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311: Enlarged to Show Detail 3

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311 Enlarged to Show Detail 3
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2 hours 13 minutes
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Wayne Price
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Pamela D. photo
Pamela D.

I never watched the TV show but heard the soundtracks as a child. I also had the visual soundtrack as a kid. This film is a little off the beat, and not as good as the original film. But it is very good. The story is very good and the sound effects are excellent. I especially like the music. I would love to have the original soundtracks but I am not sure if anyone will ever have them. I wish I could find a copy of this. Anyone know where I can find one?

Samuel Schultz photo
Samuel Schultz

Very interesting film that depicts the plight of ordinary people in the far-flung corners of Africa, with a nice social commentary about American culture. In short, good movie, if you don't expect a 'Prestige' Hollywood movie. Probably a first for most American audiences.

Linda Woods photo
Linda Woods

It is a rare and outstanding picture. The story is sad and tragic but the story is not based on a porno movie. Yes, there is a small scene of nudity but not in the whole film. So all these accusations about the way the story is portrayed are not true. That doesn't make this film to be an anti-porn film. The way it was produced is amazing, because of the way they took a great story and made a small film with it. The stories that were told in this movie are real and made this film so special. There is no sex in this movie, only a love story. It is about love and the love of love, a love that is not of pornography or movies. That is what makes it special. This is a movie that is worth watching for any people. I would recommend it to anyone who is not easily offended or doesn't want to watch porno movies. The story is interesting, the acting is great and the way it was produced, made this a movie that is worth watching. And yes, it is hard to find this movie, it is a rare and outstanding film.

Harold B. photo
Harold B.

I have been going to the Opera since the mid 1980's. I remember the days when the only seats were standing. I remember the films on t.v. where you could only see a split screen. I have watched and re-watched many of the movies on t.v. and the ones I have always liked were the ones that took place during the day. Now, the films are not always in the dark, but sometimes it is not necessary. My wife and I just recently watched this new film. I did not expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised. The characters were not shallow and the actions were not stereotypical, just the way they should be. The story is very well written and the acting is excellent. The actors did not make the actors but the plot made the actors. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies that are not a "big budget" and will take your mind off of work, TV, etc. That is the way to do it. You can go to the movies and have your mind taken off of your work. If you have to do something, go do it.

Helen W. photo
Helen W.

The Germans played the USA on "Goldfinger" and this has been dubbed "the USA plays Hitler" but I think it is more accurate and so far the best one. I have seen this show several times on HBO. At least four times and I still have a tinge of the jitters every time I watch it. The Germans are the master show but the Germans in the lead are way better than the Japanese. The best thing about this show is that they never make fun of the American soldiers. I think this is probably the reason why I have not seen many of the war shows. This is a great show and you should watch it if you can.

Karen A. photo
Karen A.

I'm sure that most of the people out there are laughing at my title right now, but I don't care. I'm going to tell you why this is the best film that I have ever seen. (This is my first comment. I'm trying to have this review as non-foolish as possible. Why? because people aren't going to agree with me anyway. ) First, I want to say that this is not a film that you have to be an action junkie to appreciate. It's also not a film that you have to be in your early 30s to enjoy. I also want to say that this is a film that you can watch with your family. So don't leave your kids or family out to dry. I also want to point out that the opening scenes (probably my favorite part of the movie) were made by Charlie Sheen. So I think you need to watch this with him. Second, I've got to say that the story is very unique. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. I was glued to the TV during the first 3/4 of the movie. Third, it's so interesting. It has humor and drama mixed in with some action. The film is not the typical action/drama flick. It has comedy mixed in with action. I can't really think of anything that I didn't like about this film. All I can say is that I watched this film, and I never wanted to turn it off. It's a bit different than most action/drama movies, but it was so great. It's definitely a film that I'll have to watch again. I loved it. So if you haven't seen it, I hope you like it too. I gave it a 9 out of 10. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Jason photo

This is a Great movie about a young couple, John (Bryan Cranston) and Juliette (Vera Farmiga), in the movie "Titanic." I first saw this movie when I was about 13, and I thought it was really good, especially with the soundtrack, I loved the ending. The movie was told from the viewpoint of John (who didn't like being in a relationship), and Juliette (who liked to have a man). The ending was very sad and sad because the couple's wedding was in France. I thought it was a great movie, I recommend it.

