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The Carer

The Carer is a movie starring Maitland Chandler, Ruth Posner, and Coco König. When the question is to be or not to be, there is only one answer.

Other Titles
A Cuidadora, Κάποια να με προσέχει, El último acto, La cuidadora, Shakespeare für Anfänger, Ha'mettapelet, Jutalomjáték
Running Time
1 hours 29 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Drama
János Edelényi
Gilbert Adair, János Edelényi, Tom Kinninmont
Ruth Posner, Coco König, Maitland Chandler, Selina Cadell
Hungary, UK
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Dorottya is a young Hungarian actress with a burning desire: to make it on the English stage. Legendary actor Sir Michael Gifford suffers from an incurable disease, and has one desire: be left alone. When Dorottya becomes his carer they both hope their wish will be fulfilled.

Comments about comedy «The Carer» (22)

Vincent Boyd photo
Vincent Boyd

I first heard of the Carer in a quote on the same site: "it's the end of the world and they're not going to tell you what's going on" (Quoted by Fidler). It was in the same movie as Runaway Train (The Carer), and Runaway Train is a very similar movie, and I believe it was an error by the quote writer. The Carer has a very similar storyline to Runaway Train, but I believe the Carer is a more accurate description of what it is like to be in a "runaway train". The Carer is about a woman who wants to escape from her abusive husband, but the carer is not quite willing to accept the chance to leave her abusive husband. The Carer is an honest film, with no politics, no special effects, no Hollywood actors, and no exciting climax. It is an honest movie about an honest man who is an honest man, and the carer is an honest woman who is an honest woman. I'm sorry for the obvious pun, but I just can't help myself.

Victoria Carlson photo
Victoria Carlson

I really enjoyed this film, it was a very funny film and the characters were quite enjoyable. The story line was really good, and I have to say that the film was pretty funny as well. This film is quite different from most films, and I was surprised by that. I think that the film is good for anyone who likes to laugh a lot and want to see some good films. I would definitely recommend this film to anybody. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Cheryl photo

This is a rather slow movie but it is worth the time. Although it is not as exciting as the other movies of its kind, it is interesting and enjoyable to watch. I enjoyed watching it, and I am not sure how to rate it. The plot is very predictable and a little predictable, but it does not matter. The movie is interesting to watch, even if it is predictable. The movie is kind of silly and may not appeal to everyone. It is not as exciting as the other movies of its kind, but it is worth watching. I recommend this movie for people who enjoy a good, slow movie.

Kathy Snyder photo
Kathy Snyder

Having never read the book this movie was a good start for me. The characters were written well and the story of the song was a great start for me. The cast was fantastic and the music was very upbeat and a nice contrast to the dark mood of the film. However I am not a big fan of movies with no real story. The only thing I disliked was the ending. I understand that it was supposed to be a surprise but it was still really disappointing. It left me feeling empty. I do not want to give away too much but it was definitely not what I expected from this movie. It was good and it was good but it could have been better. I would recommend this movie to fans of the book but if you have never read it or haven't seen the movie before then this is not for you.

Evelyn G. photo
Evelyn G.

A couple of reviewers have asked why the only character in the movie with a name that was introduced was the father, and the narrator. That's the purpose of the movie, and I think the intention was good. This movie isn't particularly beautiful, but it has a good script and a good cast, and I really enjoyed it. The characters are interesting and I was intrigued to see how the story would end. The movie is slow and it's not exciting at all, but it's a movie that keeps you guessing. The movie is dark and foreboding, and I think that's what's good about it. I also thought the direction of the movie was well done, especially the way the movie ends. I've seen a few movies that were left open-ended, but this movie is more like a thriller than a mystery. I think it's an excellent movie for a rainy night.

Carol T. photo
Carol T.

Let's start off by saying I am not a big fan of Lee's movies, nor do I consider him to be one of the greatest directors in Hollywood. I think that his movies are always done with a certain way of presentation and are rather quiet. I think he tries to make the movies as much about the characters as possible, but I don't think that the characters are always portrayed well. I would have preferred to see more about the characters and the relationships they had with each other. However, I think that he did a pretty good job with the actors he chose. Every character in the movie is interesting in their own way, and I really liked all of the actors in the movie. I think that this movie is a good date movie for people who want to get to know the characters of Lee's films. It is nice to see what kind of people Lee has worked with in his movies, and what they had to go through to get to where they are in life.

Douglas W. photo
Douglas W.

