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Beirut is a movie starring Jon Hamm, Jay Potter, and Khalid Benchagra. Caught in the crossfires of civil war, CIA operatives must send a former U.S. diplomat to negotiate for the life of a friend he left behind.

Other Titles
The Negotiator, ベイルート, Beirute, Opération Beyrouth, Bejrut, El rehén, Βηρυτός, Beirute - O Resgate, Beyrut, 高壓行動, High Wire Act, Ha'megasher
Running Time
1 hours 49 minutes
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Thriller, Drama
Brad Anderson
Tony Gilroy
Jon Hamm, Khalid Benchagra, Ania Josse, Jay Potter
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In 1972, Mason Skiles is a U.S. diplomat in Lebanon living in Beirut with his Lebanese wife, Nadia. They have recently begun caring for Karim, a 13-year-old Palestinian boy who claims he is without a family. While hosting a party, Skiles is confronted by his friend, CIA officer Cal Riley, who wishes to question Karim, whose brother has been linked to the 1972 Munich massacre. The party is attacked by Karim's brother, Rami, who abducts Karim; in the ensuing gunfight, Nadia is killed. Ten years later, Skiles has become an alcoholic and is working as a self-employed labor arbitrator in New England. While arbitrating a labor issue between particularly intransigent parties and struggling to keep his small firm afloat, he is approached by Sully, an old client, on behalf of the U.S. government..

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Sandra A. photo
Sandra A.

I saw the movie this evening. The only reason I saw it was because I was a fan of C.S. Lewis. The book is a good read, but the movie is much better. It was great to see a good movie adaptation of a good book. I was not disappointed. It was not cheesy at all. The movie was well acted and the story was very powerful. The scene in which the mother was killed was very sad, and the ending was very surprising. It is my favorite movie of all time, and I would recommend it to anyone who has read the book.

Jean Daniels photo
Jean Daniels

I read the other reviews on this movie and I must say I agree with most of them. The movie itself was beautiful. The costumes, the landscape and the music was so good. The action scenes were stunning. I think the one thing that makes this movie great is the fact that it is based on a true story. The fact that the characters don't know each other is very real. I can understand why the movie didn't get the recognition it deserved, but it's worth it. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I highly recommend it. It's a beautiful movie that you will never forget. I hope this review helps anyone who has not seen this movie yet, go out and see it. You will not regret it.

Linda photo

The film is based on a true story and the title is a reminder that it is not the movie, but the true story that is important. The movie is about the war and the war in general, and shows us how it is and what happens in it. It is not the story of how the war started, but the story of how it ended. And the story is what makes this movie so good. The way the story is told is great, showing the difference between reality and what we imagine. There is a lot of sadness in the movie and it shows how the movie affects the viewer. The actors are great and the movie is very intense. The story is very gripping and it keeps you watching all the way through. The only downside is the title. It is not the movie, but the real story that is important. I do not understand why the title is the same as the movie title, but it is not a big problem. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is not for the faint of heart.

Bobby K. photo
Bobby K.

So I got a chance to see this movie in the cinema. I was so surprised. I think it's a very important movie. I really liked it. I can't see why some people don't like it. Some people said it was too long. I think it is not that long. It's a very good movie. I liked it. I think it is important for you to see it. You should see it if you want to understand what is happening in the world. But if you want to see a great movie, go and see this one. You won't regret it.

Joan H. photo
Joan H.

I've just finished watching it, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I don't know how else to describe it. It is not easy to watch, but if you don't mind a bit of a slasher flick, then you will definitely enjoy this film. It's not a horror, and it's not a drama. It's a thriller, and it's really well done. It's a masterpiece.

Bruce photo

This movie is a masterpiece. The story is intense, the performances are outstanding. I can watch this movie over and over again. It is not just a movie. It is an experience. The first time I saw it was on a bus, I was sitting there with a lot of people. And I just started to cry. And then I watched it a second time and it's the same. You feel the emotions, the emotions in the first viewing are the same. It's like watching a movie and you feel the same emotions, just different. This movie will get you so emotional, it will make you feel like you're alive, it will make you feel like you're the protagonist. You'll want to get the DVD, you'll want to watch it again, and it will be a masterpiece. It's a masterpiece.

Vincent Bryant photo
Vincent Bryant

I am shocked and disturbed by the negative comments posted on this film. What a great film! In the name of freedom, we must speak out against the deception of the media and the mind of the American public. This film is a must-see for those who want to see the truth of what really happened in Iraq and in America.

