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Tyut pei ba ba

Tyut pei ba ba is a movie starring Francis Ng, Louis Koo, and Kwok-Pong Chan. In the middle of dealing with multiple crisis, washed-out film director Tin Lik-hang must take care of his dementia-ridden father. Suddenly, his father...

Other Titles
脫皮爸爸, Shed Skin Papa, シェッド・スキン・パパ
Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Drama
Roy Szeto
Norihiko Tsukuda, Roy Szeto, Man Keung Chan, Norihiko Tsukuda, Anson Lam
Kuan Tai Chen, Kwok-Pong Chan, Francis Ng, Louis Koo
China, Hong Kong
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In the middle of dealing with multiple crisis, washed-out film director Tin Lik-hang must take care of his dementia-ridden father. Suddenly, his father starts to age backwards rapidly and is eventually the same age as his son.

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Rachel P. photo
Rachel P.

Not a lot of people know the story of "Get Lucky" as it happened in China in 1978. However, I know very little about it since I am not a Chinese citizen. I first saw the movie on TV, so I have no idea how much I have been living the story, and my friends tell me it is not very well known in the U.S. So I thought I would watch it, but I didn't find the movie very interesting. However, I did see it a second time, and I really like the movie. I am not a fan of "Moulin Rouge," but this is really the movie I am most proud of. The dialogue is very well done, and the acting is terrific. I was very impressed with how some of the characters had such rich and complicated back stories. Most of the actors were known for something else, but some of them are truly great. The movie is definitely not for everyone, but I believe if you are interested in Chinese cinema, this movie is a must. It has been said that people can't talk about the movie in Chinese without being under the influence of a very strong tea. The movie is not an exact translation of the original story, but I think that they did a wonderful job translating the story to Chinese, so that the Chinese audience can easily follow the story. The movie is incredibly beautiful and funny. I recommend this movie to anyone who has not seen it yet. Even if you don't like the movie, you will still want to watch it anyway. I am not a huge fan of the movie, but I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

Michael Chapman photo
Michael Chapman

This is one of the most perfect love stories I have ever seen. If you love Story, you will love this movie. This is a wonderful story that anyone would love to see. I have seen it over 10 times and it is still so touching. The acting is the best I have ever seen, and the story is fantastic. I have seen a lot of movies, and never have I seen such a perfect movie. It makes me cry, and it makes me laugh, and it makes me laugh. So, to the people that don't like the movie, please, stop with the hating. You don't like this movie because of that. You don't like the acting. You don't like the story. You don't like the characters. All you have to do is see this movie and love it. 10/10.

Carl Alvarez photo
Carl Alvarez

I just saw this movie yesterday, and have been preparing myself for a lot of movies. I was very glad to see this movie. The movie is full of emotion, you can feel it. I don't want to tell you what the plot is, because it's like a spider web, and you just have to make your own way out of it. It's more of an emotional and psychological movie, as opposed to the typical Hollywood type of movie. It really made me think. I can see some people not liking this movie, but I'm just glad it was able to reach my heart. The movie does a lot of great things for you, and you don't have to be an easy person to get. And it's a movie you can put on again and again. It's a must see. I hope the studios realize that a movie like this needs to be distributed and that we need to let them know how much we want this type of movies to be in our hands. I think this movie will find it's way into many people's collections and hopefully they will get the message.

Crystal photo

I've never seen this film until I saw this little movie called The Purple One, which I just watched. I was very interested to see the film because I am a fan of the art-house film-making and I wanted to see a Chinese film that has English subtitles. The film was so beautiful, I loved the feeling of having a voice of an actor. The character of the Yellow Emperor was so well portrayed, I especially loved his dream-vision and his dream-princess. He is the perfect choice for this role because he was very simple, but not over-simple and he also wasn't very ugly. It was very powerful and very sad. I thought that the main character in the film, who was named Shao-Tzu, was so clever and smart, and I was so happy when he finally said "thank you, I love you". The movie was very powerful because I loved the story, but I also loved the way the story was told. It was amazing how it was shot. I couldn't believe that it was filmed in such a beautiful, dark-colored film. It's the very reason why I would recommend this film to anyone. This movie is so original and creative and I loved the way the story was told, it was very poetic, beautiful and beautiful. I'm going to see this film again. The film is so beautiful and I love it. I love it!

