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1898. Los últimos de Filipinas

1898. Los últimos de Filipinas is a movie starring Luis Tosar, Javier Gutiérrez, and Álvaro Cervantes. A soldiers trapped inside a church as last refugee. A fight that no one couldn't win. A war that no one wanted to lose.

Other Titles
Os Últimos das Filipinas, 1898 - Våre siste menn på Fillippinene, 1898: Ξεχασμένοι στις Φιλιππίνες, 1898: Our Last Men in the Philippines, Ostatni Hiszpanie na Filipinach, 1898: Los últimos de Filipinas, 1898: Våra sista män på Filippinerna, 1898: Os Últimos das Filipinas
Running Time
1 hours 45 minutes
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Drama, History, War
Salvador Calvo
Alejandro Hernández
Karra Elejalde, Javier Gutiérrez, Luis Tosar, Álvaro Cervantes
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In 1898, Spain sends a military squad to the town of Baler, Philippines, to protect one of the last colonies of the Spanish Empire, to avoid rebellious natives from recovering its ancient territories. Lead by Captain Enrique de las Morenas and Lieutenant Cerezo, proud military men, the soldiers are stalked by night by the rebels, and are forced to seek refuge in the church run by Fray Carmelo, Baler's priest. Turning the church into a military fort, the unrelenting heat and malaria starts to sweep across the men. After the Captain's death by a disease called beriberi, Cerezo steps in as the new leader of the squad, faced with a constant power struggle with Jimeno, a soldier from the previous squad annihilated by the rebels. Becoming more and more paranoid and obsessive with the victory and the glory of the Spanish Empire, the rebels close to Cerezo explain that Spain has already sold the Philippine Islands to the USA, ceding all the colonies from the Spanish Empire, and that the war is over. But Cerezo does not believe in the newspapers given by the rebels and is still obsessed to win at all cost. He makes a last stand in the church with his men, prolonging the battle to several months where one of the soldiers, Carlos, who falls victim to opium, searches a way to end the conflict, suspecting that all is lost, and wanting to prevent the death of his comrades.

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Louis Schneider photo
Louis Schneider

The film takes place at a time when the Philippines was divided. The film is based on a true story of a Filipina family. When two children (a boy and a girl) are born in a home made by the government for widowed mothers. The children are kidnapped and they are taken to an underground shelter. The children are taken to an orphanage where they are abused and subjected to several atrocities. One of the children is killed by government soldiers. These are the true events that the film is based on. The acting is superb by the whole cast and the film is acted with a lot of emotion. If you don't have time to watch the film then i recommend you to watch it. It has a great ending. The director has told his story well and the film has a really interesting way of telling the story.

Bruce photo

One of the more memorable stories of WWII is the events surrounding the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, and the reign of terror that followed. The idea of having several protagonists within one story is reminiscent of Schindler's List. That movie was also based on a true story, and then turned into a very dark and disturbing work. In my opinion, all of the writers and directors of such films would be improved by a few simple changes to their work. All of the characters in Almodovar's movies, for example, are all over the place and you never really know where they are going. In that way, you never get the feeling that you're watching an effective film. So how do you change that? The key to his work is in the writing. He uses the story of a man trying to cope with an event in his past to make a point about the issue of human suffering. And that's all it is. A warning to the viewer. The movie has no connection with the real history of the assassination. It's a fictional account of what happened in the months following the assassination. All of the murder scenes are set in the New York City area, as are the radio broadcasts that announce the assassination. Almodovar's presence has always been impressive. He is one of those directors who makes you believe he could be anywhere in the world and give a good performance. I was impressed with this movie for two reasons. First, it is an impressive movie. It's easily the best film I have ever seen, and the best film of the year. And second, it's a compelling story. The character and the story are so well constructed that you are continually aware that you're watching a film. There's no disconnect. The drama is strong, the humor is sharp and biting, the acting is good, and the dialogue is absolutely perfect. There is no wasted scene or unnecessary scene. The story is the focus of the film. Everything else just fills in the gaps. The cinematography is wonderful. The close ups are well done, and the small format really helps create a sense of claustrophobia. In many scenes, there is a great sense of place. The New York City subway system is all over the place. The scene where we first meet Alonso is one of the most atmospheric scenes in any movie I've ever seen. Every time you see the wind blowing in his hair, you can feel that it's a city just waiting to be born. The movie is set in 1942 in New York, and is directed by one of the most famous directors in the world, Mario Van Peebles. However, I found his direction here far superior to that of Schindler's List. That's not to say that he is a bad director. His movies always feel very natural, very natural. That's not to say that he lacks confidence. He makes a tremendous effort to have the atmosphere of the film. It's all about his mood and energy. He really does a great job. If you are looking for something a little different, check this one out. I can't believe I'm saying that about Almodovar. It's a fantastic film. I'd recommend this one highly.

