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Eating Animals

Eating Animals is a movie starring Natalie Portman. An examination of our dietary choices and the food we put in our bodies. Based on Jonathan Safran Foer's memoir.

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Zjadanie zwierzat
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Christopher Dillon Quinn
Christopher Dillon Quinn, Jonathan Safran Foer
Natalie Portman
China, India, USA, UK, Germany
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Eating Animals is the feature-length documentary adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer's critically acclaimed book of the same name. The film reveals through intimate narratives what has happened to our country in the past 40 years as we have moved away from traditional farming communities to massive industrial farming complexes that produce a seemingly endless supply of so-called "cheap" meat, eggs, and dairy. What starts out as a simple question - where does our meat come from? - quickly takes us down the rabbit hole of today's industrial animal agriculture and becomes an exploration of the ultimate stakes of eating animals, the destruction of farming, and the complete unwinding of the American mythos.

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Christine P. photo
Christine P.

I was excited to see this movie, I love animal rights and I am passionate about the topic of animal rights. I thought it was a great movie and the information was very good. The movie is not all about animals. It is about the issue of animals in the animal shelter, and the reality of animal abuse. It is about how animals are treated in the shelter. The movie was very informative and very well done. The information was very informative and it was very entertaining. I thought the movie was very well done. It was very entertaining and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in animal rights. I think the movie was very informative and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in animal rights.

Zachary Bowman photo
Zachary Bowman

If you want to see a documentary about this topic then check out the documentary on the History Channel, "Hunting the Hungry." This film provides an excellent overview of the controversy surrounding the practice of feeding the homeless to wildlife. It was done in the 1980's and is a great film that discusses the ethics of the practice and the history of the practice. There is a lot of history and a lot of talking that goes into this film. It is great to hear from the actors in the film, especially Dr. Henshaw who is the leading authority on the issue. The film does not have a happy ending, but that is part of the history of the practice. This film is great for all ages.

Judith M. photo
Judith M.

I've watched this documentary and I have to say it was pretty good. I think it was very well done and I think it was well made. The narration was very well done and the documentary was very well done. The one thing I didn't like was that they used the same footage over and over again. It got old. The one thing I didn't like was that the footage was edited so it was not clear what was being said. It was also edited so it was not clear what the subject was talking about. I thought the narration was good and the narration was very good. I liked the documentary. I thought the documentary was well done and I think it was well made. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Theresa D. photo
Theresa D.

It is a typical documentary which reveals the history of the subjects, their personalities, their problems, their achievements, and their private lives. It is very well structured, and has a good, deep plot. However, the film's content and narration was a bit too much in a way. The main part of the documentary is about a very famous Japanese movie, which was made in the 1970s. However, the narration did not show that the Japanese director, and the Japanese actors, are of Japanese nationality. The narration did not explain why the Japanese director and Japanese actors are Japanese. I think it would be more accurate if the narration was about the Japanese director and Japanese actors who are of Japanese nationality. This is a very big problem. In addition, the narration did not explain why some people in Japan are criticized for their statements, and why some people in Japan are praised for their statements. Finally, it was a bit too long. It should have been shorter. If I were the Japanese director, I would have done a better job.

Julia photo

It's always a pleasure to watch this film. It's a funny, snappy and almost satirical look at a number of issues. What's most interesting about it is that it's so close to the truth, yet it's so controversial. It shows that even when a company has done something bad, it still has a lot of positive elements. I was particularly impressed with the clip of the chicken farmer from the film. I can see how it's a different perspective, but it's also the same perspective I have with the farmers I've met on farms. I would also like to add that the film is made by a small, independent film company and I'm sure they will do a lot better than this one.

Madison photo

A film that is quite controversial and controversial to many people. It is difficult to say if this film is effective, even though it is not a documentary. It is not an animal rights film. It is also not a documentary. If you are looking for a documentary, this is not it. But if you want to learn more about the possible issues with our food supply, you should definitely watch this film. It was well done, and the filmmaker, and the producers, made a point of keeping the film focused on the topic, which is something that is often overlooked. It was a good documentary, but not a great documentary. It was good to see a documentary that was not about one particular issue, but instead focused on a topic that is very important, but is rarely discussed in the media.

