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The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets is a movie starring Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, and Kevin Hart. The quiet life of a terrier named Max is upended when his owner takes in Duke, a stray whom Max instantly dislikes.

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Running Time
1 hours 27 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Family
Yarrow Cheney, Chris Renaud
Brian Lynch, Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio
Eric Stonestreet, Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Lake Bell
Japan, France, USA
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The quiet life of a terrier named Max is upended when his owner takes in Duke, a stray whom Max instantly dislikes.

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Richard photo

This is my first review for a movie. I watched this movie with my younger sister. She said it was great, and she enjoyed it. I thought it was a great movie. The only thing that I thought was a little disappointing was how the animals were created. They were all very different from one another. I also thought that the movie was a little predictable. But that didn't take anything away from the movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Emma Brooks photo
Emma Brooks

I loved this movie, it was very entertaining. It's not a movie I would normally watch, but I didn't regret watching it. The movie starts out in a very Disney-like way, as the main character decides to go on a vacation. However, she ends up taking a pet named Sam, who has a good heart and helps the main character out. The main character then finds out that a cat named Benji is also a dog and that Benji is supposed to be a part of the family. This is a very fun and amusing movie. I'm not a fan of Disney movies, but I'm actually really into this one, which is one of my favorite movies. I highly recommend this movie.

Lisa photo

I just watched this movie and it was great. It was funny, not too many "serious" movies like the dark Knight, or even some other Disney movies. It was a nice surprise that the creators of this movie did not have the typical background story. I am glad that this movie had that. I think that this movie is great, and I think that you will like it, if you have children. I also think that it is great that you can watch it with your parents, so they can laugh. It is also great to have a family movie that you can watch with your friends, if you have a family. So go see it, and I know you will enjoy it.

Walter S. photo
Walter S.

I enjoyed this movie. It was enjoyable and entertaining. The characters are likable and the story flows well. There is some subplot that is not really needed. There are some parts that were pretty corny but the movie was more about the story. I think it was worth the watch. It was an enjoyable movie.

Frances photo

This movie is just perfect for a family movie night! It's funny, heartwarming and has a great message for kids and adults. It's a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Andrew H. photo
Andrew H.

This is the first of the Disney animated movies I've seen so far and I think it's a pretty good movie. It was fun to see all of the characters, and it was great to see more of their world. The story of a dog and a cat, and a dog and a bear, was entertaining, and had great chemistry between the two main characters. The story of a dog and a horse, and a horse and a pterodactyl, was also interesting, and also had a good chemistry between the two main characters. There were some plot holes that I can't really point out, but the movie was pretty decent. I think the movie could've been better, but the ending was really good. Overall, I recommend this movie.

Michael photo

I was super excited to see this movie, and after hearing about all the hype, I was definitely disappointed in how it turned out. The trailer was very promising, but after the first 20 minutes of the movie, it really didn't look like this would be as good as the trailer made it seem. I felt like I was being shown a trailer that was 10 times better than what I was actually seeing. It seemed like they were trying to make it as "artsy" as possible and that's the downfall of this movie. The movie seemed to be going in a very boring direction, and there was never a big or important revelation to make you think, which is why this movie really didn't get much of a chance. The movie seemed to have a "set it up, then forget it" feel to it. I felt like I had to keep thinking, "I don't care if it's going to be good or not, I need to care about this." After the movie, I thought I would know what was going on, but the movie did nothing for me. I wanted to see it because I was a fan of the first movie, but it was just a big disappointment. I think it would be great for the movie to be over and be over with, but I don't know if that's how Disney is going to do it.

Mildred Shaw photo
Mildred Shaw

I was disappointed that the movie was not as good as the first one. But I think it was still a great movie and I was entertained the whole way through. It was funny, sad, and exciting. The voice acting was great and the animation was beautiful. I am not going to say anything about the plot because I don't want to spoil it. I think this movie is a great movie and I would recommend it to everyone. I think it is a great movie to watch with your family and it is a great movie to watch with your friends. This movie is for everyone and I think everyone should see it. I think everyone should see it and I think everyone should watch it.

Christian H. photo
Christian H.

I like this movie, but it is too short for me. It would have been longer, if it had a little more character development. In particular, I don't think the plot line was believable for a family with the same name. I'd have to say that if you enjoy this movie, you'll probably like it for the animals too. I did like the characters, but I think the story wasn't as compelling as the animals. I did like the message that the film was trying to convey, and that it was about an animal's life, but the message was clear, and I didn't really find it quite as engaging as it was supposed to be.

