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Born to Be Blue

Born to Be Blue is a movie starring Ethan Hawke, Carmen Ejogo, and Callum Keith Rennie. A re-imagining of jazz legend Chet Baker's musical comeback in the late '60s.

Other Titles
Born to be Blue, Gimęs liūdėti, ブルーに生まれついて, Chet Baker: A Lenda do Jazz, Pour l'amour de la musique, 生為藍調, Doğuştan Kederli, Born to be Blue: La Historia de Chet Baker, Η επιστροφή ενός θρύλου
Running Time
1 hours 37 minutes
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Music, Romance, Drama, Biography
Robert Budreau
Robert Budreau, James Luscombe
Callum Keith Rennie, Tony Nappo, Ethan Hawke, Carmen Ejogo
UK, Canada
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A re-imagining of jazz legend Chet Baker's musical comeback in the late '60s.

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Amy Lane photo
Amy Lane

A rare, yet rewarding film about love and betrayal, this film centers around the friendship between two young athletes: one a red-blooded male who longs to be accepted by women and the other a middle-aged and closeted homosexual whose desire for love comes from the perfect seed he took from his friend, who could have been a homosexual himself. Like most, I loved the premise of the film. But the film suffers from a flaw in the plot that kept me from reaching a true conclusion, and that was the very same flaw that killed the novel that I read, The Collapsing Man. What's going on here? What is a heterosexual man feeling when he is infatuated by a male homosexual? The film is trying to answer these questions, but fails. This is a problem, because the film is about love, but it does not have to answer these questions. It leaves them open for you to choose, but not by the writers. They could have left the questions open, but it is too obvious for the audience. I can't even call this a lesbian love story. The movie is about the relationship between two gay men, and it's about the love story between them. If you are looking for a movie that will answer all the questions, then you will probably be disappointed. This is not the case. The movie has the ingredients for a great film, but it's only because the movie is about a simple love story, and that is why the film fails. This film deserves more than 8 stars. I recommend it to people who have a strong appetite for history and a good love story. You will leave the film with an impression that you haven't left anything to the imagination. You will leave the film wanting to see more about this love story.

Kelly Carr photo
Kelly Carr

This is the first film I've ever watched that was so well done, I actually was too busy to think about anything else. I loved this movie. I was very impressed with how well it was shot, how beautiful it was, and how well it portrayed the life of Judy Garland. This film is full of great performances. Just as good as the music, as well as the direction and writing. I can't imagine how much more I would have enjoyed this film if I hadn't seen it in the theater. The performance that everyone is raving about, is the most beautifully directed performance I've ever seen. It's beautiful and moving and inspiring. The most important thing in the movie is that Judy Garland was still a beautiful woman, and this movie shows that. This film is filled with great music, great scenery, great camera work, great acting, great music, great photography. It is one of those movies that gets better the more you watch it. And this is one of the most beautiful movies that I've ever seen. I've watched this movie more times than I can count, and it's one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Ronald H. photo
Ronald H.

I loved the movie, especially the story of Alice, who is an apprentice singer in a circus. The story is great and has a lot of heart and even though the young girl is just a child, she has an intense way about her and tries her best to follow her dreams. She grows up into a pretty young lady who does everything to get her sound and keep up with her family, and she does, but she also has to deal with her mother's condition, which is to sing like a girl. She takes it all in her stride and it makes her believe that her dreams are alive. Even though her mother is a young and beautiful woman, she also has a bit of a selfish personality. She gets angry when she doesn't get the music that she wants and she tries to use it against Alice, but in the end, she has to learn that everyone has a heart and that you don't have to use others to get what you want. She also learns that you have to be willing to do what you have to do to get what you want and that the key is patience and love. Overall, it was a great movie and I highly recommend it.

Ann E. photo
Ann E.

A moving, heartbreaking story of the rise and fall of great singer-songwriter Henry Lattimer. If you are looking for a movie that will make you think, look no further. Henry Lattimer was the lead singer and lead songwriter of the original Broadway revival of the hit musical musical "Singing in the Rain." He was killed by a drunk driver while performing in the old show. He was left a symbol of beauty, song, and talent. The movie is a true story, and in many ways a true love story. That was the only way they could keep it together, was by recreating Lattimer's death in the revival. The movie does a good job of showing how it was to go from a world of amazing music to a world of the dead. There were no tears in the theater. It was well done. I hope this movie makes you cry.

Benjamin Henderson photo
Benjamin Henderson

After watching "I, Tonya" I was very intrigued. It seemed to have a lot of potential and I was very excited for the film. I expected the movie to be mostly about this very well-known and notorious woman, who many felt deserved the death penalty, but instead it became a very different and interesting movie. The story is very compelling and the acting was very good. One of the best things about this film was the music. I had no problem at all listening to the music. It was very dramatic and engaging. I was not bored at any time. I was very satisfied with the overall experience. I would highly recommend "I, Tonya".

