Watch Chaar Sahibzaade 2: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur

Chaar Sahibzaade 2: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur

Chaar Sahibzaade 2: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur is a movie starring Harman Baweja, Pawan Kalra, and Om Puri. A profound and courageous story on how Guru Grace changed Banda Singh Bahadur in and out and enabled him to lead Sikh army...

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2 hours 14 minutes
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Harry Baweja
Pathik Vats, Harry Baweja, Harry Baweja, Jyoti Deshpande, Jyoti Deshpande
Harman Baweja, Pawan Kalra, Om Puri
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A profound and courageous story on how Guru Grace changed Banda Singh Bahadur in and out and enabled him to lead Sikh army to Punjab province to establish righteousness and equality in the state and to punish the Mughals who killed four sons (Chaar Sahibzaade) of Sri Guru Gobind Singh JI along with thousands of innocent Sikhs and Hindu's, under their slaughterous rule.

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Brian Newman photo
Brian Newman

This movie was great for me. I thought it was very well put together. The characters were really good, the jokes were good, and the action was good. I don't think it was so much of a sequel as it was just a continuation of the first movie. The story wasn't the best, but it was entertaining and I found the characters to be very likable. This movie really shows how a Sikh can be a great leader. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was that there wasn't enough action. There was a lot of fighting, but there wasn't enough of it. The last scene was pretty good though. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Lawrence photo

If you are not familiar with the story then the film is a good watch. It is full of scenes and the actors are superb. I saw this movie at a cinema and enjoyed it very much. The story is about a young boy who is a small fry in his village and is about to lose his job. He meets a woman in his village and falls in love. This is the reason he was sent to the capital. The story is told very beautifully. The music is very good. It is one of the best Indian songs in the genre. There are many scenes in the movie which are very well executed and very interesting. I don't want to give too much away as I don't want to spoil the film for the audience. The characters are all great. There are many dramatic scenes in the movie which are very good. I would say this is a must watch film.

Nancy Evans photo
Nancy Evans

This is a comedy movie in which a Sikh (Punjabi) and a non-Sikh (Amar) have a connection. One of them is a brother of the former and the other one is a non-Sikh. The latter is a member of the Congress Party who is trying to bring the former to the Congress. The story is good and is the best thing about the movie. The film is not perfect but is well made. It is a good family movie and has a good message. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Sarah H. photo
Sarah H.

This is a very good film, and one of the best Hindi films that I have ever seen. It is good for a family audience, it is a must watch for any Hindi film fan, and it is a must watch for any serious Hindi film lover. The story is very well written and the actors are also very good. It is a good film for children and the adults will also enjoy it. The music is also very good. It has some bad points, the story is very poor and the characters are very bad. But I think the actors have done a good job in this film. They have given their best. It is also a good film for people who want to know more about Sikh history. It also has some good jokes and some good scenes. It is also a good film for the people who want to know more about the Sikh culture. Overall, this is a very good film that should be watched by all Hindi film lovers. The film is very good for the family audience, and for any serious Hindi film lover. 7/10

Megan photo

This is one of the first movies I watched in my life. I love this movie. I watched it with my family and we all loved it. I have been a huge fan of Humayun's since I was kid. I have seen every movie of his that I can and I still love them. This movie is the perfect combination of Humayun and Banda Singh. Humayun has gone from the good kid to the great movie director. Banda Singh is a legend. This movie is a must watch for any Banda Singh fan. The music is great, the actors are brilliant, the story is great. I have seen this movie a million times and I love it every time. I like Banda Singh's movies more than his own movies. I like him better than Khan and his films. This movie is very very good.