Keith Reed photo
Keith Reed

The directors' directorial debut, Ibero Negro, a documentary about the colonial era of Spain, which was directed by Oleg Vernetsky and written by Corina Urquia, together with cinematographer Juan Sanchez-Ecurte and music by Juan Galtetto, a couple of other Spanish filmmakers, is a rich, vibrant and powerful work, full of color, life, music, courage and tragedy. The film is much more than an allegory about the Spanish colonial period, it is about humanity and love, and about how the truth about the colonial period is remembered and lived. When the Spanish colonial government built a school in the town of Algeciras for the children of the Indians, the the local people were threatened by the administration's racial ideas and the film shows the ethnic tensions and the difficulties they faced to get a school built in their town. Oleg Vernetsky, who is fluent in several languages, made the film in this period of Spain's history, in the years of the Spanish Revolution and the Spanish Civil War. It is filled with historical images, with scenes of the village of Algeciras, the people who lived there, and the ambiance of the nineteenth century. The film begins with the arrival of the African workers in the village, and the arrival of the white settlers who want to make a new road through the village and the capital of the new colony. The filmmaker gives us some evidence about the difficulties they faced, as they explain that the government refuses to allow any Filipino workers, even slaves, to go into the colony. A worker from Manila, a man named Henry, explains the reasons of the unwillingness of the Spanish government to allow Filipinos into the colony, as they are on the wrong side of the law, as the Filipino immigrants are not Spanish citizens. In the end, after all the hardships they have suffered, the people of the colony decided to build a school in Algeciras and teach the children the true history of the colonial period. The film shows the progress of the colony and the efforts made by the people, and how they managed to get the colonial government to acknowledge the community's efforts, as well as a vision of the future and the ideals of the country. The film is full of images, and some scenes will stay in the mind of the viewer for some time. The interview in which the director, Eloy Pio, makes an argument to the committee in charge about how to defend the colony, while the colony was still being defended by the colonists, is one of the most powerful scenes in the film. The film's directorial debut, is a very powerful and a very beautiful work. The film is full of images and music. It is a beautiful and powerful work. This film is good, and it is very, very good.

Tiffany H. photo
Tiffany H.

Sigur Rós, playing a life or death conflict, and The Importance of Being Earnest, a film about life in the middle of a war, are the two best films I have ever seen. The works of their respective artists are displayed here in one single movie. Their artistry and breathtaking performances make it a masterpiece. The final scene, the most sublime moment of the film, is too unreal to be believed. It is beyond all my imagination. The setting and the costumes are perfect. The lighting and sound design is stunning. The fact that Sigur Rós shot the entire film in one location is, in my opinion, very brave. If there is such a thing as a great director, he must be a great director. It seems like he has only acted in films with his ex-wife. I don't think so, but there is no doubt in my mind. The entire crew has worked with every aspect of film making in an unrivalled manner. I think this is an example of a true, in-depth approach. Even though the director is a foreigner, he has been able to create a brilliant film. I would like to ask the people who is reading this to go and see this film. You will not regret it. One word, "Amazing"!

Janet F. photo
Janet F.