Janice Bates photo
Janice Bates

I never really understood the origin story of the country that is South Korea. I've heard about it from all the news sources (which I didn't understand the language of the language). So I was looking forward to seeing this movie. The story of South Korea, at least for me, is more like a place, and not a country. It's like a country with its own internal affairs. In this movie, I've seen a glimpse of the real Korean story. It's like the South Korea from my point of view, but not like a small country, like a country with its own laws, its own traditions, and its own values. This movie is very dramatic, and it has many famous characters. For example, I like Moo-hyun (Kim Sang-hun), who is a famous actor and singer, but more importantly, I like how he used his acting skills to tell the story. I also liked the scene when he enters the hospital, and finds out that the boy that was brought to the hospital was a schizophrenic. He was in the hospital for 3 months, but in the end, he was treated well by the doctors and he became a good boy. I like how the movie manages to show how the little boy became the schizophrenic and his history. That is very powerful, especially when you compare it with the rest of the world. There are many things in this movie that show how the society of South Korea works. I am a fan of so many movies that I've seen in my life, that show how the society works, and I like how the movies that I mentioned in my previous comment also show how the society works. I also like how the movie deals with the social issues, and I really liked the ending. The ending was the most touching part of the movie for me. This movie is not a classic for me, but I think it is a must see. So please do not miss it.

Peter Hamilton photo
Peter Hamilton

I have never watched such a comedy in my life. I love this movie, but it doesn't come easy to me. This movie is truly a legend that no one can tell you about. I love this movie because it's the most beautiful of the comedy movies I've ever watched. It has a lot of heart in it. In every scene, I was laughing and was wishing the world to be beautiful. It's so rare to find this type of movie. The best thing about this movie is the casting. I really loved the characters. I felt that they were all living their dream of being an actor and being famous in this way. Each character was different in their acting, but in the end, they were all great actors and they all had a certain heart that made this movie special. I hope that all of you watch this movie and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did. "Everyone should watch this movie at least once."

Megan photo

This movie is a one time watch. It is not like the other Chinese movies that have nothing to do with this country. It is a very romantic movie. It was also an interesting view on China. I do not know how people in the west think about China but to me the people that live here are very nice and they also have a lot of love for their country. People from China can also get a lot of love from the rest of the world and they also believe in their country and what is going on in the world. I also believe that people in the west should not judge other countries and their people because of their nationality or religion.

Sara H. photo
Sara H.

The first time I saw this movie, I was shocked. I couldn't believe my eyes. This movie is an amazingly moving and beautifully written movie, the story has everything, a mystery, drama, and of course the power of humor. I was very curious when I heard of the movie's coming to a theater near me. I am a man who loves adventure movies, and I could not wait to see this movie. I was so happy to see how it turned out. The movie is amazing. When the movie was over, I was still on the edge of my seat, and I couldn't stop myself from saying the words that were said. "This movie is about hope."

Daniel J. photo
Daniel J.

How is this movie not up for awards? I don't know, but it does well on its own merits. The world was changed when Michael Chong was born. I think the director, Stephen Chow, and the writers, Scott Zabriskie and Stephen Chow, have been in the business for a long time. Not that long, but the changes in Hong Kong since the movie was released are noticeable. I liked the movie very much, and still do. I think the biggest difference between the original version and the updated version is the mix of humor and drama. The original version, while it's supposed to be a comedy, was funny, and I really enjoyed watching that. That was something that made me enjoy the movie. The new version, on the other hand, was not funny at all, and I didn't enjoy it at all. I thought the humor was too heavy and wasn't very dynamic. I think the second half of the movie is a lot funnier, and makes up for the first part. The humor has less impact and is more subtle. I also like the contrast between the old and new movie. There is a difference between a comedy and a drama. A comedy has a lot of jokes and is easy to laugh at. The original version, on the other hand, has a lot of comedy and is very dramatic. The scenes and the dialog are very well written. The first half of the movie, while being dramatic, is also funny. I felt the original version was more dramatic. I think that the director and the writer of the new version did a great job of balancing the two. The movie is very entertaining, and I feel it is a much better version than the original.

Samuel Garrett photo
Samuel Garrett

This movie is a funny story about two friends who discover each other and what they have in common. What makes this movie stand out is the humour. The characters are so different yet they feel the same. I have watched it several times and it keeps getting better each time. It is funny, silly, innocent, but above all, true. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to laugh, think and feel. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Nathan Brewer photo
Nathan Brewer

I love this movie! It's like a flight of fancy, but it's a beautiful one. Like the characters are drawn very well. But they are very realistic. In fact they are very real. You really believe in the characters. The story is as touching as you want to be, in fact I'm really sorry that I don't like it a bit more than I did. The scenery is very beautiful. So in my opinion it's a very nice film, but I really think it's the best Chinese movie ever made. Maybe the best ever!

Julia Hawkins photo
Julia Hawkins

I was watching this film while in the middle of a long plane trip in the middle of the week. It took me by surprise and it was a very pleasant surprise. There was something different about this film. The whole experience was worth it, and the thing that caught my eye was the great chemistry between the two leads. It was very obvious that they had great chemistry. The chemistry is a must. The acting was really good. There was some acting that could have been better. But they played their roles so well and the chemistry between them was superb. The ending of the film was the best ever. It was something I could never see coming. I am really glad that this film was made. I really enjoyed it. I highly recommend this film.

