Watch Iyengar: The Man, Yoga, and the Student's Journey

Iyengar: The Man, Yoga, and the Student's Journey

Feature documentary on the life, struggle, and teaching of world-renowned yogi BKS Iyengar.

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India, USA
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William W. photo
William W.

I was a yoga teacher for about two years. Now that I am done with that life, I am writing this review. This is an in depth look into the power and control that is within a teacher and the people who work with him or her. The author of the documentary was someone I worked with for two years. The teacher was known for his use of yoga to change the lives of others. He changed my life, and changed the lives of many people in my practice. The film is focused on his life and the teacher, but I found it to be a wonderful documentary on the yoga culture. I was deeply touched by the story of this man who was a teacher of the art of yoga. This documentary also shows the power that yoga can have on the lives of people and it shows the suffering that yoga can cause. The film does not just show how one can use yoga to change lives, but it shows how yoga can change the people and the way they see the world. I found the film to be very entertaining. I could not put it down. I recommend this film for anyone who is interested in yoga, or anyone who has ever studied yoga. I would also recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about yoga. The writer and director of the film, Jamie Davis, also wrote "The Yoga Encyclopedia", which is a book that is available on Amazon. I would also recommend the documentary "Gita: The Secret of Life".

Patricia Martin photo
Patricia Martin

Very entertaining, well-produced, and very well-made. I like the idea of taking the viewers through a journey from all of the yoga-types. I think that this documentary was a great success. The end of the documentary did not disappoint me. There was a lot of questions and insights that I would like to have, but I cannot. It's a shame because I really like this type of documentary. If I can't get all the answers, I will try to get a sense of what it is that I want to know. I don't want to get too deep into the science, or the science behind the different types of yoga, but I want to get a sense of how these different types of yoga affect our lives. I want to learn how these yoga practices can help people live their lives in harmony. That's what I wanted to learn. This is an extremely well-produced documentary that was well-done. I think that it was a great documentary to see. I have watched it a number of times and it gets better every time.

Jacqueline photo

I am a yoga teacher in New York and this documentary is absolutely fascinating. It's one of the best documentary's I've ever seen and it gives an important message. It's so hard to get people to understand the art of yoga and I think it's a message that should be passed on to the next generation. What really got me was the story of the documentary and the way it was done. It was so well done and I really appreciate it. The story was so well told. I hope more people will see this film because it is so important.

Amy photo

The idea of this documentary is pretty simple. It's not about Yogis, but about India, the people and their myths. So, the documentary isn't about Yogis, but about India, the people and their myths. The only "Yoga" mentioned in the film is about reciting a mantra, in which people recited the names of the Gods, and their powers and desires. There is no mention of how these are linked to the human body. I think that is what the film makers wanted to show, that there are many different types of Yoga. Yoga in India is called Ayurveda, and it is not an organized religion, but the people use it as a way to improve their health, so that they can live longer. It's the use of Ayurveda that gives people a lot of health benefits. Yoga is also an art. So, when I think of the documentary, I can't think of the word "Yoga" because I don't know what yoga is. I think it's about people who are practicing Ayurveda, and how that can improve their health. Yoga is about the health of the mind, body and soul. It is about self-realization, and the creation of a better, healthier and more happy life. If you think of yoga as being about a new age, you probably think of something like Vinyasa yoga. It's about the practice of Vinyasa yoga, but it's not as simple as reciting a mantra and doing an exercise. I think the main idea is about how we can get out of our comfort zone, and practice different styles of Yoga. The film makers chose to focus on a very specific area, and they focus on a very specific aspect of Yoga. So, I think if you focus on the Yoga aspect, it is difficult to get to understand the rest of the documentary. There is one exception, which is the cover of the DVD. It's really good. It's actually the cover of the documentary. The cover of the DVD is a really good cover, because it has a really great image. I think it's important to have a great cover for the DVD. The DVD also contains some interesting facts about Yoga. In the DVD, there is an interview with a very popular teacher of Yoga in India, and a documentary about the work of Ayurveda. You'll also find a brief about the place where yoga originated in India. And finally, there is a short discussion about the man who founded the modern Yoga, and how he changed the entire practice. In the end, I think that the documentary is really good, because it focuses on a really unique topic. And also, it's very interesting to see how Yoga is practiced in India, as well as how it has spread to different countries, like Europe. The documentary has a really good balance of interviews with people, and things about the different styles of Yoga. You get a really good idea about how Yoga is practiced, and about how different styles of Yoga are used. In the end, it's about a different approach to Yoga, and about how Yoga can improve people's health, and how Yoga is not just about reciting a mantra and doing some exercise. I really enjoyed this documentary, because it is about a really unique subject. And I really recommend that you watch this documentary. I think it's one of the best documentaries you'll ever see. It's one of the best documentaries about Yoga I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of documentaries about Yoga. The documentary is really good, and I really recommend you watch it.

