Watch The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2017: Live Action

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2017: Live Action

Collective screening of the Academy Award nominated short films from the Live Action category for 2017.

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Lauren photo

The short films in this film are presented with the attention to detail that is expected of any genre that has come out of Cannes. The acting in this film is very high quality. There were a few clips in the opening credits that showed some of the actors, but I don't recall that there was any character of significance. However, that was what made the short films in this film such a pleasure to watch. This film is essentially a series of interviews with three short films of various genres that are presented in the same manner, and perhaps in the same sequence. In my opinion, I think that this is what made the film the masterpiece it was. I liked the fact that each short film was simply about what it was. I also like the fact that the films were presented with the same care that I was expecting from a short film from a festival that has put on many great short films, but I felt that there was more focus on the conversations, rather than the plot. Overall, I thought that this film was really good. It is hard to explain the feeling that this film leaves you with, but it is a pleasure to watch.

Keith photo

The story is about a man and his family in the seventies who get mixed up with an African dictator's son who makes some pretty disturbing comments. It is interesting in that we are seeing a theme of people who are involved in the drug trade and slavery in the thirties and are playing the bad guy in the movie. What is strange is that they do not go through the typical slasher/exploitation/rape scenes. It is more of a family drama but has a lot of graphic images of violence and sexuality and some sexual themes and situations. The actors are great and this movie has a good production and looks great and it is very good to see the old school Grindhouse style of making a movie in the seventies. This movie has been getting a lot of attention and it is getting some awards and it is worth seeing.

Daniel Gonzales photo
Daniel Gonzales

I haven't seen "Lights Out" before and it seems that this is a movie that was featured a few years ago but I don't remember the name of the film. Anyway, "Lights Out" is a very dark movie with a lot of action and drama. The main character is very tough but doesn't mean that he is just a tough guy. He's also very good looking, he looks like a middle aged woman (who, incidentally, is beautiful). The film is mostly about his life, but it also shows his relationship with his father. There is a lot of emotions, and I was very sad, because this was a guy that was living in the wilderness, he has never seen a lot of people in his life. So this film is definitely a drama, but it's very dark and sad. There are a lot of problems, but the main character is also very angry. It's a very emotional film and there is a lot of drama and emotions. I liked the film, it's a very good drama, but it's not as good as the new one, "Signs".

Jacqueline Wells photo
Jacqueline Wells

Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of Dylan, but the one thing that did not bother me about this movie was the fact that it was a 'dry' film. I am one of those that is not bothered by the thought of 'dry' acting, but I had to admit that it did not seem as if it was done with the level of intensity that it was suppose to be. It was all done with the knowledge that it was supposed to be dry. Some of the other reviews have mentioned how 'semi-realistic' some of the scenes were, but I found that to be quite ironic as I found the 'normal' events of everyday life to be quite entertaining. I was not really bothered by the lack of realism, but did find the dialogue in some parts of the film to be quite low-brow. I understand that it was a 'dry' film, but I just found it a little weak in my opinion. I think that the acting was pretty good, but the script for some parts of the film was not. The other reviews I have read, I think that they did not realize that they were watching a different film than they thought they were watching. The amount of money spent on this film I think was about what it took to make 'Alice in Wonderland'. If that is the case, then I can see how some people might feel offended by the fact that it is a 'dry' film. But, I think that they were wrong.

