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The Void

The Void is a movie starring Aaron Poole, Kenneth Welsh, and Daniel Fathers. Shortly after delivering a patient to an understaffed hospital, a police officer experiences strange and violent occurrences seemingly linked to a group of...

Other Titles
A Seita Maligna, Praznina, Pustka, ザ・ヴォイド, La malédiction de l'au-delà, Nicota, El vacío, The Void: il vuoto, Conjuros del más allá
Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller
Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski
Steven Kostanski, Jeremy Gillespie
Kenneth Welsh, Daniel Fathers, Kathleen Munroe, Aaron Poole
USA, UK, Canada
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Shortly after delivering a patient to an understaffed hospital, a police officer experiences strange and violent occurrences seemingly linked to a group of mysterious hooded figures.

Comments about horror «The Void» (21)

Angela photo

I have to say this film was a bit slow at times, but that is not to say that it was bad. It was definitely a scary film, but it didn't do anything new. It was definitely better than "The Ring 2" (which I was not into). The acting was great. They had a lot of good actors, and they did a great job. The ending of this movie was a bit of a letdown, but I don't think that the ending was necessary. There was no sense of a great evil. I just felt that the ending was too rushed. I can't wait to see the next film, but I will wait to see it on the big screen. It was worth the wait. I give it a 9/10.

Virginia R. photo
Virginia R.

After reading some of the negative comments I was worried that this movie would be over-hyped and not to be taken seriously. I thought it was actually very good. It was definitely not the best movie I've seen, but definitely worth the price of admission. It kept my interest, and made me think about it for days afterward. I think that's what a movie should do for me. It gave me a feeling of what it would be like to be in a similar situation, if I were in that situation. The movie itself was a good time, I was definitely entertained and had a good time watching it. It's a good movie to watch if you want to spend some time relaxing and not worrying about the movie going to be over-hyped or not taken seriously. The movie did have some flaws, but the flaws were not major enough to take away from the movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. It was entertaining, and I thought it was a good movie.

Michelle photo

I really enjoyed this film, it had a really good story and the acting was great. I also really liked the music, it was really creepy and tense, and it really set the mood for the film. It was a really good horror movie. I think this film would have been good even without the music. The story was really good and I really enjoyed it. If you like horror movies, I definitely recommend this movie. I really hope they make a sequel to this movie. I really enjoyed it. I also think that people should watch the first movie, because that movie is really good. This movie was great, but the first movie was really good, but the second one is really good. I give this movie 8/10.

William photo

The first time I saw this film, I had no idea what it was about. I only found out about it when I was looking through the channels and I was surprised to find it was a film I hadn't seen before. I was instantly hooked and watched it over and over again. The plot: Two young men named Peter and his brother Ron become friends with an odd looking young man named Ben who is seemingly a schizophrenic. Peter and Ron begin to question what is happening to him and the strange things he is doing. I won't give anything away but I will say that there is a definite twist at the end that I was not expecting. This is a film that is definitely worth watching and I would recommend it to anyone who likes horror. I personally think it is a 10/10 but you can tell it is not everyone's cup of tea. This is not a movie for everyone though, it is not for people who like gore and blood. The ending was a bit of a let down but I still thought it was a great movie. I loved it and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good horror film. 8/10

Mary Sanders photo
Mary Sanders

My main problem with this movie was that it was over-long. It felt like it ran too long and I felt that it was just too drawn out. It's one of those movies where you just have to sit back and watch it because you are so involved in the movie. I will admit that the ending of this movie was a bit of a let down. I thought that the ending of the movie was a bit of a let down because it was not as emotional as I thought it would be. I will say though that I am a bit disappointed because I thought that it would be more emotional. But anyway, the acting in this movie was really good and the special effects were really good. This is a movie that you should definitely watch. It is a movie that you will definitely enjoy.

Lisa R. photo
Lisa R.

In spite of the plot of this movie, it is a very original movie. It has a very interesting idea of a man who has lost his memory, and is trapped in a room, that is constantly changing. There are a lot of things that happen in this movie, and some are quite surprising. This movie is very good. I would recommend it to anyone who like Sci-Fi and Horror movies.

Douglas R. photo
Douglas R.

This film is really different. It's not supposed to be about zombies. It's about the people that are involved with the research, and what happens to them. The best thing about this film is the acting. The actors all played their roles well. There's no weak performances, they are all great. The one that stands out the most is Gabriel Byrne. He plays a brilliant character. He is brilliant. I hope he will get nominated for an Oscar. But if not, then he is a great actor. He is really good at playing a character, and this role fits him perfectly. Overall, the movie is very good. It's not the best movie I've seen, but it is one of the best zombie films. I give this film 8/10.