Catherine M. photo
Catherine M.

Robert Redford is wonderful as a veteran singer in a dying era. The story is beautiful and tragic. The cast is excellent. I don't know how it got made in the last decade. What happened? I'm glad I saw it.

Lawrence Duncan photo
Lawrence Duncan

Sandra Bullock was perfect for this role, an underdog who was not known to the world of boxing. She pulled it off. The movie is the story of Mia who's journey into the world of boxing and her relationship with her mother who was her trainer. It is a little long, but the experience of watching this movie is worth it. I think that this movie shows the struggle of boxing and how Mia used the boxing to keep herself free and happy.

Janice photo

Don't expect any surprise in the ending. After a while, you expect it, but it doesn't come. You will not be surprised when you think about it. You may think "wow, that's the end" and you might even be reminded of your teenage years, but you won't be really shocked. You will know that this is what you have been waiting for, but you will also know that it is not your childhood memories. The situation with the father and the daughter has a very well-known symbolism. The father's self-imposed "reality" and the daughter's dream of being like the real mom, what has been waiting for so long, finally comes to fruition. And what comes out of the hole that is the father's life is not the best for the daughter. But he is a good man, and you can feel his love for his wife, his son and his daughter. He doesn't go out of his way to hurt her, or use his sons against her. But what he does is with love. He is a good man, and you want to see him in the future. He loves his wife, and he can't do anything about his daughter's death, but that's what he does to protect her. He can't change anything, but he can be a good father and protect his family. And what he does is love. It's sad, but it's a good ending. This movie is not for everyone. But it is a great movie, and I loved it.

Dennis H. photo
Dennis H.

I remember seeing this film in school and it instantly struck me as one of the best movies I have ever seen. My parents were so moved by it that they bought me a copy and watched it in my first ever film class. I was instantly hooked. This movie has everything you could want from a romantic comedy. Great acting, great performances, great settings, great stories, great music. I can't say enough about this movie. I would highly recommend it to anyone. For those of you who have never seen it, rent it and then watch it. I promise you will fall in love with this film.

Jeffrey Matthews photo
Jeffrey Matthews

Kung-fu is all around us, but seldom are the roots of the art held by its creators. This film is one of those films. It was directed by one of the pioneers of Asian cinema, Wong Jing (aka Ang Lee). It tells the story of the life of a master of Kung-Fu who was tragically taken from this world by an assassin in a shootout that killed his daughter and father. The movie was based on the memoirs of his wife, which in turn was based on his first wife's memoirs. The film tells the story of the former's struggles to reconcile with the world and his legacy of his life in the service of Kung-Fu. The performances in the movie are excellent, with the exception of Tzi Ma (Lee's wife) who gave a poor performance. It is definitely a film for Kung-Fu lovers, but also one for movie-goers who enjoy drama. It is a tale of love, loss and revenge. I would definitely recommend it for everyone.

Roger photo

This movie is a musical with a serious message. Although I have been very critical of "I Dreamed A Dream" for its mis-education on certain subjects, I am glad that this movie took an even greater risk and attempted to portray the reality of a young woman's suicide. In a couple of scenes the death of Anna, the young girl who committed suicide, is directly related to the message of the movie, but the others are not. I really don't understand the criticism of this movie. I don't think it is a realistic portrayal of suicide. I think it is more of a performance and a performance is about expressing the truth of life. I thought that the acting was superb and that it was a great performance by the actors and also a great performance by the director. I thought that the music was great. I think that this is a great movie that should be seen by everyone. I give this movie 8 out of 10.

Russell A. photo
Russell A.

The film itself was not that bad and it was well acted, though I had trouble following the conversations, I suppose because of the limited amount of dialog. I'm a sucker for romance and love stories and the movies that deal with these genres, and I love the movie for what it was and what it accomplished. I recommend it, but it isn't an award winning movie.

Sharon D. photo
Sharon D.

