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Ho Mann Jahaan

Ho Mann Jahaan is a movie starring Mahira Khan, Adeel Husain, and Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui. Three college friends are passionate for music and face difficulties for their common dream.

Running Time
2 hours 50 minutes
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Musical, Drama
Asim Raza, Shaan Sheikh, Shehrazade Sheikh, Bilawal Hussain Abbasi
Imtisal Abbasi, Asim Raza, Yasir Hussain, Rashna Abdi, Imtisal Abbasi, Rashna Abdi, Asim Raza
Sonya Jehan, Mahira Khan, Adeel Husain, Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The story is about friendship of three friends born out of shared experiences, passion for music and aspiration for fame. The film is also a reflection of the current dichotomy that exists in society where we talk of free will but readily accept conformity. Parents impose restrictions and dictate terms, because they love their children but at times don't understand them.

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Brenda photo

This film is an interesting and unique one. It is a great film about the mentality of the youth and the old. This film has a message about how society is racist and how it is inhumane to use the colour of a person's skin to get anything from someone. The film is very well made and has some very interesting and interesting scenes. The film is very sad and very sad but also very funny at the same time. The film is a bit long and the last third of the film is quite slow but I think it was very necessary to tell the story of this film. This film is not an easy film to watch. However, it is a great film and definitely worth watching.

Tiffany Dean photo
Tiffany Dean

I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid and I was totally shocked by the genius and vision of director Anand Gopalakrishnan. First of all, I loved the movie, which is why I think it's a perfect 10. But the story was so amazing and so brilliant. I could feel the passion and the emotions of the characters. And of course, the music of this movie is just superb and the story was brilliant. I am really glad that a director like Anand Gopalakrishnan can make a movie like this. His movies always show the power of the human spirit and the beautiful truths of the human being. I will surely watch this movie again. And I am sure that this is the best film of this year. And this is the first time I write a review on IMDb. I have never written a review before. I hope that everyone who sees this movie, will love it. And I'm not gonna write any spoiler but I would like to say that you should watch this movie with an open mind and always be open minded. It's a very powerful movie that will open your heart.

Jean F. photo
Jean F.

Movies in the same genre are usually not as good as their respective predecessors. This is definitely one of the best, as it deserves all the praise it gets. The film is an adaptation of the play of the same name by John Mortimer, who also directed this. The plot revolves around two lovers, played by Vidya Balan and Ritesh Deshmukh. Both of them are averse to love, as both of them are burdened by their parents' divorce. Both of them are poor, as their father and mother are both in the process of divorce, and their mother has given them all the money that she has ever had. One day, their parents get married. The marriage is disastrous, as it is filled with all kinds of problems and quarrels. The love between the two lovers is not a good thing, as both of them are doomed to be a part of each other's miserable lives. The love between the two is portrayed in the most sincere way. The film is a musical, and in that sense, it is perfect. The song sequences are the best part of the film, as the songs are superbly choreographed, and have a great musical flavor. The lyrics and songs are very well written. The songs are of course the highlight of the film. The film is also based on a true story. The film was a good idea, as it was a real story that happened to real people. The film is certainly a one of a kind. The film was a big hit, as it was a huge hit. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Cinematography, and the film won for Best Song at the Academy Awards. The film is a must watch, and it is certainly a very good movie. This film deserves all the praise it gets.

Douglas R. photo
Douglas R.

I saw this movie in the theaters, and it is an excellent movie. It is a tribute to the classic Bollywood movies and the way they were made. It is a family movie, not for kids. It is very poetic, very sweet, very realistic. The movie is beautifully done, it makes you feel like you are there, and it makes you feel like a kid again. A family movie, you can watch it with your whole family, you can watch it with your mother, father, sister, brother, or anyone. It is a movie that is not to be missed.

Kyle photo

I have seen this movie many times and it never fails to entertain me. The music, costumes, dialogs, costumes, dialogs, and music all work well together. The acting is above par, the songs are good, the dialogs are well written, and the movie is great. The movie is about a girl who is being bullied by her schoolmates, who are friends with her brother. When she discovers that she has a cousin in her school, she wants to do something to help them. But she never tells her cousin, so she keeps it a secret from her. She meets a man in the school, and she ends up falling in love with him. The movie is a nice look at a group of people, and how they react to each other. I think this movie is very underrated. It is very easy to relate to the characters and the way they act. I really liked the movie, and I hope that it gets a lot of attention.