Richard W. photo
Richard W.

I saw this movie recently and I have to say it is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. The characters are so realistic and realistic they bring a real fear into your heart. The story and plot was so good that you just have to watch it. The actors were excellent. This movie is one of the best I've seen in a long time. I recommend this movie to anyone.

Peter E. photo
Peter E.

I have always liked this movie and have seen it many times. I love the idea of having a really good story with an ending that is a surprise. But I think that most people who like this movie don't understand what the story is about. It's not a thriller, it's a story about a group of people, and how they try to keep a secret from each other, and what happens when that secret is revealed. It's not a movie about the US government or the CIA, it's not a movie about terrorism, it's a movie about people. I don't think I've ever seen anything that compares to this movie. It is a masterpiece.

Carl Burns photo
Carl Burns

Before I begin, I want to say that I have not seen any other films by Sofia Coppola (I'm a fan of many directors, but I know of few that have her name). I have only seen one film of hers and that was with her husband and co-writer Christian Petzold, and that is a very short time. Before I start to talk about the film itself, I want to say that it is very important for me to be able to talk about this film. It is a very good film, and I would like to say that it was a very good film. I think it is one of the best films that I have ever seen. The film is about two people, one a young American girl who is about to leave the US for Germany, and the other a young American woman who has just moved from the US to Germany. They meet at the same airport, and they start to talk and share their problems and hopes and dreams. The two of them become friends, and they become friends friends. As the film progresses, the two of them get to know each other better. The two of them become friends, and the film ends with a very interesting scene, when they both fall asleep at the same time. The film is very good, and it is a very good film. This film is definitely a very good film.

Patrick Lawson photo
Patrick Lawson

I was disappointed with the cast, but the movie is a masterpiece. It's a great movie and it's one of the best I have ever seen. I'm not going to reveal anything but I love this movie and I think everyone should see it. I know it's a bit long but I think that's what it's like to be a terrorist. I like the fact that it's not a Hollywood movie but a real movie. It's not perfect but I think it's better than other movies that are 100% perfect.

Rose A. photo
Rose A.

I have read a lot of reviews of this movie and the majority of them are one-star reviews. This movie is definitely not for everyone. This is a movie that takes you to another world. This is a movie that you will not forget. I saw this movie about two weeks ago and I have been thinking about it for a while. This movie was so different from anything I had ever seen before. I do not like to watch movies that are "cheesy" or that are "gross". This movie was not cheesy. It was not gross. It was realistic and it was very moving. The acting was great and the story line was very well thought out. I am not going to say much about the plot because I am not sure if everyone knows. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes a movie that makes you think. I give it a 10/10.

Cynthia photo

An enjoyable, well-acted, and thoroughly entertaining film. The film is set in the days of the Israeli Occupation, and is a great introduction to the country for anyone interested in this time in history. The setting and the dialogue, as well as the way the actors portrayed the characters, were excellent. The only part of the film that I felt was lacking was the ending, but even that is not a major issue. The film is really well done and you would not expect it to be so good, but you should watch it anyway. The acting is terrific and the plot is very well done. The film is very interesting and well worth watching. Highly recommend.

Nicholas E. photo
Nicholas E.

I had never heard of this movie until I found it on Netflix, and I had to watch it. I was blown away by how well it was done. I love the cinematography and the way the movie was shot. It's a brilliant movie. I also really enjoyed the acting and the story. I couldn't believe how this movie was able to pull off so many things and still be so powerful. I think a lot of people are going to be shocked by how well it was done. But, if you are a fan of what I've described in the summary, then I think you will enjoy this movie. I think the fact that it's not a typical Hollywood movie that you would expect to see just makes it even better. This is a movie that I would highly recommend to any movie lover. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this movie. I hope that you are too.

Sarah L. photo
Sarah L.