Gary photo

After watching this film, I'm still wondering if it was made on a really tight budget. A lot of the film seems like it was shot on a low budget and I'm sure the producers were just trying to get the film out and not making a lot of money. However, the film is an entertaining film. I like the way the film is set and the way it is shot, the actors are good, the story is well-written and the direction is good. This is the second film that I've seen from this director. The first one was the excellent Aravindha II. The film has a lot of funny moments, good acting and the comedy is great. This film is probably the best comedy I've seen in recent times. The film is definitely worth a watch, but be warned, it may not be for all tastes.

Carol Wilson photo
Carol Wilson

I must admit, I had never seen the first Chaar Sahibzaade movie, but I do remember liking it. I did not like this movie as much as I did the first movie. But I was also looking forward to it because it was a sequel, and I really liked the first movie. I thought it was good, but not great. This movie has no plot, but it's not a bad movie. It's not a terrible movie. I just felt that it was a little bit too long. This movie is about how the Sikhs were treated by the British when they conquered the Punjab. In the first movie, they were treated as equals. In this movie, they were treated like foreigners. They had their own leaders and laws, but they still treated them like foreigners. So this movie is kind of like a sequel to the first movie. It's also about how the British were defeated by the Sikhs, and the British were forced to leave the Punjab. But the British soldiers stayed in Punjab, and the Sikhs were forced to leave Punjab. The main problem with the movie is that it is just too long. I did like the movie, but I think it is just a little bit too long. The movie could have been better if it was just a little bit shorter.

James Sanders photo
James Sanders

It is really a good movie. Very enjoyable and entertaining. I really liked this movie. I was also very surprised at the script. The main plot is well presented and the film really got to me. The film has some unexpected twists and turns. The movie is also very well directed. Some scenes are quite hard to take at first and that is the biggest problem with the movie. It is also a big pity that the second half is not as good as the first half. This is a great family film. My vote is 7. I would recommend this movie to all people. It is very entertaining and entertaining.

Phillip photo

The first film of this series was far superior to the second film. I still enjoy watching this one, but it just does not hold up to the first film. The plot is too predictable and the pacing is too slow. The characters are cliched, the action scenes are not good, and the characters are not believable. There is too much of the character interaction and little interaction between the characters. The only positive about this film is the plot. The second film is a complete letdown. I think that the fans of this series will be disappointed. The actors and actresses in this film were excellent, but the acting in this film is not believable. I am a huge fan of this series, and I think that the series is on its last legs.

Russell photo

I enjoyed the movie very much. The movie has a good story, interesting characters, good music and the way the songs were played. In the beginning the movie is just entertaining. The story is a little bit predictable but it is enjoyable to watch. It is a little bit slow but it is good for people who have some time to kill. I think that there is a good message behind the movie. People who have a lot of time to waste on watching this movie will be disappointed. I would recommend it to people who have little time to waste.

Grace photo

I really loved this movie. It's the first movie to make me cry so much. It was so sad to see the characters from the first movie go back to their home town and see their old friends and family. I really cried. I think it's a great movie. I would recommend this movie to everyone. It was a great movie.

Dorothy Thomas photo
Dorothy Thomas

A very good movie, with a lot of story to tell. The main character is so full of emotions, you really feel for him. A very good movie. A must watch for all movie lovers. We all know about the first movie of Chaar Sahibzaade 2. But this one is a whole new story. The main character is more mature and more mature. The movie is not boring. The movie is full of emotions and a lot of action. The movie is not like any other Chaar Sahibzaade movie. A must watch.

Raymond V. photo
Raymond V.

This movie is one of the best movies ever. I have seen it 2 times and it keeps on getting better every time. I am really sad that I haven't seen this movie in the theater. I really wish I can see it in the theater. I really hope that they will make a 3rd movie of this movie. I really love this movie.

Marie Webb photo
Marie Webb

I love this movie. It's a must watch for every Indian. It has everything you can ask for in a movie. It has comedy, action, romance, drama, and also it has a lot of history and an interesting storyline. It is the best movie of all time. I recommend everyone to watch this movie. I hope that you like it. I hope that you all enjoy the movie. This is a must watch for all Indians.