Jose photo

Best Documentary Short Film of the Year 2017, this was a big step for filmmakers to gain an Oscar nomination for it's Independent Feature Film. It's one of those films where you can say, 'yes, I know it was made by indie filmmakers, and yes, it's their first feature film, but what I didn't know was that it was made by the Oscar nominated, Short Film Festivals, and yes, it was nominated in both the Documentary and the Short Film Festivals. The film was shown at both the Sundance Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, and I think the audience was so into it that they were laughing at it throughout. I would love to see this film get another award, but I hope that it gets more exposure, because the festival audience loved it and it was amazing to see the film so many people are talking about it and saying, 'It was great'. The short film was made by a group of five people and is filled with humour, which was really cute, and most of the humour was jokes that the audience laughed at and were laughing at the same time. The writing was great, and the two lead actors did great with the material, and it was really fun watching them grow as a couple, and the two directors did a great job with the music, and it really added to the fun of the film. I really hope that this gets a wider audience because it was really unique and fun to watch and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of indie films or Documentary, or just people who enjoy movies that make them laugh. This was a really good film and I think it deserves a lot more attention, but it is certainly one to see, but if you go in looking for a film that is easy to digest, this is not the one you're looking for. I think that the best feature films are those that show us what a good film is. So I really hope that this film gets some more exposure and a lot more people see it and enjoy it. It was really good, and I think it deserves the Oscar it received, and hopefully we will see this film get another nomination for it's Documentary Feature Film.

Randy photo

If you have any interest in stories like the ones presented in "The Cabin in the Woods," you're probably going to love this film. Some of the best parts were the cameos by the actors of "Tropic Thunder," "Cloverfield," and "Pitch Perfect 2." The story centers around six children and their families as they deal with their mother's death, or some version thereof. Some of the children come out with some type of issue and it is up to the rest of the family to help them cope with it. "The Cabin in the Woods" will be the biggest cult film of the year, no question. My problem with it was that the stories were very much the same. The horror stories were about a man who kills his own wife in a car crash, and the zombies are from the "Zombie Apocalypse." I did like the way it was set up, with the characters being able to communicate with each other, but the lack of continuity and the family's constant arguing did not make for a compelling story. The greatest scene in the movie was the "Pitch Perfect 2" reunion. If you are a fan of the show, you'll be happy to know that the characters and lines were quite similar. The editing was almost identical. Even the colors were almost identical. If you like horror films, this is the one for you.

Cheryl photo

The theme of the film is how so many of our species can be really good or bad without knowing it. While there is no clear answer, the human nature (which is what is shown) can be seen as the focus. The simple fact is that humanity is suffering from certain personality types and the problem is not only psychological but also social. It is sad to see a long time ago when our species was in a positive phase and a hopeful one, but this film shows us how we are currently or have been in a negative phase.

Alexander Bell photo
Alexander Bell

Even though there are some really good shorts and really bad shorts, this is by far one of the best of the year. The documentary-style stories take place in an old school where the kids have to sit through a lecture or a movie that is filmed in a different way than the one they are in. Sometimes they have to sit through two movies, other times it is one. In each story, one of the students doesn't know what he/she is doing or how to do it, and the filmmaker has to fill in the gaps, or just explain why it is done the way it is. They are given the opportunity to do this every few days. Some students are very intelligent, but others are just rude, rude, rude. There is a good mix of people and it is nice to see the different people who work in the school. They are very interesting and help the filmmakers in their job. I really enjoyed this film. The teachers were very interesting as well as the students. The stories are very different and sometimes very interesting, sometimes boring, sometimes tragic, and at other times funny. The stories are all very unique and you are never bored. Overall, this is a very entertaining documentary-style film. It's very nice to see the documentary-style stories in an old school that is so different from the one in front of us. The teachers are interesting and you can really feel their sense of humor and sense of humor that they have. The stories are all different, and all of them are very interesting. The documentary-style stories are also very entertaining. I recommend this film. It is very entertaining, it is very original and it is very enjoyable. It is also a good way to spend a day, it is not a waste of time. If you liked the other films in the series, this one is the best of them.

Crystal G. photo
Crystal G.

