Watch Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life is a movie starring Griffin Gluck, Lauren Graham, and Alexa Nisenson. After his principal (Andy Daly) destroys his sketchbook, Rafe (Griffin Gluck) and his best friend Leo (Thomas Barbusca)...

Other Titles
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Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
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Comedy, Family
Steve Carr
Chris Bowman, Kara Holden, Chris Tebbetts, Hubbel Palmer, James Patterson
Andrew Daly, Alexa Nisenson, Griffin Gluck, Lauren Graham
Cambodia, USA
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Rafe Khatchadorian, who enjoys a passion for art and has an incredible imagination, transfers mid-year to Hills Village Middle School after being kicked out of his previous one. On his first day, he meets the strict and exceedingly vain Principal Ken Dwight and his obsequious Vice-Principal Ida Stricker. Dwight runs the school with an iron fist and forces students to comply with an extensive list of rules that are mostly senseless while Stricker follows along with his antics. Later that day, an assembly focused on the BaseLine Assessment of Academic Readiness standardized test, led enthusiastically by Dwight, is interrupted when another student grabs Rafe's sketchbook in which he had humorously drawn the principal as a zombie repeating "B.L.A.A.R." over and over. Dwight responds by destroying the sketchbook, much to the dismay of Rafe as it had been filled with his personal work..

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Katherine Stewart photo
Katherine Stewart

This movie was a little too much for me, but that might be because I'm not in the same situation as the people in this movie. There are plenty of movies about high school that are extremely violent and/or extremely uninteresting, but this movie is pretty much what you expect. The plot is nothing new, but the movie is pretty well made. I also thought the acting was pretty good. If you have a teenage son, watch this movie with him. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone else.

Dennis photo

This is a great film for young children. The children's emotions are expressed so well. It is a movie for young children and parents alike. The movie is based on the book "Dangerous Minds" by Jane Harrison. This is a good movie for the whole family. The movie also has some elements that the adults may find interesting. This is a movie that everyone should see.

Doris photo

I am not sure if this is a Disney movie or not but this is one of the funniest Disney movies I have seen. It has a bit of everything. There is romance, family drama, and comedy. It also has a lot of swearing. The acting was great, especially that of Ben Stiller. The songs were catchy, and the movie was entertaining. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes Disney movies.

Theresa photo

I really liked this movie. It's funny, it's not too depressing, and it's just really good. It's got all the ingredients you'd want in a kid's movie. It's a great movie to watch with the family. I think that this movie is a lot better than the second one. It's more serious, and a lot more adult-oriented, but the humor is still there. I really recommend it.

Anthony L. photo
Anthony L.

The plot of this movie is that a bunch of high school kids decide to rob a bank after hearing about it from the school's football coach. They do so, but are caught and sentenced to the new Steiner High School. One of the students is a girl named Ava (played by actress Tatum O'Neal). She has a crush on David (played by actor John Corbett). He is not happy about it and decides to get revenge by joining the football team. The movie's humor is very dark, but still manages to keep a light tone throughout. There are some funny lines, and the movie is quite fun. The best part is probably the finale, which has a very memorable ending. It's a nice movie to watch with your friends, or just to pass the time. It's also a good movie to take with you when you're on vacation.

Virginia photo

A girl named Amy (Jessica Biel) is in her senior year of high school, and wants to go to the prom with her best friend Tommy (Alexander Skarsgard). While she is going to prom, she meets Kevin (Jason Bateman) and they are in love. But Tommy decides to go to the prom with her, and that causes problems. At first, Amy feels the love for Tommy, but Tommy is not very good at being with her. She then discovers that Kevin is actually a guy, and she finds out that Tommy actually has a girlfriend named Darla (Brie Larson) who he has been seeing since she was 14. While Tommy is at prom, she meets Kevin and tells him to let go of her and not to be with her. Kevin starts to see her as a girl, and then Kevin starts to like her, and he starts to fall for her. Now, Amy's parents are trying to get her to the prom. But Tommy is also trying to get her to the prom. This is a really good movie, and the actors are all really good. It is also funny, and the plot is interesting. It is not a very long movie, but it is still worth watching. It is also very romantic, and I also like that the main characters are both boys and girls. Overall, this is a really good movie. It is a good romantic comedy, and it is good to watch with a friend. It is also good for a date, or to watch with your boyfriend or girlfriend. 7/10.

Jessica P. photo
Jessica P.

I liked this movie. The movie was funny. I enjoyed the characters. They were relatable. I didn't like the ending, but it was okay. The movie was entertaining. I would recommend this movie.

Christina Bennett photo
Christina Bennett

This is a delightful movie about a teenager who is really not as bad as his parents say he is. The parents don't want him to do drugs and to be a rebel. He has the guts to be his own man. The parents are good, but they are not that great. And the school is not great. It's a classic "chicken-scratch" movie, the parents are going to be a big part of the movie, but the school is going to be a big part of the movie. But the movie is not a classic. It's a very funny movie. And you should see it. It's very funny and it's a good movie. But it's not a classic.

Ashley photo

SPOILER AHEAD: After the tragic death of his son, Alex (Adam Sandler) embarks on a quest to find the person who killed his son. He arrives in Germany and is immediately welcomed by the local police. He meets up with the local mob boss (Tommy Lee Jones) and a seemingly familiar face from his past (Cate Blanchett). But all is not what it seems. The characters are not what they seem and the story is not what it seems. The story is about how Alex and his friends become involved with the mob, and eventually a fight breaks out and Alex must fight to save his life. This is a light hearted comedy. The cast is great. Adam Sandler and Tommy Lee Jones are both excellent in this movie. The movie is fun and there is a lot of comedy. The movie has some interesting and thought provoking story lines. I rate this movie a 7/10.

