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The Public is a movie starring Alec Baldwin, Taylor Schilling, and Emilio Estevez. An act of civil disobedience turns into a standoff with police when homeless people in Cincinnati take over the public library to seek shelter from...

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Nieposłuszni, Ein ganz gewöhnlicher Held
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Emilio Estevez
Emilio Estevez
Emilio Estevez, Alec Baldwin, Taylor Schilling, Jena Malone
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In "the public" an unusually bitter Arctic blast has made its way to downtown Cincinnati and the front doors of the public library where the action of the film takes place. The story revolves around the library patrons, many of whom are homeless, mentally ill and marginalized, as well as an exhausted and overwhelmed staff of librarians who often build emotional connections and a sense of obligation to care for those regular patrons. At odds with library officials over how to handle the extreme weather event, the Patrons turn the building into a homeless shelter for the night by staging an "Occupy" sit in. What begins as an act of civil disobedience becomes a stand off with police and a rush-to-judgment media constantly speculating about what's really happening. This David versus Goliath story tackles some of our nation's most challenging issues, homelessness and mental illness and sets the drama inside one of the last bastions of democracy-in-action: your public library.

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Angela B. photo
Angela B.

From director Peter Weir comes the intimate portrait of the relationship between two young people in the midst of a stormy relationship. The story is told through the eyes of the film's protagonist, a 19 year old girl named Sarah, who is married with two children, but whose husband is a heroin addict and an alcoholic. Sarah is desperate to find her way back to the stability that she lost during her marriage. While working in a psychiatric hospital, Sarah is befriended by two young boys, one of whom is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. In a way, the two young boys represent a symbolic representation of Sarah's husband. When he returns from the hospital, he is back to his old ways and they are all a bit confused. Sarah is more than ready to move on. Sarah's husband is not, and he is not ready to move on. The film does not portray the sex as a central part of the story. Sarah and her husband engage in a kind of erotic conversation, but it is not the central focus of the story. Instead, the focus is on Sarah's growing awareness of her husband's addiction and the potential consequences that it may have on their marriage. The film is very much a character piece, but in a way it is more than that. Sarah is a character. We see her grow as a person, and the relationship between her and her husband is more than just an expression of desire or a story about a couple of young people. Sarah is more than a person, and that is what the film wants to say. It is important to remember that the film is an autobiographical story about the life of a young woman. Weir does not tell Sarah's life story. Instead, he tells us about Sarah's journey as a character, and he does so in a way that is both beautiful and difficult. The film is an intensely emotional and moving story about a woman's journey in trying to cope with a life-altering illness, and Weir has done a remarkable job of making us feel the pain and fear of a woman who has lost her husband and who is finding herself. I found the film emotionally moving and it is a story that I will treasure for a long time. I would highly recommend it.

Emily Hayes photo
Emily Hayes

This movie is about a young woman (Diana, played by Rosario Dawson) who falls in love with a guy who has an affair with her mother's brother (Ethan Hawke, played by Michael Shannon). This is a movie that is unique. It is about a woman who has to decide between love and friendship. Diana is a young woman who is dating a guy who has an affair with her mother's brother. Diana is a woman who is trying to decide whether or not to keep the relationship. The other characters are a little bit unclear. The story is a little bit slow in the beginning, but it picks up quickly. The ending is a little bit ambiguous. I do recommend this movie.

Jesse photo

The Public is an excellent movie, which will appeal to the whole family. The plot is simple: a father and son try to get out of their mundane lives in a small city and do something very difficult: to live on the edge. The acting is great, especially by the two leads. The plot is predictable, but the movie keeps the audience guessing until the end. It is a must-see movie for all ages.

Beverly J. photo
Beverly J.

After seeing the movie, I was confused. I found myself saying, "why did this happen?" I had seen the trailer for this movie and it looked like a classic movie. The acting was great, the story was interesting, and the photography was excellent. I also thought that the photography was interesting and that the acting was great. So, when I went to see the movie, I was expecting to see a movie that was amazing, but instead I found myself thinking, "What the hell happened?" This movie was about the "adults" in the town. It seemed like it was more about the teenagers in the town. I also thought that the teenagers in the movie were the ones who made the movie interesting, not the adults. The acting was very good, and the directing was great. The camera was moving, and the music was great. The only thing that I found really bad about the movie was that the movie was so long. It seemed like it dragged on a lot, and I found myself wondering why the movie was so long. It seemed like there was a lot of time that was spent on one scene. I was not impressed with the acting of the teenagers, and the actors who were in the movie were not very good. So, I think this is one movie that is definitely worth seeing, but it will not be my movie of the year. I would say that this is a movie for the adults who would like a movie that is good, but not a movie that will blow you away. It is a good movie that you can watch with your friends, but it is not a movie that will be a favorite. It is worth seeing, but not a movie that I will see again.

