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Overcomer is a movie starring Alex Kendrick, Shari Rigby, and Aryn Wright-Thompson. A high-school basketball coach volunteers to coach a troubled teen in long-distance running.

Other Titles
Correre per ricominciare, Vencedor, Vencedores, Mais Que Vencedores, Nincs akadály, Biegnij i zwyciężaj
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
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Drama, Sport
Alex Kendrick
Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick
Aryn Wright-Thompson, Alex Kendrick, Shari Rigby, Cameron Arnett
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Life changes overnight for Coach John Harrison when his high school basketball team and state championship dreams are crushed under the weight of unexpected news. When the largest manufacturing plant shuts down and hundreds of families leave their town, John questions how he and his family will face an uncertain future. After reluctantly agreeing to coach cross-country, John and his wife, Amy, meet an aspiring athlete who's pushing her limits on a journey toward discovery. Inspired by the words and prayers of a new-found friend, John becomes the least likely coach helping the least likely runner attempt the impossible in the biggest race of the year.

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Albert E. photo
Albert E.

I have watched this movie 5 times and have always felt that it is one of the best movies ever made. Its simple and nice story. I'm not sure why it didn't get more attention or have a better rating. I hope that some day it will be in the history books.

Janet R. photo
Janet R.

The only reason I'm rating this film an 8 instead of a 10 is because I really didn't like the ending. The film had some great shots and effects, but the ending just went on a bit too long. The last 20-30 minutes of the film are good. The film is a little slow, but the acting is really good, and the plot is a bit convoluted. It's a good film to see at a screening, but I think it would be better with a bit more time spent on the last 20 minutes of the film. Overall, it's a good film. It's not great, but it's worth checking out.

Amber photo

I am not a tennis fan. In fact, I have never even seen a tennis match. I'm not a fan of the sport. But I am a fan of the people who play it. I also like movies and this movie is not one of those. It is a movie that will make you think. There are so many things in this movie that you need to think about. I don't want to tell you what it is. Just watch it. It's worth it. 8/10

Bryan photo

I was skeptical about seeing this movie due to the negative reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a good movie to watch on a rainy afternoon or to go with friends on a rainy afternoon. I did think it was a bit long, but that's really because the story takes place over two days. I felt it was well paced and kept me interested throughout the whole movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie with a great story and great acting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch a movie and have a good time.

Bryan K. photo
Bryan K.

I really enjoyed this film. It is a realistic look at the life of a football player, especially an underdog. The film is very well done and the performances were great. I really like the fact that it is all true and all accurate to the real life of these players. The film does show the low life and the hardships they have to go through. The only real problem is that there were times when I could have done without the actors' strong language, but the language was very minimal and not over used. I also like the fact that this film was made after the events of 9/11 and the film's message of hope and determination to the players. I think it is a good film, but I don't think it is a great film.

Jeffrey Bell photo
Jeffrey Bell

When you watch a movie about a group of misfits and misfits, you want to root for them. You want to see them succeed and be successful in their endeavors. This movie does that. The movie is set in the 1920's and features a group of misfits that include: a doctor, a piano player, a woman who likes to cook, a man who is interested in money, and a man who is interested in women. The movie is told through the lens of a musical, and the musical is a group of misfits. They are the misfits that make up the group. There is a lot of singing, and the songs are all well written. They are entertaining, and you will love them. The movie is not perfect. I feel like there were a few times where it could have used some work on the editing. It could have been better. But overall, it is a great movie to watch. It is not a perfect movie, but it is a great movie to watch.

Jessica Diaz photo
Jessica Diaz

I loved this movie. I thought the acting was superb. The plot was tight and well done. There were no awkward moments, and the ending was good. I thought that the story was more realistic than most movies. The movie was good and I think that it would make a great movie for people to watch. I am not a great movie critic, but this movie was good and I will definitely recommend it to others.

Denise photo

This movie was an excellent piece of work. I would highly recommend watching this movie, it will show you that you don't need a huge budget to make a great film. This is a movie that will make you think and it will make you laugh at the same time. It also shows the average life of the average American, it makes you understand that we don't get to do anything, but we are just to follow, and we are to take it all in. I think that this movie will get some people thinking, and it will make them happy. It's a great movie to watch, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good movie.

Betty S. photo
Betty S.

I was a little bit disappointed by this movie. I thought it was too slow and not as good as I had hoped. I would have preferred a bit more action. I would have liked to have seen the character of Nick, played by Don Cheadle, play a bigger role. It would have been a much better movie. I think that it was a good movie, but I think it could have been better. I will give it a 7 out of 10. I would not go out of my way to see this movie, but I will watch it again, if I ever have a chance. I think that it is a good movie and I am glad I watched it. I am not sure that I will buy this movie, but I will give it a chance.

Jennifer L. photo
Jennifer L.

I am not sure what the people who have rated this movie so low would have expected from this movie. I think they would have been disappointed. As an Irishman, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the movie. It was nice to see a movie which was not too political, not too heavy and not too light. And it was nice to see a movie which had a strong family and a strong story. I think this movie is a good example of a good movie, which will stick with you for a long time. I recommend it to everyone.