Gerald Banks photo
Gerald Banks

I just saw this at the recent Toronto Film Festival, and I can tell you that it's a very interesting and well-told story. There are a lot of great moments that you can relate to and those that you can't. It's a story about the ups and downs of being a vegetarian in a meat-eating world. This is a great film and I look forward to seeing it again. The cinematography and sound are excellent. The acting is excellent, especially from young kids. I have a feeling that this film will be a great source of information for many, but also for those who are interested in vegetarianism, health, or the environment.

Sean photo

I don't know why I was ever interested in this documentary, but it was an interesting one. It's also a rare treat for an animal lover. I'd read that this movie was made on the cheap, and I agree. It has some amazing footage, but it's very grainy and low-budget. I'm sure it could have been more detailed, but the director did a good job in conveying the gist of the story. It's a great opportunity to see a documentary on a subject that has been well-covered in the media. It's not all glamorous, and the director does a good job in keeping the interest. This is also an opportunity to hear some interesting interviews. I was impressed by what I heard, and it's definitely worth checking out.

Janet G. photo
Janet G.

This documentary looks at the lives of people who live off the land. It looks at the destruction of their forest and the animals they depend on, their relationship with nature, and the people who live in their world. The stories and the images are very compelling and powerful. The photos are powerful. The interviews are insightful. The movie is entertaining. I would recommend it to anyone.

Gary M. photo
Gary M.

I really enjoyed this movie. I was surprised to find out how much time was spent on the production. It was interesting to see how the film was made and how it was organized. It was also nice to see a documentary about the process of how the film was made. I was also surprised to find out how much time was spent on the production of the film. The documentary showed how much work was put into the film and the time spent on it. The film was very well done. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in seeing how a documentary is made.

Bruce R. photo
Bruce R.

I watched this film last night, and I am glad I did. This film is based on a true story, and it is very well done. The film gives the viewer a very good look into the life of a blind man who lived the last 20 years of his life alone. I think the film is very well made. I can't believe this is only a 7.9 out of 10 rating on IMDb. I think the director did a fantastic job of portraying the life of a man who is blind and was able to live a happy life. This movie is definitely worth a watch.

Jean Sullivan photo
Jean Sullivan

A fascinating and informative documentary about the origins of the national park system in the United States, which has been under threat for years from the inevitable consolidation of national parks by private companies. The documentary starts out with a narration by the famed explorer and writer J.M. Barrie. He relates the story of how the English, after their discovery of the Americas, were so enamored of the wildness of the wilderness that they created the national park system. This movie is about the evolution of this system, and how it has been a cornerstone of American culture for over 200 years. A group of film makers and directors, including Robert Redford, Jeff Bridges, Jeff Bridges, Ed Harris, John Lithgow, and Rob Reiner, each take on different stories and stories of people who have used the national park system for recreation, education, and inspiration. As you watch this documentary, you will learn about the motivations of those who created the system, as well as how it has been used as a source of recreation and adventure. The documentaries focus on the wildness of the wilderness and the adventure that these people take when they are not in the park. It is interesting to watch how the different stories are linked together. The stories of these people are also interesting because they provide a historical context to the stories told by the other people. This is a fascinating movie to watch.

Ryan photo

I was looking forward to this documentary as a chance to hear from an expert in this area. I found out that the people who are most in need of this information are the ones who are most affected by the animals' suffering. I don't believe that this documentary will make a huge difference, but it did help me to understand the animal rights movement a little better. I'm looking forward to the next documentary I'll be able to see with a great animal activist. I don't think it will make me more sympathetic towards the animal rights movement, but it certainly has helped me to understand the situation of these animals. I hope this helps some people to gain a better understanding of the animal rights movement.

Karen photo

This documentary about the efforts of a British vegetarian group to help the animals in the South of France. It's a bit depressing in places, but you can't help but be moved by the efforts of the people involved. This film is the kind of thing you could watch over and over again.

Sandra E. photo
Sandra E.

This documentary shows the life of a young woman who has a serious eating disorder and is struggling with anorexia nervosa. The main focus is on her mother and her relationship with her dad and siblings. This is the film that really made me want to start working towards my degree. The focus on her family is so well done, and the director does a great job showing the family life of a young woman. The only real problem with this film is that the narrative is often slow and you may miss some important points. If you are looking for a documentary on eating disorders, this is the best choice you can get.

Sean A. photo
Sean A.

In a documentary film, one of the primary goals is to provide the viewer with a more complete and satisfying story. Eating Animals does this very well, with an interesting, compelling and often surprising story about the world of factory farming. This film is a must-see for anyone interested in the issue of animal agriculture. It is a must-see for anyone who cares about the health of the planet.