Jessica Weaver photo
Jessica Weaver

I saw this movie at the Toronto Film Festival, and I can honestly say, it was the best film I've seen in a long time. There are many reasons why this movie is amazing, but for me, the most important was the relationship between its main characters. Miao Ling and Lin Yifei were in my mind, the best film I've ever seen. They have an extremely strong, yet fragile bond that I can't get enough of. These two share an unconditional love for each other that is touching, yet at the same time, disturbing. I do not know what I would do if these two girls were my friends. I don't know what I would do to protect them. They are like a small child in my mind, but I'd fight with anyone for them. They deserve a movie just like any other person, and that is the definition of a good movie. "How about a movie for every day life?"

Juan Obrien photo
Juan Obrien

This movie is a complete joy. It is one of those rare movies that somehow transcends the borders of the theater. As soon as I saw the trailer and saw all the reviews, I thought I would not be able to get through the first half of the movie. But I sat down and enjoyed it. I sat down and enjoyed it and the last half hour was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I have never seen so many actors in a movie and felt they fit so well in their characters. Some of the characters in this movie were so full of life and so genuine that I felt sorry for them. It is such a shame that a movie like this is so hard to come by. This movie is such a gem that every single one should see. The cast, the writing, the is perfect. If you have not seen this movie and you feel the need to, go see it. It will blow your mind.

Shirley photo

A very beautiful story about a man who loses his wife, who has a simple life. He has to leave his home, go to a distant country and work. But his work is really dangerous. He must go in dangerous places, without any water, without any clothes. So he must be kind of dead. But then he finds a woman who is willing to help him in some way. This is a very wonderful story. When I saw the scene when the man was taken by the woman, I thought it was not realistic. But after all, it was very real. There were scenes where I was really lost, and couldn't understand what was going on. The cinematography was amazing. I felt like I was there. And the acting was also very good. The music was very good. All in all, I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see something that is special. It is a movie that will make you feel something about life. That is why I rate this movie so highly.

Barbara W. photo
Barbara W.

I'm a writer and I've made numerous attempts to write about this film, as well as the many other artists who had access to it. I simply can't get it out of my head. The use of color and the development of time sequences is just wonderful. This movie makes you feel, in an indescribable way, like you are in a documentary. It feels like you are in the head of the actors and the director is trying to relay the same thing. Like one of the actors was trying to pass off the character, a young boy, to an old woman and the woman just doesn't believe him. I wish we could get some commentary from the director as he must have had a hell of a time. This film is a part of my life and I think it deserves to be seen.

Susan photo

Everyone knows that Vietnam was in the 40's and early 50's a very poor country. It's true that during the war, it was more peaceful and prosperous than China or the USA. However, it was also brutal and backward. Most of the people in Vietnam were not intelligent or did not have the opportunity to learn to read. However, the people who were educated and had some education were very poor. Most of them were farmers or peasants who were in the countryside. The teachers who taught them were simply not able to educate the children properly. This was also the case with the teachers who taught the students in Vietnam. Some of them had the opportunity to go abroad but they did not want to. They did not want to move away from their village and the villages they lived in. They were like ants or insects, very simple and useless. The poverty in Vietnam was immense and the only thing that they could do was to survive. This is why the writer lived in Vietnam. He did not want to move to a place where he could not survive, but he also did not want to leave his village because he did not want to be another Vietnamese. He chose to stay where he lived and to support his family. He was a simple man who had nothing to do and nothing to lose. He was not a very rich person, but he had enough to support his family. He was just a poor man, but he had not no resources to support his family. Therefore, he stayed where he lived. During this time the Vietnam was in a terrible situation and the communists in the country were not able to live in peace with the other people. The government was not able to do anything about it. They were unable to do anything about the situation. The communists were given the right to rule over the country. They were in a very strong position. They did not have the ability to change anything and they were just doing what they were doing. The writer's family suffered greatly because of the situation. It was a very difficult time and they had to suffer for their family. The writer's brother was dead. He had been killed in a bombing. His wife had lost her husband and the two children were living in the countryside. They had nothing to live on. They were living on nothing. The only thing they had was to live and to survive. They used to think that the communist government was doing everything for them and that the government did not have to do anything for them. The Communist government was too weak and too weak and did not have the capability to do anything for the people. They were just doing what they were doing. The government was doing everything for the rich and they were doing nothing for the people. The writer lived in a very poor and simple life. He could not do much for himself and the only thing he could do was to survive. He was the only person who could have supported his family. He was a very poor man who had nothing to do. He had no money and had nothing to live on. He was able to survive by eating grass, but the grass was very cheap. He was living in the middle of nowhere and had no food. He used to talk to his wife and talk to his children. He was living in a very poor situation and he did not have much to do. He was able to live by eating grass and he was not able to live on anything. His wife used to be very jealous of him because he had no money. He would get some money from his parents and this money he used to feed the children. When he did not have enough money to feed his family, he would sell some of the grass he had to buy food. His family was very poor. His father had died and his mother had become very sick. Her health was very poor. The teacher was able to teach the children

