Watch 30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story

30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story

30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story is a movie starring Art Spiegelman, John Pound, and Tom Bunk. In the 1980s a bunch of underground cartoonists parodied a popular doll. The resulting commercial product tapped into the...

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1 hours 54 minutes
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Joe Simko, Jeff Zapata
Joe Simko
Art Spiegelman, Tom Bunk, John Pound, James Warhola
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In the 1980s a bunch of underground cartoonists parodied a popular doll. The resulting commercial product tapped into the international kid zeitgeist. That young generation felt that this product spoke to the revulsion they had for the corporate pop culture that was being fed to them.

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Bobby Harris photo
Bobby Harris

When I first saw this movie, I thought it was a horrible movie. But I'm glad I watched it. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen. It's so bad it's good. A lot of people think the kids are bad. They're not. They're bad because they're acting. They're bad because they're trying to be bad. That's the only reason the kids are bad. They don't know any better. They're trying to be bad. It's all the same. The director is horrible, the kids are terrible, the parents are terrible, the movie is terrible, but I'm glad I watched this movie. It's not a good movie, but it's a movie. It's just a movie. I don't know what else to say about it, except to say that it's the best movie I have ever seen.

Rose Jacobs photo
Rose Jacobs

This is a very sad and sickening movie. It's not a documentary. It's a depiction of how a very sick and twisted person is able to get away with his crimes for so many years. It's a very sad movie and it's a very sad movie to see how a person like this could be around a child and not see that person for what he is, a pedophile. I hope this movie is shown to children so they can be protected by their parents. It's very scary that someone like this is able to get away with so many years and not be caught for what he is. I hope that the movie is shown to people in prison. I hope that they can see that what they did was wrong and that they should never have been in prison. I hope that the people who watch this movie will see what they did and feel that they are wrong.

Andrea R. photo
Andrea R.

This is a remarkable documentary that, at its core, is about a family of 4 that started out as a family of 3. They grew up in a very strict and rigid household. They were taught that being poor was the ultimate sin. This is a great insight into a family that is largely forgotten today. I found it extremely interesting to watch how they interacted with one another. While it is true that the father spent a great deal of time telling the children that their parents were "better than the Bible" it is also true that they were all adults who had had their own views of what was acceptable behavior. I highly recommend this documentary.

Zachary photo

This is a great documentary about the little-known Garbage Pail Kids, and it has one of the most heartfelt and moving interviews with the children themselves. It is also a beautiful look at the people who have known the children since childhood. The director did an excellent job and kept the tension level high throughout the film. The kids themselves were amazing and I highly recommend this documentary. It's well worth a watch.

Pamela M. photo
Pamela M.

This film was extremely interesting. I felt like I was a kid again, and i was so proud to be a part of it. I think most people should watch this film. It is a great story of the children who were part of the garbage pail movement. I think it was very inspirational. This is not your average documentary about the garbage pail movement. It really brings you into the times and the people that were part of it. The documentary was very entertaining and exciting. I would definitely recommend this film. If you love the garbage pail movement and want to learn more about it, this is the documentary for you.

Nancy B. photo
Nancy B.

I think this movie is really great. It's definitely better than the first one. The characters and the story are great. I really like the fact that they didn't try to cover everything in the first one. It's a lot better. I think it's a great movie to watch. It is really good. I recommend it.

Grace photo

I just got back from seeing this film and I am in complete agreement with many other people that this film is a masterpiece. The film has a very good flow of stories, and while there are many telling, it is never boring. The stories are all very different and so are the stories. The one with a young boy who is being bullied is really very heart wrenching. It also shows that there is still love out there for those who have been bullied. The film shows that people can still be brave and do something about it. I really loved this film. It is a must see for everyone who has ever had to be bullied.

Michelle W. photo
Michelle W.

I just found this movie on Netflix and I was thoroughly impressed. It's great. I can't believe how little I know about this movie. I had no idea about the subject matter of this movie and I think the filmmakers were very careful with the content. It is truly one of the most shocking documentaries I've ever seen. It also gives you a look into the lives of the pail kids that had nothing to do with their day to day lives. It's very interesting and quite painful at the same time. The cast is very good. The director was very creative. The movie is very realistic. I recommend it to anyone.

Randy Sanchez photo
Randy Sanchez

The greatest thing about this film is that you can't understand it if you're not born in the era of the 80's. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the 80's. I think it's a great film because it gives you a look into what the 80's were like, the music, the fashion, the attitude, and the movie making. If you're not a fan of the 80's, then it probably won't be your thing. But if you're a fan, then you can appreciate this film. I give it a perfect 10.

