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I Belonged to You

I Belonged to You is a movie starring Chao Deng, Tian'ai Zhang, and Baihe Bai. A recently dumped radio host finds a new perspective on love when a young intern begins to work with him on his show.

Other Titles
从你的全世界路过, 從你的全世界路過, Ngang qua the gioi cua em
Running Time
1 hours 52 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Romance, Drama
Yibai Zhang
Jiajia Zhang
Tian'ai Zhang, Chao Deng, Baihe Bai, Yang Yang
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A recently dumped radio host finds a new perspective on love when a young intern begins to work with him on his show.

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Beverly Ferguson photo
Beverly Ferguson

This movie is as true as the books. I will be honest, it wasn't what I expected. It is supposed to be a "happy ending" movie, but it is actually a movie that is very difficult to watch, because you cannot predict how things will play out. There are only a few conclusions that I can draw from the movie. First, we see that Doss lives with Fingerman, but after all, it is not because of her suffering, but because she is miserable. Second, there are many hints that show that Doss' mother will die. In the book, Doss is always looking for someone to love. In the movie, there are hints that show that Fingerman was not trying to kill Doss. The movie also shows how Doss' mom will die. She does die in the book, but it is not what she says she will die. If I were to guess the movie would end the same way, I would probably be wrong, but it did not. I will admit that the ending did make me feel sad, but it is not because of how sad the ending was. The ending was very sad, but it was not the way it should have ended. I loved the movie, but I wish that the ending had been different. Maybe I'm biased, because I know the books, but I am not a believer of the book.

Doris Murray photo
Doris Murray

My dear friend and I watched this film together. It is a great story about the human condition, but it is more interesting to me that the underlying questions. How far can a person take his/her self, and what can one expect from it? The film follows a young man, a musician, who seeks to commit suicide by taking his own life. It is the beginning of his life and it is his journey to death. At the same time, we see many similarities between this young man and his mother. We also see some surprising similarities between this young man and his father. Finally, we see a series of very touching, touching moments in the life of the young man. It is not a short story, but it is a very slow film. I think the main reason it did not make the Oscar race is that the movie was a little bit too long. The editing could have been a little bit more effective. This film should have made the short list, but I will not say why. The director of the film, Roberta Matthews, knows how to use and manipulate light, and she uses that to the best of her ability in creating a haunting, and poignant movie.

Albert F. photo
Albert F.

*SPOILERS* This is a much better film than its trailer would have you believe. Its funny, exciting and touching. You really find yourself drawn into it and just want to find out what happens next. I am a fan of Paul Rudd. He has made some of my favourite films of all time. He always plays a rather lovable character and always turns in an exceptional performance. I thought he was really good in this film. Emma Watson plays a rather cute and lovable character. She was an excellent choice for this film as I found her to be very believable. The same goes for Michael Sheen. He was a great choice for the role. I thought he was also very good. I was also happy that Emma B., played by Angelina Jolie, did a great job. It was very impressive to see that she did not play a typical Hollywood superstar type character. I thought she did a great job. She was really funny and also very inspiring. The only thing I did not really like was the use of the handheld camera. It was a little distracting and it felt like a little bit of the film would have been lost if they did not use it. Overall, I was very impressed by the film. Its a great little film that makes you laugh and get all choked up. I recommend it to all fans of Paul Rudd and Angelina Jolie. I give it 7/10.

Charles Garrett photo
Charles Garrett

I enjoyed watching this movie. It was very beautiful. It was great to see Taylor Schilling in a movie, as well. This movie was the best movie I have seen her in, ever. I had never heard of her before, but I love her. I really liked the movie, and I hope to see her in more movies. I highly recommend this movie, it is an absolute classic.

