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Mister America is a movie starring Tim Heidecker, Gregg Turkington, and Terri Parks. After representing himself and beating a murder charge, a concert promoter runs for the San Bernardino District Attorney's office against the...

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The Campaign
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Eric Notarnicola
Tim Heidecker, Gregg Turkington, Eric Notarnicola
Curtis Webster, Tim Heidecker, Gregg Turkington, Terri Parks
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Mister America follows Heidecker's attempt to enter the world of politics. After beating a murder charge for selling faulty e-cigarettes at an EDM festival, Tim seeks revenge by running a campaign to unseat the San Bernardino District Attorney. Fueled by ego and ignorance, he tries to surmount a lack of experience, funds and likability by personally connecting with unsuspecting constituents. It does not go well.

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Margaret photo

The people in this movie may not know any more about each other than the audience did. I know my culture is not as "blanched" as the people in the movie, but it was a very funny movie and very educational. This movie was also very refreshing to see a movie about something other than just girls getting their period. I think it's a movie everyone should watch. It's a good change of pace from the usual movies we see. And a great way to pass a couple hours.

John J. photo
John J.

This was one of the best comedies i have seen for a long time. In a world where everything is to predictable, this film manages to be humorous and full of quality. The cast, direction, and quality of humor will leave you guessing and still you have more questions. It is one of those comedies that you will remember. I will definitely buy this film when it comes out. The only reason i did not give it an 8 was because of the relationship between the main character and his girlfriend. However, that would have been a step down. But I would like to see how this film will continue. This movie is not for everyone, but is definitely for those that enjoy comedies. This one is my favorite comedy of all time. 8/10

Ethan Fisher photo
Ethan Fisher

This movie is a classic and one of the best of the cast. The story is wonderful and we're talking about a movie starring Keith and Jerry, Two old dudes who still hold a lot of anger inside them. Then, we have Joe Nuxhall, the old man in the movie who plays for the Nashville Tuff and then we have Nancy Tracey, who plays Mrs. Godfrey. This is one of my favorite movies, from this director who's still making movies. If you're a fan of any of these actors, or are just a fan of a good movie, you have to check this out!

Rachel photo

I bought this DVD for $0.99 at Target when it came out. I've been looking for this movie for years, and just when I think it will be out of print. I was so wrong. What a great movie. I've only seen it once, but it gave me an insight to Mr. Allen's work, and it made me want to see his other films. This is also one of the few movies that I actually like and recommend to people. It is not a masterpiece, but it is very good. I think it has great potential, and I'm very excited about Mr. Allen's next projects. Mr. Allen is certainly a genius, and this movie is definitely not one of his best films. But, if you get a chance to see this movie, don't let me tell you that you have to see it. Just take it for what it is worth. This movie will keep you interested, and will keep you laughing for hours. Mr. Allen shows that he is definitely not a joke anymore, and he shows that he can still make a good film. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Julie Morrison photo
Julie Morrison

I like Richard Pryor and wish he had a good-hearted filmmaker working for him. However, in this movie, he's about a year too old. He's like the kid in all those children's movies who gets to see his parent in all of their glory. Here, he goes to sleep in a hotel. We get to see the scene where he's ready to sleep and wakes up. The rest of the movie is like that. You know what's going to happen, it's not that different. We get the old stuff where his dad is dying and he leaves him, and he loses his hair. In this movie, the cops show up and he goes to a bar where he pays the bill and they take a painting out of the safe. But, by the way, a sketch artist comes to help him. I'm sure the cop will give him a hard time when he goes to jail. He goes to jail for killing his dad and he's afraid he's going to kill his step-dad. The way the movie ends, it just seemed like he was getting away with murder. I wonder if the plot was really that random. It seems like the writer was trying to show the difference between the good and bad guys. The good guys were the rich people who really cared about the people. The bad guys were the lower class people who don't really care. I felt this was a better movie than 'Whitesploitation.' It had more of a moral message. This one was just a funny movie.

Joan Jensen photo
Joan Jensen

I saw this movie today and had a great time, but it's probably because of the message. Although it was just a joke of a movie, it certainly got me thinking about the message and what it means. The acting in this film was really great and I really enjoyed the acting, but I also enjoyed how different the actor's voices sounded. It was funny and I can't wait to see this again. My rating is 8 out of 10 and I encourage you to see it, but remember that it was just a joke.

