Watch De sidste mænd i Aleppo

De sidste mænd i Aleppo

De sidste mænd i Aleppo is a movie starring Khaled Umar Harah, Batul, and Mahmoud. Khaled, Mahmoud and Subhi volunteer with the White Helmets trying to save lives of hundreds of victims in the besieged city of Aleppo during the...

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Running Time
1 hours 23 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
War, Documentary
Steen Johannessen, Feras Fayyad
Feras Fayyad
Khaled Umar Harah, Abu Umar, Mahmoud, Batul
Syria, Denmark
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Khaled, Mahmoud and Subhi volunteer with the White Helmets trying to save lives of hundreds of victims in the besieged city of Aleppo during the Syrian Civil War.

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Catherine Reid photo
Catherine Reid

In this movie you will see the real reasons for the war in Syria and a story about how Syrians are trying to rebuild their lives. The majority of Syrians are people who lost everything in their country and are now trying to rebuild. Some of the stories in this movie are so shocking that you will remember this war for the rest of your life. I think it is important to remember that there is no black and white in this war. All sides are trying to survive, some more than others. If you want to know what is happening in Syria and how it is affecting the people, this is the movie to watch.

Timothy O. photo
Timothy O.

After watching this film, I feel it is only fair to share some of the thoughts I have been pondering for days. Although I do not agree with the conclusions that this film draws, I cannot help but feel it is a sincere and honest portrayal of the situation in Syria. Many people in Syria have lost hope. Many people are living a life of living on the edge. Many people are suffering from all of the above, but they will always have hope. It is a common belief in the west that all of the problems in the world can be solved by a big man with a hammer. But the truth is that the world can only solve problems by the people themselves. This film shows that these people are fighting for something greater, and they are not just fighting for a cause. I know that this film will offend many westerners who have been there, and I am sorry for them, but I really hope you can see this film for what it is. A film that is not propaganda or politics. This film is an honest, heartfelt look at a real situation and shows that the people of Aleppo are fighting not for a cause, but because they are fighting for their lives. I strongly recommend that people who want to see this film do not watch it in a cinema, but rather go and see it in a theatre. I also highly recommend that people who have never been to Syria go and see it for themselves. This film is not anti-Syrian, and it does not paint all of Syria in a bad light. It is not anti-Assad. It is not anti-western or anti-Syrian. It is an honest and truthful look at the situation in Syria and how people are suffering in a conflict that has gone on for almost five years. It is also anti-imperialist, which shows that the west is not there to solve all of the world's problems. In conclusion, this film is very well done, and I would like to say that I am very grateful for the cast and crew who made this film. I hope that it can get the exposure that it deserves and that it can gain the respect that it deserves.

Bryan Williams photo
Bryan Williams

I was fortunate to have watched this film when it was released in 2009. It is my favorite film about the Syrian Civil War, and I was actually worried that it would be too depressing for me to watch. I decided that it was worth it, so I am not even going to go into the reasons why I am so impressed with this film. What I have to say is that it is a very honest and honest to goodness film that shows how difficult life is for those who live in this war torn country. It is realistic, not like the most of the propaganda, the film never shows this country as being more perfect than the other, and the way that the Syrian people live their lives is not the way that most of us would wish to live. That is the real message that this film is trying to tell, and it is well worth seeing. The film is well-acted, with some of the best actors in the world, and I feel that it is a great way to tell a story about the Syrian Civil War.

Zachary Palmer photo
Zachary Palmer

This movie is so powerful that it will not allow you to look at the conflict in any other way than it was presented in this film. No movie has ever dealt with the Syrian conflict, and I'm surprised that this movie hasn't been released on video. I have seen the film several times, and I am still convinced that it is absolutely riveting. I can't imagine anyone not being moved by it. As a former refugee myself, it struck me as important to present the reality of a problem that is still going on, and to make sure that the film isn't just propaganda, or a whitewash. I was very impressed with the film and it is a movie that I would recommend to everyone. In conclusion, the best movie of this year, in my opinion, and it is definitely a must see.

Christopher Palmer photo
Christopher Palmer

One of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I loved it from start to finish. I highly recommend it.

Katherine photo

The people of Aleppo have been abandoned by their governments, and no one seems to care. The people of Aleppo, and Syria, are completely cut off from the rest of the world. They have no electricity, no phone, and no hope. The images in this film are shocking, and will keep you wondering what could happen in Aleppo. This movie, and the other documentaries, are important for us to know what is happening in Syria. Syria is not an isolated issue. Every country, every country has problems. Syria, and Syria alone, has been ruled by the government of Bashar al-Assad for over a year. There is no democratic government in Syria. The people of Aleppo are not in a position to govern themselves, and they have no one to tell them how to live. The people of Aleppo, and Syria, are left to fend for themselves. We are not allowed to go to the hospitals, and there are no doctors to go to the hospitals. We cannot go to the markets, because the government has confiscated the markets. We cannot leave the city because we have no passport, and it is not safe. There is no transportation out of Aleppo. No matter how much we wanted to leave, the government would not let us leave. And so we stay. For me, this is a powerful movie. I had no idea what Aleppo was, but I have now. And I am glad I went to see this movie. I am not going to see it again. I am going to tell everyone I know to see this movie. It is not propaganda. It is important that we know what is happening in Aleppo, and the world will be able to get to know what is going on in Syria.