Mary Barnes photo
Mary Barnes

The first two parts of the movie were a bit boring, and I was hoping to see more action. But the third part was more intense, but still good. It was a bit different from the first two parts, but it was still good. It is worth watching.

Jeffrey photo

I watched this movie about a year ago and had some issues with it, but I just gave it another shot and I must say it was a very enjoyable movie. The movie was a bit slow in places, but I still found it entertaining. The story was good, the acting was good, the special effects were great, the cinematography was great. I enjoyed the movie, and I think it was a very well done movie. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it, especially when I was thinking about it a few months later. I really recommend this movie to anyone that likes a good thriller, and I think it is a very good one.

Willie J. photo
Willie J.

I had seen a lot of bad reviews of this movie, and I was worried it might be bad. But I have to say, it was good. A little slow at times, but it was scary. The ending was scary, and it made me jump. The film was scary, and I did like the ending. The beginning of the movie was a little slow, but that was the only bad thing about the movie. I liked the idea of the movie, and I liked the story. I think this movie was better than some people say, and I think it was a good movie.

Robert Murphy photo
Robert Murphy

I am surprised that this film got such a bad rep. I have watched a lot of horror films, and this is definitely the best one I have ever seen. It really scared the pants off me. The film has a lot of suspense. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. You are never sure if something is real or not. It is really well made, and the music is great. The ending is great too. This film is well worth watching.

Steven photo

I was a bit apprehensive to watch this film, but after I saw the trailer I was hooked. I thought this film would be more of a mystery film. It is a little bit more of a thriller, but it was still a thriller. It was also very good, and I don't think I've seen a film that is so suspenseful. The acting was very good, and it was a very well written movie. It is very interesting to see what would happen if a human brain was destroyed, and the effects would be extreme. The whole thing is really interesting. I also liked the way the brain was destroyed, because it was very disturbing. This movie is definitely not for everyone. It is a really good movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I think that it is very different than most movies. I think that people will like it. It's very good.

Eric Rios photo
Eric Rios

This is a fairly interesting film, for the most part. The problem is that it's so damn slow. There's no real tension, no real scares, and nothing really happens. It's kind of like a good horror film, except it's actually pretty bad. I think this film is actually a good example of how a slow film could be great. I really liked the movie, but I think it could have been much better. The film starts off with a lot of stuff going on, but it really only focuses on the people that are closest to the mystery. I think it would have been much better if it was more about the people. The acting is actually pretty good, and the mystery is intriguing. The special effects are very good. The ending is pretty good, too. The film is kind of a slow, boring film, and it is not really a horror film. I don't think it's any good, and I think it would be better if it was a horror film. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Janet Rogers photo
Janet Rogers

I just finished watching this movie for the first time, and it was worth every minute of it. The first time I saw it I was a bit apprehensive about the movie, thinking it would be just another boring supernatural thriller, but it actually surprised me. I didn't expect the movie to be as good as it was. The atmosphere of the movie was awesome, and the whole movie was a roller coaster of emotions, it was as if I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The movie is a mix of old school style horror and a new school modern horror. This movie is one of those rare horror movies that I can watch over and over again and still never get bored of it. It has a good plot, and it is a must watch. The best part of the movie is when the main character is attacked by a strange force, and when he finds out what is going on. The characters in the movie are very likable, and the acting in the movie was great. I liked the actors in the movie, and they all did a great job. The movie is filled with different parts that will make you think. The ending of the movie was one of the best endings I have ever seen in a movie. The ending was pretty interesting, and it also had a lot of suspense. Overall, the movie is really good, and it is worth a watch. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who wants to be scared and be intrigued by a modern horror movie. The movie is worth a watch. 8/10

Roger S. photo
Roger S.

When I first saw the trailer for "The Void" I wasn't sure if I would watch it. In fact, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. The trailer for this film had a lot of promise, and I thought it looked really good. However, I wasn't convinced by the trailer, and I still don't think I will be. The trailer seemed to be very high-budget, with some really interesting visuals. However, the story wasn't that good, and the movie wasn't that good either. It looked like it was going to be a weird, low-budget horror film, but it turned out to be a rather bland movie. I was expecting some weird, low-budget horror film, but it turned out to be a bland, low-budget horror film. The movie has a couple of interesting scenes, but it's just a shame that it's all going to be lost on you if you don't watch the film. There are some great scenes in this film, but they are mostly used to set up the rest of the film. The ending is also quite interesting, but it's not that great. The acting is decent, and the direction is average. The cinematography is pretty good, and the sound is decent. The music is also quite good, but it doesn't sound like much. Overall, "The Void" is not a bad movie. It's not great, but it's not bad. If you're looking for a low-budget horror film, you might like it. If you're looking for a really low-budget horror film, you might not like it. I wouldn't recommend watching the movie. I would recommend watching the trailer instead. I think that this film is quite a bit better than the trailer would lead you to believe. I gave this film an 8/10.