Bobby photo

The Garbage Pail Kids story has been told many times, and it is great. This documentary explores how a family of four with a combined income of $6,000 was able to spend so much time with their three children, and how the family's cash flow was able to support the children's needs. The film features interviews with the children, their grandparents, their doctors, their lawyers, their friends, and family members. It also tells how the family's financial circumstances affected them emotionally. While the documentary covers many aspects of the family's life, it is really a family story. As I said, the documentary is great. It is not a look at how a family got to where it was, but rather how a family survived. I think it is really important to show how a family survives, because many families are like that. Some families don't survive, but their children do. I think that if more families were like this, we wouldn't have to worry about how they are surviving, because they are already surviving. The kids have learned so much from their parents, and the grandparents have been there for them. I think the film does a really good job of showing the kind of family we are. The kids are intelligent and are able to learn things from their grandparents, which is really great. There is a lot of humor in the film, and I think it is really fun to watch. I think it is great to see how a family can survive with a budget of $6,000. I think that the documentary shows the lives of these kids, and it shows how their parents and grandparents were able to make it work. I think that the documentary is really good, and I think that it is very educational for anyone who is interested in the Garbage Pail Kids story.

Brittany S. photo
Brittany S.

I saw this on a pay-per-view DVD with the description "A family film for people of all ages". I have no idea why. It was a very good documentary about the creation of the trash pail kids, and the very real problems they faced. They were not superheroes, but they did do a lot of good for the environment. I have never heard of the movie, but I am glad that I found it. It was very good, and it made me understand a little bit more about this movie that I had previously only thought about it. It made me realize that this film was not just about garbage pail kids, but also about a lot of other things that were very important to the environment, like the pollution in the air, the pollution in the water, and a lot of other things. It was a very good film. It was really touching, and it was really educational. I recommend this film to all people, and especially to children. I think that it is really important to teach them a lot of things, but also about the environment, and to remember to make the most of the environment that we have. I give this film 8 out of 10.

Lawrence Gray photo
Lawrence Gray

This is a very good documentary about the Garbage Pail Kids and their unbelievable story. It tells the story of a bunch of kids who were all set to be drafted into the military, but they were already an established group. They had all the same issues as the kids in the real world, which made it difficult for the military to recruit them. But in spite of these problems, the kids stuck together and managed to bring about a little change. They had a small fortune in the military and were able to save money by selling things from their garbage to help with the war. One of the kids in particular was so good at picking up the trash and selling it to the military that she was eventually recruited to the military. The documentary shows a lot of the kids in the real world and how they had to go through this hardship and make it through, but it also shows the kids in the movie and their struggles. The documentary is worth watching because it is very well done and the stories of the kids are incredibly inspiring.

Frances photo

It's a good documentary, but I would rather have seen it on TV. I do agree with some of the reviewers that this film could have used some re-shoots. But it's a good documentary. There are a lot of good things in this film, and I'll be looking forward to seeing it again. I also appreciate that the filmmakers don't try to present the documentary in a way that people will understand. They do a good job of telling the story of the Garbage Pail Kids, but don't try to make it sound like a documentary. The kids speak with a naturalness that I don't think they would have learned in school. Their voices are perfect, their mannerisms are perfect, and they are just as I imagined them to be. The kids are like real people, and they don't try to tell us how nice they are. They don't try to convince us that they're the most intelligent kids in the world. They're just kids. It's nice to see a documentary about kids, and not have the kids be the main focus. The kids are not the focus of the film, and there is no reason to make the film about them. The movie is about their parents, their friends, and their lives. And when the filmmakers try to portray the kids as if they are the most intelligent kids in the world, it gets confusing. I think they should have made the film about the kids. I would have loved to see the kids narrate the film, but they don't do that. And it's a shame. The kids are an amazing bunch of kids, and I think that's why they are the way they are. I hope the documentary will get better.

Patricia K. photo
Patricia K.

I'm not a fan of Garbage Pail Kids, but I've seen it a couple of times and enjoyed it. I've read the story and it's pretty funny. It's also pretty sad, I can't imagine what it must be like to grow up in a home where the father is so absent and neglectful, and your mother is a manipulative bitch. There are some funny lines in the film, especially when the kids are talking to the neighbors. I think it's great how the kids are getting into the stories and talking about it. The DVD has some funny stuff, like the Christmas card story. They also have some funny songs, like the one where they sing "I Am the Walrus" and "The Grinch." And they even have the CD with some other songs. I'm not a fan of the actors, but I really like the film. I'm not sure if it's the director's fault or the actors' fault, but I do think the film is funny. I do think it's better than most films about the Grinch, but not by much. I think it's pretty sad, and there are a lot of dark scenes, but the film is worth seeing. It's a good movie for people who love the Grinch.