Heather B. photo
Heather B.

This movie is based on the novel by R.V.Dharmachari. I liked the movie and the screenplay is very good. The acting is good. Raja is good in the movie.He is good in acting.This movie is good movie. The songs are good and the music is good. This is one of the best movie of Raja. This is a movie that you can watch anytime.

Kelly photo

I love the film. It has a very unique story line. The music is excellent and the cinematography is great. I'm also a fan of the actors and actresses. There are many performances that will stick in your memory. No matter what age you are, you'll definitely relate to the characters. The story is a little complex but it is easy to follow. The only thing I didn't like was the end. I don't like the ending of the film. I think it was a little rushed and too much of the film is focused on the final performance. However, the film is still very enjoyable and enjoyable to watch. The best part is the performances. A must see.

Henry photo

I didn't really know what to expect from this movie when it came out, but I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, it is a musical and is the most accessible musical to my ears. It is a story of love and loss, of hope and disappointment, and of courage and vulnerability. The songs are superb, the lyrics are beautiful, and the performances are excellent. The story of the movie is pretty simple. A young girl travels from Punjab to India for her father's funeral. She meets a boy who falls in love with her and decides to marry him. On her way home, she meets an old man who wants to take her back to his home. She doesn't want to go back, but the old man tells her that if she doesn't go back, he will kill her. She must go back to the old man's house and make up a lie to convince him that she's not gone. There are many interesting stories and some great moments in the movie, but what really made it for me was the fact that it is a musical. This movie has a lot of great songs, and they are performed by a talented group of young actors. I think the most impressive performance was that of Akshay Kumar. He is a very talented actor, but his performance here is outstanding. The music is very good and so is the song-writing. The movie is a musical, but it is a very good one. The movie was nominated for the Best Music and Best Picture, but lost to "Sholay". This is a very good movie that I recommend to people who are into musicals.

Nathan Patterson photo
Nathan Patterson

A good story about a young girl who has to go to a temple to meet her father. The story was wonderful, the scenes were nice and the music was great. If you are a fan of Urvashi, this movie is for you. You will love it. If you are not a fan of Urvashi, this movie is not for you. You will not like it. A simple story that is touching and brilliant. A must watch.

Karen Henry photo
Karen Henry

I was surprised to see that there were some reviews that were negative about this movie. I thought it was a good movie. It was different from other Indian movies. The songs were good. I enjoyed it. I liked the storyline. There were some good songs in this movie. I recommend it to people who like different movies.

Beverly P. photo
Beverly P.

M.J. Akbar directed this film based on his own play. I found it to be a very well crafted piece of work. It is a very elegant film that has been put together to make a strong statement. I believe that the entire cast of the film had an amazing performance. The entire movie was directed by a very talented director and a very talented director's assistant. The music was wonderful. I also liked the cinematography. I felt that the movie had a very interesting storyline and was very entertaining. I would recommend this film to anyone. It is a very entertaining film that is very well done.

Bobby photo

I really enjoyed this movie. I think that the makers have done a great job in adapting the movie to the Indian culture. The movie is very realistic in the way that it shows the life of the poor people of the city. I think that the movie is a must see for everyone who has a love for Indian culture.

Henry R. photo
Henry R.

This is one of the best films I have seen. Very well shot. I think it's a great film to watch with friends, not only because of its music, but the acting and the way the film is done. The only thing I don't like is that there is no real story. But there are some things you learn from watching this film. Like how to stop being so selfish and stop being so happy with your life. I'm happy that there are people out there that can make you feel like you can make a difference in the world. I hope that the people who make this film have lots of fun making this film.

Jean photo

I am a big fan of the new musical comedies from Bollywood. This is one of the best. It's not a musical but it has all the elements of a musical. It's got songs and dance, drama and comedy. The movie is about a married couple who are trying to deal with the death of their son. The main character of the movie is a real estate agent who is trying to sell the house. The story is very funny. It has a lot of comedy. It is full of emotions. It is a must watch for any movie lover.

Tiffany Fields photo
Tiffany Fields

I really enjoyed this movie. A movie which is based on the life of a famous Indian singer and it shows the whole story. In this movie, Shah Rukh Khan is again perfect. His performance was as great as it was in "Baazigar". I thought that his acting was top notch. As for his singing, he really does a great job. As for the rest of the actors, they also did a great job. This is a movie which will be a classic. It has a good message, which is to remember your goals and to live your life to the fullest. I give it 8/10.