Nathalie and her two sons move from Paris to Italy, and make it work with the best of them, some beautiful things happen to them and that's it. After her husband dies, she has a hard time adjusting to the job of a caretaker, she says that the people she works with are good people, but she soon realizes that they are not, and the family is faced with some major problems. Nacho, a man who works with her, tells her the story of a woman who was raped by her neighbor when she was a child. She tells him that she wanted to find the murderer but couldn't find anything, and went to his house where he raped her and gave her the money she needed. But now she has to live with the guilt, her mother is very angry, she keeps a long distance from her and refuses to see her. But she finds a new boyfriend, who is a complete stranger, and is seen by Nathalie again. But what happens to the man she meets? The film follows the family through this journey. This is a very well made film. It takes you through the entire family's story and they show you how difficult it was for them to deal with the past, and how hard it is to live with the present. The filming of the film was great. There are a lot of beautiful shots that made it look like you were right there with the family. The directing was also great, I don't know of any other film that shows you the real story of a man from the past. The characters were well done and were really convincing. I really like the fact that the actors were young and unknown so I could see their real feelings. I liked the music too, the main theme of the film was also beautiful. This film was very well made. I recommend this film to everyone who has seen the Oscar nominated short films 2017, and who liked the documentary Daughters of the Wind about a girl's journey of depression, and the award winning film Serendipity. Overall, I like this film a lot, but it didn't do a great job in my opinion.

Zachary photo

Out of all the films in this new line-up of short films, there are many that I would not like to have the movie of. So I have to give it a 7 because it is not the best in the line-up. The problem is the story itself is pretty good. It's a little bit slow at times, but that is a little to be expected because it is a 3 hour long film. The main thing that made me love this movie is the acting. That is the only thing that kept this movie from being a complete waste of time. The story is actually a little bit of a twist that you can't really predict which was really cool. It does keep you guessing as to what will happen next which is a plus. The characters are pretty likable and the main characters, while a bit on the dramatic side, are actually very likable and I would actually like to see more of them. I can honestly say that this movie is very entertaining. I would recommend it to anyone who loves short films.

Emma S. photo
Emma S.

I didn't think that any of the short films in this film would be Oscar-worthy, but the winner is the one that stands out to me: The Rising. It is one of those "tell us a story" films that isn't really a story. It's just a collection of shot-by-shot shots that are very interesting. But like all short films, it has to find a way to sustain itself and the story doesn't do that by itself. When you watch a film like this, you have to know what it wants to be. I would have loved to have seen more interesting, and cohesive story lines. I felt like this film tried to be both. Some of the stories just felt disconnected or rushed, but it wasn't too hard to figure out how they fit in the story, and how they fit into the overall film. The biggest flaw in this film was the writing. The story in this film was one-dimensional. The writing wasn't consistent, and there were times where I would feel like I was watching a short film in it. I could tell that it was trying to be something, but I felt like I was just watching a half-assed script. Other than the writing, the cinematography was very well done. It was colorful, but it didn't really go for that atmosphere that is typically associated with short films. Overall, I think this is a good short film, but it definitely needs some work on the writing. I give it a B+ for effort.

Olivia photo

I was excited to see this one, since it was about the production of the 1920's Gold Rush, and I wanted to see some of the work that the filmmakers did on the project. However, I wasn't disappointed. This film was incredibly well made. I have to say, the production and story was great, but I found the acting a bit stiff. That's probably because I was watching the short films, but it seemed to be one of the times, when they didn't have enough footage to work with. I also didn't like that the film was only a couple minutes long, since the whole production was in the length of an hour and half. Overall, this film is definitely worth seeing, but I can't say that it is a classic.

Dennis S. photo
Dennis S.

This film tells the story of a newly divorced single mother, and her son, who find a way to survive. The film was shot in India and Chicago. They both did a great job, the film had a very nice looking look to it, although some shots were out of focus. The film starts out slow, but then it picks up. This film is definitely a must see!

Nathan S. photo
Nathan S.

