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Teukbyulshimin is a movie starring Min-sik Choi, Do-won Kwak, and Eun-kyung Shim. For the first time in Korean history, the mayor of Seoul attempts a third term in office.

Other Titles
ザ・メイヤー 特別市民, The Mayor, Teuk byeolsusa: Gamokeseo onpyeonji, Special Citizen
Running Time
2 hours 10 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
In-je Park
Shin-kyu Park, In-je Park
Eun-kyung Shim, So-Ri Moon, Min-sik Choi, Do-won Kwak
South Korea
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

For the first time in Korean history, the mayor of Seoul attempts a third term in office.

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Charles photo

I really liked this film. I don't know why I only like it, but I think it's the most popular Thai film out there. This is the first film I ever watched, and I saw the first hour, and I thought it was awesome. This film had everything that was needed for a good film, and it was very well done. It was beautiful, and it had everything a film should have. When I first saw this, I didn't know what to expect, but when I saw the ending, I really liked it. I was surprised that it had a very simple ending, it wasn't too long, but I was surprised it was so simple. This film was also very beautiful and beautiful. The film was a lot of action, and it was very good. It was very interesting to watch, and the actors did a great job with their roles. This is one of my favorite Thai films. This is the film that gave me the idea that I like Thai films. I think I may watch this film more than any other Thai film. I think this film is one of the best Thai films ever made. 10/10.

Theresa B. photo
Theresa B.

I enjoyed this film immensely, but I cannot understand how people can say it is bad. The film has nothing to do with violence, and nothing to do with racism. I loved the use of other cultures, as a point of the film. There was an amazing scene where one of the main characters is told how she was "stealing" the scene from someone else. The scene itself was part of a larger story, which was told in flashbacks, and the scenes she told were showing how she was going to get out of the situation. It was a beautiful movie. The story was told in a poetic way, and the characters were very believable, likeable and appealing. I don't understand the bad reviews, because the film is not for everyone. It is a love story about a woman's struggle to see the true beauty in others. There are some "aha" moments in the film, but most of the movie is really slow. It is a powerful story, but it could be better. I am not sure if this film is for everyone, but it is definitely not for everyone.

Patricia photo

This is the best film of all times. I have to admit I have never seen a more beautiful film. This film has everything a film needs, a great cast, beautiful locations, a great storyline and an interesting movie-going experience. The film is a perfect balance between drama, romance, comedy and thriller. There are a lot of interesting scenes and conversations that go on in this film. The main character, Marjan, is beautiful and very believable. Her storyline was also very interesting and touching. The photography is also very beautiful and the music was just perfect. There are many scenes where the camera looks into the windows and the edges of the walls, giving the film an eerie atmosphere. I will definitely recommend this film to anyone. I give it a perfect 10.

Lori H. photo
Lori H.

This movie is totally different from other Korean movies, especially the ones produced in the past. This is a movie where you can easily follow all the plot points and connect them all. The movie is quite slow in pace, but it is not boring. It takes a long time before the end, but it is worth it. The movie gives a feeling that you have gone through the lives of many of the characters. The movie has many different characters, and you can feel how they are connected with each other. The movie is about the relationship between a mother and her son, and the relationship between a father and his daughter. The movie is really quite funny, and quite depressing. It does not end with a happy ending, but it ends on a sad note. If you are a Korean movie fan, then you should see this movie, because it is definitely a must see.

Maria photo

Some of the reviews here (and even some of the comments in my IMDb review) have mentioned the beautiful scenes of the film, that are all frozen in time. I would suggest the viewer to watch this movie, and to forget the violence and real violence. The scene when a boy is killed, in particular, could have been much more effective if we had been transported to the middle of the village. Instead of seeing the peasant's home and the action of the peasants going about their business, we are transported to the scene of the peasant killing the boy. All the more effective is the scene where the boy is carried into the village and there is an exchange of gifts between the peasant and the peasant's daughter, and all this while the boy is shot dead. This scene would have been more effective if we had been transported to the scene of the boy's death. The lesson that is taken from this scene is the importance of keeping our children out of harm's way.

Crystal photo

I am actually a BIG fan of director MIGUEL PELICI ,I just watched this film by accident and after watching it I was totally blown away.This movie is about love ,passion and friendship.If you are a movie lover then watch it!If you have read the book you will love it,even if you don't have the book you should watch it.

Michelle photo

I am one of the few that really liked this film. I don't have many more films like this, it has a very simple plot and is realistic. It is not a Hollywood production and it is very unique. The characterisation is fantastic and very realistic. There is one scene that goes on a very long time and it is the best thing in the film. You will see many films like this and they are not as good as this one, I can not think of any other one like this one. I think this film deserves to be in the top 250. I would like to see the comments on this film on here. I will be looking for it soon, I love films that are so simple.

Donald Sanchez photo
Donald Sanchez

This is a must will touch you.i can't understand how this film is must see it.its pure beauty.i saw the film twice and could not stop the tears.all the characters are totally developed,and they are different from each other.the situations are so real that you will feel very disturbed.the emotions are extreme and so is the is very slow and without any suspense.its the perfect film for people who want to see a film about also makes you feel very sad.i hope more films like this will be go and see it.