Sandra Hoffman photo
Sandra Hoffman

I am not a big fan of directed by Petter Lysander. I am still shocked at his last film. It's no comedy, it is not a drama, but it is a musical. The characters are very poor, but the film is done very well. The story is very heavy. It is quite scary and then it is light. It has a couple of moments of horror. I will say that I found it interesting to find out about a man who works as a caretaker for his wife's family. The caretaker has fallen in love with the girl, who is now the second wife. I think the film would have been better if he had been a better actor, I don't know if he is good actor, but I thought he was really bad. There were some scenes that could have been better. One of them was the scene when the caretaker sees his wife naked, and he turns around and asks her if she is a girl, and she says no, and he says that if she's a boy, then she is a girl. The caretaker then loses his patience and shouts out to the guards and the bad guys, "Girls! Girls! Boys! Boys!" and they turn away. That was very wrong. He should have shouted that at the girl, because he probably saw that she was naked. Maybe he has some history, but I don't know, maybe he is not good actor. Anyway, I don't think I have to tell the whole story, if you want to watch this, just watch it, and see if you think that the story is good or not. I don't think I have to tell the story, if you have the chance to watch this film, do it, because it's great. I gave this film 7/10.

George photo

The movie itself is actually pretty good. The cast is excellent, especially Zachary Quinto. The story, for the most part, is predictable. The characters are all likable, and there are a lot of interesting things that happen, which makes the movie more entertaining than I expected. But the ending is probably one of the most predictable I have ever seen, and just as I was watching it I was thinking to myself "I can't believe I was so surprised". But I would like to think that I would be surprised a bit more the second time. But overall, it's a good movie, not too gory, but still quite disturbing, and it's good to watch it on a rainy day with a drink in your hand. The only problem I had with it was the ending. If it was a little more exciting, and it would have ended a little sooner, it would have been a better film.

Russell Hill photo
Russell Hill

I had high hopes for this film, and it held up. Although some scenes were a little too straight forward, the story was strong enough and the characters believable enough that the movie actually did move me in a way that I'd never felt compelled to do with a similar story. The writing was good, the direction was good, and the performances were very good. The movie is not perfect, but it's not too bad and you don't even feel like you wasted money on the theater tickets.

Adam G. photo
Adam G.

This movie is a beautiful piece of cinema. Very touching and yet utterly strange. No words can describe it. One thing I have not been able to watch enough of is the queer discourse that one can find in some of the comments on this site. All the comments on this site are as unique as the acting in this movie. In the same way that one can find a poem that has its own vocabulary, the words can be nothing but words. You can't expect the words to be the same as the poem. You'll be disappointed if you do. I just want to say that I find the lesbian relationship in the movie very funny. If this is considered a statement, I should have known from the beginning. I don't agree with this particular comment. I've seen the movie once. I must say that it's one of those films that's just a little bit unusual. I think that a film should be for one thing or another. If you don't like something then you won't like it. In my opinion, there are some things that are so strange and important that it deserves to be described in a personal way. Like this movie. It's absolutely unique. You have to see it. I didn't have an easy time. I got bored a lot of times. I would give it a rating of 8, but I was too busy watching it to rate it. I am not a big fan of love stories, so I was not familiar with that type of story. I really think that this movie deserves a lot more praise than I am giving it. In general, I loved this movie.

Katherine M. photo
Katherine M.

I can't believe this was the last movie I saw when I was 11, and I've seen more movies since then. This movie was terrific, the acting was top-notch, the music was great, and the story.well. it was complicated. What more can I say? The music in this movie is great, but it is the story of two people (played by Oscar and Rolain) that do not fit in this world. But as their world becomes more damaged and destroyed, the bond they share begins to grow stronger. That bond could be anything, love, loyalty, fear, and anger. But the thing is, it's not the two people that are damaged, but rather the world that they live in, the world that they're forced to stay in because of what they've done to the other, and the whole world that they have become a part of. But it does not matter. They have found what they really need, and are truly in love with each other, and in all this mayhem and destruction, they are also on the brink of happiness, as they feel the one they are closest to being. Their love is not based on blood, but on their humanity and what they both need to survive. This movie could be rated "R" or "PG-13" depending on what country you live in. It's not for kids, but it is very adult-oriented. There is some profanity, but it is really not a huge part of the story, it is really a part of the love and the bond. So go watch this movie, and be prepared for the end of the movie, but then, you can go back and enjoy the rest of the movie, that will have you rethinking all you know about people and what they do and who they are. It's a very great movie, and will make you think a lot.