Phillip Wilson photo
Phillip Wilson

This film is such a great effort to expose the human tragedy of the Middle East. The footage and interviews of the people in Aleppo, Homs and Idlib is just incredible. I thought the same thing I felt watching the film. This film is a must see for everyone who is a person interested in the human struggle in the Middle East. I cannot believe this film is just now being released in theaters. I wish more people would see it. I highly recommend this film and hope everyone can see it. The fact that it is being shown in theaters with no promotion or advertising is disappointing. Please do not let this film be forgotten. Please see it.

Andrea photo

I just had the opportunity to see this film at the Tribeca Film Festival, and it's a brilliant piece of work. The documentary is riveting and eye-opening in its depiction of the daily lives of Syrian refugees in Aleppo. The movie does an incredible job of exposing the horrific situation that Syrian refugees are in, and what they have to go through to survive. The film follows the stories of these refugees from Aleppo, who have no political or religious affiliation, and is told through their own unique and compelling stories. The documentary is very good, and at times, I was almost overwhelmed by the power of the film. This is a very important movie that is extremely well-crafted and well-produced. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is looking to see something that is very important. This is a must-see movie. It's been awhile since I saw a movie that was so powerful. The documentary is absolutely essential viewing.

Howard photo

This is one of the most compelling documentary films I've ever seen, it is not afraid to get deep and to touch you. The film is very well made and the editing is so good, it makes you feel like you are there. The film is very informative and you learn a lot about the atrocities that are happening in Syria and the political situation in the country. The first two hour's of the film are about the Syrian revolution and how it started, as it is a political conflict that is not about the economy but rather about the people. The war in Syria is not just about the government, but it is the people, people who are displaced and have been in the country for years. I am very surprised that no one in the world has spoken about this topic. The director is an American and she has exposed many things about the situation in Syria, she has been able to get interviews with very powerful people, people who have been there for a long time, and she has got interviews with the foreign journalists who have been there, but it is not just about the Syrians, it is about all the people affected by the war. The first two hours are very hard to watch, but then the documentary and the film become very powerful. The documentary gets very emotional and the film makes you feel very sad. The film makes you feel like you are there. There are many emotional moments, which made me teary-eyed and a lot of people in the audience at the screening I attended were crying. The film is very powerful and very touching, the director has shown us some very powerful images. The film is very informative and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries. It is very important to know what is going on in the world, it is a very important topic.

Jane S. photo
Jane S.

It is truly a shame that this film has been kept under wraps. All of us have the right to know what happened in Syria during the conflict. This film is a must see for all. It is certainly a first of many. It was a "must see" for me as I had not yet experienced this kind of documentary in my own country. It made me understand how important it is to stand with the Syrian people. It is well researched, well produced, well acted. It was inspiring and the subject matter was never a question. It was the passion of the people that made this film a success. The people who made it happen deserve to be recognized and thanked for their efforts.

Virginia photo

A great film about the Syrian war. I was not prepared for the seriousness of the subject matter, or the complexity of the political situation. I was also not prepared for the action, and the wonderful, incredible way the camera moved. I did not expect to see the Syrian war so clearly. I was prepared to see some pictures that the media have shown the war in. I was also prepared to see some people and scenes that are totally foreign to me, and the reactions to these foreign scenes. I was not prepared to see the battle of Aleppo. I have been to Syria, and I have known the brutality of the government, but the film shows the full scale of this war. The documentary was so well done, the quality of the footage so good, and the way the camera moved was incredible. I am very grateful for this film. I do not understand why this film is not available for viewing. The people of Aleppo are in pain, and they want to see this truth be told.

Pamela Bell photo
Pamela Bell

I had the pleasure of meeting and having a few drinks with several of the people involved in this documentary. The individuals, some who are still living in the ruins, speak and act very intelligently, and I was in awe of their work. They really are, or are not, part of this story. But the film, although it is not a documentary, has the ability to draw you into the story and show you many aspects of how the survivors are trying to rebuild a society and community they could not save. I am very curious to know how it will be received by the people who have not seen it, but I hope the film will make it into the hands of as many people as possible.

Jeffrey G. photo
Jeffrey G.