Dennis C. photo
Dennis C.

Watch this movie. When you're older and tired of the same old family movies, you'll love this. You'll laugh with this movie. You'll cry with this movie. This movie makes you feel good and happy all the time. I recommend this to anybody. This movie is great. That's all you need to know. I know that this movie is not for everyone but I think that most people will like this. You can never go wrong with a movie with a happy ending. "Nirvana: Live and Let Die" (2006) (Directed by Neil Blomkamp) "Selected at random"

Nancy photo

In Canada, David (Jason Biggs) is a cameraman for the CBC who is eager to get away from his drab, routine life. One day he receives a package from his father, a retired flight instructor, and decides to take a plane ride with him. He arrives in a small town where his father is much like he used to be, and does not take kindly to his son's presence. David returns to his home town and it is here that he starts making mistakes and finding out that his father doesn't like him. It is now up to David to get away from his past, and make things right with his father. The characters are very well developed, especially Jason Biggs as the titular character. Although it is not the most original premise, the characters in this film are very well developed. It's a pity that it does not get the recognition it deserves, but this is a movie that will definitely stand the test of time. One of the best elements of the film is the musical score, which is very appropriate for the situations the film takes place in. The film's script is well written and has a good amount of plot, which the film could have used more of. There are also some entertaining moments, such as the scenes with the pilot, the over the top music, and the dialogues between the family members. Overall, this is a fun, light-hearted, fun-filled movie that will make you laugh and shed a tear.

Jeremy photo

Mike "The Human Grandpa" Johnson is a middle-aged plastic surgeon who works in a town where he and his fellow doctors are constantly mocked by a new neighbor who's a fun-loving New Jersey opera singer. Dr. Johnson's own behavior becomes very distracting as he begins to fall for the one neighbor, an attractive Russian woman named Nina. The interactions between Dr. Johnson and Nina are so natural that I'm surprised that I didn't fall for the plot and the humor. The film moves at a light pace and keeps the viewer amused throughout the course of the film. The direction and writing in "My Grandpa" is excellent. I hope "My Grandpa" becomes a standard of excellence in the upcoming years as the big screen shows a lot of films from other countries.

Rachel G. photo
Rachel G.

this is a well made movie with some good scenes, a few flaws and some characters who don't get the recognition they deserve. but overall a very good movie for all ages. it's no classic by any means, but a fun movie for a rainy afternoon at the movies. some say its boring. I don't think so. I think its boring because of the characters, they aren't all that interesting, and they tend to be quite shallow (and that's what they were made to be). however, they are portrayed well and the overall atmosphere and humor is real. and most of all. an enjoyable movie. the pacing is perfect, the "sweet" moments are well delivered and the jokes are well played. the fight scenes are very good, and the action is amazing, with some twists and turns. and the soundtrack, well it's pretty great too, except the ending, which I can't even remember. but other than that, this is a very good film.

Jacob H. photo
Jacob H.

This movie is just a comedy. It's not really a serious movie. And that's what makes it so enjoyable. First of all, you have to appreciate that there is a great cast of all of these actors in this movie. And the performance they give is just great. This is the only movie in history where all of the main characters are black or Latino and all of the actors are played by black and Latino actors. I think this is the first time a movie has been made in the history of cinema. I think this is a great movie. I loved it. It is not a movie for everybody. If you are looking for something serious, you're better looking elsewhere. The cast of this movie are great, the story line is great, and it is a great comedy. This movie is not bad. It's not a bad movie, it's just a good comedy. And that is why I love this movie.

Rebecca F. photo
Rebecca F.

You get the feeling that the movie has had a lot of thought put into it, because it truly is very well made. The characters and the chemistry between them, is what makes the movie so enjoyable. It was the focus on the dialogue, that made it really special. And some of the actors in the movie are one of the most believable I've seen, in a long time. While many films are just about action, and explosions, this one really takes the time to tell a story. Sometimes you will watch a movie for action, but this one really balances the action with the story. It is a movie that shows some real life issues, and a more realistic movie than many Hollywood comedies. Also the movie is really funny. It's very funny. I've never laughed harder, then I did during this movie. Also, the movie is worth watching. There are many new characters and even a lot of old ones. And the characters are really well developed. This movie will show you some things you didn't see before. Just a little bit of the truth of life in the US, and the real people, that live in the US. 8/10

Jennifer Rivera photo
Jennifer Rivera

The Boys from Brazil is a solid satire of Hollywood with some pretty nasty politics in its commentary. While the film isn't perfect, it is entertaining and worth watching.

Anna Kennedy photo
Anna Kennedy

The funniest movie of 2006. How could a movie this great not get a laugh? There are many moments that make you laugh hysterically. The first scene is a perfect example. The silly little guy riding around the tree, and the snow ball fight, it's perfect. But the movie is more than just a comedy. There are many moments of inner reflection. With the change in the characters, it's hard to tell who is more prominent. I'd have to say Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts are the better performers, but all four are absolutely brilliant. You're actually almost rooting for the characters. If they were a little more fleshed out, the movie would have been more interesting. There are moments when Hoffman and Roberts truly are the funniest people on the screen. It's almost as if Hoffman could never not laugh, and he's incredibly funny. And while he never laughs out loud, he absolutely has moments of laughter from the audience, and that can be amazing to behold. Julia Roberts is one of the few actors who can be funny without saying much. When she says "like a dog" during one of her scenes with Hoffman, it's simply priceless. The films best scene in my opinion comes at the end. The scene where Hoffman and Roberts play cards with their neighbor. After about ten minutes of playing, the conversation between the two turns to the political issues of the day. It's an incredible moment. Hoffman says "he has his own views", and Roberts asks "who do you support?" Hoffman's response is simply priceless. You see the desperation of his mind trying to come up with the perfect response, and when you see how much it affects his friend, you really understand how much of an influence the man can have. It's one of those scenes that just doesn't get old, and you find yourself saying "oh, that scene would have been perfect had Hoffman been the one to say it". All in all, this is one of the best movies of 2006, and probably of all time. I am sure you will be seeing it a lot, and I'm sure it will be on your list of favorites. I have no doubt it will get a nomination, and while it may not win the Oscar, it will definitely have many supporters. I gave it an 8.8/10. See it.

Sara Pearson photo
Sara Pearson

The old adage is that if you don't have nothing to say, say nothing. That's what happened to Mark Linn-Baker in this colorful, imaginative comedy about an eccentric old couple who adopt a kid and decide to teach him "how to live." He learns to ride a motorcycle, and he gets mixed up with a feisty, young man (Aasif Mandvi) who wants to be a DJ. Jack Lemmon plays Linn-Baker's brother, who plays for a New York Yankees baseball team. The funny thing is, there are a lot of baseball references, and the soundtrack was an obvious inspiration for "Grease." A very entertaining movie.

Sandra F. photo
Sandra F.

I've always liked the Old west, especially in my younger years, and this is a light and witty portrayal of the Wild West. The effects are excellent and it is quite fun to watch the characters come to life. It's also a good story and the actors do well. They don't over act, they just behave like they were in their roles. The dialogue is smart and colorful. The photography is beautiful, like all of Mr. Siegel's work. I'll have to see this again when it comes out on DVD.

Rachel Hansen photo
Rachel Hansen

I have not yet seen all the movies from the film industry, and I think I am not even near to that in terms of movies I have seen. I have seen and reviewed a few of the movie I have seen so far and am a fan of those movies. I have loved "Quigley" and "Big Daddy" and "Superbad" and "Pootie Tang" (and maybe "To Die For" as well). But I have never watched a movie that was completely original and completely produced in Hollywood, or a movie that has not been made before in my lifetime. And I must say that "Mister America" is probably one of the most original movies I have ever seen. I have never seen a movie made in Hollywood before. And now I can say that I have seen a movie that is completely original in terms of how it is made. It is not a movie that is made for a "strange" or a "black" audience. This is just a movie made for everybody. People like myself that are not into the usual Hollywood fare can enjoy this movie. If you are into mainstream, straight to DVD movies, this movie might not appeal to you. But if you are into big Hollywood movies, then you should find this movie to be one of the most original ever made. This movie is a visual masterpiece in every sense of the word. It has a great story, good acting, good writing, and very good special effects. But for the most part it's all about the art of cinematography. A really cool camera movement, a great set design, the design of the sound track and the setting. I have never seen anything that was even remotely like that. I don't know if it was inspired by the director of "Citizen Kane" or the movie "Citizen Kane" but it is definitely unique. And the cinematography is the biggest thing about this movie. I believe that any movie will have a great story and a good story and a great story is also the key thing here. I found myself being drawn into the movie by the cinematography, especially the high points. The camera work is wonderful and the fact that they have created so many beautiful images by knowing how to manipulate the cameras to the best of their ability. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I would have loved to see a movie with more to it, but I don't think that that is going to be in the cards for a long time. Maybe the next one. If you like movies with a lot of storytelling and story-telling, you will probably love this movie, because you will probably love the story and the writing. The writing is very good and very well-done. I believe that the story of this movie is not meant to be taken seriously, but I also believe that it is very fun to watch. The story of this movie is so interesting and the writing of the characters are very funny, so that you will be laughing very hard. There are also some very dark and very funny jokes, such as when a drug addict sees the "wink face" of a cop in the car, and that looks like a devil's face. This is one of the funniest movies ever made. I think this movie is a classic because it

Kathryn photo

When I first read the book on which this film is based, I felt that the film, while lacking some of the feeling and humor of the book, did a great job of portraying the teen culture of the 70's. I have read the movie only a few times, but every time I see it, I find myself re-watching it again and again, and all the while, I can't help but smile at the things in the book that were changed or exaggerated. This film manages to do so without losing its charm and simplicity, and I'm proud to say that I have finally finished watching this film and can say that I absolutely love it.

Eugene Taylor photo
Eugene Taylor

For every comedy there's a comedieno your humor may be similar, but I think Mr. Paul Pfeiffer's "A Star Is Born" is probably the funniest film I've ever seen, and it's very similar to "A Star Is Born", and the film really shows this in the film. The cast is great, and the production is great. The film is a film that really shows the differences between this generation and this generation, and how the film has moved so fast. The stars that were in the film, like Robert De Niro, Heath Ledger, Christopher Walken, Paul Giamatti, and Tim Roth are all great in the film. However, the film isn't perfect, because the film is extremely under-rated, but it's a good film. It's a great movie to watch. The music is very great, and the film also does really well in portraying that time period.

Julia Brown photo
Julia Brown

There is a lot of bad reviews for this movie, but it is a good comedy. If you watch it with an open mind, it is a laugh riot. It is not politically correct, and no one should be offended by the jokes. I laughed throughout the movie and it will make you laugh. It is definitely not what you expect, and it is not the kind of movie you should watch if you want to be entertained. It is the kind of movie that will make you laugh. I would recommend it for both adults and teens. The main reason I liked it so much is because the characters were nice, and they did a great job at making it funny. I think everyone in the movie will enjoy it. This is definitely one of those movies that makes you laugh. I would highly recommend it. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Ann J. photo
Ann J.

Funny movie that does not really take itself seriously. Take the scene where he gets to know his new neighbor on his last night with the wife who is having an affair with his boss. Does that mean that they are not married? Not to worry. He asks her if she has given her new boyfriend a blowjob. She says no. What does that say about her? Do you think that she would ever be more than happy with a blowjob from a woman she does not know? There is more of a subplot involving a young woman and her son who is dating his own mother. She is also having an affair with his boss. As a result, he becomes the target of her jealous feelings. The end of the movie is when he leaves her home alone in her car and makes a jump across the road and he ends up in the hospital, wounded. But he's alive and recovering from his injury. There are so many good jokes that keep you laughing through the whole movie. Some of the jokes include a mother and her son running to the window of their new house in the middle of the night and asking "what's going on?". While some may not find the humor in that scene to be funny, I found it very funny. Some of the scenes in the film, such as the scene where the father is being interviewed by his son on television and he has to defend himself against all the negative comments made against him, are just funny. The scene where the father leaves the house and we see the scene of his father getting ready for bed are also very funny. So when all of the characters in this film turn the page to the new season, then you will find a lot of great comedy in this film. Enjoy it. (8/10)

Keith G. photo
Keith G.

I just finished watching this movie. Before I watched it I had not heard much about it or the actors. It is an amazingly funny comedy with a little bit of a message. I think the message is that having a sense of humor should be a gift for everyone. The acting was great, so was the script. I highly recommend this film.