We have come to a time in the film industry when most films are trying to be some kind of big spectacle that can make huge profits at the box office, when really it's the average person who will feel alienated, bored, and even angry at the end of the film. It's the new age of "projection" and commercialization, where the film can only be seen on a large screen and/or big screen television, where the film is no longer about the characters but the medium itself. "The Festival" is one of those films that tried to break away from the trend, and still manages to maintain its integrity and style. Even if it is a bit slower paced than the average film, "The Festival" still manages to be a refreshing and engaging piece of cinema that you should give a chance. This is a film that takes its time to build up, to make you invested in the characters and story, and even to help you understand the culture and the themes of a war-torn country. All in all, I feel that "The Festival" is a very good film that is definitely worth seeing. I can say that "The Festival" is a real gem that deserves to be seen by a larger audience.

Evelyn photo

By far the best short film from the Golden Bear awards this year. Just when you thought it's impossible to win the most prestigious film award but it happens in your own town, as one of the winners from this film had said, "this is a true story", this is a true story. It's a story about how a group of people came together to save their land from the irresponsible developer. This story is realistic, and it gives a better insight on the negative impact of development on the people in the area, but also how you can work together to improve your situation, and how it's possible to unite all people in a common cause. The lead characters in this film are perfect, and they are shown to be very relatable, and it's great to see a film about a group of people from different background, and they all do good things together. It's definitely one of the best films of the year, and I definitely recommend it.

Tammy Obrien photo
Tammy Obrien

This film has an interesting premise, and an interesting script. I had not seen a single film made in '94 that was made in 2000. The main reason I watched this film is to see Michael Showalter's "Lolita." I thought this film was above average. This film, while made in 1999, was made before I even knew about the "Lolita" story. The use of "Boys" in this film was not bad, and it was appropriate. The use of "Lolita" was pretty nice, too. The director was excellent. He really did a great job with the script. However, the story could have been better. The reason I rated this film a 7 is because it could have been better, and the movie was very "emo." Also, the ending was not very well-done. The film does have some very good scenes, but the film was not as good as it could have been. If you do not see the "Lolita" story, then you will have a very different experience than someone who has seen the story. This film was made before "Lolita" was made, so it was made before the "Lolita" story. That being said, I think that the film was not a disaster. The acting was very good. The directing was very good. I think that the film could have been better, but I do not think it was a disaster. This film is above average. I rate this film a 7/10.

Jane Dixon photo
Jane Dixon

Of the five finalists, I thought The Best Picture winner would be The Bandit, but it was pretty good. It's basically about a band of brothers who plan a robbery to help pay for their drug habit, but the plan goes awry and they end up in jail. The movie has its ups and downs. It has some interesting characters and some hilarious moments. It's definitely not for everyone, but it was definitely worth watching.

Tammy M. photo
Tammy M.

After seeing this film, I was in a state of shock. The whole film was shot on location, with the same actors and crew, and the story is very real. It is hard to watch, but it is a powerful and moving film. The performances were amazing. The actors were very real, and the story is very touching. The film is not for everyone, but it is definitely worth seeing. I am sure that it will be nominated for Best Documentary, and it will win for Best Picture. It is a great film, and I highly recommend it. It is a must see.

James D. photo
James D.

To be honest I'm not really a fan of live action adaptations. I like a lot of the other 10 works of Robert Altman, a lot of the "live action" that come out in the last years. However there was one film that I liked very much, not only because of the original concept but also because it was an adaptation of the novel of the same name by W.M. Coetzee. It's a very, very ambitious movie, a homage to the old movie dailies, the dailies of the golden age of Hollywood. With the big talent of Burt Lancaster, it was also a proof that the French Cinema can still produce beautiful movies, the problems of the French Cinema is very big, they produce mediocre movies and they try to be more American than European. So, it's a shame that this movie is not so good and that it is so bad. It's a film for those who think they have never seen a good movie. The Film is full of self-indulgence, the characters are so boring and there is nothing of the genius of the original novel. The film is like a world made for the cinema, nothing has changed from the novel, nothing has been updated, the time line is as good as the novel and the music and the visual effects are just terrible. Everything looks like a movie for the cinema and nothing else. The film is simply not good, very bad. I was not expecting much from this movie, I saw the trailer on TV and I thought that it would be a film for me. It's a shame that it was a disappointment for me, it was too bad and not enough of it.