Sarah photo

This is a story about a family who moves to a small town and it's the story of a father and a son. They are a couple of old men and a little girl. The father is a sad man who is losing his memory. His son is a little girl who is a little kid. It's a great story that shows the family struggle. This is a movie you should see if you like a good drama. I think it's one of those movies that you should see at least once.

Henry Harper photo
Henry Harper

It's a great movie, I would love to see it again. The story is about a mother and daughter and the relationship between them. It is very touching and I would recommend it. I like the acting and the actors are good in this movie. The plot is really good and the movie is very simple. The movie is a bit slow at some parts and the movie could be a bit more dramatic, but it is still good. I liked the story and the story is not too serious but it is still good. I would like to see it again. It is a good movie. It's a good movie for kids and the parents. It's a good movie to watch with your friends. It's a good movie for people who like to watch it.

Kyle W. photo
Kyle W.

What a great film! It's great to see so many people from all walks of life involved in the making of this movie. There are some real gems here, especially with the great performance of Fonda, who had to take the lead role. And also a great performance by James Cromwell. All in all, I would say that this is a very unique movie that is not only enjoyable but also a lot of fun to watch. Also, it's nice to see the film that is one of the most important films in the history of American Cinema. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a great movie with great characters and a great story. It's a film that I will be watching again and again.

Christine H. photo
Christine H.

This is a very simple story. A young man becomes a man and then finds his own identity. But the film is all about the struggle to find the truth. There is a lot of interesting stuff in this movie. The "silence" of the other characters is really important and important to the plot. But the most important thing is the story itself. The acting is very good, the story is well written. And the message is really clear. It's a simple story, but it's also a good story.

Roy Curtis photo
Roy Curtis

I was expecting to see a great movie, and to be fair, I was not disappointed. The story was very well done and the acting was excellent. I thought the ending was disappointing, but I understand why it was there. I have read the book, and I can tell you that the book was very different. I have seen a few movies that have had great acting, but I have not seen one that has had a great story. I can't wait for the movie to come out on DVD.

Ronald Ferguson photo
Ronald Ferguson

This is an interesting film, that has some very interesting messages. I'm not going to give anything away. I'll just say that there's a lot of symbolism and a lot of things you can take from it. You'll find yourself thinking about it for a while after it's over. It's worth watching. The film is a bit slow at times, but it's very well made. I don't think I've ever seen a film quite like this one. I think this is one of those films that you should see if you have time to spare. It's well worth it.

Timothy Ray photo
Timothy Ray

It's not often that a movie like this is made, and if it were, it would not be a high profile one. But this is what we have here: a group of American high school students in the 70's (1953-1982) who, in their own way, are drawn into the world of the Soviet Union. In the film, this is a world where they have to live and learn, and to which they are alienated and must adapt. It's not hard to see how this could be a familiar story, but it is so well acted and filmed that it feels fresh and original. The film has been criticized for being overly dramatized, but I think this is an intentional choice. This is a very intimate film about an alienated group of students, and a deeply moving one at that. I've seen some comments here about it being too slow, and I agree that it's not very fast, but I didn't find it to be slow, and I think this is part of the strength of the film. In fact, it feels much more like an art film than a film, and the film is very well acted, which I think is important because it shows that this is not a film about the Cold War. This is about a group of students who are caught up in an outside world that they don't understand, but that they feel compelled to adapt to. And it's a very strange world in which they find themselves, and one in which they must adapt to. The film is not overly dramatic, but it is very moving. The story is not one that I've seen before, but it is a very different one. I have to say that I don't think this is a movie for everyone, because it's very dark and disturbing. But I think it is one that is worth seeing. The performances are very good, and I was really moved by the film.

Thomas P. photo
Thomas P.

A touching story about the man who finds himself in the middle of a case, and in the midst of a political crisis, his own personal tragedies and his own political ambitions. In the beginning of the movie you don't really understand why the boy is in such a hurry, but you learn that the story is based on a real incident. It's an incredible movie, it's really emotional, and I think that it's one of the best films of the year. I would say that this is a film that everyone should see. It's the kind of film that is not for everybody, it's a story that's hard to watch, but it's also a film that is really worth seeing.