Susan Hunter photo
Susan Hunter

I still can't believe that this movie got bad reviews, because I really thought it was great. I have a pretty good history with New Zealand, it seemed, and I thought it was a unique film to watch. I didn't think the acting was bad, nor did I think the dialogue was. The thing that makes me glad it was all said in the movie, was that I never knew what my life would be like. I was there, and I was in the place, and I had a friend there, and I wasn't too sure what was going to happen. The thing is that sometimes we have a need to take what we're given, even if it's something very bad. I'm glad I found this movie, because there were things I never knew about that I was shown. I'm glad I didn't know what it was, because I can't really explain it. If it's something good, you can always say "it was something good." I'm glad that I saw it, because I don't know how I'd ever remember the things I saw in it. This movie is a big one for me, because I'm looking for something to talk about, and to fill in the blank space. I can't remember a lot, but it felt like a lot. It was an odd, surreal, and weird movie, and it did give me a lot. I don't know how to explain it, but it was very good. Not a great movie, not a bad movie, just a very good one, and I will be watching it again. Not sure I could explain it all, but I'll try.

John Riley photo
John Riley

What a nice movie. I've never seen it in the theaters, but I thought I'd watch it anyway. It was a decent movie with some flaws. First off, there's a lot of unnecessary nudity in this movie. As far as I can tell, it's only for dramatic effect. Second, there's a scene in which the lead character is looking at a man's face and she starts to bleed. I think the director and the producer just needed to get that one out of the way. The last flaw I thought was that it was a little too long. There are some scenes that are too long and it takes away from the film. The characters in this movie seem to change a lot, but it's the same old kind of character development. If I had to explain, I'd say the movie is a romantic comedy with a subplot about one of the lead characters having a brother, and it's all about the growing up. If you like romance or have some kind of character development, you'll probably enjoy this movie. It's a decent movie, but I wish it had a little more story and less nudity. It's not really something I would watch again, but it's worth watching if you like romantic comedies. I give this movie a B-.

Russell K. photo
Russell K.

I was fortunate to have seen this film at the Oscars in 2006 and I liked it. In a series of events, two unlikely people are brought together by fate. Ben Affleck is a lawyer working on a case that involves his dying grandfather. Drew Barrymore is a woman, Rachel, who works at a magazine about artists and is dating Barrymore's character. The acting is great, the chemistry is perfect, the story is solid and engaging, and I actually found the movie that I expected to be better than it actually was. The movie is dark and depressing, but there is a lot of hope and a lot of love and happiness and support for all the characters. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is tired of the current generation of films where there is either no relationship of any significance, or the relationships are not believable and/or the relationship between characters are unnecessary or were thrown in simply because they could be. I don't know if this movie will be getting the critical acclaim it deserves, but I don't think it will be because it isn't very good.

Jack M. photo
Jack M.

This movie is a cinematic representation of the inner world of the Duke brothers and their confidante Gwen Van Buren. Though the story doesn't take place in America or London, the story of the Duke brothers and the sibling relationship is not limited to any place. The movie depicts the relationship between them and the world around them. For example, they travel to India and meet different people. They have a great time there. But, one day, Gwen van Buren realizes that she has a huge talent. She works at a bank. This discovery causes Gwen to become obsessed with getting into the college of her dreams. She really wants to go to Columbia University. But, Gwen is often disappointed by the college and never gets the approval from her professor. Eventually, the love and respect between the Duke brothers and Gwen Van Buren are felt by both of them. The movie is great to see the Duke brothers portrayed in a story that is both realistic and charming. Their feelings, their thoughts and the drama they go through are captured in this movie. The story is told in a way that is believable, funny and intriguing. The actors and actresses who portray the Duke brothers are great in this movie. You can't forget to enjoy the movie and be surprised at what is to come from the Duke brothers and Gwen Van Buren. Enjoy this movie!