Laura photo

All I can say is that I enjoyed this movie a lot. The movie has a good message and has a good message at the end. I would say the message is not so bad and the message is not so bad that you can't enjoy this movie. But it's not great either. I give it a 7/10. It's not perfect, but it's not terrible either.

Kathleen O. photo
Kathleen O.

The first time I saw this movie, I thought it was a really bad movie. I just don't understand why so many people liked it. The movie was way too long, and it's not like the story was new or anything. It's just a stupid movie. But it's so cute and funny. The characters are really funny and the actors really fit in the movie. The only reason why I didn't give it a lower score was because the jokes were really bad. But the movie is really cute and I recommend it to anyone. 7/10

Thomas photo

I have seen this movie in class and I really liked it. It had good laughs and good chemistry between the actors. I think the story line was good and it could have been better. However, I think it was an okay movie and if you like the actors and you like the movie I think you will like this movie.

Jane photo

The first time I saw this film, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had heard that it was really good, but the first time I saw it, I was pretty bored. I just wanted to watch a funny movie, something that wasn't filled with bad acting and bad characters. I was wrong. This movie was really good, but it is really funny. My friends and I loved it. We loved the jokes. It's just a really funny movie. If you're looking for a funny movie, I'd say go for it. But I'm telling you, if you want a really good movie, watch "Clueless".

Peter photo

The story is a bit unoriginal, the acting is ok, but I didn't feel that it was a good movie. The biggest problem with the movie is the subject matter. This is not a movie that I would recommend to anyone that is looking for something that they would be ashamed to admit they like. It is more of a drama than a comedy. It would have been better as a drama than as a comedy. I also didn't like the use of the "f" word throughout the movie. The kids should have known better. I would recommend this movie to anyone that is looking for a good movie to watch, but if you are looking for a comedy, then don't watch it. This is not a movie that I would watch again.

Lauren photo

I am not really a big fan of teen movies. I don't really enjoy the movies and I rarely sit through them. However, I did enjoy this one a little bit. It had a great soundtrack, some great actors and even some great humor. I think this is a very good movie and I recommend it. I think that a lot of people are going to have trouble with it because it is a very dark movie and it has a lot of dark humor. The movie is very different from most other teen movies. I do not think that I will watch it again, but I will rent it again when it comes out on DVD. The movie is very good, and I really recommend it. I think that this movie is a very good movie and I recommend it.

Evelyn P. photo
Evelyn P.

I just watched this movie, and I really enjoyed it. My friend and I went to see this movie, and I thought it was actually good. I was a little upset about the kid who was playing Kyle. I would've rather seen him playing Jason, but that's just me. My friend and I really enjoyed this movie. I think the movie was great. It was funny, and it was just really good. I think the movie was good, but I also think the girl who was in the movie wasn't that great. The movie was funny, and I really enjoyed it. I think it was a good movie.

Alice photo

This is one of those movies that I felt had a chance to be better than it was, yet fell short. It was entertaining, but not brilliant. The writing was fine, but it was a very low-budget movie. If you're looking for a good family-friendly movie, this is one of those choices. I liked the main characters, and they were likable. The story was a little convoluted and didn't seem to have a clear-cut ending. However, I thought that the actors and actresses did a good job. Overall, I think this is a movie that was worth watching. It's got its flaws, but it's not a terrible movie. I think it would be worth seeing on DVD. My Rating: 7 out of 10.

Jennifer photo

This film was a pleasant surprise. I was surprised by the great acting skills of Tom Hanks and especially Reese Witherspoon. I felt that this film was a little too long for a kids movie. However, it was still a very enjoyable film. The only thing I didn't like was that the film seemed to have a whole lot of time devoted to the fact that they had a town full of "bad" kids. Although the actors played their characters very well, the film just seemed to go on and on. I am not sure if the makers of the film wanted to show that bad kids exist and that bad kids have a really bad time in school, but that doesn't make for a great film. The main plot of the film was a nice change of pace from the typical Hollywood crap. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good family film.

Jane W. photo
Jane W.

The title of this review might be misleading, since it's not about a high school experience, but rather about a life experience. As with a lot of movies of this type, the film ends in an unsatisfying manner, but in the end, it is a story of many different stories and it does not have a definite conclusion. It is a film about a family, but the parents are not the main characters. The story of many different stories in this film is a great example of how life experiences shape each individual. I am not going to elaborate on the plot as much as possible, as it is a film that will be better suited to its audience if they simply take it for what it is. This is a film about a life experience, not about a high school experience. There are some things that will be different for some people. You should judge for yourself.

Dorothy Welch photo
Dorothy Welch

If you're looking for a cute, light-hearted, easy-going movie, this one is not for you. But if you're looking for a movie that will make you think, and if you are a big fan of Kristen Bell, you will probably enjoy this movie. She plays a role which is very different from the usual, but I don't think it's a bad thing. It's not something you see often. I think she did a very good job, and I think that people who are big fans of hers will like it. I don't know if I will buy it. I'm not sure I want to. But I think it's worth a watch.