Bruce Hart photo
Bruce Hart

As an adult, I am surprised that I haven't heard of this movie before. It was mentioned on the "Show Me A Hero" on HBO, and I was intrigued. I'm glad I found it, but it is not a movie that I would have watched. I don't want to waste my time on something I have already seen. As an adult, I really did not enjoy it. The acting was mediocre, the script was not very good, and the plot was a complete mess. The movie was slow and I was not engaged by the story. I just didn't like it. I am not saying that the movie was bad, I just think that it was not good. I am sure that the movie was not supposed to be a classic, but I think that it was trying to be a classic. It wasn't. I think that the movie was trying to be a bit of a "Citizen Kane" but it just failed. If you have not seen this movie, I suggest you don't waste your time. The acting was bad, the story was not good, and the plot was terrible.

Gary photo

The movie has the look of a finished film, but it was too slow. The film is supposed to be the story of two people. The story of the couple is not really told in the film. The film is supposed to be the story of one man and his family. It is not the story of two people. The film was slow and the characters are not really explored. The film has a good idea but the execution of the idea was poor.

Christian photo

I found this film to be very entertaining and interesting. The characters are all interesting and well portrayed. The direction is great and the acting is very good. This film also features a beautiful location and a beautiful soundtrack. The writing is also very good. There are many lines that are very meaningful to the characters and to the viewer. The movie has a very moving ending that is very unexpected. I also thought the movie was very well-acted. The actors are all very good. I also thought the character of the main character was very interesting. I thought he was a very interesting character, which made it very interesting to watch. This is a very interesting film that will be very interesting to watch and find out more about.

Doris Gardner photo
Doris Gardner

This movie is a wonderful character study of a troubled young woman who was just about to become a free woman when she has a life-changing experience. When she leaves her abusive husband, she does not want to be a free woman, she wants to be a slave, and she is determined to never be a free woman again. In a subtle way, the film shows us that she is a woman who needs to be free from her abusive husband. I liked the movie, but I found it to be a little too slow, and it was too much like a character study. It was a bit too long, and there were a lot of scenes that were very repetitive. I think that if this was a film that was really meant to be a character study, it would have been a much better film.

Amber O. photo
Amber O.

I can't tell if I enjoyed or disliked this film. I'm not a great film critic, and I don't know if I really should be one, because I really don't know what I think. I don't think it was a terrible film, I just don't know what it was. I guess I just couldn't be convinced that this film was a masterpiece. There were some very beautiful moments, and some very strange scenes, but I can't say that I loved it. Maybe I'm just too easily fooled. I'll probably watch this film again, but I don't know whether I'll enjoy it as much as I did the first time. The film does have a strong visual style, and it's always interesting to see the scenes with a lot of detail. But the acting is not great, and it's not really that interesting to see the actors on screen. There are a lot of scenes that are boring and don't move the story along at all. I do like the cinematography, and it is sometimes very beautiful, but I think that the film could have been better if the story and the acting were better. Maybe I'll watch this film again, and I'll be able to make up my mind.

Aaron Myers photo
Aaron Myers

The Public is a well made film. It has an engaging plot and has some powerful performances. I really enjoyed the director's ability to tell a story in a way that is both compelling and funny at the same time. The film has the feel of a long lost and forgotten silent film. It also has a very strange and at times quite disturbing feel. I was surprised at how much the film had in common with the short story it was based on. I found the story to be very touching and moving and the characters to be very interesting. I am not sure if the film will be for everyone. I think that the film is very high on emotion and emotional involvement. I don't think that it is appropriate for younger children as it is more for the mature audiences. I do think that this film is well worth seeing if you are looking for a film to enjoy and take time with. It is a film that is worth the price of admission.

Russell W. photo
Russell W.

I'll be honest, I was not expecting a lot of this movie. I went into it expecting a movie that I might enjoy, but that I would find very hard to watch. The only reason I went was because the movie was about a guy in jail for raping his pregnant wife. The movie started out like a typical Hollywood movie, but after a while I realized it was not typical Hollywood at all. This movie was something else. It had a very good story and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to watch movies about people who are mentally ill or who have been in jail. It's not for everyone, but I think anyone would enjoy this movie.

Hannah photo

I've seen this movie about five times. I've also read the book and this is probably a good movie to see. This is about a young man who is very close to the old style of getting involved in the music business. He has to make a choice between his future and the other's. He thinks he has to make this choice because he has to help his mother. But this choice is very difficult for him and he has to find a way to get out of it. The film is very good. It's very emotional and I recommend it to everyone who has a little interest in music. The performances are great and the film is a good movie to watch.