It's a pity that one of the best directors in British film industry, David Lynch, couldn't find a way to make his tale of a small-town girl's life and death in the turbulent world of alcohol and drug abuse feel more than just a mere two hours, but rather a whole two years, because it's one of the best films I've ever seen. It's an unexpected treat for those who have seen the credits and have heard the original story of Rosemary's Baby, and the fact that it can be told in a way that's both emotional and touching without resorting to the dramatic and melodramatic mannerisms of the earlier story is truly remarkable. Some of the scenes, in particular, which would have probably be considered purely dramatic by the original storyteller, seem perfectly natural to Lynch and it makes you feel that it was an incredible piece of work. There's also the way the characters are put together, even the completely unlikable characters, which would have been horrible to look at. Rosemary's Baby, for instance, is made to look like a very wicked, evil, and selfish woman, while the supporting characters all look like they could be the best of friends. It's the same with the characters in the movie that Rosemary's Baby is based on. The behavior of a drunk can never be realistic or realistic in a movie, but here it works perfectly. There's a lot of anger, pain, and hurt in the movie, and in the end it feels like the only way to deal with it is to keep on living. The main characters in the movie are not particularly likable characters, but they all have a role to play, and that makes them all feel more like real people, which is very rare these days. Lynch does a very good job in creating his characters, and the way they react to the situation is what makes it work. I think the real stars in the movie are the two main actors, Lisa and Steve, and the way they carry the movie is simply amazing. It's not only the beautiful cinematography of the movie, but the way the characters talk, and behave, and how they react to the situations they find themselves in is also very impressive. In my opinion, the best scenes are those where the movie switches back and forth between Lisa and Steve, because they actually become one of the most interesting characters in the movie, and their interactions are the ones that most deserve the attention. As the two main characters, the actors really do a good job, and we can't help but feel their pain and pain that Rosemary's Baby has to go through. This is what makes the movie work, and it's a movie that should be seen and enjoyed by any serious fan of cinema. It's a movie that's a feast for the eyes and ears, and a great movie to add to your collection. 8/10

Johnny Daniels photo
Johnny Daniels

When I first heard about this movie I was very interested. Having seen and loved "Breaking the Waves" and "Somewhere in Time" I was very excited to see "Moonlight" but sadly I wasn't too excited about this movie. The first half of the movie I thought it was very slow. The second half I felt the same way. In the end I thought the second half was better than the first half. I thought the acting was good. Denzel Washington was amazing in the movie. I really loved the scene where he tries to find a guy who could help him find his lost child. The last scene between his son and his father was very emotional. I thought the movie did a great job with the storyline. The movie was about an African-American man who had a son that was taken away from him. When he found out that his son was not his son, he was a little upset, but he kept looking for the guy who could help him find his son. When he found the guy, he felt like he had found his son. When he found the guy, he wanted to find out what had happened to him and why he was taken away from his son. I thought the movie did a good job in showing us the real pain of being separated from your child. I was very impressed by the acting by the whole cast. I think it was very well done and I loved it.

Christopher Perez photo
Christopher Perez

I have seen all the Rocky movies and this one is definitely not as good as the others. The movie is still good though, because it keeps the same story from the first Rocky and it keeps Rocky's rivalry with Rocky Balboa (Cliff) from the first one. And Rocky Balboa's mother and father are very good. I think this is a movie that everybody should watch.

Judy photo

Good film. Despite being based on the true story of the most famous jazz drummer in history, 'The Last Waltz' is very much a movie about the subject matter. Yes, it's true, and yes, it's sad. That's what the story is all about. The main character is his son, Carl A. Clark, and his life is just about a love of music. He was a founding member of the group, "Eagles of Soul", but after a serious illness, Carl is told by his mother that he must return to the US. A final decision will determine the direction of his life, and it is decided he will stay in Europe, with his son. His son, a recently-arrived immigrant from Ethiopia, who had been in his father's band, doesn't want Carl to return, and his son has to convince him that this is the only way Carl will be able to live. As Carl tries to make the decision, he begins to lose himself in the music, and the music leads to other emotions. The music is the most important thing in Carl's life, and the music is his entire world, and as he goes through it, he changes. We feel as he does. For me, it's a movie about how our choices affect others, and in the end, Carl is all about his music. There are two really great performances in this movie, and both are Jim Sheridan. He is very convincing as Carl, and both he and his son, Brian Glover, are really good. I didn't think Sheridan was a great actor in the first place, but he really outdoes himself in this movie. He's a great actor, and he's one of the best actors I've seen in a long time. He's so good that I was surprised to see that he was in this movie. Glover is also good, but he's just not as good as Sheridan. Overall, 'The Last Waltz' is a good movie, that doesn't offer much in the way of action, or even a lot of good performances, but it is a good movie, that I'd recommend. * out of *

Ralph H. photo
Ralph H.

I loved this movie. I know the book was an adult in which Richard Griffiths was a child molester, so I would have loved to see a film about the time he was young and innocent. I don't really know how to feel about the subject matter but if you are a fan of Graham Greene or even love the book, I'm sure this will be an enjoyable film. I do think the director got a little too wrapped up in the "sex with a minor" subplot and maybe he could have done a better job. I really like these kinds of movies that are less about a main plot and more about the characters. The acting is first rate, the direction is good and the directing is solid. The music is great. I recommend this movie. 8/10

Virginia A. photo
Virginia A.