Albert photo

This is a well done movie. The scenes are very real. The cast is great, the plot is interesting and the characters are perfect for this movie. It will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way. The cast has excellent chemistry. The characters are very realistic. They really feel like real people. The scenes are amazing. When the girl tries to get into the male character's apartment with a guy, it is extremely violent and scary. It is scary and suspenseful. The boy's character is very easy to like. He is a normal guy. He is not really a bad guy, and his character is very realistic. When he gets the drugs, he is always really happy and happy. He is a really good actor. He does great with English. He speaks very well and it is hard to understand him. The director is very good and he does a great job with the cinematography. The scenes are very realistic. When the guy is lying on the bed, you can see the cracks in the sheets and the floor. He is very realistic. The scene when the girl comes out of the bathroom, and the guy starts to beat her is also very realistic. The director knows how to do this kind of movies. I would recommend this movie to everyone. I am very happy to have seen this movie. I am very satisfied.

Jacqueline M. photo
Jacqueline M.

The movie is called "A Kaikon Kaikkeouku" and it is a remake of a Korean movie called "Raise the Red Lantern" and this movie is really good. It has a lot of story about two young girls who have to meet at the same place and their life is in a big turmoil. Both of them are extremely adorable and their friendship is really well developed. I love their relationship that they develop throughout the movie. The movie is very good and definitely worth to watch.

Alexander photo

This is one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life. The movie is not about a war, but more of a conflict between two families. The movie is very good, very strong. I saw this movie in a theater with lots of people. People who went to see a movie that is about a war with a lot of casualties. That's why I feel like this movie deserves to be the best movie of the year. But I can say this is the best movie of 2014. It's the best movie of the year.

Susan J. photo
Susan J.

This film is a metaphor of the loneliness of modern society, a dark and unreal state of affairs in which humans become an object of consumption, unable to communicate with each other. The film's message is that our lives are meaningless, but the empty spaces and empty streets of a modern metropolis are not. The protagonist, Saecim, is a victim of a society which is unable to communicate with his own emptiness. He believes that the only way to become better, to become a person, is to return to the village and reconnect with his roots. But all this means that he is unable to leave the city, where he is subjected to the harsh reality of capitalism, and to his empty loneliness, which he cannot realize in the town. In the end, he is compelled to return to the village, to find his true self and to be a part of his family. It is a film about a human being, and an allegory of the emptiness of modern society. The performance of the leading actor and the music, combined with the wonderful cinematography, are outstanding. The film is a dark film, but in a positive way. It expresses the emptiness of modern society, and its inability to be able to communicate with each other.

Michelle Hoffman photo
Michelle Hoffman

In the movie the Chinese people have long forgotten and they say that this movie was a true reflection of the Chinese people. It is true. The movie was very well made. The Chinese people saw the movie and they liked it very much. The movie's good acting, music, and direction were all really good. I think this movie is very good. I really like the movie. I think the director really did a good job. I also like the story line in this movie. I think the director did a good job. I also think that this movie is very good.

Julie photo

I was fortunate to see a public screening of "What the Animals Thinks" last week at the South Carolina Film Festival. The film is directed by Misko Sarfati, who is also the screenwriter. This is a very powerful film, and one that should be seen by all who appreciate art and movie-making. Sarfati has had his ups and downs as a director, but his film here is both artful and truly powerful. The setting is a small town in Turkey, where an old couple (with one child) are attempting to bring up their family. In particular, we learn about the deteriorating marriage of the husband, who has been seeing a psychiatrist, and the wife, who is getting divorced from her husband because of infidelity. In this town, the family is both immigrant and Turkish. The former gets along well with the Turks, while the latter is a former member of the Turkish army, and, unlike the wife, is not allowed to join the Turkish community in the town. The family's interactions with the townspeople, as well as the stories told by the townspeople, all add up to a powerful and poignant depiction of the issues affecting the lives of this family. Sarfati's camera work, which is in black and white, is extraordinarily powerful and effective, and the score is also wonderfully haunting. There are some very strong scenes involving the family's relationship with one of their neighbors. One scene in particular depicts the way in which the wife, who is not allowed to speak to the children, deals with her situation. This movie is really a wonderful story about the meaning of family, and the way that those close to us are able to see things differently than those who are not as close to us, but are able to understand and find comfort in those things that are beyond our personal experience. The Turkish actor who plays the husband is great. He gives the performance of a lifetime, and I think this performance is a testament to his versatility. There is a strong performance from the rest of the cast, too. In addition to Sarfati's screenplay, the film also includes wonderful cinematography, including a stunning underwater photography scene. This is a highly recommended film. "What the Animals Thinks" is a film that should be seen by anyone who is interested in art and film-making. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

Brandon B. photo
Brandon B.

The story is based on the book "On the Line" by Cheuk-kyun Ahn (T) of "A Wannabe of Sin City" (Kim Heung-jae). In this case the heroine is a journalist, who, after getting rejected by a prominent magazine, gets invited by a large corporation. She is supposed to come to the world of the vice president of the corporation, but she is forced to stay in the vice president's mansion. From the start to the end, the movie is filled with spectacular shots. A character is pushed to the verge of death by a scorpion, and a funny scene was made by a red balloon which was sucked up by a fire. The plot is full of paradoxes and twists, such as the son of the vice president having a girlfriend in the mansion of the president. Another part which I particularly liked was the connection between the first girl who gets to know the truth and the son of the vice president. It is possible that the previous movie, "I'm Home" of the director, also influenced the making of this movie. So, I recommend it to all.

Kimberly photo

This is a wonderful film about a boy's adventure in New York. The boy has to survive all the disasters that come his way, the battles of the Indians, the robberies, the fights, the famines, the explosions. all this and more. A wonderful film for everyone. All my friends are talking about it and we all want to see it again.

Barbara photo

TIFF was a very good movie. As the majority of the commentors are, I'm going to assume that the majority of the comments are just for the director's reviews and the other stuff in between. While I think this movie is not a great film, it is great cinema. I was very impressed with how he brought the individual moments of the film to the viewers. Also, the acting in the film was very well done. I was surprised to see that the woman that played the main character, and the father of the family, were both excellent. I was also surprised at the performance of the young actor, Farsheed, who played the boy. I really liked his performance and I think his work will be remembered for years to come. I have watched many films over the years, but this one is still one of the top five films of all time.

Daniel Anderson photo
Daniel Anderson

This is a Russian movie that is known around the world. It is the story of a girl who doesn't talk much. She only knows one word. "I want." But her mother says she doesn't want her to live in a society that is full of things to do and meet. So she gets an application for an expensive program. But she doesn't want to go and it is so depressing. She has to give her first answer and everyone gets mad. But she just wants to meet her and ask her what she wants. And she finally decides to go to a space colony. So they take her and give her a training to become one of the people in the colony. And they show her what the colony will be like. And she doesn't like it, but she realizes that it is the only way to have a better life. And she leaves. So she goes back and gets the other girl and she has a lot of trouble. But she is finally able to live a better life. And the girl has a dog and they go on a cruise. And the girl meets a man who works at a space center and she asks him to teach her to speak. And the boy teaches her. And they live happily ever after. This is a true story. This is what happened in the world of Russia. So don't listen to all the bad reviews. This is a great movie.

Jennifer F. photo
Jennifer F.

The movie tells the story of a young man who comes to a country town, where he meets people who had a lot of problems with the town. He try to help them to understand what the problems are and that they do not have to live in the same town. When the movie is over, you have to think about what you did and why. Maybe, you have felt that you had something wrong with the town, you have no idea how to fix it. Maybe you have been cheated by the police, by your landlord or by your neighbor. So, I recommend that you watch the movie and reflect on what you did, and why you did it.

Christina Patterson photo
Christina Patterson

My husband, as I watched the film, kept pointing out how it was somewhat similar to other movies about women. Which is a good point. You don't need to be a feminist to like this movie. I, on the other hand, am a feminist. I loved it. I'm usually not the one to recommend anything to my husband, but this was a great movie. I also love the ending. I just wish there was more story in it. I just wish there was more story in the characters. That is not to say that the characters don't have strong personalities, just that they do not have stories that are written well. The characters in the movie all had strong personalities, but their story is not developed well. I don't want to say that this is a terrible movie, but it is not the greatest movie of all time.

Willie O. photo
Willie O.

I think this movie is the most realistic movie in the world. The reason for this is that it was made only for the whole world. All the actors, the director, the music, the director of photography, and the script writer have not only been very brave, but they have really got it right. The reason why the movie is very real is that the "trains" actually exist in the real world. The movie shows the way we do things in modern life. In fact, every day people's life is far more expensive than in the movie, because the lives of the main characters are more expensive than those of the people on the other side of the train. I would say that the movie is very realistic, but not in a "we are all different and the same" way. No, the movie is very realistic, but only because the main characters are so realistic. Because they really lived a very different life. The story is very simple, but the characters are very complex, and the story is very interesting. The acting is amazing, and the story is great. I do not think I have seen a movie like this before. All the actors do a great job. I really enjoyed watching this movie, because it made me feel for the main characters. I do not think I have seen any movie before that made me feel that way. I also think this movie is very exciting, because it is very fast paced, very exciting, and very exciting. I was watching this movie at a theater in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is a beautiful city. The movie is in English, but it is quite hard to understand, because it is in Danish. I do not think this movie should be available in the United States, but if it was, I would not be able to watch it. I hope that there will be a future movie that is made in English.

Kathy photo

From the very first minute, we can feel that this movie is so much more than the movies usually is. This movie has a whole different meaning than most of the movies you see these days, and I think the fact that this movie will be reviewed by so many people, even if it won't get a theatrical release, means that it's going to have an effect on the entire world. No matter what you're into, or what you like to watch, you should definitely go see this movie, because it's so much more than just a movie. It's an amazing movie that will leave you in tears and only leaves you with one thing to think about, and that's "why did I watch that movie?"