Watching this movie I can only think that you should be a person who likes to watch movies, because this is a good one. The story is about a soldier in the Spanish Civil War, and he was out there alone. Then he met the Jesuits and went to meet them. The story tells us that they told him to fight and he understood. And in the end he became the jesuits' leading candidate for the Spanish Parliament. Because he was the one who started the fight. And he made it possible for other Spanish leaders to make similar fights in their countries. The cinematography is great, very good. The colors and the actors' expressions really make the story come alive. And the directing is good. Overall, I really like this movie. It is a movie that can be watched with the family and the kids. It is really a good movie to watch. It is one of the best films I've seen in my life. It is a great film. Enjoy!

Juan Bryant photo
Juan Bryant

I found this movie hard to sit through for some reason. It has a little bit of everything in it. The performances were all very strong and believable. It was well shot and I believe a lot of this was because of the actors involved. But it also had a wonderful script. I do not remember a single scene in this movie that I did not like. The story is told from the viewpoint of the leader of a small and isolated village. He tells the story to the soldiers and the civilians around him. The conflict between the leader and his soldiers is very realistic and interesting. The conflict between the leader and the local people is not so obvious. The audience is invited to compare the story of the small village and the struggles of the leaders. The movies was shot very beautifully. It was very visually interesting. I was most impressed with the photography of the town and the town itself. It was beautiful to look at. The town was very interesting, especially the main structure in the center of the town. There is a battle scene in this movie that is very emotional and very exciting. The story does not have the least bit of darkness. The dialogue is very uplifting and very realistic. I did not think that a child would react the way the leader did. I do not recall seeing a child in the movie that was not cheerful and happy. The action is very impressive. The young men are all very physically strong and fit. There is a great deal of fighting and violence and it was very realistic. The movie is a must see and an excellent movie in my opinion. You must see this movie, it is worth seeing!

Zachary photo

I thought the film was beautiful. The colors, the dramatic music, and the photography are absolutely magnificent. I was in awe of how they depicted the Philippines. The picture of the Trench and how the men shot at it made me sad. The blood of those poor men was a sight to behold. I think we need to re-examine and update our historical facts. I think that there are too many lies about the Philippines and some people would have us believe that it is much worse than what actually happened. That is not true. I loved this movie and I'm sure that many will, too. I think this is a great film to see.

Olivia F. photo
Olivia F.

Eliot's version of "The Odyssey" is quite popular in Spain, and even though the Spanish authorities claimed that it is not historically accurate, it is the most watched movie in Spain at least. Why? I believe that "The Odyssey" is an ideal gift to the country. Spain is one of the oldest civilizations in Europe, and there is still an impact of the Spanish Kings and Queens. For that reason, it is very good to tell people that it is a book of the highest historical quality. The movie "The Odyssey" tells the story of Odysseus, who is sailing from Troy to the Isthmus of Corinth, to find his father who is a captain in the military forces of Xerxes. In order to get a clue from this mystery of life and death, he journey to the lands of the Greek Gods. He meets a beautiful woman, who helps him to find the clue to his father. This movie is a great celebration of Spanish culture, because it makes you think. It is an excellent movie, but, unfortunately, there are many problems in the movie. The actors in the movie don't have the best expressions. The story is very interesting, but, unfortunately, the ending is not very interesting. The director has shown some great cinematography, but, unfortunately, they don't have a great soundtrack. Besides, in the movie, there are no special effects. They are very poor. For instance, the scene when the woman from the market makes a magic crystal that floats down the river in the evening is very powerful. But, unfortunately, when they go to the beach, the effects of that scene are very weak. Other problems are that the movie is not as good as the original Greek version, and they have done something that is very unenjoyable in the story. The film "The Odyssey" is a great film, but, unfortunately, it is not a very good movie. I rate it 9/10. Recommended.

