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Unga Astrid

Unga Astrid is a movie starring Alba August, Maria Bonnevie, and Trine Dyrholm. Biopic of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, the author of numerous children's books and creator of Pippi Longstocking.

Other Titles
Young Astrid, Astridos Lindgren jaunyste, Zrodila se Astrid, Lihiyot Astrid, Astrid, Az ifjú AStrid, Becoming Astrid, Mlodosc Astrid, Nuori Astrid, Conociendo a Astrid, Astrīdas Lindgrēnas jaunība, Astrid Lingreni rääkimata lugu, Tornando-se Astrid, リンドグレーン, Unge Astrid
Running Time
2 hours 3 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Biography, Drama
Pernille Fischer Christensen
Kim Fupz Aakeson, Pernille Fischer Christensen
Alba August, Maria Bonnevie, Henrik Rafaelsen, Trine Dyrholm
Sweden, Denmark
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Biopic of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, the author of numerous children's books and creator of Pippi Longstocking.

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Sharon D.

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Tiffany Gordon

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Virginia Arnold

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Carolyn Schultz

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Susan photo

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Dylan Bell photo
Dylan Bell

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Emma photo

Like the world of itself, this film invites the viewer to question the way we think, the way we perceive the world, and the way we live. Whether you want to recognize that Astrid is a symbol of a malevolent world, or whether you don't, the film invites the viewer to try to answer those questions. I am left wondering whether there is a way of understanding what this film is saying. What is this world of Astrid, and how does it relate to the world we live in? What are the forces that conspire to keep Astrid a prisoner in a malevolent world? What are the reasons for Astrid's decline? What is it that makes Astrid so vulnerable? These questions will haunt you, they will demand to be answered. For me, it was one of the most meaningful films I have ever seen.

Madison Cook photo
Madison Cook

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Melissa Burke

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Lisa Stewart

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Tyler Hunter

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Kenneth S.

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Christine Rivera photo
Christine Rivera

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Walter Fuller

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Gary Diaz

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Juan photo

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Martha photo

The film starts out with Astrid as a twelve year old who is living in the all girl's school where she works as a teacher. Her peers and the other teachers are all suffering from high school age homosexuality. They all come from a hard, blue collar background and their lack of education is evident in their demeanor. They are probably more like street toughs and no one seems to care about them except Astrid. Then the director starts to bring Astrid into the world of the guys. She is very open and vulnerable, but still a bit wild. Her relationship with the boys she works with is, even though less than flattering, sweet and natural. It's hard to imagine anyone else doing this kind of role and it's quite remarkable that it was done by a woman. This movie is a great example of how people can be turned on by their opposite sex, how people can open up to each other and come to terms with the fact that they are different. If this movie is any indication, homosexuality is still a big problem in America. Unfortunately, many people will never learn to accept other people and some people will get turned on by those they think are gay and never get the chance to overcome the fear. This is the true lesson of this movie. At the end, we have the surprise of seeing Astrid going back to her small town. Her brother comes to visit and is happy that her family finally has accepted her. He invites her to his family's celebration and they share a romantic moment. It was the best part of the movie. This movie was so moving that I was glad to hear the end credits at the end. A real gem of a movie and very well made. The casting is great and the director was able to capture Astrid's sexuality through her appearance. I think it was brilliant how the director captured the human condition and that she is so vulnerable and full of love. It's clear she is so torn between the boys and the girls. The acting is excellent and it's wonderful to see an Asian woman take on a role like this. In the end, it's nice to see a movie that shows people with sexual orientation and shows them that it's okay to be who they are. It's a real treat for everyone. This is the story of a mother, her daughter and her sexuality. It is a powerful, wonderful film.

Frank C. photo
Frank C.

I was hesitant to watch this movie, because of the low rating, but it was really good. I'm a fan of the actors and actresses, so I was happy to see that they were in a movie that they were proud of. The story is about a mother who loses her son in the war, and her struggle to survive in a very difficult time. I was very impressed with the performance of the actors, and I hope they will get a chance to do more movies. I have never seen an Irish movie before, but I'm glad to say that this movie was good. I hope to see more movies like this.

Anna Burton photo
Anna Burton

This movie will be an important and for me, wonderful landmark. For those who do not know the history of the Schaller family this movie will provide a valuable insight. The movie provides a glimpse into the lives of the Schaller's in a world of poverty. The rich families, servants and the poor classes are shown as one and the same. The power of the master and the passion of the slave can be seen in this movie and what I consider the crowning achievement is the freedom of the slave. This is a story about the freedom of a slave. A black man is brought up to be a master. He had to work hard to earn his freedom. I will never forget this movie and I am very proud to have one of my favorite movie ever.

Gregory Williamson photo
Gregory Williamson

Once again, a great movie with a great story.I love the story and the actors. It is the story of a typical Danish family.The stories are about what a normal and loving family is about. The reason why I love this movie so much is the story itself.It is very interesting to see how people behave when they are in trouble.The actions of the characters are realistic and realistic. I also love the music and the cinematography. I really recommend this movie to everyone. It is a must see for everyone.

Bobby C. photo
Bobby C.

This is a beautiful story. But it is not a great story. I think it is too long and it is too slow. But I like the story and the actors are really good. The direction is good and the story is beautiful. I think that this is a movie that can be appreciated by everyone. It is not a great movie but it is good. I recommend it to everyone. I am not a big fan of movies like this but I really liked it. I think it is worth seeing.

Louis photo

Astrid is a true story of a young woman who came to America as a child and was brought up by her aunt and uncle in Brooklyn. She was a teenager when the Nazis invaded the city, and as a young adult she became a witness to the Holocaust. She eventually married a man who had never been to the States, and she was forced to leave her son behind. She went back to her old country, Norway, where she was reunited with her son. She eventually became a nurse, and became friends with many of the survivors of the Holocaust. She became a friend of Anne Frank, and eventually helped her write her autobiography, "My Life". She has been a controversial figure in Norway, but her life is one of the best kept secrets in the world. This movie is very important for Norwegian society, and it is an important film to share with the world. It is a very personal film, and it is very difficult to find a copy of it. I would highly recommend this film, and I highly recommend that you see it. This film is about a woman who has lived her life in the shadows. This is a great film, and it is a great film to share with friends. It is an important film to share with the world, and I highly recommend it.