John N. photo
John N.

This film is a great story, a film that shows how the Irish have been treated since the days of the Anglo-Irish War. The story is about the old tradition of the "Dublin Curse". The Curse is the reason that the Irish were not allowed to have land in Ireland until the 19th century. The Curse is a story of a poor boy who has been brought up in Ireland, where he has never known a good life, and has been forced to work in a mine, where he is made to work in the worst conditions possible. He then falls in love with a girl, but he is forced to marry a woman who is very much against the tradition, and has to stay with the man. This is the beginning of a story that shows the Irish struggle to be equal to the English, and to achieve the equality that was denied to them in the past. The film is very much an Irish story, and is very well done. It is an interesting film, that is very good.

Jack Jordan photo
Jack Jordan

The movie is well made and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. This is an interesting movie that keeps you guessing right up to the very end. The acting is very good, but the directing is very good. The movie is about a baseball player who makes a mistake during the season. He is on a plane headed to play in the World Series. During the flight he makes a mistake. The plane is diverted and he ends up at the airport, at a small town in Alabama. There he meets a lot of people, including a very eccentric man named "Cusack" (as played by Frank Ferrer). He is trying to get the "Cusack" to give him a plane ticket home to Chicago. The movie was a lot of fun. I thought that it was a good movie and I would recommend it to anyone. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Nancy Larson photo
Nancy Larson

The story of a tough cop who finds out that he is the best cop in the world is a good one. The movie is very well done, the performances are very good, the direction is good, the editing is good and the photography is good. However, the movie is too long and the editing is very bad, and it's a shame, because the story is very interesting and the characters are very interesting. This movie is not a comedy, but it is a good drama. If you like the story of this movie, you will enjoy it.

Jeremy M. photo
Jeremy M.

I had seen the original movie and liked it very much. I knew that they would make a sequel and thought it would be a good idea. I was wrong. This movie is much better than the original and better than the first movie. It has more action and is much better. It was very exciting and it has a very good story. I think that this is a great movie. I liked it very much and I would recommend it to everyone.

Hannah Turner photo
Hannah Turner

This is a great movie. The movie is a tribute to the sport of Baseball. There are many famous athletes in the movie, including the late great Ted Williams, as well as many of the most famous baseball players of all time. I have watched this movie several times and I enjoy it every time. The movie has a nice pace, with some fast paced scenes. The actors all do a great job. The movie has a good message to the sports fans. There are some very funny scenes in the movie. This is a must see for sports fans and baseball lovers. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Carl Jimenez photo
Carl Jimenez

I was a fan of 'The Towering Inferno' as a kid. But I don't remember much about it. Until I saw 'The Towering Inferno' again, and was shocked at the ending. I was intrigued, as was everyone else in the theatre. I could see why the director decided to wrap it up so quickly, but still, the ending was unexpected. I am still thinking about it, and I'm still thinking about it. So, if you can handle a different ending, this is a must see.

Anna photo

This is an excellent movie about a young man who becomes a champion baseball player in his local town. The boy's father is an alcoholic and the boy wants to go to college to play baseball. He agrees to help his father by taking the family's car when it goes out of service. The father takes the family to his home town where the boy is welcomed with open arms. He becomes popular and is a celebrity. The boy and his father go on a road trip to the next town to get a new car. He meets a girl who has a boyfriend. The boy has a good chance of becoming a major league baseball player in his hometown. This movie is very enjoyable. The father's alcoholism is portrayed well. The movie also deals with how the boy's family reacts to him being a star. The movie has a great ending.

Howard S. photo
Howard S.

I saw the movie for the first time when I was a kid and I have been a fan of sports ever since. I loved it, it was an amazing movie and it was also a good movie to see the Olympics, but I was a little disappointed that there wasn't any sports in it. It was great to see the team of the USA and the rest of the world competing in the Olympics. I would recommend this movie to anyone that is into sports, especially when it comes to football and the Olympics. I would also recommend it to anyone that wants to see a movie that is not too serious or too serious but still good.

Austin N. photo
Austin N.

I think that this movie is a very good movie. I think that it has the best ending. If you want to watch a good movie you should watch this movie.

Matthew C. photo
Matthew C.

The story of Joe, a young man who is faced with a major decision of his life, and the love of his life, Bess, a woman he doesn't know, is a great film. Bess is an intelligent and strong woman who has been in love with Joe for several years, and they have been together for several years now. Bess is in a bad way, and she is the kind of woman who has had a few bad experiences in her life. Joe is a good man, he has never had a bad experience, and he is also a good man. They get together and have a relationship. Bess also has some bad experiences in her life, and she has been in love with Joe for a long time. The way that Joe gets Bess to go to the football game was amazing, and I loved it. Joe is a man who is faced with a decision of his life, and the love of his life, Bess, is also faced with a decision of her life. They both have to choose between the two, and what will happen. This is a great film, with a great story. I would recommend this film to anybody who likes a good story, and a good film. It is a great film, and I would recommend it to anybody.

Frances M. photo
Frances M.