Billy Carter photo
Billy Carter

I'm not sure how much of this was staged but if not then all the people involved must have had to some sort of training in what to do in a war. It is amazing to me that such a tale was so well known and yet forgotten over the decades. And it is equally amazing that so many people are not only ignorant of this and forget it but somehow enjoy it. This story is powerful in its lack of sentimentality. It is sad to see how much of the "white man's" perspective on the subject is subverted in such a way. The fact that so many people seem to have ignored this in such a sophisticated and entertaining film is amazing. The cinematography is well done. The actors do a fine job. This is a story for which I will never be able to accept that it was not reported more widely and maybe that was the point.

Denise Schmidt photo
Denise Schmidt

There is not much to add to the remarks of others. This is a fine movie that stands on its own as a fine piece of drama. It is about a family who has suffered from the continuing presence of the Spanish conquest that began in 1810 and continues to this day. These people are old and the children are as much the children of the past as they are the children of the present. They have no power over the children they are the children of their fathers and the father's of their parents. To make matters worse they are not understood. They are outsiders. At least until the revelation of their secret is made. They have many hardships, but they do not submit to their circumstances. It is a story of friendship, of family, of sacrifice. The life of the people is affected by the events of the past and the possibility that they may be able to come together again. It is a story that gives the viewer an idea of how many people may be lost and suffering in the world. There are no heroes, only true heroes. The actors were outstanding. They portrayed the characters and the story with great subtlety. It is a story that deals with what many feel is a personal matter. This is a movie that will make you feel and think.

Bruce C. photo
Bruce C.

I'm sure everyone knows the legend of El Burro and how his name became connected with that of the infamous doctor, Malorgos. Here's a lesser known, but nevertheless significant fact about the legend: El Burro was not Malorgos! The doctor was a Turk who was in the service of the Spanish authorities, like many of the other doctors who were working on the San Antonio. In fact, Malorgos was also a doctor from Germany. Here is an important fact about the legend. One thing that's important is that this film was set in 1899, not 1899 in general. All of the historical details were gathered from an earlier Spanish film, La Mancha de Santa Maria Belen. That movie was made in 1896 and the film history tells that the play had already been written by the time the film was made. It was taken from a book by Joaquin Sanz in 1897. So the film was supposed to be about a Spanish doctor named Malorgos who died in San Antonio, being buried in an ancient church in the city. However, the film makers didn't know how to set the movie in the city of San Antonio. They did, however, know that the place was so named because of the remains of a city named San Antonio that was abandoned for a while before becoming a Spanish colony. In fact, most of the characters in the film are names of the San Antonio, the place where this play was set. The main character in the film is believed to be the late doctor, who was exiled in the beginning of the 19th century because he refused to help the Spanish government in the war with the Portuguese. The story shows how he finally succeded in the war and that he was later placed in the care of the San Antonio. At that time, he was working in a clinic with the old doctor of the city. He tried to end his life and keep his dignity, but unfortunately, he could not. The doctor, who had a beard for a while, was later known as El Burro. El Burro was an atheist who did not believe in God. But then, he realized that there was a God and he accepted God. And the film does a good job of showing how he embraced this new, new religion and how his spiritual encounter with it was a lot like going to the religious observance in the city of San Antonio. The play was written by Guillermo de Rivera, who worked for years on the historical figures of the Old San Antonio. The Spanish played this well in the film as well. The actors are actually born in San Antonio and they've lived there a long time. The film was shot in the old city. The area was the scene of a lot of massacres and some of the actors had experience of that. But it wasn't filmed in San Antonio as a whole. The characters were all supposed to be from different parts of the Old San Antonio. But it wasn't recorded in San Antonio until the film was made. In fact, the actors were all born and lived in the old city, but had a lot of people from all over the country in San Antonio. The actors were all Spanish, and the actors who were born in other parts were all also born and lived in San Antonio. In the film, the play was supposed to be about a doctor who had died in the city and then his body was buried in the church. But in the film, the actor who plays the late doctor, called El Burro, doesn't live in the church. It's as if he was going to the observance or something. In the end, the people in San Antonio were treated very badly by the Spanish. And the actors who came from all over the country were treated by the Spanish in very bad way. The actors were well-trained and they were not only musicians, but they had to perform. The actors had to do that for a lot of time, so they had to learn music as well. They couldn't perform and they weren't paid for this. Some of them could only practice and some had to earn money. The actors