I came to this documentary without knowing anything about it. I just wanted to watch a nice documentary about a subject that I've always loved, and when I had my first look of it, I was amazed, and thought that I wanted to watch the whole thing. I thought that this documentary would be boring and pointless, and it was. I found that it was very emotional and very entertaining. This is an interesting documentary that shows the atrocities that are committed in Aleppo by the Syrian regime. The people in this documentary have a very difficult life, and they have been living in Aleppo for several years, and yet they are not able to live in peace, they are being forced to flee their homes and go to another country, and even if they could live there, they are afraid to do so because of the danger of the war. As for the Syrian people, I have always thought that they are one of the most oppressed people on the planet. People who have been under the oppression of the regime have been forced to live under the most inhuman conditions, have been tortured and killed, and there have been many cases of crimes against humanity committed by the Syrian regime. I have never heard of a single case of a Syrian government official being arrested and charged with a crime. I have never heard of a single case of a person being tortured and killed for being a member of the opposition. And yet, in this documentary, I realized that the Syrian people are not the only ones suffering from the war, and that the people of Aleppo have also been forced to suffer. This documentary is very interesting and you will be affected by the emotions that it leaves behind you, and how it makes you feel. I give it a 10/10. I think that this documentary is a must-see, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in a documentary about the Syrian war, or anyone who is interested in the people of Aleppo. It is a documentary that will change your perspective on the war in Syria, and make you think.

Alan B. photo
Alan B.

I was so excited to watch this movie after seeing the very well done trailer. I did not know much about the Syrian war, but I knew it had been raging for the past two years. I was so glad to have been informed. I was particularly impressed with the fact that the only major news channel in Syria was not affiliated with the Syrian regime, and was open to the news. The rest of the news media was all controlled by the regime. I hope this movie will be shown in schools. I was so glad that the media was open to all kinds of viewpoints and not just one thing. It is so important to make people aware of the horrible war that is going on in Syria. The only way to stop the atrocities is to stop it. I hope people will watch this movie and be educated.

John Castro photo
John Castro

I can't really speak to what this movie is trying to say. On one hand, I really appreciate the efforts that the filmmakers made. However, this movie really is just a travesty. In the whole documentary, only a few scenes were filmed in Aleppo. Why? The Aleppo residents had no right to object to the filmmakers' presence in the city. If the filmmakers had stayed in Aleppo, the movie would have been more effective. They also showed several scenes from other parts of Syria that were filmed in the same way. The documentary tried to show how the Syrian regime has created problems for the residents of Aleppo, and how the residents have tried to fight against the regime. But the director just didn't show any conflict of interest. I think that the filmmakers should have stayed in Aleppo, and the residents in the city should have been able to make their own decisions. The director's lack of knowledge of the city and the people in Aleppo made this documentary a real travesty. I really recommend people to see this movie, but if you are looking for a documentary, skip this one. I give this documentary a 10.

Ann H. photo
Ann H.

Just saw it in London and very glad that I did. The Syrian people have a lot of reasons to feel proud of them. Just one of the many "Why?"-questions that are answered here in this documentary. The documentary is very well done, the director, who has filmed in Syria for many years, is justly recognized. The Syrian people have made this film and the documentary is a reflection of the Syrian people. My question to the filmmakers is this: Why did you not include more pictures from the people who lost their lives in the war? How many pictures are there in the world of Syrians? Or is it just me? I would love to see the pictures of the survivors of this war. How much do they suffer from the trauma of this war? I would like to know, what would you like to have seen in the documentary, in addition to the photos of the Syrian people?

Laura Kelly photo
Laura Kelly

I would like to comment on the European-Syrian civil war as a situation that has been overplayed by the Western media, as well as the Western governments and the US-NATO.The fact that it has been going on for over 5 years is not a surprise in this case because it is still being played in the media.There are many movies that have been made about the subject.These movies, also, are not always good.A lot of the stories are really not new at all.It is like a "Mash-Up" of Western movies and the Middle-East story.There is not one single point to be made about the matter, the stories are similar and have been done before.In the end, it is the Western media that have played the issue over-hyped and the Western governments and media have played the issue to the extreme, which really hurts the Western countries.I am talking about the UK government, the US, France and others.I am talking about the German government.As well as many other countries.

Albert R. photo
Albert R.

Most of the information presented in this movie is not news. It is accurate and it is based on actual events. I am not a Syrian and I am not going to pretend to be. But this movie gives me a better understanding of the situation in Syria and how the war began. I think it is worth watching and can only be appreciated by people that have no connection to Syria.

Bobby photo

It's difficult to think of a more tragic story of a Syrian girl who went to the war torn city of Aleppo in order to be with her family. The film follows the girls journey and what it takes to get to Aleppo. The film is one of the most powerful I have ever seen, and really makes you realize how horrible the situation is in the Middle East. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who has ever been to Aleppo. It is so hard to watch and the imagery and voices of the girls is so powerful.

Angela D. photo
Angela D.

In a time of widespread media attention on the Syrian conflict and a humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, it is inspiring to see a film that shows the brutality and hopelessness of the situation. The images of the dead, the destitute and the struggling are unforgettable. A film that shows the world the reality of war and shows the human cost of such an inhuman system. While this film is largely aimed at the US audience, I believe that it could have a wider appeal and the audience should learn something about what they are seeing. I don't know what people in other countries are seeing but there is no doubt that it is a horrific picture. This film gives a realistic view of the reality that many people may not even be aware of.