Tammy Cooper photo
Tammy Cooper

Loved it, liked it, loved much for love at first sight. Of course it's a fairy tale of a movie, but it is a classic. Any fantasy movie from any time has an over-arching story, which is obviously the appeal of the movies. Every time I watch a film I think about it, and this one was no different. My favorite part was when both swords were drawn, it was a classic. They hit the ground in the air with a really nice sword smack, and then flying. I think it was all just perfectly well done. No cliche in any way, shape, or form. Perfectly well made.

Frances photo

One of the most popular children's books ever written, "The Big Blue" is still the most interesting for me, because it features beautiful music, great characters, and very well-written scenes. I was excited when the movie came out, and I was extremely happy when it arrived in theaters. I was excited about it because of how much I love this book and the amazing soundtrack. The movie follows the book faithfully, but adds a lot of new scenes, and it was great to see so many familiar scenes from the book, like the fish-fishing trip, the carnival, the three walks, and the story of Little Guy and Mikey. The cinematography was great, and the actors really made their characters shine. The effects were top notch, and there were some very great performances. I also really enjoyed seeing Jim Carey in a really nice and mature role. The kid himself, a "quiet, sometimes surly, but still charming" Kevin Zegers, played the lead role perfectly. When you see him for the first time, you can see that he's a very good actor, and I hope to see him do a lot more movies in the future. I also really enjoyed seeing Chloe Grace Moretz, and her performance was really great. I thought her character was great, and I hope she does a lot of other movies in the future. All of the actors did a great job, and I really liked seeing a bit more of Molly Parker, who I thought was great. The other actors did a good job, and I think all of them are going to do more good things in the future. I really liked this movie, and I highly recommend it. I will say that there are a few things I didn't like about it. The one thing I didn't like about this movie was that I didn't think the story was that strong, but other than that, it was a great movie. I think it's one of the best movies of the year. I also didn't like how little of the movie was about the characters, and I think that's a problem with most movies these days. I don't know what it is, but most movies are like that. There were a few things I did like about the movie, but they were small. The movie was longer than it needed to be, and it didn't do a good job of showing you how the story is going to play out. The plot was a bit predictable, but I really like that the movie is based on the books. It shows that it's based on the books, and that it's not a book that just happened. It's a book that's not just made up, but it's made up by the movie and from the book. I think that was really good for this movie, and I hope that more movies like this one are made, and I hope that there are a few more movies with the same kind of story.

Donald Owens photo
Donald Owens

Interesting documentary on the making of "Nine Lives" starring Marisa Tomei and Richard Dreyfuss. The movie begins with a conversation between Marisa Tomei and Richard Dreyfuss about the scene at the breakfast table in the first scene. Marisa tells Richard about the scene, and how she felt about it. Richard tells her that he thinks it was appropriate and would love it if Marisa said so. The film then cuts to Marisa at the reception of the award winning short film, "Mom", from the third day of shooting. Marisa is in a room talking to the director (James Caan) and explains her theory of this scene. Marisa explains that the real reason she liked the scene was that it was about something she felt she had experienced in her life. The movie then continues as Marisa and Richard sit at dinner talking about this scene. Marisa has a theory on what it is that she had in her life, but the director isn't convinced that she has a theory. Marisa states that the director has never seen a movie where a woman says that she has a theory, and that has never happened before. Marisa then tells the director that her theory is the main reason she likes the scene. Marisa then states that the director thinks that Marisa needs a "good script" and has never written one. Marisa continues that she is a perfectionist, and that she wrote the script to perfection. She then goes on to say that if the director was to have any doubts about the script, the script would never have been approved. Marisa finishes the interview saying that she did not want to end the interview, but was pushed by the director. The director continues to say that she thinks that Marisa needs a screenplay, and that Marisa can't write a screenplay herself. Marisa is confused, and ends the interview by saying that the director should go and look at Marisa's resume, and that the director should be in a hurry to get the script approved.