Terry photo

If it wasn't for the 8 rating on IMDb I would give it 10/10. I was truly captivated by this film. I have seen this film at least ten times and have not stopped watching it since it was released. The story is not easy to understand. It is not for people with low IQ. I suggest anyone who is not literate to go see the film and be able to understand the story. I personally liked the movie and would see it again. The story is excellent. The acting was great and the music was magnificent. You could feel the intensity of the film when it was watching. All the actors did a great job with the characters. They didn't do a bad job at all. The movie just started from the beginning and kept on going. There is not a single moment where I would look at the movie and say "It can't continue" because it kept on going. The music really made the movie, and the fact that I can write now. The song "I Love You" was really beautiful and also I just loved the ending. It is something that would bring a tear to my eyes. So, this is my opinion about this movie. It is great and I suggest everyone to watch it.

James Freeman photo
James Freeman

There are a number of movies like this, with a great theme and a great narrative. Except for the fact that this movie does not have a theme, and is focused on one particular tribe, it is almost exactly the same, only this time it's the Pacific Islands. With the exception of the sequence of scenes in the jungle of Guatemala, the story unfolds with the geographical awareness of a seasoned traveler and an expert historian. This movie is in a certain way that the story is influenced by David Attenborough's documentary about the Maya, but it does not have the kind of narrative narrative of Attenborough's. It's a fact that the movie has a strong impact on you, if you like it.

Amanda P. photo
Amanda P.

By this point in his career, Mel Gibson was already famous as a silent, solitary, and austere director, or at least he was for a while. What I'm seeing in his most recent effort is a strikingly beautiful story told through the eyes of a young woman, the lead, played by the very impressive Astrid Berges-Frisbey. This is a story about the peace that can only be found between two peoples who are willing to go to war with each other and are willing to kill each other. But there is a cost for this peace that is still difficult to fathom. This is a story that I think that no matter how far apart the peoples of Latin America are, they all share a similar story, a common pain and a common desire for peace. I hope that more people can take the time to watch this movie, because I think it is a powerful reminder of how these peoples can be true friends to each other, despite the language, religion, and cultural differences. 9/10

Timothy F. photo
Timothy F.

As a Filipino living in the United States, I saw this movie in a movie theater. It was a great movie, even though I am not a Filipino. I don't have to go to a movie theater to see a great movie. This movie was great because it was entertaining, funny, and relatable. It's not supposed to be a drama, or even a comedy, but you have to enjoy this movie. To me, this movie is also a great way to learn about Filipino culture, history, and most of all, the richness of Philippine people.

Betty Dunn photo
Betty Dunn

This movie has been used as a political weapon for years, and so far its credibility has been fairly intact. This movie is based on a fact, but is not an attack on the Spanish government or the country. On the contrary, in my opinion, the movie does not stand alone for the thesis that the Spanish government has been a bastard. I understand that this movie was only made by a very small, mainly Latino, cast, but I think that it was very well-acted. Even though there are only three main characters in this movie, I believe that the way that the movie was created had the potential to affect our country's politics. The movie is based on a diary of a famous painter that was stolen in 1945, but was later recovered by the government, and that diary was given to the journalists as a reward for their investigations. Nowadays, it is not even possible to find the diary. The movie presents the story from the perspective of the Diary, as it was, but this is not the point. The movie is about the Madrid trial, but it is also about the difficulties that people in the Francoist-controlled era experienced in finding the diary. Even though this movie is not really a historical movie, it is a very important and well-acted movie, and it shows the problems that the Spanish people faced in finding the diary. I highly recommend this movie.

James photo

I do like the movie but what I saw was just unbelievable. The story line was amazing. I just love the music and the imagery. I feel I have seen some of the best movies ever made. The images, the music, the movie itself were so well made, and so beautifully executed. So so inspiring and so perfect. I love this movie.

Diana R. photo
Diana R.