Benjamin photo

This is a very good film about a great event in the history of British film-making. The film follows the process of the making of "Garbage Pail Kids" and it is fascinating to watch how the film came about and what went wrong. The main problem with the film is that the people involved were not given much time to explain themselves. The film also had a lot of stuff that was either left out or didn't make sense. The film also should have been longer. I did not understand why the film was so long and why the characters had such a lot of screen time. I also thought that there was a lot of important stuff missing from the film. In addition, the film had a lot of "garbage" in it. It was really bad and I was left wondering if the film was even worth watching. If you want to know more about the history of British film-making, see the documentary "Garbage Pail Kids".

Tiffany photo

I was saddened by the news of the passing of Garbage Pail Kids on July 11, 2005. The film was one of the most interesting documentaries I've seen in the past decade. It didn't have a happy ending. It was just as sad as it was funny. I think there was a lot of humor in it. I also think it was a sad but good film. I'm glad it has been getting good reviews. I wish it had a big release because I think it would be a big hit.

Nathan photo

A bit of a downer as I can't really recommend this to anyone. But I'm glad I went. I've been a fan of Garbage Pail Kids since I was 10 years old. I've always liked the music and I think the music is very well put together. The film is sort of a compilation of "Garbage Pail Kids" songs recorded in the late 70s/early 80s, but the songs are so good that it's hard to tell what era it's from. It also seems like the director got all of the music from the radio stations that were playing the Garbage Pail Kids. The soundtrack was also very good. Some of the songs were really catchy and others were just OK. It's great to hear the older songs that made the band famous. The film is a bit long, but it's well worth it.

Joshua Gonzales photo
Joshua Gonzales

I had the privilege of seeing this documentary at the Toronto Film Festival. It was amazing. The crew really delved into the subjects of the pail kids. There were no soft-focus shots, and the emphasis was more on the hard-edged subject of the film. I thought the cast was brilliant. I really felt for each character, and really thought that their lives were worth following. It was really sad, and inspiring. The documentary was well-balanced. The director was very effective at balancing the subjects. There were scenes that made me feel uplifted, and some scenes that made me feel like I was in a bad movie. It was a nice balance. I think the director should do more documentaries.

Henry photo

This is a really good documentary about the origins of the garbage pail kids. There are a lot of clips of interviews with people who knew the kids and some who didn't. It's mostly of the kids themselves, and they talk about their childhood and their lives. There's lots of footage of the kids during their various transitions into adulthood. I particularly liked the footage of the kids' father and mother, who had to give up their old job to take care of the kids. The kids themselves talk about their childhood and their life in the pail. This is definitely a must-see.

Tammy photo

I didn't know what to expect going into this documentary. I thought the idea was interesting but the execution was terrible. It's not that it's a bad documentary but it was terrible. It was so obvious that the producers were trying to make a hit documentary, they tried to keep the focus on the kids while the actual garbage kids were left out. It made it difficult to get into the actual history of the garbage kids. It's kind of sad that they were once famous but now it's almost impossible to remember them. It's also hard to remember the actual garbage kids, as they don't seem like that big of a deal. I'm not saying that the garbage kids were the worst kids of all time but they were still pretty bad. It was like they were making a documentary about some other people and it was never the garbage kids. It's kind of sad that this documentary was made but it was just so bad. If you want to watch a documentary about garbage kids go watch the documentary called Trash Boys, the movie is far more interesting.

Marilyn O. photo
Marilyn O.

This is the story of the garbage pail kids, how their life is changed for the worse when their parents die and they are thrown out of their house, and how they survive in a cold and dark environment. This documentary is incredibly good, the interviews with the kids are very nice, the kids are very brave and open about their childhood experiences, and they talk about how they have to deal with the conditions they live in, and the environment they live in. The documentary also shows how the kids were in such a poor and cold environment, and the conditions they are living in, and how they try to survive, and what the kids do in order to survive. Also, the documentary is very funny, because they have to say "We're still alive, we're still alive", and it's really funny. I really recommend this documentary to people who want to see how the garbage pail kids became such a strong, brave, and great group of people. It's really good and very inspiring. A must see for any fan of the garbage pail kids. 8/10

Amy Gibson photo
Amy Gibson

I'm a fan of Garbage Pail Kids and have always wanted to see the film. I've always been curious to find out what the story is about. I found this documentary on Youtube and was very interested. It's a very interesting story and you get to see a lot of interesting people. I recommend this documentary to anyone interested in Garbage Pail Kids.