Nicholas H. photo
Nicholas H.

Another Great piece of work by director Chris Sabat, more appropriate for someone who is looking to see more of his work. Unlike his debut film, which showed a little bit of nudity, this film features plenty of nudity, and is much more of a story-driven film. The characters in the film are not quite the same as the ones in his debut, but they are all likable. The film also has a good message about getting married. This is a film that anyone can enjoy, and you can see the director take on a slightly different type of style than he had in his debut, and with some new things, too.

Raymond M. photo
Raymond M.

I've been looking for a movie to enjoy since I saw the original Star Wars, but all I have been able to find is rubbish and I am more then happy to give it a miss. With a few surprises I'm happy to say that The Phantom Menace is the new jewel in my chest and will continue to be the film I am most looking forward to seeing. The characters are far from perfect but they are far from terrible and I would not be surprised if they win Academy Award nominations for their performances. I enjoyed this movie in a way I haven't been able to find in the last 10 years. There are a few things that I didn't like but I think the plot is much deeper than what I expected and there are a few elements that I could really get behind. This is a must see and a movie I would happily see again.

Heather photo

I saw the movie this past weekend, and I must say I am impressed. It was one of the most visually stunning movies I've ever seen. The acting was first rate, the direction and cinematography were top notch. If you're a fan of this genre, or just want to see something new, go see this movie. It's a great film to see at least once. You might be surprised.

Scott P. photo
Scott P.

Every time I watch this movie it reminds me of another version. It is fun and keeps you laughing. The actors are really good and the special effects are excellent. I've seen it twice and would buy it.

Lauren Mendoza photo
Lauren Mendoza

I just saw this on the DVD and it is a film which you can watch over and over. It is well worth the money, but if you're going to watch it don't forget to watch it with your friends, otherwise you'll just feel as if you've lost a bit of money. The film is not without flaws. It is a bit slow in places, and the dialogue is a little tiring at times. But the performances are truly excellent. Here is a film which will appeal to all ages, all walks of life and is a must see for all audiences.

Robert Gibson photo
Robert Gibson

The grand finale of the series is one of the greatest comic book epics ever made. Aided by a powerhouse performance by the late Tom Holland, the film is filled with a number of big surprises. The final battle is one of the most dramatic ever captured on film, and the most creative action sequences in the entire series. The film also tells an enjoyable and character-driven story that leaves you satisfied and wanting more.

Virginia D. photo
Virginia D.

I love love love the Beatles,but I have to admit that I've never heard the live versions,so this movie is worth the time! The Beatles played some great music,and they did it with dignity.I enjoyed it as much as I did when I was a young fan.The acting was excellent,even though some of the acting was exaggerated. A movie with a high quality soundtrack,would be a must-see for the Beatles fans. My Rating: 9/10.

Juan photo

In any film there is always going to be a group of people who will not like it, but I think this is a masterpiece. I agree with most of the posters here. The characters are great, the story is great, the cinematography is great. I really love the film, so you should go see it!

Frances C. photo
Frances C.

Easily one of the most well done documentaries I've ever seen. The structure of the film is wonderful and the point of view from the main character is very clear. There are scenes of traffic and quiet with no interaction between the people. The color intensity is very balanced and fits the color of the film. The characters are very real and flesh out the film beautifully. The highlight of the film is the music. I highly recommend this film. It is a must see for people who love stories about unusual and interesting things.

Gloria F. photo
Gloria F.