Jonathan photo

Okay, so at first I wasn't sure if I'd like this movie. It's a Hollywood comedy with the usual romantic twists, and it doesn't really seem to have much going for it, but I decided to give it a shot. Now, I wasn't completely disappointed. I'm a huge fan of classic movies, and this movie isn't bad by any means. It is just not a great film. There's a lot of things about it that aren't good, and not a lot of things that are good about it. First of all, there's a lot of stereotyping of the black men that we have seen in movies for a long time. I'm black, and I've known a lot of black men who just weren't that nice, especially when they were drunk. In this movie, the movie, the film is stereotyping blacks and making us feel bad about being black. We're all just trying to make it through life like we always have, with our strong opinions, and the only people we should be afraid of are those who hate us. So, if you're white and like this movie, then I recommend it. If you're not, then I suggest you get off your high horse and look around a little bit more. This movie is pretty well made and all, but it's not exactly a classic, and it's not exactly a great movie either. It's just something to be enjoyed, but it's not a masterpiece.

Susan J. photo
Susan J.

The film I have seen is actually from the director of the Hunger Games movies, but I was not in the right mood to see this movie when it came out. It came on TV and I watched it in the evening. This is a nice film to watch in the evening and be entertained by its captivating scenes. I was surprised to see that the music of the film was composed by the same band that composed the music of the Hunger Games films. The story is told through the actions of many different characters. The scenes are all dynamic and one-sided. The main character is an aging man who was involved with the murder of his wife. The younger woman who meets him is an ex-drug addict. The man who discovers the truth about his wife is a young man with a great sense of self and relationships. The woman who is in love with him is a journalist who knows nothing about love. The young man who is in love with the journalist is a single, idealistic young man who has a very strong sense of love. The ending of the film is about all of these relationships in one ending, but I was very surprised to find out that the woman who meets the man at the end of the film is a woman I was not familiar with. I am very curious about this woman because she has a great sense of humor and always gets her way. This film is a good drama that does not pretend to be some deep romantic film. It is entertaining, but not a complete film. This film is very good for the family. Everyone will be able to enjoy this film and not have to be tired of the "war" scenes.

Christine R. photo
Christine R.

It's a truly wonderful film, in spite of the flaws, that the film's creator, who chose to leave his family behind when he left home, couldn't have known beforehand. This is a heartbreaking story. It's one I'd like to see again, because it feels so real. I was able to connect with both Danny Glover's character and the family he left behind, and with the characters we've come to know through the film. There is an innocence that is preserved throughout the film, and the fact that it is so touching, that I believe a few films, if not all, could be taken from this film. I was truly saddened to see the end, because I believed the movie, which was quite honestly one of the most powerful movies I've ever seen, to end the way it did. It was heartbreaking to see a young boy, who didn't even know the father, cut to pieces in front of his family. That's something that I think I'll never, ever get over.

Tyler R. photo
Tyler R.

The premise was simple: two couples get separated by "the canary", and the story was simple enough to warrant a second viewing. "Two Couples Get Sparred by the Canary" has some of the same energy as a typical romantic-comedy, in that it keeps you engaged for the entire running time. It doesn't hold a candle to the original "The Sugarland Express", but it's easily the most enjoyable film to come out of indie cinema in a long time. While it's certainly not the most popular movie of the summer, it's a lot of fun to watch and it has some nice surprises. If you're a fan of romantic comedies, you'll likely find this film to be a pleasant diversion.

Gloria Fields photo
Gloria Fields

This is an interesting film with a decent enough story. I'm a big fan of Brokeback Mountain and as a fan of Nick (Witherspoon), I was very interested in seeing this movie. As someone who is fairly aware of the subject matter, I found the movie to be quite realistic in depicting the relationship between the two main characters. I was disappointed by the ending. Brokeback Mountain was more of a story of the love between the two leads, but this movie seems to make it more of a story about them trying to move on from their relationship. The story does start to get a bit too serious when they first meet at the school and Brokeback's wife ends up dying in a car accident. As I mentioned, I'm a fan of the Brokeback Mountain series and would probably love this movie if it was just about their love. As it is, it is still worth watching. I give it a 7/10.

Donald H. photo
Donald H.