Gary Cruz photo
Gary Cruz

THE BRILLIANT MOUTH was a movie that really fascinated me. The movie was about four friends in their early 20s, and they play a game of the night that spans over many years. The game is about three days and three nights and consists of the four of them sharing their memory of that day, that night, and that night and the next. One of the friends, Dontay, is the central character, and he is the person who always seems to have a strong influence over the others. But the other three, Jem, Deena, and Aaron are the characters that go through the game, and each one is different. They share the most memories, but they don't share as much about themselves. They know each other from a previous life, but they don't know that much about each other. One of the things that fascinated me most about this film was that I could see myself in the characters. I was in that same stage in my life, where I was young and had no responsibilities. I was living in my parents house and I was trying to fit in, but I couldn't. I had been in school and was the only one in my class who didn't really like my teachers. I was a quiet, introverted guy who was having problems with my grades. I didn't really know anyone at home. I had nothing to do. I had just graduated from high school and I had no job, so I couldn't do anything about it. But I could play a game and get my friends together to share memories. They could give me a warm glow or a healthy dose of what it was like to be young and alive. That's what I did for the first time in my life, and that's what I still do for the first time. I am a big fan of animation and now I'm a big fan of the live-action version. But THE BRILLIANT MOUTH is still a little more traditional. It's not a horror film. It's a look at the emotional process of the movie's characters, and it shows a very important aspect of the human spirit. It shows how one is able to go through life, and when they know what the end will be. The main character of the movie is a young man named Benjamin(Ben Foster), who was the biggest star in his school. He was an incredible athlete, and he could easily move into a group of the most talented athletes in his class. He was also a brilliant student, and he was a big star. One night, he and his friends wanted to play a game of the night and they wanted to be the ones who had the biggest impact. They all wanted to share their memories, and they wanted to be the ones who had the biggest impact. When they got their first memory, they could see it on their cell phone. The memory was about their mother. The memory was about a boy that they never knew. The memory was about their brother, and it was about an entire school. They could see a real impact that they had made. They shared the same feelings, and their memories were about the same thing. The biggest impact was from this one memory, which was about the death of a young boy. Benjamin's friends were just as touched by the loss of a young boy. It was also a special memory for the one who had been the main character of the game. The memory had a lot of intensity, and the other four characters didn't really know what to do. They just watched the memory. Benjamin was the one who got the greatest impact. They shared their feelings and they shared the memories. There were three people who were also involved in the game, and they were all moving through life and were also experiencing the emotions of the game. The movie was very emotional. It really made you cry. It showed you that you don't have to be a doctor to know what's going on in your life, and there is a part of you that is not completely real. But the movie was about two people in particular

Tammy F. photo
Tammy F.

This film is not for everyone. It is slow moving, mostly in a linear way, and does not get to grips with any of the characters until the very end of the film. It was like a very long journey from start to finish. The cast of this film is top notch and is a step above what I have seen previously. Some may find it boring and if that is the case, they will not like it. However, this is a very good film that you will not regret having seen. I enjoyed it a lot.

Olivia Scott photo
Olivia Scott

This is a great film, and I enjoyed it. It is not a film for everyone, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story. The characters are believable, and the story is interesting. The acting is also very good. I think this film is a great way to spend an hour and a half. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good story.

Jacqueline photo

This is the first of the "Live Action" featurettes from the Oscar nominated Short Films, and it's a really good one. I liked the acting, the photography, the story, and the music. I like that this film doesn't have a "happy ending". It's not a comedy, and it's not a drama. It's a story about a family that has to make a difficult decision, and that's all it is. The director did a great job with the story, and I liked the cinematography and the lighting. The score is also great. The film is well made, and I recommend it to anyone who loves films that are not "just" about people who are different. It's a good story that you should see.