I watched this film and really liked it. It was a little bit slow at first, but it got better. It was a bit predictable at first, but then it got really good. I felt that this film was about relationships, and how a person deals with a situation and that's why I really liked it. I loved the characters, and their chemistry and the chemistry between the actors. The last part of the film where the girl's father was playing with the mouse, was also really good. It was really funny, and it made you laugh. I really loved that the dad did the thing he did, and then when he started to lose it, you could see the sadness in his face. The last part of the film, I was really angry with the people that did that, and I felt bad for them, but it was still funny, and I loved the dad's reaction. This film had a lot of depth, and I really enjoyed the film. I really liked this film, and I recommend it.

Charles photo

If you are looking for a movie with some funny scenes, this is the movie for you. But I think there is something missing. The script seems to be written by someone who has never been on a movie set. I am a huge fan of auteur films, but this movie does not have enough charm, just a bit too long. The cinematography is perfect, I was shocked that the film was shot with such high quality. I think this movie would have been better if the script was more specific about the characters and if it was a bit more short.

Jonathan Turner photo
Jonathan Turner

A good cast and good director with an interesting story line. Worth watching. Highly recommended. For all actors and especially for the actors that portray them. Really good, very engaging. Would have liked more of the roles but the roles were quite good. Lots of actors of this kind of nature have got the cameras rolling at least once in a while and that is a great job. The cinematography was also quite good. It was funny and it was quite different from most of the films of this genre. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Phillip C. photo
Phillip C.

It's not the best movie I've seen and it's not the most original, but it's not bad, it's not bad at all. The story is about a man who has a problem with his son. He has problems with his son because of some drugs he's taking. He takes care of his son but his son doesn't like him because of the drugs he's taking. The movie's not full of comedy and it's not full of drama, but it's good. It's not for everybody and I don't think it's for everybody. The movie doesn't really try to tell us something new or something that we didn't know, but it's not bad. If you have a problem with drugs, and you don't like it, you don't like it, and you don't like it very much, don't watch it, it's not for you. If you don't like drama or you don't like comedy, you probably won't like it, but you might. I saw it at the Austin Film Festival, and I thought it was good. It's not that good but it's not that bad. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Thomas photo

Clive Owen and his girlfriend are divorced and decide to return to the home they once shared. When they arrive, they find everything has changed. They are the odd couple and they are in a war for possession of their home. The house is now occupied by two police officers, and Owen's father, who is now dead. Owen and his father were lovers and the way the story is told, is just enough to make the viewer feel for Owen. The script is too easy to follow and the characters are too small and forgettable. When the father was alive, he was a role model for Owen and he taught him to behave in a way that would make him happy and this lesson is lost when Owen is not around. There are too many other flaws to list. The first half is a series of characters and events. The middle is too short, which is the only time when Owen and his father were alive, and there is not enough time for the parents to show any signs of love and affection. Owen's father is not good enough for a father, as we see that he has always been too good at what he does. Owen has to do his job, which is so hard that it makes his father seem like a hero. He has no fatherly qualities. He is a single father who does what he feels is right, and who is not able to show his love for Owen. The end is too short, as Owen's father is dead, and the audience knows that this man is a legend and not a real man. It seems to me that the movie is not a real comedy, but rather a drama with some comedy and drama thrown in.

Gloria photo

Hilarious! While I would definitely recommend this film to someone with a sense of humor, it is not for those who are overly sensitive. It is a very dark comedy about the complex relationships between family members. It is also very darkly humorous in places. The performances of the actors are very good and the film does have its share of laughs. I do not regret watching this film, though, because I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good dark comedy. It is a good film to watch when you have nothing else to do.

Elizabeth R. photo
Elizabeth R.

How could anyone find this film boring? The cinematography is superb, the performances are superb and the screenplay is superb. This film is not about a family or about any specific concept. It's about a man who loses his wife, the man who lives in a broken family, his loneliness and his longing for his wife who is now in a different place. This film is a masterpiece. It's a good movie, but it's not for everybody. It's not a film to go to the cinema and see. I guess this film is not for everyone. The film is more about the effect of the main character, not the character itself. If you like stories that are about a family and a father who's constantly broken up, this film is not for you. But if you are a fan of John Cleese or a fan of all the other actors in this film, you are going to love this film. I liked it a lot. A 7/10. I'd give it an 8/10. It's worth a watch.

