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The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince is a movie starring Colin Firth, Emily Watson, and Colin Morgan. The untold story of the last days in the tragic times of Oscar Wilde, a person who observes his own failure with ironic distance and regards the...

Other Titles
Szczęśliwy książę, La importancia de llamarse Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince - L'ultimo ritratto di Oscar Wilde, El príncipe feliz, 快樂王子:王爾德, Srećni princ, Ευτυχισμένος Όσκαρ, さすらいの人 オスカー・ワイルド
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1 hours 45 minutes
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Drama, Biography
Rupert Everett
Rupert Everett
Colin Firth, Rupert Everett, Emily Watson, Colin Morgan
UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The untold story of the last days in the tragic times of Oscar Wilde, a person who observes his own failure with ironic distance and regards the difficulties that beset his life with detachment and humor.

Comments about drama «The Happy Prince» (13)

Beverly Coleman photo
Beverly Coleman

This is a movie that needs to be seen. The acting is superb, and the story is touching. It's not as much a drama as it is a story of love and loss. I've seen a lot of movies and this one was by far the best. I've seen some movies and not liked them, but this one is one that has stuck with me. The acting is great, the story is touching, and the direction is amazing. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been in love. I would also recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been in love.

Carl F. photo
Carl F.

In a recent screening of this film at the UCLA Anderson Film Institute, a discussion took place on the film. The discussion was lively and insightful. Some of the participants had never seen the movie before, but many had been previously aware of the story. We all agreed that the movie had the power to touch the heart and mind of anyone who has experienced a loss or had a parent who died. The movie is not just about the death of a parent, but the loss of a family unit. The film, like the book it is based on, tells the story of a young boy, a mother and a father who each have their own stories to tell. The movie touches on the loss of a family and the challenges of a parent's grief. As one of the people present said, the film is a movie about the story of the life of a family, and not a movie about the death of a parent.

Jeremy K. photo
Jeremy K.

I really like this film. I've watched it twice and I'm looking forward to the third. It's a beautiful film with a really good message. I was especially impressed by the acting and the way the film was filmed. I recommend this film for everyone.

Jean photo

Saw this movie for the first time last night, and I'm glad I did. I think it's one of the most moving and moving movies I've ever seen. It's not that it's a perfect movie, it's that it's so powerful and heart-wrenching. The performances were amazing, and the story is heartbreaking. I can't imagine a more powerful film than this. I really hope the Oscar goes to this film, it deserves it. I would also recommend seeing this film with an open mind. You don't have to be a fan of the source material to enjoy this movie, and I really hope this is the start of a trend in Oscar voting. I don't know how it's going to end up, but I know it's going to be very good.

Alan photo

The Happy Prince is a dark comedy with a little bit of romance thrown in for good measure. It's not a perfect film but the performances are quite good and the plot is original. The film begins with Jack (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and his girlfriend Jessica (Sharon Stone) on a train going to New York. As they are leaving the station they are stopped by a man who had lost his wife and children and now wants to see his daughter. He offers to take them to New York but is turned down. After a night of drinking and having sex he goes to a friend's house for some help. The man who came to help is a gangster named DiCaprio (Tom Hiddleston) who wants to blackmail Jack for $50,000. When Jack doesn't pay the money he is taken to prison and Jack must find a way to get out. The film is actually quite interesting but the screenplay is nothing new. It's a bit of a dry run for Roman Polanski's Little Red Riding Hood. It's not a bad film and it's certainly better than the average superhero film. I give it a 8/10.

Scott photo

I really enjoyed this movie. The acting was great, the script was amazing, and the message it was trying to send was very important. I have watched it many times and it never gets old. I wish it was released in the USA, but then again, this movie is one of my favorites, and I've seen it many times. The character of Peter and his family are very interesting, and I think the casting of the actors was very well done. I think this movie is definitely worth seeing. The message of this movie is very important and should be shared by everyone. I hope everyone can see this movie and learn from it. If you haven't seen this movie, go out and rent it now!

Phillip Edwards photo
Phillip Edwards

It's always great to see the acting of the actors in the film. This is one of the best films I've seen. The story is good, the acting is great. It's a very good film, very good for kids and adults. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Lauren M. photo
Lauren M.

I don't understand why some people are so negative about this movie. The Happy Prince is a beautiful and wonderful movie. The acting is very good, the story is very nice, and the direction is very good. The only problem is that I didn't understand the ending. It's not a bad thing, but I think the ending could have been more clear. In conclusion, I think the Happy Prince is a great movie that should be seen by everyone. I hope you will also like it. I hope you will see it.

Christian B. photo
Christian B.

I first saw this film in a video store, but was not able to find it. It was then that I saw the trailer for the film. I was so excited to see the film, I just had to see it. I was not disappointed. It is a beautiful film, and I can't wait to see it again. I recommend this film to anyone who loves a good film. It is one of the best films of all time, and will be remembered for years to come.

Tyler R. photo
Tyler R.

I saw this movie in the theater and was completely blown away. The story is so heartwarming and I could not help but cry. The performances were incredible, especially for an ensemble cast. The chemistry between the actors is incredible. I was completely surprised by the performances of the actors and actresses in this movie. I have to say, I thought the movie would be a little boring, but the movie was so amazing, I was surprised I was not bored throughout the entire movie. The characters are so believable and the story is so touching, I could not wait to see what would happen next. I have to say, the movie was so perfect, I have to recommend it to everyone. I have to give the movie a 10/10 because it is so perfect and perfect for a movie to be perfect. This movie is the perfect movie. I love it and I am so sad it is not on DVD yet. I love you, Happy Prince.

Jean G. photo
Jean G.

This is a great movie that is worth seeing. The acting is wonderful, especially by Adrien Brody. He was perfect for the part of Robert Durst. The story is very interesting, as well as the plot. I liked how the movie presented the characters' relationship to each other. I really liked how the movie included some flashbacks, as well as the scenes of the murder. The movie also uses a lot of symbolism. It is a good movie to see.

Adam photo

Just about every time I see a movie about a forgotten, eccentric or unusual character, I wonder what the director's intention was. This is the case with The Happy Prince. It's an oddball tale about an American doctor who is desperately trying to make a name for himself in the English hospital system and has an American wife, the only person he can connect with. The doc's lab is in a state of disrepair and he is obsessed with making it look nice. He pays for it with his life. The film is a jumbled mess of scenes, but the director keeps his attention and the film is not at all boring. He also does a nice job of allowing the characters to develop. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes quirky, offbeat films.

Jason George photo
Jason George

When I first heard about this movie, I was skeptical. But I saw it, and I was shocked at the acting. The whole cast was amazing. Keira Knightley was very good, but she was overshadowed by the wonderful performances of the entire cast. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. This movie is a true gem of a film. I think it's definitely worth seeing. And if you're into stories about the hardships of life, this movie will have you laughing, crying, and even getting angry at the things that bother you. This is a movie that should be seen by anyone who appreciates good acting. If you're not into the "feel good" type of movies, I suggest that you pass on this one. But if you're a person who appreciates great acting, then I think you'll love this movie.