To say this film is depressing would be a gross understatement. I just wanted to watch a cute film for the sake of my girlfriend. It is interesting and well done and at times, even sad. In a sense, it seems to be telling a story of love. But it is hard to tell a story of love and just how many people can have one in one life, or that there will always be love. I'm afraid that this film will be lost in the pile of dull, dismal, uninspired movies being released these days. It has a very real feel to it and is a very important story of how people can get lost in the world. But I also found it to be quite sad. It doesn't say how much you need to feel loved or how much you need to be together. This film just tells how some people can hurt themselves. It's one of those films that makes you think about it and think about it and wonder about it. It is a good film, but I'm afraid that the mainstream will not see it, or will completely miss it. The people that like a lot of heart, may not want to see a film that is pretty grim. Or will miss it entirely because of the sadness.

Patrick photo

The plot is quite simple: Frances Smith is divorced from her husband for a year and she wants to keep her children, but she is shocked to find out that the children of her ex-husband are just as spoiled as she is, and she feels that she is doing a great injustice to her ex-husband's children and to herself. She decides to take care of herself and her children by living in a hostel and doing laundry. She tries to become independent and it doesn't work out as planned. This is the story of Frances Smith. There is some simple dialogue here and there, but the main focus of this movie is the girls and how they relate to each other, the little moments in the story that are really touching and the journey that Frances Smith goes through, trying to become independent and feeling like she is not a good person for not giving her ex-husband's children the chance to have the same good things that she has had. The girls are all very charming and very likable, and the story is very, very touching. My Grade: A- (out of 4)

Angela Kelly photo
Angela Kelly

I liked this movie a lot. It is also very predictable. People expecting something completely different will be disappointed. I am not going to ruin the ending but it was totally predictable. It is also the same for people who expect more from this movie. I love a good movie to watch but this was not my cup of tea. The acting is good, the story is good, but it is very predictable. I feel a lot of people should try the movie. If you have the time to do so, go for it.

Joseph photo

*SPOILERS* This film is about a few young women who experience a bit of a awakening when they go on a vacation with their parents. I really like how they show how they feel about the world around them. The ending is sad, and just one of those tragic endings. But then again, they did save lives by doing this. The other thing that I liked was how the girls realized that they are the important people in their lives and they have to make sure that they take care of their own lives. It's a movie that the whole family can watch and have fun with. It's a real "what if" movie. But if you're looking for something like "A Christmas Story", then I would say that this is not the film for you. But if you're looking for something that makes you think and makes you go "I can't believe it." Then I would definitely recommend this film to you. 7 out of 10 stars

Rachel photo

Paul Haggis makes great movies. A lot of movies fall into this category, especially in the genre of romantic dramas. Not that he is not good, he is, but it is not something that is immediately appealing. I liked this one a lot. It has a strong story, it is well-acted, and it's entertaining. It is not flawless, but it is pretty good. I saw this movie at the Cinequest Film Festival in 2015. It is about a shy, quiet, and reserved young woman who is choosing a job that has a lot of responsibility and responsibility. She is trying to fit in, but it's not easy. There are several other stories and subplots going on, including some that are really dark and twisted. I thought it was pretty well-acted, and it's a very good romance film. There are only a few problems. One is that it is not exactly like a classic romance film. There are no falling in love or getting a kiss. It is mostly about a woman who is trying to fit in, but it is not exactly what most people would expect. It is not perfect, but I liked it very much. I recommend it.

Carolyn Cunningham photo
Carolyn Cunningham

I watched this on TV and found it very well done, the acting and directing was brilliant. The story had a lot of hidden layers, there was a great twist ending and I have to say this was a very touching story. I liked how it ended and thought it was pretty emotional. I've seen this movie before but not recently so I wasn't sure if it was a new movie or a remake but this is the best movie I have seen for a while so I thought I would give it a chance. I also watched it with my mom and it was great watching it on TV. I thought it was a good movie and a really good romance movie. My mom said it was the best movie she has ever seen. She is in her 30's and loves it. I think this movie has some romance, good acting, good story, good music, good directing, and a nice ending. It's a good movie. 7/10