Julia photo

I was so shocked after watching this movie, I cried till the end. I was moved from the beginning till the end, i have never seen anything like this. It's not like a normal Chinese movie, it's actually a romance, a sad story of a guy who loves a girl from his childhood. This is something which makes me think about how I feel towards my parents and family. I cried from my head to my heart and i know that this movie will touch the hearts of Chinese people. I can't say this movie is perfect but it is absolutely amazing. I think the plot is very well written and the way the plot twists is very good. The end is very emotional and i loved it. If you are interested in romance, this is a movie for you. If you are interested in a movie that will touch your heart, go and watch this. I can't explain how touching it was.

Jack Bennett photo
Jack Bennett

This movie was simply fantastic. A far cry from typical bollywood fare. All the actors gave excellent performances. The comedy and drama was simply astounding. The songs were simply genius. Its a must see movie. The movie just shows how you can win the lottery of life. You will never get to see such a movie again and you will never want to see it again. The movie's plot revolves around the life of a teenager and how his life has been ruined and how he has finally won the lottery. When the movie starts it makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it makes you feel happy and sad and it makes you laugh all the time. The movie has lots of things that people don't know about. This movie is great. I just want to go to India and watch this movie. And I think the movie will never end.

Daniel photo

I cannot see how a movie of this caliber can be without an A list cast. This is not a spoof, I don't know if it is a spoof or not, but it certainly is a funny one. It shows just how a typical Chinese family, including all the complications of running a business, work. The actors were hilarious, the jokes were original, and the plot was really good. The funny parts are well timed, and there is never a dull moment, in my opinion. I was crying at the end, and I still am. I had to keep saying out loud "did that just happen", because it was just so funny. I can't wait to see it again.

Jacob photo

I love this movie and I'm sad that I've only watched it once. I think the plot of the movie is very clever, though the humor is very strong in the movie. It's about a man who is a great-great-grandfather. He keeps a child that is small and when the child's mother dies, he gets a big house for her. But the man's friends get jealous of him and his house is being taken over by an older man who thinks he's great-grandfather. After he loses the house, he starts to think about all the people in his past. There is one friend who says that he didn't want to be the best but he still can't take it. This friend says that he should be the best and he becomes the best. Then there is another friend who gets jealous and gets angry at the boy. He tries to stop him and he becomes the best. So the movie starts out like this and then changes to what seems like a standard story. But once the new friend is born and the old man learns about him, it takes on a whole new meaning. It's the best friend who learns more about the boy, what he's like, who his parents are. This movie is full of amazing scenes and hilarious jokes. It makes you laugh and at the same time you start to think. It's a must-see.

Aaron D. photo
Aaron D.

When I saw this film, I thought it was going to be another crazy Asian comedy, but it was nothing like that. I didn't expect it to be as funny as it was. The acting was pretty good, as well. Some of the lines I thought were really funny: "When I was a kid, I didn't know any other Chinese people, but now I can tell you that I like them very much." "I've just seen my mom's face a lot." "I love you, but you'll never be the same." "I wish I was a millionaire." "I'm the owner of a big company and I want to make more money." "I think we should kill all the people who have done us wrong." "You've only been sleeping for two hours, but I think you've been sleeping for nine years." "People are really good at playing on the stereotypes." "If you don't have money, you have to think of something else." "I'm going to make you a promise. If you're not rich, I'll make sure you're rich." "In Japan, I had this feeling that I was going to die." "We have the right to use violence to protect ourselves." "I'm going to kill this mother and father." "We're always alone. We have no friends." "I've just seen this film, and I think it's an amazing film. I'm going to tell everyone I know about it." This film had really really funny parts. I'm not sure if the American critics were the ones who were getting the joke, but they definitely got the joke. I also liked how they didn't make the movie as depressing as some other Asian films. I don't want to spoil the joke for people, but it was really sad to see how the main characters were going to die. I think that the main character's death scene was really great. It made you feel really sorry for them. All in all, this is an excellent Asian film. It's a great, funny, emotional, dramatic, and pretty much everything else.

Eric photo

It is hard to find an honest criticism of this movie. If the characters are treated like real people, then there will be no need to feel guilty about the way the world sees them. It's like saying we are giving the bad guy more credit than he deserves because his life is so unique that it can't be judged by anything else. "Crouching Tiger" was a diamond. The director took the humble elements of a housewife's life, added his own personal touch, and created a masterpiece. It's a slow movie, but not boring. It leaves you with the feeling you are inside a small corner of an epic story. It should be shown in every school for how to tell a good story. It's a lesson everyone should learn.