Catherine photo

I'm not a huge fan of the original movie and this one is the same, but I have to admit that I enjoyed it. I liked it better than the movie version of Beauty and the Beast, which I also enjoyed, but I think that it's a great family movie. It's got a very good plot, and I really liked how the characters were written and acted. I think that this is the perfect movie for children, but also for adults. I think that the animation is beautiful, and the voice actors are really good. This is definitely a great movie to watch.

Justin photo

This movie is so adorable and so funny! I am a fan of Disney movies and this is my favorite one. I was excited to see it when I saw it was on Netflix and I had not seen it before. I was not disappointed. I think it is a perfect movie to watch with your family. I have never seen a movie that is so cute and funny. I loved it and I am so happy that it is on Netflix. I would recommend this movie to anyone!

Wayne Warren photo
Wayne Warren

I thought that this movie was awesome. My friends and I loved it. I also loved the whole feeling of the movie. I love the way that the movie tells the story. I love the different animals that they show, and the story itself. I love how the whole story is like a cartoon. I also love how they show that all the animals are their own animals. This movie is a must see for the whole family. I think that this movie is very creative and I love that it tells a story that everyone can relate to. I also think that the story is a lot more entertaining than the recent ones that we have. I really hope that Disney can keep making these movies like this. I think that the whole idea of the movie is good. I hope that they make more movies like this. I also hope that this movie gets a sequel. I hope that they get to do more stories like this.

Kimberly Bates photo
Kimberly Bates

This movie is truly one of the best animated movies I have ever seen. I have watched this movie more than 10 times and I still have no idea why it was so great. I think it's because it's a great family movie, a great story, and a great movie. It's not the best animated movie I have ever seen, but it's definitely one of the best movies ever made. I really think it's a movie that everyone should see.

Juan photo

This is the first Disney movie that I have ever watched. And I'm not even a fan of the Disney brand. I was expecting something like Finding Nemo, but instead I got a whole new Disney experience. The story was well written, the characters were adorable, and the music was awesome. I was so happy to have been a part of the movie and to have gotten to see it in 3D. This movie is so much better than the previous one. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has an open mind and can enjoy a great story.

Hannah Munoz photo
Hannah Munoz

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I thought the animation was gorgeous, and the character designs were great. The voices were also great. The thing that I didn't like about the movie was that there were some parts that weren't needed. I don't know why they had to make up such things as the meeting between the cats and the dog. They were just unnecessary. I don't think it would have been a bad idea to have something more like a musical with the cats and the dog. It would have been more artistic and interesting. Overall, I think it was a good movie. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cute and sweet movie.

David C. photo
David C.

The story, set in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, revolves around a dog named Big Ben. The plot focuses on how Ben, who is only 3 years old, is able to navigate his way through the ocean and survive, both figuratively and literally. I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed in the ending of the movie. I think that Disney would have done much better to continue the story and not simply end it. Nevertheless, I think that this movie is very entertaining. The animation is crisp and the characters are likable. I can say that the voice acting is fine as well. There were some awkward moments during the film, but nothing too bad. It has its share of funny moments and it did have its share of cute moments. Overall, it is a good movie for children. I give it an 8/10.

Diana Coleman photo
Diana Coleman

The Secret Life of Pets is a good family film that is entertaining and full of laughs. The main character, Petey, is voiced by Jack Black and the story is a typical pet story about a dog named Chase and his new human friend, Oscar. The dog is very popular and a kid named Charlie is looking for a pet of his own. As he is being adopted, he meets a dog named Oscar who wants to take him home. As Charlie goes on his adventures, he meets the dog's new owner, Oscar, and learns the truth about the dog. This film is about a dog and his human. This film is the kind of film that I love to watch. It is full of laugh out loud jokes and is very fun. The film is full of cute dog jokes and I really enjoyed it. The film has a good plot and I like the way it ends. Overall, I enjoyed the film and recommend it to all.

Megan Contreras photo
Megan Contreras

I've been trying to avoid getting excited for this film. I'm pretty much the opposite of a Pixar fan. But after seeing this, I'm going to start looking again. It's actually quite a pleasant movie. There's some heart and even a bit of humor, and that's enough to keep my interest. It's not a movie you'll be expecting a masterpiece, but it's definitely better than a lot of the "it" movies out there. I didn't know it was made by Pixar until after I left the theater, but I'm glad they took the risk. They've managed to put a lot of love into this. It's not perfect, but it's definitely a pretty good movie. The animation is gorgeous, and the animals are well-done. I thought it was a bit too colorful, but that's probably just me. There's no real dark side to the movie, so it's not going to have you feeling sad, but it's certainly not supposed to. I was definitely impressed with the ending, though. I'm a bit hesitant to say it was really "good" because it's not exactly Pixar's best, but I do think it was really well done. I really liked how this was a more family-oriented movie than the other Pixar movies. I also think it was more about a family than the other Pixar movies, which I guess is a good thing. I think it's one of the better Pixar movies out there, but it's not one of my favorites. It's not too violent or too funny, but it's definitely a good movie to watch with the family.

Willie F. photo
Willie F.

The Secret Life of Pets: An Animated Movie Review - I watched the trailer and it looked good, and I had high expectations about this movie. I went in expecting the worst and I was pleasantly surprised, The plot is about a dog and a cat that work together to save the world. The movie is entertaining, the animation is beautiful and I would recommend watching this movie. There is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek humor, but it isn't as much as the previous movies. The characters are great and they were developed well. The voice acting was good and I don't know why some of the characters sound so strange. I really like the voice acting, but some characters sound too much like robots. But other than that I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes animated movies.

Marie Henderson photo
Marie Henderson

Spike Jonze's The Secret Life of Pets is another animated film that everyone has been hyped for. But you know what? I thought it was a very enjoyable film, and was easily one of the better animated films I have seen this year. It's got some funny moments, and a couple of amazing scenes. One of the best parts of the film is the contrast between the urban and rural areas of the movie. The rural areas are very depressing and depressing, while the urban areas are extremely happy and upbeat. I thought the movie was very nice and clever. It shows the struggles of animals in the city, and the struggles of people in the city. In my opinion, it is one of the best films I have seen this year. The animation is very nice, and the voice acting is excellent. I thought the songs were really good, especially the song for Animal Crossing. This movie is a very nice and pleasant watch, and I highly recommend it.

Heather photo

Pixar has been producing some amazing animated films in recent years and while it's certainly not Pixar's best, it's an enjoyable watch with the characters being likable, the CGI being pretty impressive and the voice acting being decent. The story of this film is about the dog named Buddy who was separated from his family and had to learn to communicate with people by his master and was adopted by a human named Gideon who lived in a world in which animals and people were completely different. Gideon is a person who uses magic to make his pets perform certain tasks for him and does it to make his world a better place to live in. Buddy has also found his own voice and also a family he wants to be with and wants to make the best of his new family. The only problem is that he can't because he can't communicate with people. Gideon knows this and is trying to make his world a better place for all living things. The film doesn't take itself too seriously and there are a few funny moments, the main character's actions and reactions to things in his world is cute and the ending is pretty sweet. The animation is pretty amazing and the story is pretty decent, but the characters are not as likable as the previous films. The voice acting is pretty good and the voice actors do a decent job with their characters. The animation is really pretty good and the voice acting is pretty good. Overall this film is a nice watch if you're looking for a fun animated film and it's quite a good film. I give this film a B.

Ann K. photo
Ann K.

I do agree with the previous review. The movie is a really good movie. I have seen the movie 3 times, and every time I like it more. The humor is really good. It's really fun to watch. It's not a movie that you want to have to think about too much. I also really liked the animation. I think the film is really well made. I also really liked the music in the film. It's really nice. Overall, I think the movie is really good. It's a really good movie. I really liked it.

Mark photo

The movie is definitely going to be for children as the stories are very dark and they don't have a happy ending, therefore i think that kids will not like the movie. The plot is OK. The main character is cute and the love interest is pretty. The jokes are not funny but i like how they use the cat as a tool. This movie is definitely worth the watch. The movie is just really worth to watch it. 7/10

Randy Thomas photo
Randy Thomas

The only movie I have ever seen that has both funny and touching moments was Wreck it Ralph and that was one of the most annoying movies ever. But since this movie was just as bad and irritating, I started watching it with very low expectations. I was even expecting a movie that I would hate. But it is much more than that. It is an animated movie about pets and how they live their lives. It is very funny, but it also has some touching moments and it is overall a great movie to watch. The only reason why I can't give this movie a 10/10 is because of the terrible voice actors. The voice actors did their job very well, but the way they said the lines was very annoying. But it's a must watch for Disney fans and families who are looking for a great animated movie to watch with their family. I give it a rating of 7/10.

Jane S. photo
Jane S.

Like the others in this franchise, this one was a success. It's not groundbreaking but still a good watch. The concept is fun and the actors were good as well. There is a lot of environmental awareness and the children really showed it. The audience seemed to enjoy it too. The whole concept of the cat saying "I want a new friend" was kind of cliche but still was fun. The direction is good, nothing was really bad, I think it's very well done. The score is great, it's subtle but at the same time really important. The animation is good, it was good to see the cats evolve. I think this movie is just about how pets are treated, the environmental impact and their loss. The movie had a lot of jokes and I think it's a good family movie. Definitely worth the watch. 7/10

Emma Larson photo
Emma Larson

This is a great family film, it has a lot of good comedy, and it is very realistic. However, I would give it a 7/10, not a perfect movie, but it is still a good family movie.

Harry F. photo
Harry F.

This is an interesting story about a panda who is kidnapped by the evil hedgehog, who wants to capture her and return her to the wild. But there is a cat who also has a special connection with the hedgehog and finds a way to rescue her. The animation was very good and the story was great. The storyline was a little bit confusing but it didn't take away from the enjoyment of the movie. This is a good movie for all ages.

Danielle Barrett photo
Danielle Barrett

Disney's first film to address the elephant in the room, talking about their animal companion, the panda. The film had a lot of heart, was a family film with some very emotional scenes. The scene of the little boy reaching out to his father in the hotel was touching and sweet. The scene of the fire truck was sweet, too. I liked the songs, some were really good and others were okay, but didn't work for me. I'm a big fan of the score, so it was nice to hear a new score that was really well done. The characters were funny, the best were the little dog and the little tiger, who were the best, and I think that is the film's strength, the characters were very likable. The story was great, the ending was great, it was great for kids and parents alike. I think Disney has the perfect first film to address this problem, and it's not bad. The elephant in the room is here, and the movie is going to be great.

Vincent photo

The best animation I've seen for a long time. It is beautifully done, the story is excellent, and the characters are very well drawn and well-written. The animation is not only stunning, but also funny. The characters are very well developed and the voice acting is great. I can't wait to see the sequel.

Olivia R. photo
Olivia R.

I love this movie, and I have seen it about 20 times. I have never cried so much in a movie. I am a huge Disney fan and I think they are amazing. I am in love with all of the characters and they are all so sweet and have so much heart. I have never seen a movie with such a good message and it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I think Disney did a fantastic job with this movie. I am so happy they made a movie about a dog that is so sweet and so smart and so loyal. I think this movie is a great movie and it has a message that is so good for everyone to hear. It is a great movie that I would recommend to everyone. I love it and I love the characters. I will never get sick of it. I think it is a great movie and I love it so much.

Rebecca M. photo
Rebecca M.

I went to see the movie yesterday with my 5 year old daughter, and she loved it. I think it was the best movie I've seen in a long time. I'm surprised that it's not rated higher. I think it deserves a higher rating. The voice actors were great. My daughter said the voice of the dog was great, and she's a big fan of the movie. I think that's the best part of the movie. The story is great, the animation is great, and the voice actors are great. It's a must see for everyone. I give it a 10 out of 10. I think it deserves a lot more praise than it's getting. I think it's great for all ages.

Joe Shaw photo
Joe Shaw

This is a great movie. I loved it. The only thing that bothered me is that there is no "story". The movie is a fun, action-packed, and emotional ride. I loved the characters, the characters were so real. It is a great movie for the whole family to watch. My family and I laughed, cried, and enjoyed it. My husband and I both enjoyed it. We both love animals, and we both were happy with the movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone. We are in the age group that is the target audience for this movie, but anyone can enjoy it. I am really glad we watched this movie. We are going to watch it again!

Charles Garcia photo
Charles Garcia

I'm not a big fan of animated films, but I really enjoyed this one. It was funny, touching, and had a lot of heart. I was also surprised by the quality of the animation. It's definitely not the typical Disney style, but it was still pretty good. The story was great, and the characters were amazing. It was also a very well written movie. It was so well written that I found myself wanting to see it again. It was also very funny and heartwarming. It was really good. I'm not sure how people can not like this film. I think it's a really good movie. I recommend it to anyone who likes animated films, and people who like heartwarming movies. It's definitely a must see.