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Die göttliche Ordnung

Die göttliche Ordnung is a movie starring Marie Leuenberger, Maximilian Simonischek, and Rachel Braunschweig. In 1971, a young housewife organizes the women of her town to petition for the right to vote.

Other Titles
A Ordem Divina, Bozji red, L'ordine divino, Mulheres Divinas, Boski porzadek, A nőkért, L'Ordre Divin, El orden divino, Γυναίκες με τα όλα τους, Ordinul divin, Nye tider, Ossot seder, The Divine Order, Les Conquérantes
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
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Comedy, Drama
Petra Biondina Volpe
Petra Biondina Volpe
Maximilian Simonischek, Sibylle Brunner, Rachel Braunschweig, Marie Leuenberger
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Switzerland, 1971: Nora is a young housewife and mother who lives with her husband, their two sons and her father-in-law in a little village. Here, in the Swiss countryside, little or nothing is felt of the huge social upheavals that the movement of May 1968 has caused. Nora's life, too, has been unaffected; she is a retiring, quiet person, well liked by everyone - until she begins to campaign publicly and pugnaciously for women's right to vote, an issue that will be put before the male voters on February 7th, 1971.

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Louis Hudson photo
Louis Hudson

This is a very good film, very different from the typical German film, very different from all the typical German movies. The main characters are different, they are not heroes or villains. They are not good or bad, they are real people. There is no big-bad guy or big-good guy. The main characters are not men or women, they are real people. I found this very interesting. The characters are not nice, they are not sweet or nice. They are real people. There is no good guy or bad guy. There is no evil. There is no good and bad, there is only good and bad. The director made a very good choice here, and the film is very interesting. The film is also very funny. I recommend it highly.

Alice G. photo
Alice G.

I was absolutely blown away by this movie. It is a true masterpiece. I was completely spellbound. The way the story is told is so natural and yet so magical. I think this is one of the best movies of the year. It has everything. It has a story that is engaging and emotional. It has a great cast. It has a great director. It has a great story. And most importantly, it has great acting. The acting is top notch. The story is so amazing. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I am in love with this movie. It will have you glued to your seat. It is a must see for anyone. It is a movie to be seen. It is a masterpiece. I can't wait to see it again.

Julie photo

I really liked this movie, it was funny, sad, and most of all the characters were likable. I think it is worth watching, even though it is a German movie, it is very well written and acted. I found myself laughing and crying during the film. I hope you will enjoy it as well. The cast is perfect, the director is very good and the story is very nice. I think this is the best German movie of the year. I would recommend it to everyone. There are many movies that I would have liked to see, but I won't. I am very surprised by how much I liked this movie. I hope you will like it as well.

Denise Ellis photo
Denise Ellis

This is one of the most beautifully shot movies I have ever seen. The cinematography is beautiful, the story is very engaging and the acting is very believable. I would not recommend it to anyone else, but I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good movie and doesn't mind watching two hours of an amazing movie.

Donna Castro photo
Donna Castro

I am sure the people who have commented on this film have never seen a film in their lives. I am so glad I finally saw this film. I have been looking for it since the first day I heard about it. The main reason I saw it is because it is one of my favorite films of all time. It is truly one of the most original, original and stylish films I have ever seen. The cinematography, the acting, the direction, everything. The story was clever, and although I think it is slightly predictable, I still found it very interesting. I am really looking forward to seeing more from this director. The director is doing great things for the film industry. I hope he will continue to make films like this one. I hope more people can see this film and get something out of it. And if you can't get it, at least see it. This film is not a typical film, it is not about the film industry or about the life of the rich and famous. This film is about a man trying to find himself and what his life is all about. It is about the human condition, and about making a film. This film is about a man with nothing. If you can find it, rent or buy this film. If you can't, please do not let this film get you down. I can't wait to see what the next film is going to be like. I hope it is as good as this film.

Danielle Evans photo
Danielle Evans

I was actually quite surprised at how good this movie was. I thought it was going to be all about the young girl who wanted to be a comedian. But it's much more than that. I'm not sure why I didn't find it as good as other people did, but I think I might have just not gotten the movie as it was intended to be. It's a nice story about a girl who has a lot of questions about her own life, and has to do everything she can to solve them. I think that a lot of people may have missed out on the point of the movie. It's not really about a comedian in the traditional sense, though I think it is kind of funny how she ends up being one. It's more about how things are all tied up in a way that makes you feel very sad, but you don't know how to feel about it. The main character is very self-deprecating, and very funny. The character of the mother was very very funny as well. I think the comedy was all over the place. I liked the jokes that were funny, but not funny all the time. The movie is not a comedy, it's more about how a lot of people's lives are tied together in a very complicated way. I think the ending is a little abrupt, but that's the way it is. I think the movie is good, but I do think it could have been better. It's not as good as some of the other comedies that are being made right now, but it's definitely worth a watch.

Alice photo

I am still baffled as to how people can give this film such a low rating. It is a brilliant film with brilliant acting, brilliant script, and brilliant direction. The plot is so complex and I don't think I could have worked out how it was all going to end, but I was laughing my head off. The acting is brilliant, and I believe the film will be remembered as a classic for many years to come. I think the message is that everyone should have a good time, and that is what the film is all about. It is a must see film for anyone who is looking for a good film, or for a film that will leave you in tears. This film is a masterpiece, and I will be watching it again and again. The cast is fantastic, the film is brilliant, and the film is going to be a classic for a very long time. I can't see how it could be better. 9/10

Roger L. photo
Roger L.

