that's what I expected. The acting was very good. There were several funny moments, and some very emotional scenes. It's not a perfect movie, but it's good.

Adam Evans photo
Adam Evans

When I saw the trailer, I was a little scared. I mean, how many trailers do you get that just say, "Here's a movie about a gay man with AIDS"? But, it wasn't too bad. The movie was pretty good, and I liked the cast, especially the lead actor. It was funny, but not too funny, and not too serious. It was a very good movie. I give it a 7 out of 10. I hope they make a sequel to it, because it was really good.