Harry photo

This is the film that I thought of the day before I saw the latest motion picture to get an Academy Award. I had just watched the Academy Awards, and they were all about what would happen when the light bulb in a movie would go off. I remember sitting at my computer, having my eyes closed, thinking to myself "How can this movie get an Oscar? It's about a guy that's been through the same thing I've been through!" I had no idea this movie would turn out to be this amazing. It's about the story of Iyengar, a struggling Indian businessman who has just lost his business, but he still finds it to be his one and only source of happiness. When I saw the movie, I was actually in tears. I was just looking at my screen wondering how long this movie was going to keep me from watching it. This is definitely not a movie you would enjoy watching alone. The reason why I love this movie is because it has such a great message. The film tells about the importance of yoga. Yoga is a key part of Iyengar's life, and he does all of the exercises, with his life. He gets into a lot of pain, but in the end, he gets through it, because he's finding that he's the only one that knows how to really live. I also like that the movie shows you the way yoga works. I like that it gives you all the information, how the exercise goes, what you can do, and how it can make you feel better. I have to say, I really love this movie. The characters are so amazing. I have to say, if you are a fan of David Bowie, then you will definitely love the movie. I love this movie because it shows how yoga can help you achieve what you want in life. You have to learn about what you want to do in life, and then you have to work for it. I really love the message that the movie shows, and I definitely recommend this movie to anyone. If you haven't seen it yet, then you should definitely see it. 8/10

Ashley Russell photo
Ashley Russell

I'm one of the millions of yogis that do it all the time. The content of the film is very informative and full of facts that are not often available. Although the film does not cover a specific subject like the benefits of anaartha or how to prepare for a presentation of the Kundalini chakra, it covers many things that are important. The beauty of the film is the way it goes into the minds of people who want to learn and become a yogi and also a yogi and the way it encourages them to be active in their own lives and their lives around them. The subjects covered are fairly wide, but I think that most of the subjects are good and could be included in a book. The film is very good at providing the information about yoga and meditation and yoga practices, both physical and spiritual. The film also includes various lectures on Yoga and meditation that people can take in to their own practice. If you have the time and interest to watch the film, it will give you a great overview of the different aspects of yoga and meditation. A great movie for all people who want to become a yogi or a yogi in their own life.

Austin B. photo
Austin B.

I just want to make it clear that I'm a lifelong yoga and Wicca practitioner, so I went into this film with a lot of preconceived ideas and expectations. And, I'm so glad I didn't pay for it. I thought the pacing of the film was great and that it was on the same page as the yoga teachings of some of the people interviewed. I'm also very glad that the film didn't play up the sensationalism that some of the actors (eg. Rick Halliwell) bring to their performances. Instead, I was pleased to see the compassionate and warm nature of the people who came to the studios with the hopes of finding an alternative to the mainstream health care system that exists in the US. I also thought the film's direction was well-balanced. There are moments of humor, sadness, and hope, but the way the film is edited helps to keep the focus on the real story. It makes the film more uplifting and more fulfilling for the viewer. The characters were all interesting and different and the film kept me interested in seeing what would happen to them. I was so glad I didn't pay for this movie.

Gary photo

I remember watching the video "Introduction to Yoga" when I was younger. I was shocked at the images and sounds of the ancient traditions. I did not understand the video at the time, but after watching it many times, I understood. I am in the process of learning more about Yoga. It is now in my research for a degree in yoga. I wanted to share the knowledge that I have received through this program. This video was excellent. The teacher, Ana Popescu, is a natural. I highly recommend it.

Brittany photo

A wonderful film about a man who discovered that yoga taught him to use his mind and spirit to make his life better, his health better, and the world better. The whole film is told through interviews with some of his students and colleagues, and more than one inspiring film. I can't remember the last time I felt so connected to a person and his ideas, ideas, and his vision, and this film is a nice way to do that. It's a brilliant film, well worth seeing.

David F. photo
David F.

Iyengar's The Man, Yoga, and the Student's Journey, was filmed in a period of time when it was not widely understood that yoga was a legitimate exercise, and was not always practiced by upper-class yoga practitioners. Many of the participants in the documentary portray the practice of yoga as practiced by rich people who enjoy the work and are not really concerned about health. This film shows a different side of yoga, where its practitioners are actually among the poorest and sickest of the poor in the world, and its participants are actually people of colour, with varying backgrounds and strengths. As a person who lives in India, I was struck by the similarities between the countries in the film and the countries in which I live, both being urban countries with relatively large populations. I also had a very good feeling about India. The country has undergone tremendous social and economic changes, and its current government is extremely progressive and in touch with the people. I was most impressed by how the women in the film demonstrated yoga through their daily lives, and the overall feeling that this film evoked. In addition to a great documentary about yoga, I would also recommend this film to people who enjoy film-making and want to see a film about yoga. People who are unfamiliar with yoga will probably find this film as interesting as I did.

Olivia H. photo
Olivia H.

I'm not the biggest fan of Oiyan. That doesn't make him a bad film. It doesn't make him a bad film. He's just not my cup of tea. But this film really did give me a chance to change that. It gave me hope and taught me a lot. I felt like I had the chance to study a different side of the way of yoga. And it did help me develop my ability to use my body. And it did help me realize that I could just as easily use my body as a yoga mat as a pole, and that the way of yoga is just as vital as the way of the pole. This film is a story about a couple of guys who left India and traveled to America. The only thing that stopped them was their expectations of what their life should be like. But then, as the story progresses, they realize that their expectations are wrong. And they learn that in yoga, it's all about experience and learning. It's not about what's happening to others, it's all about the experience and the learning. And so they learn that their expectations are not the only ones that need to be followed. It's their own desire and the way of yoga that they need to learn. It's the simple fact that they have no idea about yoga that makes them realize how much they have in yoga. It's that knowledge of yoga that gives them hope. And it's that belief in what they've learned that keeps them going. And it's that experience that gives them the ability to become stronger than they ever thought possible. It's the simple knowledge that they have about yoga that makes them realize the value of it. It's the simple knowledge that makes them realize that they can make a difference in the world. And it's that belief in what they've learned that makes them keep going.

Ethan photo

I recently watched "Iyengar: The Man, Yoga, and the Student's Journey" on Netflix. I really liked the film. It's a well-made documentary, shot mostly in Bhutan and Nepal. The people interviewed speak with a lot of passion about their yoga practice and the philosophy behind it. I really appreciated the movie's honesty and how it tried to present yoga as a way to cultivate personal strength. I also appreciated the fact that Iyengar is the first documentary to use a variety of yoga techniques, instead of just focusing on one specific technique. As a yoga teacher myself, I think it's important to know about the variations in yoga techniques. This documentary makes an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to learn about the practice. Also, if you are interested in yoga, it's an excellent place to start. For people who are interested in the culture of yoga, the movie also provides information about the Bhutanese and Nepalese communities in Nepal. I liked the fact that Iyengar makes a point of taking some elements of popular yoga forms like "kirtan" and "vinyasa" and combining them with his own personal philosophy of yoga. I also liked how the movie pointed out the tension between individualism and communalism. I am a yogi myself, and I felt that Iyengar was a good teacher to show the struggle between the two and the importance of knowing the difference between the two. The movie also provides an excellent overview of yoga in Bhutan. The people interviewed all seem to be very happy with their yoga practice and it's success in Bhutan. I also liked the fact that Iyengar points out that people are not always as happy with their yoga practice as they are with their daily lives. For example, the subject of the film is "Kikong", which is the name of the yoga technique used by a couple of people. The couple uses the technique in order to focus on their relationship and the fact that they have sex. The husband says that his practice is a lot like sex, and the wife is not happy with the idea. I don't think this is an uncommon phenomenon in the yoga world. I also appreciated that Iyengar also points out the importance of staying grounded and not having the practice lead you astray. I really think that this movie is well-made and it is definitely worth watching. However, the DVD I bought did not have the English subtitles. I would recommend watching this movie in English.

Donna F. photo
Donna F.

This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It is very much in the spirit of the old style Indian documentary films. A mix of film clips, commentary, interviews and inspiring interviews with people who have undergone the most difficult experiences in their lives, from disaster to religious conversion. From the moment I saw it I knew that it would be a very well made film. The first half hour was an interview with Prof. Bikram Chatterji, who is a pioneer in the field of Yoga. He is so good at this, that I thought he could play a key role in helping the story of the documentary. But the interview was interrupted by some people and I had to read some information before I could get back to him. This did not bother me too much, because I think I already know the background information, but when it was over I knew that this was a very good film. This is really an important film and very well made. I highly recommend it.

David D. photo
David D.

Great documentary! It covers a variety of subjects, but mainly about how people interact in a traditional Indian temple. But there is some very good talk about yoga. The director did a good job, giving us all the background information about the various topics covered, and how the subjects were connected with each other. He did a good job of trying to integrate all of the subjects into the same timeline, but also told the stories of each individual with great clarity. I liked the emphasis on the spiritual nature of the subjects, and also the various groups of people who were featured in the documentary. I really liked the way he edited the stories to give them a flow, and made them more clear. I thought the documentary was very well done and I think everyone should watch it.

Philip O. photo
Philip O.

I saw this film for the first time last week, and was so pleasantly surprised by what I found. It was extremely educational, and completely left me in awe. The narration was so powerful, and I could not help but feel a connection to the film. The interviews with the teachers, and the interviews with students, were so illuminating, and made me so much more aware of the difference between teaching and "rehabilitation" (ie. performing yoga, or performing meditation). What I loved the most about the film was that I was not surprised when some of the teacher's health issues were revealed, but that I could relate to it all. The teachers were all great, but there were some that I could not relate to at all. However, the topic of health is not something that is often brought up in films, and the directors did a fantastic job of making sure that this was not an issue that was completely ignored. This is not something that I would have ever given a try, or even wanted to think about, if it wasn't for the film. I am truly impressed. This film has been compared to another Indian film called "Ishq". But this is my opinion, and I think that the films are very different. "Ishq" focuses on a man's mental health, and how he goes about recovering from it. The interviews are more superficial, and focused on personal experiences, rather than things like how he felt after the hospital. This film, however, takes a different approach to this, and focuses on how a man can go about recovering from a mental illness, and how he goes about doing this. It is both in-depth, and informative. I strongly recommend this film. If you are a teacher, or a student, or both, I think you should see this film. You won't be disappointed.

Vincent photo

I first watched this documentary in 2016, and I've been trying to find it ever since. It's great. When I first saw it, I thought, "This is going to be about the Indian mind-set, but it turns out it's about the mindset of a student, and how they would adapt to the various other facets of the religion. It's a very well-done documentary." But as I watched it, I realized it was only about the student's mindset, and there wasn't really anything about the teacher's. There was a bit of a discrepancy between the viewpoints of the teacher and the student. It's a bit strange that they could use the same language, but the teacher's perspective was always so very different from the student's perspective. And it felt as though the teacher had a lot more influence than the student, in some instances. Overall, this is a good documentary that could have been better. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the culture, the history, and the religions. If you're not familiar with yoga, the documentary will be extremely beneficial.

Billy M. photo
Billy M.

I have been a practicing yoga teacher for over 30 years, and I have never experienced this level of complete joy. To the viewer of this movie, I am simply in awe of this journey of the students. The movie does not show you a screen filled with statistics, but instead shows you the real life story of each student. I can only imagine what the impact it had on the students when they saw this movie. The students in this movie were not in control of their lives, but were able to make the most of what they had. They didn't know the consequences of their choices, and that was their accomplishment. I will never forget the sound of the student's voice when they sat through the lesson. It was not loud, but full of sound, and seemed to reflect the full range of the sounds in the universe. I am very surprised that this movie was not made into a motion picture. I hope that you will all watch this movie, and the students will be in awe of this film.

Carol Burke photo
Carol Burke

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this documentary. It isn't too long, and it does a good job of providing a more objective view on the way yoga was practiced and perceived by a large part of the population. It also has the advantage of being made by a respected figure, who is also the creator of this film. As such, it is a much more professional and professional film. Although this is an extensive documentary, the director doesn't treat it as a "how to" movie. Rather, it is a very well thought out and produced documentary. The film focuses on the "way to" of yoga, the way it was perceived by the yoga teachers, and how yoga was taught and taught by the yoga teachers. It does so in a very clear and concise manner. What you see is the kind of information that is considered important in a yoga teacher's presentation, which is a very useful, and I would say very important, thing in the creation of a great teacher. I would also like to point out that I am a practicing yoga teacher myself, and this documentary only confirms my opinion that yoga is one of the most important aspects of teaching, which is not only as a teaching tool, but also as a practice. The documentary also shows how some of the larger influential figures of the yoga world also had their own personal experiences with yoga, which is interesting to see in the context of a documentary. Lastly, I will just mention that this documentary is not a documentary that claims to be "the" "truth" on yoga. It is, in fact, a documentary that shows the "way to" and "ways" to yoga, but does not tell you how to do yoga. As such, it is very accessible, and very relevant to people who are not very familiar with yoga. It also shows the rise of some yoga teachers who were a bit more knowledgeable about yoga, but ultimately not very good at teaching yoga. This does not make them bad teachers, but it does make them not very well known. Overall, I am glad that the documentary was made, because I think it has a lot of value. If you are not already a yoga teacher, it is a great way to get familiar with the art of yoga.

Robert T. photo
Robert T.

When a film is made in India and it is made in English, you can assume it will be more expensive. But for this movie, which I saw recently at the Sundance Film Festival, the cost was less than the production budget. I mean, no big-budget films in India have very low production costs, which means the costs of a budget to make a movie in India are not much higher than most American movies. In fact, I think there are films from India that are cheaper than some Hollywood films. And if you ask me, "Why? Why would you spend money on a movie like this?" It's because of the filmmaker. A lot of people ask me, "Why does the filmmaker make the film he makes?" To that, I say, "Why not?" It is a pleasure to see so many excellent movies, even in the business of making movies. I would not suggest anyone to go out and make a movie, but if you really want to see a great movie, then go and see one. This is the film that I would say, is "The best documentary film of the year." It is made on such a simple budget that I think that the filmmaker must have had a lot of passion for the movie. It is not only an educational film, but it is also a documentary, and that is a good thing. One of the reasons I like this film so much is that it makes us think about what we do, how we feel about it, and it makes us ask ourselves, "Why did I do it?" I can't wait for more filmmakers to make films like this. But for the Indian film-maker, this is a new level of quality. This is not only a good documentary, it is a great documentary.

Michael photo

As a student of Ayurveda, I had been thinking about the influence of Ayurveda on my life. I have always had a dream of learning yoga. I am so glad that I have now found a home that supports the family to follow their dream. The director of the film, and Ayurveda experts Dr. Tejaswi Gokhale and Dr. Sachin Samir, made me realise that the goal of yoga is to heal and rejuvenate the body. Yoga is so much more than just yoga. Dr. Samir showed me the extent that you can heal people, and that not only yourself, but also your family and your neighbours can heal. The film ended with me taking a shower of holy water that was being washed by the director's wife, and I felt that yoga was indeed the answer to my question of how I could heal. Ayurveda has been my guide since I was a child, and I am so glad that I was able to follow Ayurveda and use it to heal my body. Yoga is a unique form of medicine that brings healing to the body, mind and spirit. This film really gives us the knowledge that yoga is about healing and rejuvenation, and that it is one of the most powerful healing practices that we can ever learn. This is the true meaning of Yoga and I am so grateful that this film has given me this great information to know. I would recommend everyone to see this film, and if you have a problem with the film, just let me know, I will try to work with you. I believe that the best cure is to be aware of what your body is doing and to heal it. This film gives you the information you need to heal your body.

Sharon P. photo
Sharon P.

In my experience, this is one of the most highly recommended documentaries I've ever seen. It takes a lot of courage for people to expose the dark side of the yoga industry, and the people in this documentary are clearly committed to sharing their stories and their struggles. As an exercise in good filmmaking, it's incredibly well-done. The footage is extremely beautiful, the editing is very creative, and the music is both haunting and energetic. This is the sort of documentary that should be seen by everybody. However, I'm sure many of the people I know will not be able to find this documentary as readily as I did. That's the beauty of documentary making: It's easy to find a documentary that is perfect for you, but you have to decide what your interests are. I have no interest in yoga. Yoga is something that is very special to me, and I would rather not have this documentary tell me about how wonderful yoga is. I've always been attracted to a specific type of documentary. I was drawn to documentaries about the religious and spiritual aspects of religions, as well as documentaries about UFOs. Yoga was always a little bit of a bridge for me. I've never seen anything about yoga in the news, and I've never heard about it in the news. That's why I wasn't really interested in watching the documentary about yoga. So, I was really surprised when I saw that this was made by the creators of the documentary about UFOs. I was even more surprised when I saw the stories from the documentary about the various negative things that were said about yoga. I thought I'd never hear about yoga, but then I started seeing it mentioned in the news. Now, I'm looking forward to learning more about yoga. It was interesting to see a documentary about the different types of yoga that people practice. There are many different kinds of yoga, and I'm curious to see how they all work. I would love to learn more about yoga. I'm going to do my research, but I think it's important for people to find a documentary that is exactly what they're looking for. So, if you're interested in learning about yoga, this is definitely a documentary that you should see. If you're interested in learning about the negative aspects of yoga, you should also see this documentary.