I had heard about this film before seeing it, but I had never seen it, and that is what I have to say about it. This is the first German film I have ever seen that has managed to get a 9 from me. The script is brilliant, and the acting is great. The film doesn't take itself too seriously, and it never feels like it is trying to be funny. It is simply a great, witty comedy. I liked it very much, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a film that is very simple and witty, but still funny and romantic. 9/10.

Stephen J. photo
Stephen J.

I have seen this film a number of times. I know it is a bit of a disappointment, especially for German moviegoers. This is not a typical German movie. It has a bit of a unique feel. It is like a soap opera. However, it is not the usual soap opera. It is more like a documentary. It is based on a true story and is about a group of people who are in a bit of a hurry to get to Berlin. The movie is funny and dramatic. It is very interesting. It is like an other version of "The Bicycle Thief". I can say that it is a very nice movie. I don't know if it will be a success in Germany. However, I think it is a very interesting movie and I recommend it to all those who want to know about the problems of people in a hurry to get to Berlin. I can see many similarities to "The Bicycle Thief". I hope that this movie will be a success in Germany.

Carl Silva photo
Carl Silva

This is a perfect example of how a movie can be made and how it can be made well. I won't talk about the story, since most of you know the plot already. I will talk about the cinematography and the performances. The story is really interesting and it doesn't just follow a straight line from start to finish. There is a lot of comedy, but it isn't too heavy. There is also a lot of drama. A lot of humor, too. It is really funny, but I think that the humor isn't very effective. Some of the scenes don't seem to make sense. But, they are funny, so don't let it ruin the movie. It has a lot of humor and it's well directed. The acting is really good. I can't say that this movie is perfect, but it's really good. I recommend it. 9/10

Johnny photo

I am a big fan of Werner Herzog, and this movie is one of the best of his films. I was initially very skeptical about watching it, as I have never seen a documentary about this subject, and the topic is very hard to get into. But I was pleasantly surprised and the movie was very touching. The movie is very realistic, and the cinematography is absolutely stunning. This movie is about the relationship between a couple of disabled people in Germany. This movie is a little bit romantic, but it is very good in showing the different ways of life of these people, and it is very touching. The movie is very different from most Herzog movies. It is not a comedy, but it is not a drama either. This movie is not for everyone, but I think that if you are a Herzog fan, this is a good movie to watch.

Jason Wallace photo
Jason Wallace

This is the kind of movie that will stick with you long after it is over. The story is about a young woman's search for her family and the future of her children. The acting is superb from the whole cast. The movie will leave you with a powerful and emotional feeling. The movie does not have a happy ending. A young woman, with a poor husband and a child, is searching for her family. The ending is quite sad. This movie will give you the feeling of longing and longing. You will never forget this movie. The ending will stay with you for a long time.

Billy photo

It's a little bit dated in some ways, but this film is still very entertaining. The main character is a 19-year-old who is trying to overcome his own mental issues and becomes more and more addicted to heroin. He ends up spending most of his time with a female heroin addict, and the film is about the relationship between them. The film has a lot of humor and is very funny. I liked the film because it was real, and because it had a good message to say. The film was not full of laughs, but it had a good message to say. I recommend this film to people who like this genre of film.

Kenneth H. photo
Kenneth H.

The only reason I didn't give this movie a 10 is that the movie seems to focus a lot on a few characters, but I think that it would have been more effective to focus on more. The film is very well shot and the acting is very good. It is a shame that the movie is not available on DVD, because it is a great movie. I will definitely be looking for the DVD, and I hope that it will come out on DVD soon.

Sara photo

I don't know about you but I'm in love with this movie. It's funny, smart, poignant, but most of all it's really, really, really good. I love the way the characters interact with each other and the way the dialogue flows from one scene to another. There's a few things that I feel like I can criticise. For example, I'm a little bit sick of people saying that there's nothing to see in this movie. The story doesn't actually have a real point and the ending is completely pointless. It's just an excuse to show a guy playing with a dog. But I can't think of any other reason why I would give this movie a 9. I love it so much that I'm buying the DVD and I'm looking forward to watching it again in the future. I'd really recommend it to anyone who's looking for a good, funny and sometimes poignant movie.

Willie photo

I don't know if it's just me or if this movie's rating is low, but I think this is the first time I've seen a movie that actually gave me the feeling that I was watching a real movie, rather than just a bunch of random scenes. For one, I was always curious to see what kind of story this movie would be based on, but as I was watching it, I was totally convinced it was a fairy tale. The acting is absolutely superb. I don't know what I would do without the actors, but I would say that the actors in this movie are among the best that I've ever seen. The story is just absolutely beautiful. It's a story about a man who is a total mess, and the story is about his journey to find his own self, and his struggle to find a way to live a normal life. I think that the director did a fantastic job in showing the struggle and the struggle of the protagonist, and I think that this is one of the best movies that I've ever seen. It's definitely a must see.

Ann M. photo
Ann M.

When I first heard about this movie, I was very excited to see it. I just loved the way the story unfolded. The cast was amazing and all the actors were great. I also like the way the movie was made. I was amazed how they filmed it. I thought it was beautiful and the way they shot it was wonderful. It was a very unique movie. I think it is going to be a classic and I hope to see more movies like this one. The movie is just very great.