I'm not sure if the director was trying to make a comment on the nature of competition in the movie, but his comment was about as enlightening as they get. From a technical standpoint, the movie is top notch. The score is a perfect 80's staple, the cinematography is the best I've ever seen in a movie, the score is as good as any score I've ever heard and the acting is top notch. Overall, the movie is a great example of how to make a great, low budget movie. The editing is crisp and crisp. The story is well written, the acting is superb and the cinematography is fabulous. The only thing I would have changed about the movie is the ending. I felt it was rushed and it could have been a little bit more dramatic and even more emotional. But, I guess it's okay for the movies to be rushed and still be great.

Sandra photo

I don't really know what to say about this film, as it is definitely one of the best that i have seen in a long time. The story is about a young man who goes to the local tennis club in order to play the national championship. I can't really say too much about the film, as it is probably one of the most famous stories of the year, and it's definitely a good film. The music is great and there is a lot of great tennis footage in it, and there is a lot of tennis commentary in it, which is a good thing. I was also really surprised by the fact that there was no tennis commentary in the movie, which is something that i didn't expect. Overall, i think that this is a great film. I give it 8/10.

Carl B. photo
Carl B.

I'm a fan of the soft-core porn genre, so I decided to check out this film to see if it was as bad as I had been led to believe. It wasn't. The film is entertaining and well acted, though it is not the greatest film ever. But it is still a great film to watch with your friends. I would recommend it to anyone, and if you're a fan of the porn genre, you should definitely see it.

Sean Knight photo
Sean Knight

Bobby Walker (Robert Duvall) is a football coach who has just lost his first game. He is playing the worst game of his career with the least amount of talent he can find. When his team is shut out by a team of "The Powers That Be" Bobby tells his players that it's time to "Go Out and Play" and that they should do whatever they can to win. After a week of practice Bobby and his players realize that the game is much tougher than they thought and that they are not prepared for the level of talent they are facing. The movie is very close to being a documentary with some humorous moments. It's a good movie to watch on a rainy night when you are looking for a good movie to watch.

Theresa photo

There are a lot of great sports movies that have been made over the years, and there are a lot of lesser known ones, but this is the one of the best sports movies that I have seen, so far. This is the story of an American football player who is trying to make it in the NFL, but his brother wants to go pro in the French league. The movie is a bit slow moving, and a lot of the time you just want to go back to the beginning and go back to the beginning of the movie. However, this is not a bad thing, because the story is exciting. The movie is a bit slow and a little boring at times, but it does provide enough action to keep you interested. The main problem is that the movie is kind of bland, and I would not say that it is boring. The acting in this is okay, although there are some actors that I would not have used in this movie. The only problem is that there are a few actors that are just kind of not that good at all, and they don't really have any lines to add to the story. Overall, this movie is a good one, but it is not a classic like say, The French Connection, and it doesn't have the style of something like Rocky IV. It is definitely worth watching, but it is not the one of the best sports movies.

Janet photo

This movie is a bit of a mixed bag. I think the best part of the film is the movie itself. The direction, the acting, and the writing all are excellent. The whole film is shot in a very dark, almost black and white, style. The colors are dark, and the scenes seem to take place in the dark. I was impressed with the way the movie was shot. The acting is great, especially from Keanu Reeves. He was great as the lead character. I think his character was a little too strong, but that was a minor thing. Overall, the movie was great. It was probably my favorite movie of 2007.

Gregory Bryant photo
Gregory Bryant

What a great movie! I thought the acting was superb and the direction was excellent. It was great to see so many of the players who made the original movie such a success in this movie. The movie is very much like the book, except it is set in a football stadium. The characters are very different and they all have very different personalities. I think that the book is much better. I think that there are a lot of movies out there that don't follow the book so well. I think that this movie is a great addition to the football genre and I hope that it is released on DVD so that I can watch it over and over again.

Jean Owens photo
Jean Owens

This is an excellent film about baseball in the 1930's. It is about a boy named Pete and his childhood friend and fellow ball player, Tony. Pete has a dream to play in the big leagues and when he is selected by the Philadelphia Phillies, he is dismayed when he is not drafted. Tony, however, has a dream to play for the New York Giants and has to play for a team in the Bronx. Pete and Tony fall in love and when Pete is drafted by the Giants, he goes out to his new team, the Brooklyn Dodgers. They are both so excited to be there and they love it. When Pete and Tony are not playing, they are playing ball. The movie is very exciting. It has a lot of great baseball scenes. The movie also has a great message about baseball and how it is the most important thing in our lives. I think this is a great movie and I highly recommend it to people who enjoy baseball.

Melissa A. photo
Melissa A.

This is one of the best movies that I have ever seen. It's not a movie that I would recommend to anyone, but I think it is definitely worth watching. I loved it. It's not just a movie that is about football, it's about the people and the people in the movie. It's about the whole human race. The whole cast is great. I thought the actors did a great job. I would recommend this movie to anybody. It's a great movie and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Jerry photo

I was so pleased to see this film on cable. I thought it was well written and the acting was very good. It was very touching and very moving. I felt like I was a part of the movie and was very impressed by the actors and their performances. I really liked the direction and the cinematography. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie.