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Seoul Searching

Seoul Searching is a movie starring Justin Chon, Jessika Van, and In-Pyo Cha. In 1986, a group of foreign born Korean teenagers attend a summer camp in South Korea.

Other Titles
Θα Γίνει της... Κορέας
Running Time
1 hours 45 minutes
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Drama, Comedy, Romance, Music
Benson Lee
Benson Lee
Justin Chon, Jessika Van, In-Pyo Cha, Teo Yoo
USA, China, South Korea
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In 1986, a group of foreign born Korean teenagers attend a summer camp in South Korea.

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Brittany photo

I'm from Chicago and love movies from across the country. I'm very grateful to have seen this film. I was very surprised to find out it was based on a true story. The acting was superb from all the actors and everyone on the team was wonderful. I saw it a couple of times and have watched it many times. I can't say enough about this movie, it was great. It was about a few people who wanted to go to South Korea to see a concert, but ended up staying at their aunt's house for three weeks. It was beautiful, it was nice, it was entertaining, it was romantic, it was hilarious, and it was just great! I also loved the music, and the story. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great movie. I also think it is a great film to watch with your parents, even if you don't like Korean movies.

Frances photo

I really enjoyed this movie. It's a romantic comedy about two guys who are on a road trip and have to confront their differences and have a little fun in the process. It has a strong amount of humor and the two leads are really funny. The film has a bit of a documentary feel to it, though there is no documentary, it is a true story. I also really enjoyed the music and dance scenes. I also like that the characters are basically being honest with each other. The whole thing is mostly non-linear, though it is not quite chronological. I think this movie will work well on Netflix and I think it will be a lot more successful on YouTube than in theaters.

Ralph K. photo
Ralph K.

The young starlet from South Korea's popular reality show "Entertainer" is, as usual, attractive, a formidable vocalist, and a charismatic songwriter. "AJ" is not the woman's daughter, and she was the object of Mr. Shim's affection. He, however, was also a critic of his daughter's singing. With a bit of time and effort, however, he is able to redeem his daughter from the stigma of "Entertainer" and show her the good side of her. "AJ" and her musical partner Song Ji Hyo share a sweet, unpretentious relationship. They both share a few little secrets, especially in their work as a troupe of South Korean pop stars. So, what if he's an old timer? He seems to have matured. If it's the best he can do, he has still got talent. Also, one thing of which the director shows keen interest is the relationship between singers and the music industry. He has some nice moments with the young, bubbly singer Song Ji Hyo. However, we can't ignore the story of a man who was "entertainer" to his daughter's younger sister and to his son. This man, who was an old timer himself, had no problem taking advantage of his daughter's fame. It's not a nice thing for any parent. However, "AJ" is still the star, so we can't really judge this film based on this character's behavior. What we can judge is that the director and writer, David Choe, manage to make a compelling story that is a delight to watch. This is a film that will make you want to find out more about the subject of songwriting and musical careers.

Adam Curtis photo
Adam Curtis

If you have an open mind and a few hours to spare, this movie is a great movie to watch. There are a lot of really funny moments and you will laugh your head off. The story is simple and yet it is so powerful. It is a great movie to watch, and if you like any of the actors it will be a perfect movie to watch together. It is a very good movie to see with friends, and the soundtrack is really good too. Just put yourself in the mind of a middle-aged man who is getting old and start imagining the life you would be living if you are in his shoes, and it will make you feel so good. A great movie that will bring you all kinds of emotions. 8/10

Joshua photo

I was actually on a film tour for this movie and that makes me appreciate the film a little more. The music is very fitting for the movie and the songs are very different from each other. If you like music this is a must see. The characters are great and it is not a typical romance that is made up to be a happy ending. This is more a character study. I can't wait for the DVD release. If you are into the music genre you will love this movie. It has a very good cast that have great chemistry and I think the chemistry is better than in other films I have seen.

Madison photo

I watched the movie as it was only on TV and I had no idea what it was about, so I was completely unprepared. I think I'm pleased with this movie. It was definitely a thoughtful movie and the characters were extremely well-written. There was some plot elements that I did not understand, but that is a minor complaint. I don't think the plot was very original, but it was a good movie nonetheless. I would recommend this movie to anyone, but I am not sure how young it would be appropriate for children.

William photo

Having been a fan of "Southpark" for many years, I really enjoyed this movie. I especially liked how the characters "looked" like their real selves. But I also think that it was kind of cool how the show's was shot. The camera would go up and down a bit as if you were in the action and it showed off how the characters looked and their personalities. I think that was what made it so much more realistic and real.

Dylan W. photo
Dylan W.

The sequel to a successful film is usually a disappointment, but this one isn't. The film is enjoyable to watch, the acting is good, the script and music are quite good. I really liked the storyline, and I would recommend the film to anyone who liked the first film.

Jose photo

I've seen this movie 5 times in the theater, and it is a treasure. It really touches you. The movie doesn't focus on the history, but the magic of a magic show. You don't know the real life story about the Showgirl, the fact that her parents left her. It's about the only way to discover your past, to discover who you really are. The Story is so interesting, and it was so inspiring to watch. I really loved the music, too. It's so catchy, and it fits the movie. The songs are so beautiful. I love it, and I also love the music. I recommend it to everyone. 8/10.

Peter Cruz photo
Peter Cruz

I loved this movie. Not because I am gay or anything. I just really liked it. The story was great and the characters were all great. It was really nice to see a young actor in a movie like this. I mean I didn't really see a young actor in anything like this before but I was really glad he got to do this movie. I think the biggest problem people had with this movie was that it was kind of weird. It was a little more sexual than what I thought it was. I like that because that's not what I was expecting. I also really liked the fact that it wasn't all about singing. It had a good message. I also like that the main character did not end up liking him at the end. He did really like him. Overall, I really liked this movie. I think it's a great movie to watch with the girls. I think it's also a great movie for men to watch. It's definitely different and I think people should really give it a try.

Amber Nelson photo
Amber Nelson

For a variety of reasons, I wasn't thrilled with the same-sex romance in the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. I'm a heterosexual male, but I don't believe it's really the kind of film I would want to see. And I was disappointed to see how the film had to be in Korean, a language I would have been comfortable with. I couldn't help but think the movie was going to have a foreign feel to it, and there was too much emphasis on "foreignness" and less emphasis on the relationship between the main characters. However, the film was entertaining enough. The characters were interesting, the dialogue was well-written, and the plot was engaging. I would recommend the film to any fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. But, I would not recommend it to a viewer without an appreciation of the series. It is, in fact, not a film for a hardcore fan.

Daniel photo

Like much of Korean cinema, this film is an almost-romantic comedy and romantic drama set in contemporary Seoul. As with many Korean films, the film is highly stylized, with deep layers of symbolism, but this does not detract from the film's excellent cinematography, writing and performances. The two leading actors, Ji-Hoon Choi and Jin-Soo Shin, are both excellent, as are the supporting actors. It is a shame that this film did not receive any international recognition, as it deserves more than what it has received from the general public. It's also a shame that it did not receive any foreign distribution. It is not a one-star film, but it is definitely worth seeing.

Barbara G. photo
Barbara G.

I love what this movie is about, the writers are on the right track with the story, the camera-work is great, and the actors are the best out there. That is a big plus. The point is about a real-life experience that an outsider can relate to. This movie is a must see for anyone who likes to laugh and enjoy a good romantic comedy. There are not many movies about this topic. It is a unique look at life, and the people in it. You have to know something about the Korean society to understand the themes and the meanings of the movie. The movie is also funny. If you are not a fan of Korean movies, do not go into this expecting something unique. It is a funny movie that is not meant to be taken seriously, but it does have a good message about love. Go watch this movie. Enjoy.

Justin Holmes photo
Justin Holmes

From the title, you can't really imagine the movie would be a great movie. It just seems like an adaptation of a play. Not quite a movie though. Though I did enjoy this movie, I did think it could have been better. The way they portrayed Park Dong-Soo was a bit one-dimensional. The best part of this movie was the scenery. The music score was nice too. It was nice to see the South Korea theme of the movie. It just seemed a bit unnatural and one-dimensional. However, I think that the music in the movie was fine and fit the movie well. I liked the acting of the lead actors a lot. I think this is the best acting in the movie. I didn't like the way the director had them act. The main actor was like he didn't know how to act and how to smile properly. The music and the scenery were nice. It was a nice movie. But the acting of the main actor wasn't great.

Margaret W. photo
Margaret W.

Lee Byung-hun's 'Seoul Searching' is a film that is a clever movie with two big problems: 1) A good story is not enough to carry a movie. 2) Why do we have to show 2 films at the same time? The answer is: because if one goes to see 2 films at once, it may hinder the action. And that is exactly what happened in 'Seoul Searching'. 'Seoul Searching' was the story of 2 teenagers who are in love with the same woman. Their love is complicated because their parents hate each other. They have no one to turn to. They run away together. Then, they get into a huge controversy and someone suspects them of being an outsider. The film jumps from one scene to the next, and it just kept going on and on. There are many people in the movie, including characters that are not seen in the movie. This movie kept my attention and I was glued to the screen. The film is pretty good. The main character is also a very good actor. I found myself very impressed by the character of Cha Dong-soo. He has a few very good scenes in the movie. There is a scene where he is about to do his laundry and he said "All right, all right". It was extremely beautiful and intense. I also liked the character of Lee Byung-hun. He was very good in his performance. I really liked him. The story is well-written and the screenplay is very good. The story is a little confusing. It can be confusing to some people, but that is not the reason to not see this film. If you are able to watch two films at the same time, you will enjoy it. 'Seoul Searching' is a very good film and it will be remembered in a long time.

Grace Duncan photo
Grace Duncan

On this page we have a lot of good reviews from reviewers who were either all in the film or all out. I thought the film was very well done and I don't know why so many good reviews are coming in. I have been to the play and I think the reviewer was in the theater with me so I don't know why she said the movie was a disaster. If you have been to a play it is a lot different than when you see it on screen. It is a long way from the theater. This is a film I would have loved to see on the big screen. If you are in the mood for a good movie this will be it. I think the reviewer was just surprised and didn't get the whole story. If you can get a hold of the film you can read my review. I can't wait to see it again. So that is my review. If you have been to a play, see the movie or don't get caught up in the reviews it will be worth it.

Michael photo

I watched this film as a way to pass the time. I am from Asia and I liked the plot and the characters. This film was so accurate in the era of Korean cinema, as it was like one of the many films that were made for us back then. Although it did take a bit of the Korean philosophy and humor, I didn't feel like I was missing anything that I would normally enjoy. It was also good to see that Korean actors didn't have to act their stereotypical lines to "look cool". Overall, this was a very enjoyable film that I would recommend.

Susan Baker photo
Susan Baker

It's not that it's good or bad. It's just that it's not a good movie. I can't remember the last time I've seen something I didn't like about a movie. So I'm not sure how I can evaluate this one. To me it's an exercise in ambition: to try to recreate the vibe of the original but also to add some things that are relevant to the story and to the time. I think it succeeds, though not completely. It seems like a decision was made to include every single set-up and sequence from the movie, and to include new sequences and character interactions that never made it into the movie. So the movie seems less like a movie and more like a combination of a movie and a concert or a TV series. The opening scene is very similar to the opening scene from "The Perfect World" but the scenes are introduced a little differently. So, I don't think it is the problem, but more the reason I don't find it a great movie. This movie could have been much better if it was different.

Megan photo

This was a beautiful and very heart warming story, well worth watching. I think it could be a contender for best documentary of the year. It was very real, and I liked that the main character was completely different than her family and her friends. There was no need for her to be afraid of who she was and who she was attracted to. She didn't seem so anxious and unconfident as the family portrayed her to be. This movie made me feel very much like a teenager, in many ways.

Debra M. photo
Debra M.

For a few years now I've had an intense interest in Korean cinema. I first saw Inseong when it was on TV in the early eighties, and was hooked. When Inseong came to the USA it was good, but I'm not exactly sure how well it translated into cinema. It didn't make me want to see Korean cinema (it was expensive and I couldn't afford to see it) but it sure made me want to see Japanese cinema (I'm not a big fan of Japanese cinema). I saw Inseong and the other one, Park Chanwook's "This Is the End" and decided to give Inseong another shot. I must say, " This is the End " is pretty much the first film that made me want to see Korean cinema in the US. (I mean, Korean cinema is still just as hard to find as Japanese cinema, but this is the first movie that I have seen that made me want to go and see Japanese cinema). Inseong is about a young man who falls in love with a girl who has some sort of disability, and they are trying to make it work in the US. The whole story of this film is about how they eventually decide to leave Korea and get married in the US, and I think this is the first film that really stuck in my mind and stuck with me. I like the fact that Inseong isn't trying to sell the audience on the fact that it's a Korean film, it just is, and how the story is told is just as important as the fact that it's a Korean film. It's a strange, sometimes really sad, and yet hopeful story of a girl finding love, and how she makes the best of it. It's the kind of film that will make you laugh, cry, and hopefully think about a lot of things, and it's one of those films that you can show to your friends, but you'll still want to see again and again. It's a pretty hard film to get a hold of, and it's only available on video and DVD, but if you do, go out and get it. 8/10