The movie has been described as a biopic but it is more like a documentary. So, it is a perfect film for movie lovers. It is an excellent movie to introduce to the movie lover. The acting is well above average. Every actor does a great job in portraying their characters. If you want to learn about the development of musicians in this country, you would surely like this movie. The background music, though is very pretty, was not the best. But, it was good enough for the movie. I have to mention that I like James Earl Jones. I like the song "Gimme More" very much. There is nothing else I can say. I liked this movie very much.

Dorothy photo

I saw this film last night, and the best way I can describe it is to just say "It's About Time." This is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. A man (Sharlto Copley) who is a love interest for his (or her) next-door neighbor (Jennifer Hudson) is unable to accept this relationship and so he decides to kill her to bring her back to her husband (Tilda Swinton) who lives a few miles away. Of course the police are on his tail, but he gets away, with the help of a band of thieves (James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, and George Clooney). The story may not be the most original one in the world, but it is the best one I have seen in quite some time. And the direction by J.C. Chandor and the writing by McAvoy and Swinton are some of the best in the film industry. The story is very engaging, and the writing is very clever. This is an awesome film that deserves more than it has gotten, because this movie should not only be great, but the best of the year.

Marie Mendoza photo
Marie Mendoza

Like many women, I was one of the lucky few who grew up in a middle-class environment. It was my great grandfather's family that taught me to respect life and work hard to attain success. It was my grandmother's family that taught me to value family and to do whatever it took to become self-sufficient and secure. That, my friends, is the same message that was delivered to me, but delivered in a different way. I was able to be educated and to take advantage of opportunities in my field, but the choice to marry and have children was always my responsibility. That's not to say that I didn't make mistakes. I have always been open to learning from my mistakes, but I was never able to teach my children what I know. This film did not portray the life of a middle-class family. It depicted a woman who had to work hard to be successful, and the sacrifices that she made to do so. In the film, the older daughter (played by the incredibly talented and beautiful Rosario Dawson) did everything possible to support her mother and her brother, even though she was struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse. It's a difficult role to play, and I've always been wary of playing such roles, as I do with the weight of my profession. But it was clear to me that she was doing everything she could to support her mother, even when she didn't want to. The father, played by Jim Caviezel, showed no support at all. He wasn't there for his wife, either. The younger daughter, played by Milla Jovovich, was good, but I felt like she never learned from the mistakes she made. And the other daughter, played by the phenomenal Shailene Woodley, was more of a tragic figure. She had to do everything possible to support her mother, and despite the pain she was experiencing, she did everything she could to support her mother. The message here is that working hard to be successful is the only way to succeed. No matter how much work you put in, no matter how much you want, no matter what you put into a relationship or your career, no matter how much you take care of your family, no matter how hard you try, no matter how many sacrifices you make, nothing can save you from the inevitable, and that is life. And it's not something you can easily overcome. It is something you have to learn to accept. And that's what this film was about.

Henry Russell photo
Henry Russell

When a romance is truly more than one's partner's friendship, there are inevitable complications that come with that. Or, at least, I hoped for that. But despite the complications that inevitably arise from the boundaries of that relationship, the movie is essentially a well-crafted tribute to the people and events that formed the basis of that friendship. So, in addition to its sometimes dark themes, it also excels at its interweaving of all of the moving parts: the relationship between the protagonist and the film's heroine, the romance between the protagonist and the antagonist, the rival romance, the rival antagonist, the rival rival, and so on and so forth. Each of these moments is thoroughly enjoyable and fun. It's a real pleasure to see these characters and their struggles, their pains and their triumphs, as well as to see the memories and the photographs that are included in the film. It's also a pleasure to see the key moments from the film in a new light. At first, I thought I might be disappointed with the film's lack of depth and consistency. But I was pleasantly surprised. At the end of the film, I felt like I'd just watched the life of a classic film that I had loved. It really does make me wish that the filmmakers would work on a more consistent and faithful sequel. But that's just my opinion. I've only seen two other films by the director, George Clooney, but it's clear that I'm very pleased with his past work. And I think this film does so much more than any of his other films. So, if you've never seen a film by George Clooney, see this one. It's a charming, warm and a really entertaining film that I'm sure you will enjoy.

Gary Reid photo
Gary Reid

I thought that this movie was a good representation of what it's like to be a kid. But it was an extremely depressing movie, which I don't think I will watch again. But I have been encouraged by the other reviews, which was something I had never expected. It may not be a perfect representation of what it's like to grow up but I thought it was a good idea. I just hope that it's the same for everybody else.