Jose West photo
Jose West

The film starts with a young man, named Benjamin Bratt, who works for the National Science Foundation. After the mother of his child (Tami-Lynn Head) dies, he's put on a suicide watch, but the watch keeps going and going and going. After about 6 months, he ends up at the local animal hospital where the new patient is a black labrador named Sophie. Sophie and the man that he now loves, named Stanley, have been adopted by a family that has a whole home for stray dogs and animals. Sophie's owner is Stanley's son, who is a violent criminal. At the end of the film, the two meet and the dog is taken away from Stanley and Sophie. The film ends with Stanley being brought in to a mental hospital and the dog is put to sleep. This is a very moving and powerful film and I recommend it.

Gloria photo

I just finished watching the documentary "Eating Animals" on Youtube, and it was a pretty good documentary. It follows the journey of an autistic, teenage boy named Leo, and his friends and family, through his schooling in a Catholic school, to his relationship with a girl he was close to, and how he came to be diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. This is a documentary that should be in every school and family's library. The documentary is interesting, it focuses on the autistic spectrum, and it does a good job of giving a human aspect to the story. The documentary does a good job of giving a sense of understanding of how the autistic spectrum works. It shows the struggles, the love, and the struggle of people with autism, and it gives the viewer an idea of how it is like to be autistic. It also gives an idea of the struggles of a family with a young autistic child. It was also interesting to see that the parents were not autistic, but had a normal child, and that there was a normal child, and a boy, who was autistic. I really enjoyed the documentary, it was good, and it was good to see how it was like for Leo. I recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about autism, or for parents of autistic children. I also recommend this documentary to anyone who likes documentaries that are emotional and have a human touch. I think this is a good documentary, it was a good documentary.

Kimberly Nelson photo
Kimberly Nelson

I've just watched this documentary on Netflix. I had never heard of it before, and now I want to watch it again. It's a great movie. I was surprised at how different it was from other documentaries I've seen, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to watch it. It's not just about animals and their behaviour, but it's about their relationships with their owners, and how they cope with that. I was particularly impressed with the footage of the animal's behaviour, and the way the animals interact with each other. It's not a perfect documentary, and there are a few parts where I felt that it could have been more detailed, but overall it was great. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see something different, and it's a great way to spend an evening.

Ronald photo

I was looking forward to this documentary because I've been a vegetarian for the last 20 years. I don't know much about eating animals, but I do know that there is a big difference between eating a chicken and a cow. I watched the documentary and realized that the two main points made in this film are true. The documentary is made by someone who has been a vegetarian for the last 20 years, and he does a good job at giving the facts and opinions. The documentaries uses clips of a number of animal documentaries, and he uses some facts about meat eating, but it is mainly the opinions of vegetarians and vegans that he uses. The film is very informative, but it is a bit slow at some points. Also, some of the meat eating people are not too helpful, and they seem to try to spread misinformation. There is also some racial stereotyping of vegans, and there are some funny scenes with animals. I recommend this film to everyone, but it is not for everyone.

Gary M. photo
Gary M.

I enjoyed this film immensely, and I would definitely recommend it to others. The cinematography is excellent, the story is believable and poignant, and it's an excellent film to watch with your family. This film is a good look at the environmental issues and social issues of our time, and the film shows us the grim reality of many animals being killed and eaten for meat in the name of "food". I think the message of the film is that if we want to reduce the amount of meat in our society we have to take control of our own bodies, and stop buying into the world we've created, and go vegan. However, if you want to experience a film that will make you think, and will make you a better person, see this film. If you like documentaries about the environment, I think you'll like this film.

Carl photo

I just got back from watching "The Animal Eating Men" at a screening in New York City. It was a very educational and introspective film. The director and his crew really took the time to get to know and understand the issues facing the animals that were portrayed. We were also treated to some amazing footage, which shows the cruelty of factory farming. The fact that this film was shot on a shoestring budget is extremely impressive. It shows that a lot of the funds went towards the film's cost, which was probably at least $50,000. The film's ability to tell the story and tell the viewers a great deal of facts was not lost on me. I also appreciated the fact that the filmmakers actually tried to get the audience to empathize with the animals. I really felt for the pigs, and I also felt bad for the chickens. There were some parts of the film that really made me cry, but overall it was an amazing film. It was nice to see how the animals were treated, and how the animals were treated. The director had us in tears, which is what really got to me. I really felt for the animals, and the animals were treated with respect. There were some very upsetting scenes in the film, and the director really went through the struggles of the animals. I definitely recommend this film to anyone who is interested in animal issues. It was extremely educational and very inspiring.

Jessica Barrett photo
Jessica Barrett

I was surprised to see a documentary that focused on animal welfare issues, but was not interested in the story. However, when I saw a link to a book called "The Whistleblowers" that is about the vast numbers of animal welfare activists who have been harassed and killed by animal activists, I decided to give it a try. Although there are many people who do not like this subject, the documentary is a must see for anyone who is concerned about animal welfare issues. The story is about a woman who goes undercover and becomes involved in the animal welfare issues of a large dairy farm. I have not read the book but I believe it is a must read. The producers did a very good job of portraying the animal welfare issues with a lot of honesty and even if it was not the real story, it was still an interesting story. The only negative point is that the documentary does not cover many important topics such as animal testing and how animal testing is unethical and should be banned. Other than that, it was a great documentary that should be watched by anyone who cares about animal welfare issues.

Marie M. photo
Marie M.

I recently saw this documentary on TV and thought it was quite interesting, mainly because it was so realistic. However, the subject of eating animals was controversial and I think the film could have been a little more focused on the political aspects of the issue, but I understand why it was controversial. I think most people would have felt the same way, however, the film was certainly worth watching, as it is just an informative look at the debate. The director did an excellent job of balancing the political views of the two parties, which was interesting. I think this documentary would be a good documentary to watch if you are interested in the topic. I give it a 7/10.

Dorothy photo

This documentary focuses on the lives of four people who have gone vegan and what it has meant to them. It's a fascinating and somewhat surprising journey. There are a lot of people who are passionate about veganism and are going to spend a lot of time talking about it. This documentary is a bit more about the people who are passionate about it, who don't want to be vegan and who go vegan and why. It's a good documentary and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand veganism better and want to find out more about it. It's not a documentary that will convince you to become vegan or make you vegan, it's just a documentary that will show you what a vegan is and what a vegan is not.

Brenda photo

This documentary on the US slaughterhouse industry is an interesting look into the lives of the animals. It is a good reminder that animals are sentient beings and deserve our respect. The documentary is a mixture of interviews with animals, producers, and workers and is interesting and sometimes depressing. The film is well done and informative. I recommend it.

Marie Lucas photo
Marie Lucas

The movie is a great example of a documentary about a truly fascinating subject. It's a story of the wild, and a story about the people who live in the wild. I have always been fascinated by the idea of eating animals, and this movie is a wonderful illustration of that. I was especially impressed by the way that the film was made. It was filmed on a handheld camera and the story was told in a very deliberate way. The director made it so that the animals were never seen, and the people who were narrating the story were not shown. This allowed the audience to be immersed in the story without ever having to see the animals. The acting was wonderful, and the editing was perfect. This film is a must see for anyone who is interested in the subject of eating animals.

Brian O. photo
Brian O.

I saw this film in a local theater, and I was so impressed with it that I went out and bought the DVD. The documentary is a great way to get a deeper look into the world of animal agriculture. It is very interesting to see how the animals are treated. They are given lots of attention and are given the best possible care. It is amazing to see how animals are raised and slaughtered. It is also very interesting to see how the animals are raised and killed. I felt that the film was very informative and very informative, and I really enjoyed it. The best part of the documentary was when the narrator talked about the history of animal farming. It is a very interesting story and it is very interesting to learn more about how animals are raised and slaughtered. I highly recommend this documentary. I give it a 9/10.

William B. photo
William B.

I thought this movie was fantastic. The movie starts off in a very interesting way with the narrator talking about the film "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and how it influenced him in his career. He goes on to talk about how he is a vegan and how he was forced to eat meat when he was in college. This is really an interesting story about how people can change their lives for the better. I think the most important thing to know about this documentary is that it is not made for the "vegan" crowd. It is made for the "vegetarian" crowd. The narrator does a great job explaining the story and also gives you a lot of information about the film. The movie also goes into a lot of detail about the animals who were in the film and how they were treated. The animals were treated very well and the people who were in the film were treated very well as well. The narration is also very interesting and the viewer is able to get a lot of information from it. I thought the movie was a great way to introduce people to the documentary "Journey to the Center of the Earth". I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a vegan or is interested in the vegan lifestyle.