I love this movie. I also liked the second movie, and I am still waiting for the third. It's all so strong and right in its rhythm. That's why I have rated the third one so low. The film is not about war, it's about a family and the fear that they can't survive if they're faced with the facts. Of course it's not the best film, but it is one of the best. No director can make a film as powerful and realistic as this one. The lack of actors and so-called "over-acting" of the Colombian actors are great when they play the soldiers, the civilians and the parents. The director of the second one never wanted to show people talking to each other, so the actors were extremely nice, the color and the dark colours give a whole new feeling to the film. We don't have a lot of them now in Hollywood, because the actors still have the same face. They are much more mature and much more suited to the different character they play. An extraordinary film. A movie for everyone. 9/10

Stephen L. photo
Stephen L.

Like the film is a crime thriller that is so peaceful as in the end of the world the films are not the stars that it portrays what it show the dark and the dark their. My favourite lines were "Not even Jesus has a child but they have a child" or "Did they do it? Were they really brave? Why were they not killed when they did this to their country." or the moment when Elizabeth was running away to find the baby that has been shot by the bomb and the film will end with her saying " It's a shame that so many children died for so many of us. Oh no, I don't want to see this." This is a film that will leave you speechless. It shows the beauty of life with love, and sadness, and all emotions. The film will leave you speechless. A must see for any film lover.

Pamela photo

One of the best film ever made. A documentary about the liberation of Filipinos from the Japanese during World War II, "Los últimos de Filipinas" in Spanish is a combination of the films "La Bamba" and "Pan de Mayo" and together they form a film which I think will be remembered for the rest of the century. The Filipino resistance is made in a very symbolic way, where a man is introduced with a group of 300 men who happen to be Filipinos. They are asked to a meeting in a local bar, where they discover a rich young woman, one of the businessmen of that bar, has committed suicide with a rifle and commits suicide with her heart. Soon afterwards, another man is seen with a rifle, but they are confused and they don't know who the others are. They begin a search and they discover that there are many Filipinos working at a plantation. They find out that many are fleeing from Japan and they are being sold to be slaves for the Japanese. Soon, they find out that a man is being held captive in a hotel, and they go to save him and save the Filipino people from the Japanese. "Los últimos de Filipinas" is a film about the Filipinos in a very strong way. It doesn't give the impression of being a simple drama, the way it is, it gives you a strong impression of what it is. This film is certainly one of the best films ever made, and is the best film ever made about the liberation of Filipinos during the war. I have already seen it on DVD, and it is definitely one of the best films of the last years. I rate this film 9/10.

Matthew Carr photo
Matthew Carr

I got a chance to see the film at the recent Cannes Film Festival. I must say that it is one of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen. The cinematography is done wonderfully, the music is magnificent, and the script is deeply moving and superbly written. The viewer feels at times as though he or she is truly there, as if the film is coming to life in front of them. The cinematography also makes you feel that you are in a scene of a big film, as opposed to a TV commercial, because you feel as though you are actually there with the characters. It is also breathtakingly beautiful, especially in the view of the audience. The film was shot on location in Santo Domingo and the surrounding area. The scenes are beautifully rendered, such as the scene where Dr. Rosa returns home to see his wife in her old house. It was so beautifully done that you will find yourself wanting to return to that house to see what it was like before. I am so glad I have the opportunity to see the film again, and I must say that it was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life.

Evelyn G. photo
Evelyn G.

I have watched this movie many times. I liked the story, the music, the acting, and I really liked the direction. I did not know who Emilio Estevez was, and then I saw his movie "The Tango" and found out who he is. Emilio Estevez is a great director. He knows how to build a movie, and what to use in a movie. I watched this movie more than once. It is not a film that can be seen once, but it is a film that I can watch again and again. For me, this movie is a 9, and it is also a very good 10, because it is not a film that should be watched over and over again. There are parts that are boring and long, but there are parts that are very good and exciting. I think this is Emilio Estevez's best movie. It is a good movie to watch, because it is very good. If you want to see a movie that makes you laugh, this is a movie for you.