Saw this film last night, I can't recall the last time I saw a film which stayed with me so long, and left me feeling as though I'd never seen a film so utterly fascinating, and so human. The film is about an American family, whose home is invaded by a group of kidnappers. The family are then forced to watch as the kidnappers turn their attention to their friends, including the father. The father is a high-ranking CIA agent, who is then captured by the kidnappers, and is forced to watch as they kidnap his wife, his daughter and his mother. From this point onwards, the film takes a surreal and surrealistic turn, with the father's decision to take his wife and daughter to the US, and his decision to take his own life, in order to end the pain and suffering that he feels. The film is absolutely brilliant, and I will be looking for more of Jodie Foster's films in the future. I don't think anyone else can do what she does. This film is an absolute must see, and one of the best films I've ever seen, and Jodie Foster is a legend. 10/10

Jeffrey Palmer photo
Jeffrey Palmer

The film was shot in the middle of the night, so it has a dark feel to it, which I think adds to the tension of the film. The director and writer are not afraid to make some fairly bold statements about what they are depicting, and that is something a lot of other films lack. There is no moralizing here, and the film is very entertaining. I think this film will be remembered as a classic for many years to come, and I think it will be viewed as one of the best films of the year.

Kimberly B. photo
Kimberly B.

I've seen this movie for the second time since it was first released and it still holds up. The acting is great, the script is tight, the cinematography is beautiful, and the story is very compelling. You can tell that the director has a lot of passion for his work and he doesn't care what people say about it. The only thing that I didn't like was the way the story was presented. In the first part of the movie I didn't really care about the characters because I didn't know anything about them. In the second part I started to care and I understood that they were two brothers, that they were troubled and that they had a lot of problems in their lives. In the third part I was able to understand what they were going through and I was able to care about them. I also enjoyed the use of the images. They have been used very well to show the emotions of the characters. The scenes were so well chosen that you would think they were actually real. For example, there was one scene where the actors are talking and you can clearly see that the camera is moving in slow motion. I think that this is one of the reasons why this film is so great. If the director would have made the movie in one continuous shot it would have been very boring and it wouldn't have been very interesting. This way, you can get a much more in-depth understanding of the characters. It is hard to explain how well the movie is shot. It is all in the hands of the director and he shows it very well. The cinematography is very beautiful and it is very beautiful when you see a scene in which the camera is hovering over the ocean, or when you see the sun setting in the sky. The camerawork is very artistic and I recommend that everyone see this film. I think that everyone should see this film, because I think that it is one of the best films that I have ever seen.

Vincent Carter photo
Vincent Carter

I would have liked to have seen more of the story. But I am very glad that they put more of it in the movie. In a previous comment, someone said that the movie was just another glorified sex-cinema. But I think that is very wrong. It is one of the best films I've seen in a long time. The script is excellent and the actors are so talented. They are all very believable. I also think that they did a good job with the lighting, I was very impressed with that. It makes you feel like you are really there and that makes the whole movie very realistic. I don't want to spoil the film but it was very shocking. In my opinion, it is a must-see movie. It is a shame that this is not available on DVD or video. I'd pay to see it again!

Kathryn photo

This is a movie that is difficult to watch. I think the best part about this film is that it is not the typical Hollywood "love story" that everyone is expecting. This is a film that has no right to be in the same category as a love story. I cannot recommend this film highly enough. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a movie that will make you think. I would also recommend it to anyone who is a fan of John Krasinski or Vincent Cassel.

Maria photo

I have been a fan of Fassbinder since the 70's. This film was as good as 'A Man Called Ove' but the two are not comparable. The production is excellent, the cinematography is fabulous, the characters are excellent and the story is just so good that it was hard to believe the characters were in it. Fassbinder creates a world that is so real and yet so surreal. There is no "normal" in this world and no real structure. Everything is in a state of flux. The characters are a reflection of that flux. The other thing that makes this film so special is the use of a very large number of actors. For example, I do not think I have ever seen so many actors in one film. The movie was made in 1973 and the actors are all over 30. The script is a masterpiece, it is brilliant. Every line is like a poem. This is a film that I would recommend to anybody. The soundtrack is just amazing and it adds so much to the movie. I can watch this movie over and over again.

Julia L. photo
Julia L.

I don't want to get in to too much detail about the plot. Suffice it to say that a couple of friends and I went to see this film together, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The way it is shot and the way the characters are depicted are both brilliant. The stories in the film are almost a mystery to the viewer, and the mystery and unpredictability of the film is really great for a thriller. The action sequences are fantastic, and I think that the directing and editing were also brilliant. I really enjoyed the style of the film and the way it was shot. All the actors in the film did a really good job, and the actors themselves really showed that they have talent. I also thought that the music was really good. The ending was really good, and I think that the film definitely should have ended a little sooner than it did. It was a really good film, and I really hope that it is nominated for an Oscar.