Theresa R. photo
Theresa R.

The movie starts out with a nice story, but then it goes in the direction of a very slow and dull movie. I can't believe that the movie could be so slow and boring. It's a movie I usually like. The story is interesting, the acting is OK. I guess the movie could be better if it was better. If you're into the psychological thriller movies, I'd say you should check this out. But, if you're looking for a movie to watch, I'd say save your money.

Scott photo

The plot was intriguing, the effects were amazing, and the acting was actually quite good. The problem was, the writing was weak. The movie tries to be dark and mysterious, and the only thing that made me turn off was the horrible acting. The movie didn't have any point, except maybe for the special effects, and even that wasn't too good. The movie is supposed to be a psychological thriller, but the characters are just so annoying. There's no point in trying to be "different" from the other movies in the genre, and the movie tries to be a psychological thriller, but fails at it. It tries to be different, but it fails at that too. The acting is actually pretty good, but it's still just okay. Overall, the movie is average, but it does have a few good points. The movie has the potential to be great, but the writing was bad. The movie is a total waste of time, and it doesn't deserve any money. The movie is just average, but it has some good points. The movie is actually average, and it should have been a lot better.

Jennifer B. photo
Jennifer B.

This is not a film for everyone. It's a lot of fun. But if you're looking for a film that will change your life, then you'll probably like this one better. It's a psychological thriller that has a lot of the things that make for a good film, but it's not a 'slasher' film. It's a psychological thriller that does have the elements of a horror film, but it's not a slasher film. This movie has a very dark, moody atmosphere that makes it a very good film to watch. It's a little slow at times, but it's worth it. The film is well-made and it has a lot of good performances. The performances in this film are great. There's not a lot of character development, but there's a lot of interesting things about the characters. The director does a great job of making the story feel real. This film is definitely a psychological thriller. I liked it a lot. It's definitely worth seeing. Recommended. 8/10

Eugene Weber photo
Eugene Weber

I saw this movie the other day, and I must say that it was an interesting film. I liked the characters, I liked the story, and I liked the atmosphere. The atmosphere is the most important part of the film, and it was quite a good one. The story was also quite interesting, but I must say that it was quite predictable. I have to say that I was not too surprised by the ending. But, all in all, the atmosphere of the movie was quite good. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Virginia Stanley photo
Virginia Stanley

I have never seen the original movie before and I had heard from some friends about the remake and all I can say is wow. It's a great remake and I liked it more than the original. I thought it was better. The plot was different, the story was different, the acting was different. I think the film could have been better but it was still a great movie. I have to say I liked the actors and actresses in the film, they all did a great job. I think they did a great job with the different characters they created and the chemistry between them was great. It was different than the original and I enjoyed that. I liked how the film was different from the original. I also liked the ending because it was different. I think the film was better and I think it's better than the original. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Juan M. photo
Juan M.

A movie that was not released in the US until this year, the Void is actually a Japanese movie and stars a female lead, but it is very much a remake of a French movie, the work of Jacques Audiard, the director of "The Silence of the Lambs". The movie is about a nurse named Rachael (played by Seyfried), who is dealing with the same condition as her patient, who is a young man named Kep (played by Penn). As Rachael is going through her job, she encounters a guy named Kep, who claims to be a serial killer. His real name is David. He says that he's a serial killer because he has a brother named David. He also has a girlfriend named Marie (played by Bale). It seems that David is the son of David, who is a serial killer. But, he is not the killer, and he is actually the victim of a serial killer. He is the victim of a killer who is attacking women. The police department starts to investigate, and they try to find a serial killer. The police investigate the town where the murder took place, and they discover that there is a serial killer in town, and he is not the killer. But, he is the victim. David's brother, David, is trying to get the killer. But, he does not want to kill the killer. He wants to kill the person who attacked him. And, he is in love with Marie. There are many twists and turns in the movie, and it is an interesting movie. It has a lot of great special effects. It is very well made and well acted. I really liked the movie. It is a good movie.