The first half of the movie was enjoyable. I found it refreshing to see the perspective of a female doctor, while still being able to relate to the challenge of being a woman in medicine. Unfortunately, the end of the movie was disappointing. I felt it was a bit too "Bromance". Sure, they were good friends. But the scenes were disconnected and did not relate to each other well. I also found the director's choice of music to be annoying. I guess that's because it was the only good part of the movie. And for some reason I kept expecting to see a flashback to the pilot episode. Overall, the movie was well done and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Jacqueline P. photo
Jacqueline P.

If you are looking for a drama movie, then this movie is not for you. If you are looking for a thriller movie, then this movie is not for you. I like the first half of the movie. I like the second half. But I was wondering if there was going to be a third one. I mean, it's not a very big deal, I guess, but it's a very big deal if they don't make a third one. And it's not like they're going to make a third movie just to put it to rest. There was so much going on in the first half of the movie that it just seems like they're going to throw in a bunch of other movies, just to fill up the time. It was like they were running out of time, and it was like I couldn't wait for them to finish the movie. It's just a very good movie that really kept me interested throughout the whole thing. If they can do it in a good way, it will be one of those movies that will be worth watching, I'm sure.

Andrew photo

That my friend, I had seen a preview of this film several times before it was released in theatres, but only when I was very young, and I did not remember it from its original incarnation. Well, here I am today and this is not the only movie I ever saw that I enjoyed a lot. I can now compare it with some great movies that I have seen, such as "Se7en" and "The Usual Suspects" (yes, I am aware that the latter is a comedy, but the other two movies, though comedy, are more serious). This movie, though very different, also has elements that work well together. One reason for that is that the story and the characters are very important to the plot. In fact, that is also one of the key elements to the plot, because without this element, the plot is not very credible. The plot revolves around a high school teacher, played by Gene Hackman, who is the lead in a gang of rapists. After the death of a student, he must go on trial for murder, but that is not the most important part of the plot. In fact, the key element that makes the plot credible is the role played by Mr. Hackman, who is a great actor. The other main character is played by Michael Douglas, and I must say that he is also very convincing, especially with the character he plays, and the actress who plays his wife. That character, played by Julie Delpy, is a woman who is very brave and does not care about what others think about her, and that is another key to the plot. Overall, a very good and very entertaining movie. I rate it 9/10.

Paul M. photo
Paul M.

I think that the ratings here are a bit too high for this movie. I'm not a big fan of the old version of The Princess Bride, but I did like this one. I think that it's worth a watch, and if you like movies that are made for the big screen, I think you'll enjoy this one. It's a little slow, but it's not bad, either. I think that it's a little bit overrated, but I'll take a mediocre film over a bad one any day. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Roger photo

I have never seen a movie like this before, the plot is simple and the actors are excellent, the background music is great and the colors are very realistic, the acting is good and the fight scenes are very intense and exciting, it's a good movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes martial arts movies.

Albert photo

I really enjoyed this movie. It is a little slow but is well worth the time. I especially liked the scenes between the characters. They were well done. The only negative thing I can say is that the movie could have been better. The director did a good job, but some of the scenes were a bit slow. The dialogue was not too great, but it was still good. It was also a little bit long. I think that a little more time could have been taken to make the scenes more exciting. The main reason I gave this movie a good rating was the characters. The actors were great. They did a good job. I would like to see more movies like this. I think this movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I would recommend it to anyone. I hope this review helps you to see this movie.

Olivia S. photo
Olivia S.

My first reaction to the first two episodes was, "Well, I guess that's it." The first was a good TV movie, the second was just OK. This one was better. It was more focused on the characters and the plot. I was impressed with the first two, the second was just OK. I liked the ending better than the first. It was a bit more exciting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good TV movie. I would rate it 7/10.

James Rodriguez photo
James Rodriguez

I loved this movie. It was so fun to watch. The film was shot in a beautiful way and I was very impressed with the cinematography. The movie also has a great plot and a great message. It's a good movie for anyone who is interested in the message of the movie. It is not for everyone, but it is very well made and entertaining. The music is great and the movie was a great way to spend an evening. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the message of the movie.