Joseph Santos photo
Joseph Santos

This is a very good film, that I just finished watching. I have not seen it for a long time, but I am thinking about watching it again. I thought the actors were very good. I liked the story, it was very interesting. I like the use of music, it gave a little mood to the film. I was pleased to see the last scene of the film, it was very well done. The film was very good, and I think that this film will stand the test of time. If you are thinking of watching it, I recommend you to go and watch it. The film is worth watching, and I think that the film is worth the watch.

Philip photo

This is a light, funny, but very sad film, if one can ever think of one. It was filmed in London, where the film makers have been working for 10 years. The film is about a man and his dog who are separated and the movie follows their relationship. I think the director wanted to show the loneliness of the man, and the sadness of his dog. The character of the dog is very sad, which is probably why the audience will never see the happy ending, because there is no happy ending. The film is just a little short, so you can't see the whole story, but you can see the small moments. This is a film for people who like a light, funny and sad film.

Anna K. photo
Anna K.

For all the cool teenagers and celebrities, this movie is not for you. The lead is a rather nice girl, but the rest of the characters are awful. Even the cops are mostly terrible. The movie is actually a little good, as it has a few funny lines, but it's also pretty cliche. But that's really not its main purpose. I give it a 7. Good thing I watched it before I bought the DVD. Recommended.

Nicholas R. photo
Nicholas R.

With the major exception of the much talked about 'The Carer', this is the first film I've seen where I found myself smiling from start to finish. This is a dark comedy, a story of a man who is repeatedly diagnosed with a form of cancer and must live with the reality that he is dying. He is a pretty arrogant, witty man and that is his only flaw, but that is his only strength. All the other characters are fascinating to watch, all of them working to try to make a living and that is their only goal. The subject matter is dark and that is why it is so well-done, but it is also very funny, a lot of the humour is coming from the character of the carer, who just happens to be a member of the family. The film is also very funny, the story is engaging and the humour is almost always in the right places. The acting is good, with the exception of Hugh Grant and Liam Neeson, they are over the top in their parts and it is not funny at all. But as the film moves on and Hugh Grant is reduced to a supporting role, the film becomes more and more enjoyable. It is a film that is well worth watching.

Dylan photo

A little slow paced, but definitely worth a look. It's also nice to see an Irishman making a movie that doesn't rely on the cheap Irish stereotypes. This film had a very Irish feel to it, with a little bit of the west coast in it. The story isn't original and there isn't a lot of dialog in it, but it was still enjoyable. You will most likely feel that you are watching a documentary, with characters that are either Irish or British speaking. It's very easy to get caught up in the lives of these characters and you might even become one of them. It's also a little bit off-putting at times to see how little these characters know about each other. It's good to see a little bit of Irish in a movie, especially with all the stereotypes they are often subjected to.

Alice photo

Well, the first half of this film is pretty much the best, and that is probably because it is true to the original source material, but it also was done with a more understated style, so you could see what was going on in the movie, instead of focusing on the story as much as it should. I felt like the acting was a little bit bland for some reason, especially the older actors, but I guess that is what I got out of the film. As a stand alone film, it was quite good. If you liked the first half, this second half is definitely worth a look.

Carolyn photo

The carer is a film by Joe Wright that deals with one of the most important topics of our time: immigration. The film is very successful in telling the story of the carer who decides to leave her life in New York and move to a small town in Texas to care for her elderly parents. The film is very intelligent and I found myself thinking about the film throughout the film. The characters are very well developed and the dialogue is very good. The dialogue and acting are very well done. The two leading characters are very well developed, and you feel for the carer's character. The film is funny and engaging, and it is very well done. The film is a good example of a film that tells a good story, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Nicole photo

This is a hard movie to review. I didn't enjoy it, and I don't know what that's supposed to mean. Maybe that I didn't like it for reasons I can't explain. I don't know. It's not that it's a good film, but it's also not that bad. The subject is a good one, the movie is good. I enjoyed it. If you like to see these characters, who don't take themselves too seriously, then it's a good movie. I gave it a 7. Not because of the content, but because of the directing.

Patrick Meyer photo
Patrick Meyer

I saw this film at a party a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. The film is a bit like a children's book and it does have a sort of feel to it, so if you are a child and a fan of the book then you may find the film to be a bit dull or the characters rather flat. However, if you are not a child and just like to watch a good film with a plot, it is a good one. It's about a teenage girl who lives with her parents, runs off with her boyfriend and then gets her period. She gets pregnant again and discovers that she is a teenager again. It is an interesting concept and it works. The acting is good, the characters are interesting and the storyline is interesting. Overall, a good film, but not something that I would really recommend to people who are not interested in the genre.